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Found 41 results

  1. Guest

    HELP Needed

    Hi all, Not sure if anyone on here has been through this before or knows what can be done.............. so heres my situation: Im here on a 457 visa, I was working for a company that has gone into receivership, the receivers have stated there is not enough money to pay the employees the entitlements owed. I have made a claim through the Government ~Dept of Education, Employment & workplace relations (Fair Entitlements Guarantee: FEG) but have been told that I am not entitled to any assistance as I'm here on the 457 (after waiting 2 months for a decision). My enquires lead me in circles as the Fair Work Ombudsman state I have the same rights as my Australian companions and DIAC state yes I have the same rights but its not a matter for them its between me and my employer. So has anyone experienced this before? Do I give up, put it down to bad luck? ($20,000 lost) As there is four of us in the same boat (all four of us joined the company at the same time from the uk) is it worth seeking legal advice (obviously costly, no help as on 457 visa)? Any help from anyone will be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Sean PS, New boss is running through the nomination for my 186 visa so hopefully never in this position again. PPS, I really recommend against coming over on a 457 visa, unless your single and have a back up plan.
  2. Hi, I am currently studying A Levels in the UK, England. My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving to Australia in the near future, he is fully Australian and his family live there also. After I have finished my A-levels, this is where my problem starts, I have no idea of any of the methods in which I can train. I am fully English myself so I can imagine this could be quite awkward. I have tried looking into this but I cannot find a lot of information, my plan in the UK was to finish my A-levels, move on to a higher apprenticeship and continue from there until trained and qualified. Is an apprenticeship in Law an option in Australia, NSW? Or do you have to go university? If a junior contract is available, are they easy to find? If not is there any advice on how university would work for me? And how long either of these processes will take? Will becoming a solicitor eventually be an option to me in Australia or is it the end of what I wish to do? Please leave ANY advice you have as I am completely stuck!! Thank you in advance, Whitney.
  3. Hi I'm resident in Australia and in the process of selling my UK house - I need to get some ID documents certified for use in the UK. If I get documents certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP) here in Australia, will these certified copies be considered valid in the UK (Wales), or I do need to use a solicitor? I would like to use a JP rather than a solicitor as the JP is free. Thanks very much.
  4. Please note - January 2013 CREP update changes and ratings. Please read the CREP info further down the page. I posted about this over on the sister site PIA. However I thought this would a useful thread to have as there are difference in car seat regulations between the UK/EU and Australia. This is all taken from my online research. Thought I'd share my findings. Many people making the move to Australia are not aware that their UK car seats are not legal in Australia. Even if they have the latest, newest and highest rated UK/EU car seat, it won't matter a jot. It will be illegal to use in a car in Australia. Australian car seats are top tethered and have to be approved to Australian standards. Imported car seats are not tested or legal. So what do you need to know Child restraint laws What seat does my child need? Up to 6 months: Your baby must be restrained in an approved rearward facing child restraint like an infant capsule or a convertible car seat specifically designed for newborn babies. (NB - Just because you can turn your child forward facing at 6 months in Australia doesn't mean you should. Rear facing for as long as possible is advised for safety reasons). 6 months to 4-years-old: Your child must be in either a rearward facing or forward facing child restraint, such as a child safety seat. 4-years-old to 7-years-old: Your child must be in either a forward facing child restraints or a booster seat restrained by a correctly adjusted and fastened seatbelt or child safety harness. You can read this information on RAC Australia, BabyCenter.com.au and also here at bubhub.com.au and kidssafewa.com.au. Just a number of websites online, national and different states, basically all saying the same thing with regard to the car seat laws. They are a national thing, regardless of state now. **UPDATED CREP RESULTS JAN 2013** CREP have released their new test results. Please be aware they used additional criteria so some car seats star safety ratings have changed. Car seat safety test findings from CREP (Child Restraint Evaluation Program) This is the body that tests car seats on the Australian market. It has safety ratings for