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Found 24 results

  1. does anyone know of any reputable driving schools in sydney? What might the going rate be? is the test tough? took my test only once here in 94 but never since as hated it but lived in the city here so didn't need to so I'm now a full-time cyclist. Is cycling to get around very popular over there? I get the impression it's not, a bit more dangerous i think...
  2. when I say 'adult' I don't mean as in pornographic...just saying... I am keen to get involved in activities as soon as I arrive in Jan, and would like to do some dancing -- ballet, tap, flamenco, don't care -- but the problem is I have a one year old with me. Does anyone know of any dance centres with creches? Also, can anyone recommend a language school? Want to learn to speak Italian. cheers, back to x factor now...
  3. Guest

    Driving Lessons - advice please

    Hi, we now have our visa (get in!) and we will be coming over immediately in the new year to Perth. My question is about my 17 year old and driving lessons. He has recently started lessons here in the UK and we were hoping that he would get an opportunity to take his test here before we come over, however we are told that will not be possible in the timescales we have. Should we carry on letting my son have lessons here to gain experience, at £18 / hour or should we stop now and let him start again in Australia? Are there any benefits either way that anyone can think of? Many thanks
  4. so many for me. A Few... Never ever judge a book by it's cover ever :err:. The Grass isn't always greener.:cute: Always treat others how you wish to be treated.:jiggy: Cherish the one that you love, everything else is just background noise.:wubclub: To work like you don't need much money, Love like you've never been hurt in the past, And dance like no one's watching.:yes: to Live life to the full, it's a journey not a destination.:jimlad:
  5. tonyman

    Golf Lessons

    http://livingsocial.com/deals/77592-professional-golf-lessons-package?msdc_id=999&ref=Deal071411_999_6165email this is a chance not to be missed ....my wife probs take this one....but i love to listen to the Pro`s tips when the children go , as they talk good golf tips ....anyway my wife going , she a novice , anyone else interested ......
  6. I'm competing for Tony's crown here. Now I'm not a techie but Im not thick either(although some would disagree), so bear with me on this one. It's great to have a facility to back up your whole system if your computer crashes, or is it? Whole systems backups are great in case your computer crashes and you want to get it up and running again, but what if your computer dies completely and you've had it running on an older version of windows? Mine died on friday morning, aged 7 yrs, after a long struggle with illness. I knew the' video card was on it's way out, but to find the motherboard had carked it too was a shock to say the least. Looking on the bright side, I had an excuse to buy something with more ram, a bigger hard drive, faster processor, and all the other things that boys with toys look for. Researching via Jake's laptop I find a HP tower at Hardly Normal for the price I want at 980 bucks, so off I go after wrting down the model number. Driving en route the following day, I thought that I would look in at the Good Guys as it was on my way, despite their web site showing no comparison to my chosen puter. Sat on display was the very same model and I was shocked to see it priced at 1200.......... or so I thought till I checked the number and specs. It was a faster processor, more ram, more vid ram, and a bigger hard drive. A salesman approached on seeing me with my bit of paper in hand and he asked if I was comparing models. I simply said that I had seen the same model online for 900 and although it was what i wanted I wasn't going to stretch to that price. He told me to wait a mo whilst he checked with his manager, returned, and said that I could have it for 900 as it was being replaced by a newer model. I walked out the store grinning like a cheshire cat. Got home, set it up, plugged in my back up drive and bugger! XP won't overwrite windows 7! :arghh: What do I do? I love my XP, don't like change, and all my progs and docs are stuck on the backup! After racking my brains, :idea: I decided to partition the hard drive into two and load xp and then my backup on there, recovering all my docs and programmes. A few hours later, there she was, my beloved XP, and a couple of hours later, there were all my programmes and docs from the backup. Deciding to check PIO I opened up Firefox to be told that I was offline? Strange I thought, as jake's laptop, which was routed through mine, had access? So too had windows 7 on the other half of the drive? Investigating, I found that true, I had no netwok connection as xp now didn't recognise my network adaptor?..................the fault being the new one incorporated into my new purchase? After more hours of googling on the laptop I couldn't find a solution, so was resigned to using XP to access my old progs and docs, and windows 7 to access the internet......at least for now. I'd downloaded (via the laptop) Dbc, a programme that gives you the option to boot into which system you want at startup and had set it to boot into windows 7. Rebooting, I was horrified to see no option at start up and the system went straight to XP!................Back to the laptop, more googling, and yes, I had dbc set right, but why oh why was it still booting into XP? No solution found despite resetting to sata, then hdic, then ide on boot.............no menu offering an option, so I was stuck with XP and no internet connection on my new toy.":arghh: :idea:"Never mind"" I thought................actually I didn't................I thought "bollox! I'll just have to reformat all over again, reload 7 only, and just recover my docs from the backup and have to lose the progs on XP and reload ém all again from their discs, all over again. So I reformatted and used the recovery discs to set the puter back to it's factory condition and commenced to read my old backup...........more problems...........all the files were stored under an extension pdb which 7 couldn't read and could only be read by a palm instrument or the programme that had created it! The programme that created it was on XP, So I now couldn't access all my old photos. music, address book etc.............nothing!:arghh: Going online, I downloaded the programme (Easus Todo) and downloaded it on to 7............more problems.........the licence number was on XP! I downloaded the free version and that couldn't read it so had to contact the vendor for my licence. By now I was ready for bed.:SLEEP: The following morning, there was my licence in my mail and I heaved a sigh of relief.............too soon!.......................back to square one! The programme told me that it could only install the backup as a sytem backup and the XP (once again) couldn't overwrite 7!.............next step! My backup hard drive was a fairly new one (3 months old) and I still had the old one that had been backed up by windows. I plugged it in and to my relief, I'd only backed up files. I managed to access these and downloaded them. I'd got most docs back which included my music and photos but lost 3 months work. Some of the newer photos I recovered by doing a recovery scan of my camera, even though they'd been deleted, some weren't overwritten. Four days later, I am up now and running after reloading all my programmes from discs, some of which had received their serial numbers by mail which were now lost in the old outlook express and couldn't be recovered, despite it being a simple matter (microsoft stated) of imprting OE's wab file to live mail, it simply wouldn't import. So a warning/s. If you're going to do a backup, do a separate one of your docs and one of your system. If your computer dies and you don't simply crash, and you are on an older version of windows, you won't be able to recover your programmes from your backup anyway as a new computer will have 7 installed. If you have software that you downloaded, along with the licence, back up the licence as a hard copy...........write the serial numbers somewhere and don't simply store them on your computer. Use windows to backup, not 3rd party software, at least that way newer versions of windows will recognise the backup. If a programme tells you that it has the ability to dual boot, don't be so sure, as it depends on your bios settings (I think?) I am probably preaching to the converted here and it's only me who has these problems :goofy: Also, just because you see a price, don't thinks that's it...............I didn't even have to haggle for this one................they know they're competing with on-line sales. On the brighter side, my computer has grown from 100gig to 1000. My ram from 2 to 6, my vid ram is now 6 also and my processor is faster making work in photoshop much, much faster.:spinny: As with vista on the laptop, I hate windows 7............too much going on, but I suppose this old fart will have to get used to it. Techies.............................you can stop laughing now :embarrassed:
  7. Hi, can anyone reccommend a Piano teacher ideally near Mandurah but we will travel as far as Rockingham? Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. sm79

