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Found 91 results

  1. I was there for best part of 10 years - been gone for 2 months, now in HK. Went to + fro in my head for years. Then finally, I just bailed because I wasn't sure I wanted to stay in Sydney. Got rid of all my stuff over a few days and just left. Good job I got my Aussie passport before I bailed - definitely going back to Sydney to settle down.
  2. Has anybody left Oz, gone back to the UK and the deiced to go back to Oz?? It's really a comment to gauge feeling if when you go back to the UK do you feel the same as your time in Oz? Does the UK feel like home or a dump? Does it show that Oz is at the arse end of the world and feels too remote? Answer on a postcard please - or post a reply... Cheers Dan :daydreaming:
  3. Hello everyone, I am about to send off our passports but I only have just over 12 months left on my passport, should I renew my passport then get it stamped or should I just send it off anyway. we hope to fly oneway in April / May next year. Passport runs out jan 2013 can anyone see any problems. Thanks in Advance:notworthy:
  4. Checked out of the serviced apartment for good tonight. I'll miss seeing the Manly ferry come and go. Our stuff is in Sydney but still waiting on customs...we'll be managing with next to nothing for a week or so. Sleeping with kids blankets and eating take out for the most part. It's been a tough but good month.
  5. :arghh: hi queensland, really want to come to gold coast, just waiting for visa's to come back, but getting really worried oh will not be able to find work when we get there because of recession, he is a bricklayer but can do other things too like plastering, tiling etc, hearing that there is no work is getting a little worrying and dont no what to do, any advise!!:skeptical:
  6. Guest

    1 year left to make the move

    Hi, I am wondering if there is anyone who has or is in a similar postion as my family and I. We had our permanent visa granted 4 years ago. We validated our visa in May 2008 but have been living in the UK for the last 3 and a half years. We are now in a position were we are able to go but I wondered what implication that has on getting a resident return visa if we have not been resident for 2 of the 5 years. Would we be able to apply for it still 2 years from now? Thank you in advance.
  7. http://news.yahoo.com/zimbabwean-man-claims-prostitute-turned-donkey-report-161016208.html :eek: :err: :wacko: :shocked: :no: :no: :no:
  8. A Chinese toddler was run over twice and ignored by nearly 20 passers-by in Guangdong Province in a case that has caused outrage around the world.:eek: It is a story that has deeply unsettled millions in China, posing troubling questions about whether three decades of headlong economic development has left nothing but a moral vacuum in its wake. It begins last Thursday when a two-year-old girl totters into a narrow lane in a wholesale market in the thriving industrial city of Foshan in Guangdong Province and is hit by a small, white van. The driver pauses, and then pulls away, crushing the child for a second time under his rear wheels. It is not the accident itself, but what happens next — or rather doesn’t happen – that has left millions of ordinary Chinese wondering where their country is heading. One by one, no fewer than 18 passers-by are seen on closed circuit television ignoring the girl as she lies, clearly visible in the road, haemorrhaging into the gutter. Not a single one of them stops to help. The first is a young man in a white T-shirt and trainers. He walks on past the prone form of girl who is by now bleeding profusely, without a second glance. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/8830790/Chinese-toddler-run-over-twice-after-being-left-on-street.html Is this the price of living and being brought up in such an Evil dictatorship....sad.:dull:
  9. Have I left to get a visa. I'm 45 next month. Where do I start if I'm still ok Nvq3 mechanical maintenance (fitter) Tried looking on the websites but it just gets confusing when I'm not sure what to look for
  10. .... All I've got's this sunny arvo - for the next nine months - if I'm lucky.
  11. Guest

    2 weeks left - please help me

    Hi there, I'm new to the site and just wondering if anybody can help me stay in Darwin. My situation is that I'm currently on a working holiday visa (runs out 30/09/11), however I made the decision that I want to stay over here so I have a skills assessment in process at the moment, in order to apply for state nomination on the 487 visa. My worry is that I may not get my trade (carpenter) recognised before I have to go home. Therefore, I'm beginning to think I should maybe look for employment sponsorship on a 457 but I'm not sure if i need my skills assessment for this? I would be willing to do any job even away from carpentry so does anybody know of any contacts that I could pester? Any other advice/links/contact no's would be greatly appreciated as I really don't wanna leave paradise!! Thanks for reading, Spencer
  12. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2011/09/04/2011-09-04_ohio_baby_13_months_suffocates_in_car_after_being_left_behind_by_babysitter.html What I don't understand is how they can say she hasn't been charged with any crime, she left this little one in a car and forgot About her:no:
  13. Guest

    Have We Left It Too Late?