all types of seats. Click on the appropriate age group to view the results. Be aware some of these car seats are no longer available and newer models have been brought out. Also they are not the be all and end all in terms of testing and you should always take into account other information, test results and so on also. New CREP ratings Jan 2013 - http://www.crep.com.au/crep-results.php What type of car seat do I need to be looking at? Capsule/Infant carrier - From birth to 9 months/1 year 9 or 12kg (depending on car seat limits) These are rear facing car seats. Convertible car seat - Suitable from birth, rear facing from birth to weight/size limit then forward facing till 4 years Forward facing car seats - 6 months - 4 years Booster seats - 4-7 years of age. Both harnessed and seatbelt fitted. Highbacked fitted with top tether is becoming the norm. A few other things - * Britax is called Safe n Sound in Australia. They sell their car seats nationally. There website is here - http://www.britax.com.au/ * Maxi Cosi is Maxi Cosi - They currently don't appear to have an Australian website but you can find their car seats for sale online or in stores in Australia. * There is also Facebook group for car seat safety in Adelaide. Adelaide Kids In Cars. Very helpful car seat experts who are more than happy to help answer your questions and more. * Extended rear facing (from 1-4 years of age) is not yet available in Australia. Britax is planning to design and test an extended rear facing car seat in the not too distant future. You can find various groups on Facebook if you are interested in learning more about this. They are Australian Parents for Rear Facing Car Restraints to 18 kg Rear-Facing Down Under Bring Extended Rearfacing To Australia * There is also a thread on this forum for extended rear facing (ERF). It can be found HERE * The Australia system uses the top tether. If you import a UK car you'll need to install tether points for fitting your Aussie car seats properly. * Isofix is not yet legal in Australia. It has however passed a few hurdles and is currently waiting for final approval to enable car seat manufacturers to begin making and testing car seats fitted using Isofix (or the Aussie equivalent if they use the top tether also still). UPDATE July 29 2011 - Isofix is coming to Australia in 2013 - Read more HERE * Please view this webpage to get an idea of a child safety harness for older children no longer needing a car seat - Scroll down the page to the last couple of photos - http://www.childrestraints.co.nz/australia.php You can also find more info over on Carseatsafety.com.au and Roadwise. The original thread for this is over on PIA AUGUST 15 2012 - NEWS UPDATE ON AUS STANDARDS You can download the draft HERE . You need to register and then download the PDF. From a Britax press release - On the 13th August 2012, Standards Australia released a draft of the revised Child Restraints Standard AS/NZS1754. The draft introduces a number of significant changes to the way Australian and New Zealand children will be restrained in cars in the future. The key changes in the draft include: Child restraints will be made available in Australia that include lower attachment connectors allowing them to be engaged with ISOFIX low anchorages available in many cars. This new category is similar to systems offered overseas. As with all Australian child restraints, the upper tether strap is required for use; A new category of child restraints will be introduced to the Australian market, allowing most children to stay rear facing up to approximately two to three years of age; A new category of child restraint with an in-built harness for children from approximately six months up to eight to ten years of age will be introduced. Previously restraints with an in-built harness have only been available for children up to approximately four years of age; Introduction of testing and defining child restraints that are suitable for babies that are of low birth weight or premature, and Introduction of marking of child restraints suitable for aircraft travel. The draft will be open for industry, government and consumers to review and comment until the 16th October 2012. Once the standard is approved for publication, expected to be early next year, Britax will endeavor to certify and release restraints that are compatible with ISOFIX low anchorages and within the new requirements of the standard. (Source Britax/Safe n Sound).
  5. I applied for 190 VISA for in March I think CO has been assigned as well recently for my case since I got email from Team 22 in May. I can feel that I’m on the brink of getting the visa finally. Now they are asking for several papers, which included Military discharge paper and Divorce or Separation documents etc. When I filled in my application, I stated my marital status as Separated as me and my partner have been leaving separately for 6+ years. I lived in Australia and she was in Mongolia. My problem is I'm struggling to find a legal paper for divorce as we are not legally divorced despite leaving apart for many years. Also, legal Separation papers are out of option ,it seems because in Mongolia, where I currently live, there is no such thing as legal separation. Its either married or divorced. Can anyone please help me what kind of papers I should submit to my CO, in this case? A divorce solicitors paper stating that we are living apart for years and our divorce proceedings are in progress could suffice? Please advice as I'm struggling to find wise advice on this:arghh:
  6. Hi there. I am a newbie here. I found this forum to be very helpful. Reading through this tread... http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/78714-176-visa-obligations-unemployment.html I was able to understand that not being able to fulfill the obligation to live in the sponsoring state for 2 years does not have any legal implications. Here is my dilemma... My family and I have been an Australian PR since Nov 2009. However, I have been working in the Middle East and have not relocated to Australia yet. My visa category is Visa 176 with South Australia State Sponsorship. I thought that it'll be a better idea to secure a job offer prior our arrival. But when we learned that my wife is pregnant for our 2nd child, we had to plan much faster because we want to be there months before she gives birth. After months of searching for a job, finally, I was able to get 2 job offers. One is in Adelaide and one is in Melbourne. The job offer in Adelaide I would say is attractive and acceptable. On the other hand, the offer in Melbourne offers a better salary package that also comes with a relocation package. The company in Melbourne is also a global organization so this is something that is difficult to say NO to. I am now considering choosing the job offer in Melbourne over Adelaide. Aside from the better job offer, we've got friends in Melbourne who has offered their assistance to look after my first child by the time my wife gives birth. Their assistance would be very helpful because we've got no relatives in Australia. Here are my questions. 1. I know that I am not legally required to live in Adelaide. My migration agent said that I still have a choice and since I don't intend to live there anyway, I might as well not contact the South Australia government. What can you say about this approach? What implication will this approach make in the near future? 2. Will I encounter any issues with Victoria when we apply for Centrelink, Medicare etc..? 3. Will this be an issue if we apply for citizenship? 4. Will this be an issue if we apply for visas for our relatives if they would have to come visit us for short period of time? I am also considering consulting another migration agent regarding this matter but I thought that maybe some of you guys here can provide some answers too. TIA
  7. SUBCLASS 457 TEMPORARY VISA PROGRAM REFORMS- 1 JULY 2012 1. There will be a consolidated list of occupations for both the 457 and permanent resident ENS Visa application, yet to be made public. A copy shall be provided to you as soon as we are advised of same; 2. The 457 Visa application process will be unchanged other than the possibility of later editions of the application forms and increases in DIAC application charges. 3. As at present, the nominated position must be within an occupation on the ANZSCO list of occupations; 4. The minimum base salary must be no less favourable or more favourable than that paid to an Australian employee (Market Related Salary); PERMANENT EMPLOYER SPONSORED VISA PROGRAM REFORMS- 1 JULY 2012 · Collapsing six existing visa Subclasses into two by removing on-offshore distinctions and absorbing separate Labour Agreement Subclasses within streams of the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) Classes; · Changing key visa criteria including English language and skills requirements; · Introducing a streamline pathway to residency for eligible Subclass 457 Visa holders; · Raising the upper age limit to less than 50 years; · Refocusing the Regional Certifying Body Network to the direct entry stream of RSMS; · Introducing a single sponsored occupation list to replace the current three list; · Integrating ENS and RSMS within SkillSelect, to also be launched 1 July 2012. These changes will mean a permanent employer sponsored structure that is made up of two classes- Employer Nomination (EN) ENS (Subclass 186) and Regional Employer Nomination (RN) RSMS (Subclass 187)- within which there will be following three streams; 1.Temporary Residence Transition stream- For Subclass 457 Visa holders who have worked for their employer for at least the last 2 years and the employer wants to offer them a permanent position in that same occupation; 2.Direct Entry stream- For applicants who are untested in the Australian Labour Market and have not held a Subclass 457 for at least the last 2 years or are applying directly from outside Australia; 3.Agreement stream- For applicants who are being sponsored by an employer through a highly scrutinised and negotiated labour agreement or regional migration agreement. The Minister also announced that existing “exceptional