    Driving lessons

    Hi, Not sure if this is in the right place. We will be coming over on a 457 visa in 8-12 weeks. My GF doesn't have a driving licence but had planned on learning in the short-term had we stayed in th UK. When we come over will she be able to take driving lessons to gain a licence in Victoria (particularly as well will not be permanent residents), and if so, is this transferable if/when we return to the UK? I'm assuming if she is able to take lessons and eventually get her licence in Victoria then if we return to UK she'll just need to apply for theory and practical tests to gain her UK licence. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. I've just moved over to Sydney from Manchester and was previously a Police Advanced Motorcyclist. Whilst looking for work out here I'd like to offer my experience to any fellow motorcyclists for free (a donation towards fuel costs is all I ask). I live in West Ryde but can travel any where in Sydney, we can either have a short ride out or have an extended day out which ever you prefer. Anyone interested, must have their own motorcycle and all the right gear. If anyone is interested or they just want a ride out for the day then please either private message me or reply to this post and i'll get straight back to you. Nat:policeman:
  10. Guest

    Drum lessons

    My eldest son (11) is desperate for us to buy him a drum kit. As we are currently going through the visa process, I've said that we would get him one when (if ????) we get to Oz. Thing is I just don't want him to make a terrible noise, I would like him to learn how to play them properly. Is there anywhere SOR where he could get drum lessons once we get over??
  11. stevie ellis

    driving lessons

    How much is a driving lesson in perth please ? oldest boy will be age to drive when we get out there , thanks stevie
  12. Guest

    Life Lessons

    This could be viewed as a rather pessimistic thread, but I reckon it is very positive, in a way. When you come to the end of your days, (hopefully a long time coming) what would be the one thing you would have wanted your children/loved ones to have learnt from you. Even if you don't have kids, (now/yet) the question can still apply. You are ONLY allowed one, I could have gone on for ever but had to decide on one. Mine would be: Never take those around you for granted. One minute they are there, and the next they 'could' be gone. I know, I know, a lot easier said than done. Cheers Tony
  13. hello does anyone know if there are riding schools which are accessible by public transport from Brisbane (I am in Teneriffe). This one looks like it is WATTLE CREEK RIDING SCHOOL although they only do private lessons so could get a bit expensive. This one looks like it might be but doesn't say - Cherbon Waters Stunning Wedding Gardens and Horse Riding School i would like to go for weekly / fortnightly lessons and then hire a car on the odd weekends to go further afield for nice trail riding does anyone know of any / go to one?
  14. Guest

    Driving Lessons

    Hi we are hopefully off to Perth in 6 weeks time. I would like to learn to drive out there. Can anyone tell me the cost of lessons? Do you need to do a theory test also? is it more difficult than the u.k? Any good instructors about? any help would be great x joe
  15. Hi all, I teach guitar via web cam/skype over the internet. Can anyone suggest any good local papers or community contacts in your area where I can advertise my services. Preferably free of charge ( as traditionally we musicians are not the richest guys in town)
  16. Guest

    Guitar lessons via web cam.