    My husband, 44 (45 in November) is a Staff Nurse in England (working since 2006) and spoke a few months ago about us all trying to move to Australia. At the time both the kids (now 16 and 18) said they didn't want to go and I had the same reaction. However, over the last few days I have begun thinking about the future of our children. They are both about to embark on new courses at College next week, which is great, but the reality of it all has suddenly hit home to me - great, they're doing courses which will give them some great qualifications but what happens after that? Will they be able to get a job? In the current state of the UK, the answer to that question is probably no. My husband also wants to better his career prospects. Anyway, my main question is is it too late for my husband to apply to move to Australia with myself and our two children?
  14. just had 4 guys in from john mason packing our belongings to begin the journey to sydney. just want to compliment the removals team. the four men were professional, helpful and knowledgeable. we were told when quoting that we wre about 200 cubic feet over the 20ft container so has resigned ourselves to leaving a few possesions here or paying a £1000 for a shared container. Eric and the rest of the lads went the extra mile to fill that container to the rafters and got everything in!! there wasnt any unfilled void. they even specially dismantled some things such as an odd shaped wardrobe and a chest of draws to make sure we wouldnt be leaving anything. credit where credit is due, thanks lads
  15. would anyone like to talk about being { parent left behind ) either P M or otherwise. If it is appropriate to do so.
  16. I have a question regarding a car loan on a 457 visa. I'm currently 2 years into my current 457 and looking to leave my current company and transfer my 457 over to a new company. I currently use public transport but getting fed up of this. I have an interview with another company coming up which would be a pain to get to using public transport, therefore I would like to get a car. Seeing as I only have two years left on my visa this will limit the size of the loan i can get. I'm rubbish and cursed when it comes to cars so would prefer a newer more reliable car rather than an older one that might break down lots. My main questions are 1: Is there the option to extend my 457 back to 4 years when transferring to a new company/sponsor, therefore giving me more options with size/length of loan? 2: I have an Australian girlfriend who I've lived with for over a year and qualify as de-facto. Given this can I use her to get a joint loan and would my 457 situation affect this? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  17. thepallis

    Son has left for OZ.

    Just returned from Manchester airport where we, (OH, youngest son and myself) have said goodbye to our eldest son/brother who has left for Perth on a WHV. As if one year isn't enough he is aiming to do the 2nd year too. Wasn't prepared for the wave of emotions that hit us all, especially his brother who is still at home (unsure of whether to come with us when we go). He is normally as hard as a nut but not this morning. OH asked why are we all upset when we know he is going to have the time of his life. He is I'm left with a nuclear fallout in the shape of his bedroom. Oh my god, how much stuff can one person fit into a room. Anyway thats enough for now off for another cry. :em4600: I'm sure it will get easier.
  18. OH MY GOD..... shippers been today and taken the few bits we are shipping, and next thursday we fly out to start our new life in oz, i finally get to meet all my family. What a mixure of excitement and nerves i am living off at the minute. Me and the hubby have been talking about moving to oz for nearly 6 years now, and last year we finally made the steps to make it happen, and now we are only a few short days away from it, just the goodbyes to do, which i am not looking forward to Adventure starts May 26th HOORAY :biggrin::wacko::laugh:
  19. Guest

    So who is left in Category 4 ??

    Just feel like a moan... I am onshore cat 4 Dec 08 applicant, while I am happy for those in Cat 3 who received email from DIAC to do meds etc, I can't help but feel sorry for myself and others in Cat 4 who applied years ago (I really don't think there can be many of us left). I am onshore and working in my occupation, why can't the Minister put some sort of provision in for us ?? Getting state sponsorship or employer sponsorship is not an option in Qld. However, I'm glad to see the onshore IT folks have been given the opportunity to go to Cat 3.. I feel like a stepping stone at the moment though!! Does anyone have any positive vibes to pass on to me.. Fed up Cat 4:sad: Not mad just sad!
  20. Hi guys, how ya going? I've been living and working in Brisbane for the last 2 years on a working holiday visa and have loved it. However, my visa runs out in 8 weeks and I've not got another one as yet. I have been hoping to get sponsored by a company that my friend works for (and has been sponsored by) although that has now fallen through. My options are: Get sponsored by a company (although this is starting to look a little slim now after looking at all the stuff that needs to be done from both sides, ) Get a student visa- not sure which courses can get a student visa but this is the most likely option for me at the moment. Go to NZ and come back in as a tourist for 6 months, which should, hopefully give me enough time to find sponsorship. I have been with my girlfriend (also pomme) since Dec and she will be able to sponsor me after 12 months once her residency is approved from her job (university of qld). Anyway, there is my life story, I'd really appreciate and help or advice if you can offer it, I really want to stay as it's a great life out here, plenty of work and opportunities :biggrin: Cheers in advance.
  21. Guest