circumstances provisions” will be replaced by “exemptions” that will be more objective without sacrificing flexibility. Exemptions will be available covering age, skills and English language ability. THE TEMPORARY RESIDENCE TRANSITION STREAM This stream is targeted at Subclass 457 Visa holders who have worked for their employer for the last 2 years and the employer wants to offer them a permanent position in that occupation immediately preceeding their ENS of RSMS application. Employers who want to nominate Subclass 457 Visa holders who they are currently sponsoring will need to meet the following criteria; · The job or position being nominated for permanent residence is consistent with the position, the person held while in their Subclass 457 Visa; · The position will continue to be available to the prospective migrant for at least 2 years; · The terms and conditions of employment are the same as any that would apply to an Australian citizen; · The prospective migrant will be paid the ‘market rate’. That is the nominee will be paid at least as much as an Australian employed in the same position in the same location; · The employer has met, or continues to meet the Subclass 457 training requirement. Employers applying for an RSMS Temporary Residence Transition employer nomination scheme will need to be actively and lawfully operating in regional Australia. Visa applicants who are eligible to apply through this stream would need to meet key visa criteria including; · Being less than 50 years of age, unless they are exempt; · Have English language proficiency of at least five (5) in each of the four components of the International English Language Test Score (IELTS) test unless they are exempt. · They will not be required to undertake another test if they have done one for their subclass 457 in the last three years, or for the purposes of obtaining their licence or registration and the requirement was an IELTS score of 5 or higher, or a ‘B Score’ in the Occupational English Test (OET). These visa applicants will not need to have their skills and qualifications assessed for the permanent visa because of their prior employment and continuing employer sponsorship. THE DIRECT ENTRY STREAM The Direct Entry stream will be for visa applicants outside Australia or who are not able to apply under the Temporary Resident Transition stream, for example, international students, working holiday makers or tourists. Employers who apply through ENS Direct Entry will need to demonstrate; · The business is actively and lawfully operating in Australia; · The position is full time and available to the prospective migrant for at least 2 years; · The nominal occupation is on the new consolidated sponsored occupation list; · The prospective migrant will be paid the ‘market rate’. That is the nominee will be paid at least as much as an Australian employed in the same position in the same location. · The employer provides training to Australians. Employers who apply through the RSMS Direct Entry will need to meet the different criteria that includes; · The business is actively and lawfully operating in Regional Australia; · The position is full-time and available to the visa applicant for at least 2 years; · The position has been certified by an RCB; · The nominated position is classified as being a skill level 1- 3 occupation in ANZSCO; · The prospective migrant will be paid the ‘market rate’. That is, the nominee will be paid at least as much as an Australian employed in the same job. Visa applicants applying through the Direct Entry stream will have an untested relationship with their sponsor and limited familiarity with Australian working conditions. To ensure these visa holders are able to achieve the best workplace and settlement outcomes they will be expected to meet more stringent English language proficiency and skill requirements. Those applying under ENS Direct Entry will need to; · Provide a positive skills assessment and have at least 3 years of relevant prior work experience, unless they are exempt; · Be less than 50 years old, unless they are exempt; · Possess ‘Competent English’ that is equivalent to a score of six (6) in each of the IELTS test components, unless they are exempt. Those applying under RSMS Direct Entry will need to ; · Have a relevant Australian or overseas qualification. Minimum qualification levels will be determined by the nominated ANZSCO skill level from 1-3 (Trade Occupations at Skill Level 3 will require a Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) assessment if they do not hold an Australian qualification) · Be less than 50 years old unless they are exempt; · Demonstrate ‘Competent English’ that is equivalent to a score of six in each of the IELTS test components, unless they are exempt; THE LABOUR AGREEMENT STREAM The Labour Agreement stream is for visa applicants whose nominator holds a labour agreement for the occupation in which they are being nominated. Applicant’s applying under the stream will need to meet the requirements outlined in their nominator Labour Agreement. Visa applicant’s applying