    Hi all, I am a professional guitar teacher from UK (London) with 25 years experience teaching privately & in schools. I teach most styles & levels. Lessons designed to suit your style. Save time & money & learn in the comfort of your own space (studio, by the pool, backyard, etc) All you need is a web cam, free Skype account, Broadband access &, of course, a guitar & you too can become a guitar hero!! For full details e-mail info@aglobalvillage.co.uk
  17. Guest

    swimming lessons

    does anyone know of a good swim centre for kids to have their swimming lessons, where at pacific pines, so anywhere around here or not 'too' far away would be good. my kids are already having lessons at one place, but where not very impressed at all, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks joanna.
  18. rach28

    Driving lessons what to do?

    Can anyone give me some advice please. Im 30 years old and dont have a driving license, not that i havent tried. Between the ages of 17 and 19 i failed my test three times. Since then i havent bothered more because i havent really needed to drive and if i need a car my husband drives and takes me. Well we are hoping to be in perth next year and i realise that im really going to need to drive. My husband says that most cars in oz are automatic and it will be easier to pass my test in automatic. Are most cars automatic in oz? Is it easier to pass test in uk or oz? Is it cheaper in oz or uk to do driving lessons? If i pass in uk before going to oz are there any restrictions on new drivers? to exchange are uk license for oz do you just have it transfered or do you have to sit another test in oz? Sorry for all the questions, am just trying to weigh up the situation as dont want to get to oz and be stranded whith 2 kids while hubby at work. many thanks in advance for any replys Rachael :emoticon-signxmas:
  19. Hi, We are hoping to head for Mornington, Melbourne some time next year. The stage we are at is our 175 online application was submitted this month. The thing I would like help with if anyone can help is, my 8 year old daughter has shown an interest in the violin, and has been given the oportunity to have lessons through the school. These are supposed to be quite hard to get and there are only three places per class available, and I was quite shocked to learn today she was top in the class. My only worry is starting her doing something when we are hopefully moving away, but I feel I keep putting so many things off for my kids with the thought of going, and I am worried I am preventing them from developing in what they could be good at. If I did start her here with the violin, is this something they are keen on developing in primary schools in OZ also, especially in the Mornington area. I don't wish to sound silly, but I am not sure of the activities with never being there before, and was not sure if they focus more on outdoor activies. Sorry if I am asking something really silly, but I just didn't wish to start my daughter on something she could not continue once we were in OZ. Thanks in advance for anyone that can give help or advice. Andi. x
  20. It's sometimes amazing to realise what important lessons the cartoon media can impart and well worth taking note of. Here are some of them ... When running off a cliff, you will run some way in mid-air before stopping, looking down and plummeting to the ground. When wishing to arrive unnoticed by burrowing underground, you will leave a trail of dirt above the ground for all to see. If hit in the face with an object (e.g. an iron), your face will flatten and take on the shape of that object. If you swallow an object (e.g. a birdcage), your body will take on the shape of that object. When you hit the ground after a fall from a great height, you will create a huge fog of dust and a crater in the ground that is the exact shape of your body. If you are surprised, your eyes will jump out of their sockets, your feet will come away from the floor and a trumpet will sound in the background. If you see someone beautiful, your pupils will turn into love hearts and your heart will pump so hard that it can be seen moving in and out of your chest. Whatever you buy or build in order to catch your opponent (especially if bought from ACME) will not work. It is likely to malfunction and cause extensive damage to you. If run over by heavy machinery, particularly a steam roller, you will be completely flattened. You will, however, be able to prize your flattened shape from the ground and pop back into shape soon after.
  21. Guest

    Lessons in English/French

    Does anyone know of any schools that teach French and English as our children are bilingual and we would like them to continue on that route. Many thanks your help would be appreciated
  22. Guest


    G'day everyone, Nice to see everyone helping eachother on here.Right now i need some help.:jiggy: I'd like to know what lessons you have over in Perth primary and secondary schools. You see in my school we have lots of lessons like French, science, maths but my all time favourite has to be DRAMA :swoon: i love Drama and would love to be on the westend one day.Also do they have any Drama clubs or singing clubs or dancing, because i'm a big fan of them aswell. Well i hope someone can get back to me about this because i'm moving down under in just under 2weeks and want to make sure i'm prepared. Thanks love Harlea ####:cute:
  23. Guest

    driving lessons

    hi, can anyone advise on this. my son [20] wants to do his driving lessons and test but hasnt finances to run a car just yet. as we expect to get to queensland next august, would it be easier/ cheaper to do this in england or oz. lessons tend to be £20 hour here. apreciate any advice, thanks.:unsure:
  24. Guest

    Driving lessons in Perth?

    Hi guys Well can anyone tell me what the driving lessons/driving test is like in Perth. I have just failed my driving test for the ****th time (I am such a div) and it looks like I may end up having to have lessons/test in Perth (god help 'em!) So any info would be very much appreciated folks! Mandy x