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Found 150 results

  1. pharmacist2007

    Citizenship Processing

    Hi Everyone , Sry if I'm new to this , so not sure how it really works but any information is really appreciated I applied for my citizenship on 30/11/2017, got their notice for the exam, and it was on 11/3/2019 and passed, now pending the approval, any idea how long that can take, I live at bayside council, Sydney. Thanks heaps and good luck for everyone
  2. Dear All, Attached a template that i am going use for as reference letter. I will put all my duties and projects detail and then will send to employer, expecting they will review and sign it. Kindly take a look and let me know if it will serve the purpose. I would really appreciate your comments and please highlight if you find any errors. Besides, i have few queries : 1) Do we really need to write salary in reference letter? 2) I did few projects for Govt organization that i don't want to mention Company name. Is it ok to write project name something like "Govement Organization - Network and Security Project"? 3) can i use the same format for all employer? Regards RamCis Employer Reference _ template.doc Employer Reference _ template.doc
  3. Hi wondering if anyone can help. Submitted paper assessment, which have received a level 1 for, does anyone know if you paid the extra $250 for the Letter of advice for points test, when you get this? Just worried as we need the points for 8 years overseas employment in the nominated trade, but on the assessment letter they state over 5 years, so really need the points test letter to verify we are going to get the points for 8 years plus. Does anyone know, as when I've rang them they have said they don't give this letter until the practical test has been undertaken, but my point is I feel this is stupid as doing an 1 day practical test isn't going to prove years in service, only the paper based assessment is going to prove this point. Incidentally the lady I spoke to was asian and I wasn't convinced she knew what I was talking about or even understood me!! She took 10 mins trying to find someone and then said they would e-mail me back to give me an answer, but not recived anything yet. Any input would be great if anyone has come across this. Thanks
  4. Guest

    SA - Commitment Letter

    Just prepping our application to SA for State Sponsorship. Can't believe how much of a pain is it getting all the bank statements together? How did we get that many accounts? Anyway, anyone got any good examples of a Commitment to live in SA letter that they might be prepared to share? Want to have it drafted before I kick-off the application online so would be useful to know how long it is etc. Bit cheeky, but any tips/examples gratefully received.
  5. Hi All, Couldn't be on this forum for sometime.. Was tied down with work. Have found some time now to get back to the important things. I have managed to procure the employer reference letters from 2 out of 3 of my previous employers. I have uploaded one of the edited versions of the letter from one of my previous employers here. Please let me know if the information contained here in will suffice. Regards, Rahul
  6. sherin

    ACT Commitment Letter

    Dear All Can anyone give me some tips on writing a commitment letter for ACT, I just have a weeks time to submit letter.. please help. samfire I am looking for some tips from you cause I have read old posts and you seem to have a good knowledge of Canberra :no:
  7. Hi all, I just received my pre-grant letter for an offshore 176 application, requesting travel itinery (we are in perth, but hoping to fly to Bali for a week) DIAC are saying I must visit the Australian embassy in Denpasar to have our passports "evidenced" basically, have a label attached. The time scale for this is minimum 8 working days. This throws a spanner in our works, as my wife has a job that really only allows a week off. we would be away more like 2 weeks. I've read somewhere on here that visa labels are not a requirement, and that you only need to re-enter once your visa has been granted for you visa to be validated. Any help or advice appreciated. Cheers Mark
  8. Hi, I have a bit of a dilemma. I received an e-mail from the ANMAC on the 26th May to say my application had been completed. My on-line status says 'application approved'. I have not yet received my letter of determination and I am worried I am not going to receive it before the 1st July (175 points change). I sent an e-mail beginning of last week to the ANMAC asking if the letter has been posted and if I have been found 'suitable for migration'. Up till now I have not had a reply. Just wondering if any other nurses have had their application approved and received a letter of determination saying 'not suitable for migration'. I am desperate to get my visa app in before July 1st Kind regards x
  9. Hi all, I've just obtained two letters from my employers so that I can claim points for my past 3 years of experiences. The letters have company letterhead (completed with company phone number, fax number, email address, office address), document number for document controller, signature and designation of my managers. However, for some reasons, my managers don't want to put their direct phone numbers in the letters. One of the letters has my manager email address. What should I write to DIAC/EA to explain this? Some kind of statutory statement? Will they accept them?
  10. ilovemilkymoos

    Agency CV Cover Letter?

    Howdy all, Looking for a little bit of advice with regards to applying to agencies for work. I'm a qualified engineer and myself and wife are heading to Sydney in April 2012. Been looking at jobs but have'nt anything lined up yet! I was thinking it was a bit early, but I'd rather be on top of things than not! Anyway, i'm looking to send my CV off to some engineering agencies, but i want to highlight that - 1. We are emigrating on a permanent basis on a PR175. 2. That i will be available for interviews/meetings from the 11/04/2012. As i'm not applying for 1 specific job that is advertised, i'm not 100% sure how to go about the format or context of the cover letter? Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Johnny.
  11. Hi I wonder if anyone can help me.....I am getting togther all my documents for AHPRA and need a letter from my secondary school to say I was taught in English to avoid doing the IELTS. The problem is my school closed a couple of years after I left and I have contacted my education authority where i attended school and they have just got back to me to say they have NO archives of any pupil that attended my school. :mad:I am so frustrated. So I want to know if I can..... 1 .Get my school exam 'O' level certificates notarised 2 .Write a statement to say I attended the school and get that witnessed by a notary too Would this be adequate? Has anyone else had any experience of this at all? I would be interested to hear. many thanks
  12. Katerina

    RSMS letter of priority

    Hi guys,we lodged our RSMS 119 application via agent on 08/09 ,2 months later nothing..:chatterbox:so our agent asked my husband`s employer for letter of priority,she said it MIGHT help.. has anyone ever heard about this? did it work?? thanks Katerina :smile:
  13. Guest

    Got the Grant Letter!