under a Labour Agreement will need to meet skills and experience, English language proficiency, age and other requirements as specified in the applicable Labour Agreement. A Labour Agreement is a formal arrangement negotiated between an employer and the Australian government and will only be considered where genuine skills shortage exists and there are no suitably qualified or experienced Australians readily available. EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES versus EXEMPTIONS The current permanent employer- sponsored visa categories accommodate unique and unusual applications through the exceptional circumstances provision for age, skill or qualification and English language requirements. This has allowed applicants who were not able to meet these criteria to be considered for permanent residence if they could demonstrate exceptional circumstances. The existing objective exceptional circumstances provision will be replaced with more objective exemption categories. This reform will provide more clarity and certainty to applicants, while ensuring the visa programs are still respond flexibly to unique cases. There will be exemptions available for age, skills and English language ability in the Temporary Residence and Direct Entry streams. Exemptions will be based on a person’s nominated occupation, salary or the time they have been employed with their nominator. Concessions sought under a Labour Agreement must be negotiated in the existing way. Age exemptions will be available to applicants; · Nominated in specific occupations where the typical age profile is older due to the specialised or technical nature of their work, for example minister of religion and researchers of scientists employed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) or the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO). · Applying through the Temporary Residence Transition stream and have been employed with their sponsor for the last 4 years and their salary is at least equivalent to the Fair Work High Income Threshold (S118,100.00) as of 1 July 2012. Skill and Qualification exemptions will be available to applicants who are; · Nominated in an occupation where formal academic training is uncommon such as ministers of religion; · In an occupation where they will be paid executive-level salaries currently set at $250,000.00; · Scientific and technical specialist employed by Australian Universities or Scientific Research Agencies such as CSIRO or ANSTO for research, academic, scientific or other specialist work. English Language exemptions will be available to applicant; · Nominated in an occupation, the minister for immigration and citizenship considers is exempt, for instance ministers of religion; · Who are a citizen of and hold a valid passport for the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, the Republic of Ireland or New Zealand; · Applying through the Temporary Residence Transition stream and have completed at least 5 consecutive years of full-time study in a secondary or higher education institution where all of the tuition was delivered in English. People who are unable to meet the higher benchmark for the Direct Entry Stream, and are not exempted, will need to obtain a Subclass 457 Visa. After 2 years work in Australia, they will be eligible to qualify for the streamlined fast-track, Temporary Residence Transition stream. SKILLSELECT- The changes to the permanent employer sponsored visa program will coincide with the implementation of SkillSelect on 1 July 2012. SkillSelect is the new skilled migration selection process, based on an expression of interest system, which aligns the best available prospective skilled migration candidates with the fluctuating demands of the labour market. As part of the introductions of SkillSelect sponsors and visa applicants will be able to apply for the new permanent employer sponsored visas online. For further information on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact Richard Shakenovsky on +61 2 9299-0255 or richard@rslawyers.com.au
  8. Hi, Firstly I would like to update you that the my company has registered offices all over the world. Currently I am working in its Indian subsidiary and i am under the Indian payroll. Recently I was asked to go for an assignment to its Austrian subsidiary in mode of a transfer for 3 months and more. Based on this I was given an employment letter indicating the transfer as well as the payroll during the assignment. Australian subsidiary sponsored the visa 457 and I got the Australian visa 457. Once I got the Australian 457 visa, the employer(neither the Indian subsidiary nor the Australian subsidiary) doesn't turn up for the employment, still working under the Indian subsidiary. Is there any legal opinion against not following the professional ethics. Best regards, BB
  9. Dear friends Would appreciate if someone could share the information about my legal rights and obligations, secondly benefits and facilities provided by the government if I will apply for a State Sponsor Visa to Melbourne, Victoria. Thank you
  10. Guest

