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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All, I am ready to send my documentation to South Australia and I just wanted to ask if Employment reference letter and CV need to be included with the cover sheet. The reference letter is said to be optional on the website but is it something which needs to be sent. There is not mention of CV in the required documents. Is it okay to just send the documents which are mentioned as required or does sending CV and reference letter help. Anyone with experience please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Guest

    Bank reference letters

    I have read elsewhere that it it is a good idea to get bank reference letters before leaving the UK for rental purposes etc. I have asked and my two banks looked back blankly! One has now written agreeing to provide this to a specific individual/ company rather than on a "to whom it may concern" basis. And is charging £10. Anyone else have any experience of this as it is a bit pointless if it isn't an open letter! Cheers
  3. Hi all, Has anyone else received a letter on March 18th or 21st from DIAC? It was the one that the allocation dates update mentions as a special note on 8th June update. I am applying for 175 as an electrician. The detail issued on 8th June update backed up the letters sent in March to specific Priority 3 applications and told them to get medicals etc done. They said that they anticipated that a C/O would be allocated within 3 months of the letter date, which for me is now over 3 1/2 months ago. I am hoping that with the Priority Group changes on July 1st that this is still the case. Has anyone else had the letter sent in March and have you got a C/O yet? Regards, Mick.
  4. I am needing help with writing my letter for my fiancee visa to Australia, my fiancee writing his letter for me and others to write letters vouching for our relationship. Does anyone have letters that they are willing to share so that I might get an idea where to start? We are really at a loss of what to write. Any letters for us to read or links to examples would greatly be appreciated. Thanks Tami and Ty
  5. Hey Guys, I am just having a few problems. I got another letter from CO requiring new letters from friends and they need to sign 888 forms as well. what bothers me is that somehow our friends (I am applying for the defacto, partner is Aus) are afraid of being contacted by the immigration (since in the letters the timeline of us living together might be pushed higher). Does anyone know or have experienced that the CO have called or invited the supporting letter writers for an interview? I just don't want to get them into trouble. thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys!!! We have been searching our house from back to front to get all letters addressed to Paul and myself together as proof of living together for at least the past 12 months for his Partner Visa. We recently heard from someone that we need to have 3 items each for each of the prior 12 months!!! Is this correct? That is alot of letters- I don't even know if I get that many letters in a month HAHA!! Getting close to sending it all off now- I can't wait to get home xxx:goofy:
  7. Hi, My sister is planning to get assessed from Vestassess as a chemist. she is working for a government hospital as a chemist and she is interested in applying for the PR(176). Could any one please provide the templates for the reference letters? and can any one who has already taken up the assessment please provide the list of supporting documents submitted? I know this can be taken from vestassess directly. However, want to know if there is anything additional that we can add so that she doesn't miss out on assessment. Thanks in advance!!
  8. Before we left the UK on the 17th July I did the IELTS, slightly miss judged the waiting times which is why it was done so late!! No problem though as plan was for OH to work and me get going in a few months when the kids settled and happy etc. I had the results sent to me and direct to AHPRA, should have had them first week here, waiting, waiting, waiting, phoned them and they said they'd posted them. Waiting some more, feeling a bit frustrated so coming home tonight decides to phone them when I get in. The results are in the letterbox................................. Listening 9.0 Reading 7.5 Writing 9.0 Speaking 9.0 GET IN!!!!:jiggy: Of course may not need them now but at least the worry is gone
  9. Guest

    Partner declaration Letters

    Hi, I'm just writing up my declaration form for my de facto visa, but just wanted some advice and tips for those of you who have already completed them.. I'm going into quite a bit of detail, putting dates, writing about events we attended together, contact between Joel and my friends and family. Does the letter have to be serious, I've included some funny stories and andedotes but am wondering whether I should take these out? Thanks for your help guys
  10. frautfreida

    Daily Mail letters page.

    There is a letter in the Daily Mail,in todays issue which most of us could have written, by John Gittins of Chester, complaining about the way he and his wife have been treated by Diac. Hopefully the more publicity we get maybe the Government will take notice.
  11. Hi there, I'm just preparing my paper work in advance of submitting my 176 visa (awaiting VETTASSESS at present), and was just wondering how many letters of verification I should submit with my state sponsorship to confirm my employment (thinking they may start to get a bit picky on who they sponsor!!) I am a self-employed planning consultant, and have the usual tax docs, NI, PI insurance, but have been gathering letters of veification from clients etc. Got 5 so far - should I get more? Thanks Julie
  12. Hi, We're in the process of gathering proof of our relationship so we can apply for the defacto spouse visa (309) and I thought we should include some love notes and things like that in it as proof we are in a genuine relationship however I then thought that that doesn't really prove anything since we could have written them all today and not when they actually were written. What have other people done? Thanks
  13. Hi one and all My wife (Australian) and I have been married over 5 years now and are going to move to Sydney in June/July. I am from the UK and wondered what the letters from your firneds should say? How much info do the immigration people need? Also we are expecting our first child next month, do I need to include on my visa application or does this need to be added at a later date after she has been born? As you can imagine, it's hard trying to think of all the visa requirements and baby requirements...if I had hair I would have pulled it out by now!! Many many thanks in advance Danny
  14. Guest

    Police clearance letters

    Can anyone help me with a couple of 136 visa queries.... 1) I spent a years working holiday in Oz (left UK 19 June 2004, returned 11 June 2005....as this is just under 12 months can I do without getting an Australian police clearance letter??? 2) What evidence is needed for employer references for your current employer..is a wageslip suffice or do I need a full letter etc?? Any thoughts would be much appreciated..