    Haven't left yet......should I?

    Hey all Life in the UK is pretty good to us but a lot of hard work......now..... Me and hubby keep asking if we actually need to move halfway around the world to change things. Not sure what we are scared of. I'm guessing most of you on the forum have been to oz or are in oz and looking to move back. Please share why. What is it? For me, family won't be an issue as they are all coming (we are a v small family) It's the lifestlye I think.... Tell me your thoughts/experiences. Should we just have a holiday instead? Thank You Bubs x
  22. Hi, My wife will be earning about $50000 a year for being a midwife and i was wondering how much we will see after tax etc? and could she support a family of 4 on this wage? two children 2 and 4 years old Thanks so much Jamie
  23. simos

    Have I left it too late???

    Hi My name is joanne, I wanted to ask advice from you guys on the forum. I think I may have left it too late to apply for a Visa(176) before the new points test comes in on July 1st 2011. With the new points system I dont think I will qualify!! These are my circumstances, Age 42, Qualified Midwife for 20yrs(post registration course) working in midwifery all that time, have no degree, aiming for 7 on ILETS and hope to get SA state sponsorship. With current points system I qualify with at least 100-110 pts but on new system would only get 55points(short by 10pts).OH no help with points as over 50yrs. I am now panicking because I am only at the very beginning of the process. There are 17wks between now and July 1st. Need to: 1. take ILETS(and pass) 2. Get skills assessment by ANMAC completed 3. Get SA state sponsorship 4. Get in VISA app before 1st july 2011. Is this achievable or am I deluding myself? Thanks Joanne:unsure:
  24. Paul1Perth

    One of the reasons we left

    My wifes Sister has gone through a really bad couple of years. Divorce, problems with kids, putting on lots of weight and found out last year she has breast cancer and a heart problem. She had an operation last year for her cancer and is still undergoing chemo. One of the good things that perked her up recently was she managed to get an allowance (somehow) for disablement and managed to change her car to a new Golf. Last night we found out that she was in the house at 8:30 at night with her youngest (14) and a rock came through the front door window, two masked guys broke in the house and demanded the car keys, which she gladly gave them. You can imagine how scary and upsetting this would have been. Luckily the car keys were attached to her door keys and in easy reach. Hate to think what might hae happened had she not been able to produce them quickly. She said the cops were great and they scrambled the police helicopter but nothing found yet. They are coming round to interview her today. When we lived in the same village before we emigrated my wife had an XR2. She used to work in Moss Side as a Health Visitor and the first one disappeared from in front of the office in the middle of Moss Side. The car had a crook lock on but a girl who worked with her saw it getting towed into the back of a big truck. Got another on insurance and that one had two of the wheels nicked off it at Christmas time and some tools taken from the boot. We got them replaced and a month later the car was nicked from outside our house. I was out and my wife heard it start up as it was parked at the side of the house. She rang the police and it took her 10mins before she managed to speak to someone about it as they were busy. Nothing ever found of any of them. We went back to a bog standard ford escort and that wasn't touched. Luckily, when all this was happening, we had been accepted for immigration so knew we would be leaving, thank goodness.
  25. Hi there Can someone shed any light on this. We are persuing the 176 state sponsorship visa and the initial stage in the process is to have skills assessed with VETASSESS. We want to get this done well before the July deadline for changes to the visa points system. So having looked at the VETASSESS website and a schedule of assessment dates for the UK, it seems Februrary is the last date on the calender. Anyone know where to go from here? Also couldn't see where the assessment takes place, is there various locations around the country? We're in the highlands of Scotland, so long way to travel if not. Thanks for reading, hope someone has some advice.