    Legal Advice needed-I think.

    This is a serious question . Does anyone know the ins and outs of the Australian AVO (Personal Violence Orders) please? This is rather weird and without going into the small print openly.... I have received a very abusive email from a female who works for a company in Melbourne, using the company's email software on the company computer. Apparently, this person has received an e-mail from a "lady on lady" porn site, I don't know what the email is about. Anyway this person has decided that I sent this email, I didn't, andthe email states that they have been to the Oz police who have decided that the porn site email was sent by someone using an International ISP number and have advised this femail that she can take out an oveseas (?) AVO against me for sending the email. (I don't know how the police have obtained my ISP address as I have never emailed or replied to this person) The effect of this will be that I will be banned from obtaineding entry into Oz apparently. I have googled AVO and as far as I can see this is an Australian domestic violence restraining order. I realise that this situation is weird but I know nothing of australian law, and being in the UK I have not and am not in a domestic situation with this person and never will be. Can someone in Australia obtain such an order without actual evidence proving that they are accusing the right person and does a potential accused have no right of defence before such an order is automatically granted. Does anyone know if this could be for real and that I should be worried or am I having my leg pulled and should be writing to the company with a complaint/ taking leagal action please?
  11. The DIAC refund the VAC for invalid applications and ceased applications. Acceptance of a 'cap and cease' VAC refund offer would constitute a withdrawal of the visa application and would create an estoppel. Affected parties might want to Consult a Top Gun migration lawyer. The Ombudsman (paper tiger) has no powers and can only make suggestions. If an issue has not attracted the attention of the press, as in: deporting Australian citizens, imprisoning permanent residents of Asian appearance and children, there are unlikely to be any suggestions to the DIAC. The Ombudsman can do nothing about a ministerial decision, notwithstanding that the minister is not mentioned in a complaint.
  12. Hi, We like many are possible going down the renting our home in UK out route as market so rubbish. My question to anyone out there in the know is....rental agents like to hear that you have informed your mortgage lender that you are renting your house out. Is this a legal requirement or is it really none of their business??? We dont want to change mortgage really and think if the bank knew we were renting they would insist we go on a buy to let. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  13. I wonder if anyone could help me??? We are currently renting a property in Qld, and need a little bit of advice as to whether or not our landlord is in breach of his contract. The original lease we signed in January 2010 had some Special Terms attached, two of which the landlord complied with (although ASAP to him was about 3 months). The third is a bit tricky, the lease states: 'Air-conditioning to be installed approx June 2010'. Our real estate has been in contact with the owner and he is refusing to put air conditioning in. The real estate has stated to me today that she has been in contact with Residential Tenancies Authority and they have told her that because the lease says "approx", he is not in breach of contract!!!:arghh: (she doesn't agree with them though and is on our side) Now my Australian Oxford Dictionary states approximately as: 'fairly correct or accurate' I'm not one usually to make a fuss, however, we have been paying rent based on the fact that air conditioning will be installed and I think 5 months is not 'fairly correct or accurate' and don't feel that we should have been paying the additional premium. If anyone has been in a similar situation, could you share your experience of this and outcome for me?? Steph xxxx :notworthy:
  14. Advice needed please! I went to a furniture auction last week in Melbourne (Croydon). I was looking at some things and unknown to me my 10 year old was bidding on a crappy china bird! I thought he was behind me as I was looking at stuff. Now it was only $12 however, my son did not have the auction number I did. The auctioneer would not take no for an answer, so I paid as it was only $12. I am just so glad it was not $10000'ss!! Does anyone know if this is legal to accept a bid from a 10 year old? The acutioneer seems to think it is. Thanks.
  15. Rudi