    :notworthy: :jiggy: :jiggy: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: Today I finally Got the grant letter!!! What a day and a long & tiring long journey!!! Thanks God for his Benovalance & unending Mercy. Started off on 22 Nov, 2008 writing CDRs. It been almost 3 years since then. I thank Gill, PIO and all my well wishers, Usman, Arsalan, Zeeshu, Khurram Anwar, Taz2008, Tania, Rupani, Mcklaut, VickyMel, Cartertucker....Sorry If I forget someone. Its a long way but at the end of tunnel there is light. I wish for every member of PIO getting a Visa soon.
  14. Hi:biggrin: Does anyone have an example of withdrawal letter that is needed to be send to withdraw the application for 175 visa? Many thanks in advance!
  15. scmercer

    Letter of good conduct

    Hi I have just returned to the UK after two years in Adelaide. I am struggling to get a CRB check here to do voluntary work as I have been out of the country for two years. Does anyone know how I go about getting a 'Letter of good conduct' or an official check done here in Australia to satisfy the authorities in the UK? Thanks Sheila
  16. Hi guys, my bf have the statutory declaration signed and already sent to me so we can apply tourist visa here in the aus embassy.... the thing is, we forgot to edit one thing in the letter of invitation coz it was made and supposedly be completed and signed last august, so we counted the number of months weve been dating to 18months instead of 22months which our annivesarry falls on february. what can we do now? would the immigration deny it coz of that? is there a form to sign for incorrect details (not answers)? please help thanks.
  17. hi guys, i just need your advise. DIAC said: My boyfriend made a simple letter that contains the following in RED, printed in a piece of paper and signed it. But based from whats being said by DIAC, the said LETTER OF INVITATION is in a form of the STATUTORY DECLARATION template? Whats the diff between the two? and do we need to submit them? or which one is right? Your help is highly appreciated Thanks
  18. Hi Guys, I have a doubt regarding the reference letter that I seek from my company to provide to the ACS for the purpose of ICT Experience. I have two positions within the same company and so I was wondering if on my reference letter i should mentioned the "Roles and responsibilities" for both the position or just one. The initial position was at a Graduate level and was only for the first three months. Do suggest me if someone else has gone through this process and got a successful assessment from ACS. I'd also appreciate if someone has done the assessment under the "Recent ICT Graduate wanting there ICT Experienced counted" receiving a successful outcome. Regards.
  19. Hello, my hubby and me are going to move to Australia in February 2012. I've read here that some immigrants/tenants provide a cover letter like an introduction letter of themselves to the real estate agent or landlord. Mostly tenants in overcrowded cities do because they don't want to be forgotten with 30-40 applications on one house only. They write 1 or 2 paragraphs about themselves with a nice photo. My question is what details do you put in such a letter? Name, age, marital status, but how did you write it in detail? We are moving to Australia because...We want this house because... Thanks a lot for any advise!
  20. Hi, I have written some templates and advice over at http://www.dolecave.com that I think could be useful to this community, as well as some interview techniques. Let me know what you think. John.
  21. Hi all, Got our 175 visa grant letter yesterday (Sep 21st ) Details: Nationality - Israeli (HR) IELTS (general) - Feb 2010 - R - 9.0/W - 8.5/L - 8/S - 8.5 Occupation - Developer programmer (had to undergo a quick 2nd ACS re-assessment due to July 2010 reforms) - ACS case finalised on Aug 24th 2010 Visa lodging - 15th septbemr 2010. Did not receive the 18th of March letter. Decided to perform PCC and medicals prior to receiving CO as trying to get pregnant. Got CO on August 2nd, 2011. Got grant letter on Sep 21st, 2011. Got reserved tickets for visa validation trip for 30 Nov, 2011 (Desitnation: Sydney).
  22. stevenpasha

    grant letter

    got our grant letter today :biggrin:only problem is they at the australian government sent us a grant letter for a visa 163 instead of a 165 :arghh: would that be a problem?????
  23. Hi I have applied for GSM 175 in august 2011 and have not been allocated a CO yet (no surprises, i know :biggrin:, but that is not my concern) . In the meanwhile, I hold a work visa and am in australia. I got adviced that, if at the time of generating the pre-grant letter for PR I am in Australia, my application gets rejected. Is that true? The same person also told that once a CO is allocated, you need to negotiate and reach an agreement as to 1) when the letter will be generated so that you can leave the country 2) in which country you will be contacting the australian embassy to get the visa stamped Can the experts kindly throw some light on this? regards ind175
  24. Hi everybody, I applied for a family sponshored visa on Feb 3,2011 and received on March 18th the famous letter, stating that within three months our case will be allocated to a CO, but I am still waiting!!! Does anyone who received this letter have a CO asigned? Best regards!
  25. Hi there, I have ben living in Australia for 5 years now, studied 2 years and now working full time as a chef! I have applied for the 485 but looks like it is going to take ages so my employer had agreed to sponsor me (in the NT) for the rsms. Problem is , i need from my employer a letter of Exceptional circumstances for skills as i only have a trade Certificate III as a cook. I was wondering if anyone ever applied for the same thing and if you would have an example of a letter to help me. It need to state that my employer could not find anyone australian for the position (been working there 3 years now including part time during my cookery studies), also needs to show all the effort they made to find someone australian and that it did not work. last thing it needs to explain why i am suited to the position and what skills and experience i bring to the position!! really would appreciate some help to make sure the letter is great and helps my application Thanks a lot for your time Aurora