    Legal Advice Needed

    I have a problem! Someone has been cleaning a rental home for me on a regular basis, but I have decided I no longer need her services. Yesterday I requested my keys back from her. She gave me keys but they were the wrong ones and now she is refusing to give me my keys back and not answering my calls by phone. Does anyone have and advice as to what I can do about it. Thanks Love Rudi x
  16. Guest

    Legal Professional 457 visa

    Hi Forum, Legal Professional nec under the 457 lists that occupations in this group as Administrative Lawyer, Judges Associate, Law Researcher, Legal Officer, Parliamentary Counsel and Patent Attorney. Has anyone else been sponsored in a different occupation to the listed since September 2009? I would like to get an idea of what occupations i should be looking for to be eligible for the scheme until I qualify as a Solicitor. I am currently completing the LPAB diploma to make my existing LLB from the UK equivalent. Thanks in advance for your help!! Paul
  17. Guest

    Legal Professional 457 visa

    Hi Forum, I'm looking to get a 457 visa as a Paralegal or very similar role and wondered if it was at all possible under the new rules that came in to effect in September. The roles under the Legal Profession (nec) do not state Paralegal as a sponsorable occupation but the list is not exhaustive and is more associated with the tasks performed. Has anyone been granted a 457 visa since September 2009 for a job as a Paralegal or similar as i do not want to shell out $3k for a migration agent only for the application to be refused. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Paul
  18. what rights has a father got to stop a son and mother from migrating !!! Please help cause xxx my friend would love to move to oz with us !!! but does not know what her legal rights are xx can anyone help xxx thanks carole x
  19. Guest

    legal question?

    will my patner who wishes to migrate to oz with her 16 yr old daughter need the fathers permission to take her daughter out of the uk? she has sole custody and the ex is living in germany and has had no contact with either in 3 years. can anyone shed some light on this? cheers.
  20. KD79UK

    2521-79 - Legal Profs nec

    Im on a 457, wondering whether to try and get on an ENSOL, or wait 2 yrs on the 457 to apply for indpendent visa under another skill (long story!!). I want to approach my employer but only when I have all the info! I have an LLB Law degree from the UK, and I am currently employed on the 457 as a contract administrator. Has anyone else been sponsored under this category/going for this? I want to know whether VETASSES need to do a technical interview? Or whether they will just require my uni certs, letter from employer, wage slips etc? Any help will be appreciated
  21. Can anyone tell me what the 'legal' requirement is, regarding children being enrolled in a school, once you have landed in Southern Australia. Due to nature of husband's work, he will be training in one area for 12 weeks, then possibly moving a distance away - could I keep my children aged 9 and 11 out of school 'til we reach our final destination after the 12 weeks - rather than enrolling them, just to move them weeks later?
  22. meddy

    Legal Studies!

    Hiya All. I'm hoping with all digits crossed that someone will be able to help me with my dilemma. I started an Open University degree in Law 2 years ago. So have 120 OU points so far. I am also going to do a course next year, which will entitle me to 180 OU points in total and give me a diploma in English Law and will be entitled to use the letters Dip Eng Law (Open). My main aim was to continue with the studies in England and complete the BA hons LLB degree. But as i am emigrating to Oz at the end of next year or early 2011, i wont be able to do this. Am i able to transfer this existing diploma, to any legal course or job in australia? I would very much like to gain my degree in Law, but don't really want to start again and waste all this money that i have paid doing the English Law courses. Yours in anticipation, Meddy
  23. Guest

    legal action

    Hi just wanted so help if any one can we emergrated to Melbourne it didn't work out and we came back. We have been back for 10 months and we are getting contacted by AGL about out standing bill for gas and electric $ 260, We ignored it but have got letter from there lawyers stating there intent. Just wondering if they will folow it up or might just be trying to scare us as we are the other side of the world. Any advice would be great, cheers Paul.
  24. My wife found out today that she didn't get the paediatrics job she applied for. When she asked for feedback she was told that she had a very strong application and interviewed very and that she 'would have gotten the job' if she had been a permanent resident or australian. They had downgraded all temp visa holders in their selection process and prioritised perm residents or australians. Is that legal? Sounds discriminatory to me, especially when she was told in plain english that she was one of the best for the jobs (it's 60 positions spread through hospitals in Newcastle and Sydney) and would have gotten it but for her visa. Anybody have a clue on the legality or that?
  25. Guest

    Will in Australia / UK

    Hi Does anyeone know if a will written in Australia can cover what I'd like done with UK assets? We've kept a house in the UK (regretting that now!!) and have a little money in the bank to collect rent/pay bills. My wife (a Kiwi) also has an ISA that it really wasn't worth selling when we left. Don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm here on a 461 visa (5yr unrestricted, Kiwi spousal) Thanks in advance for any advice Mike