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Found 33 results

  1. hellsbells712

    certifying documents in leeds

    Hi, Pease help!!! Does anyone know of reseaonably cheap solicitors etc... in the leeds, wakefield or west yorkshire area to certify documents. This is starting to turn into a headache !!!!!! My friend solicitor has gone to France for 1 month and forgot to sign 1 page of my reference , nightmare.:cry: Thanks, Helen
  2. ali

    Gary Speed RIP

    So sad to hear that Gary Speed has died - 42 years old. Tragic loss.
  3. Guest51810

    leeds expo

    hey guys, We're off to the oz expo in leeds this weekend. Not sure if its gonna be any help but we saw a advert for digger drivers so thought we'd go see if theres any employers who can give us advice :biggrin: its a bit of a long drive but dave doesnt seem to mind. suppose its a road trip for us, ive never been to leeds before! :jiggy:
  4. Well its a sad day for the workers at Tetleys brewery in Leeds the brewery has been running for nearly two hundred years and due to lack of demand, mainly due to pubs and clubs closing down in droves, the great brewery is closing its doors. Its on the news that the workers are holding a wake and i hope the beers free for them. I am not a beer drinker, but ......... i do like the odd pint of Tetleys smoothflow ............
  5. Hi, looking to move over in the next 3 months so starting to research areas. I love Horsforth in Leeds, as shops, funky bars, restaurants, parks for the kiddies, play centers, great schools and a supermarket. Can anyone suggest somewhere in Perth that has these facilities but ideally not too for from the beach? Thanks
  6. Guest

    Leeds Seminar

    Hello, Yesterday my husband and I, and my mum, dad and younger brother went to the Down Under Live seminar in Leeds. We all had a great day and found out lots of information ! My husband applied for one of four carpentary positions, he'll be being contacted this week and we've got everything crossed !!! We also got advise on state sponsorship too. My family found out there is a way for them to get a visa and the process will take 9-12 months. So all in all a very informative, helpful day out. We would happily recommend Down Under Live ! Anyone else attend Down Under Live in Leeds? Good luck to everyone starting the exciting adventure !! Cheryl & Ste x
  7. Hi... I live in Glasgow and just wondered if the Emigration seminar in Leeds at the end of the month would be worth the trip. I haven't applied for a Visa yet as we aren't applying for Visas for at least another year. Possibly even 2. But obviously we want to do as much research as possible before we do so. So really just wondered peoples thoughts on these Seminars Thank u:jiggy:
  8. Englishlover

    Anybody is Leeds' fan?

    I am not from UK, but I support Leeds United. I canno find any Leeds' fan here.
  9. Guest

    Medicals in Leeds

    Hi to all. We've had a request to do our medicals and have a choice between doing them in Leeds or Huddersfield. Has anyone done their medicals at either of these places and what did they entail? Where do you go first - medical or radiologist? And most importantly - How much did they cost?????? :arghh: We are a family comprising of 2 adults and 2 children - 1 is over 11. Many thanks Helen x
  10. Hiya, has any one been to the leeds expo and is it worth going????? Thanks pebbles x:jiggy:
  11. I've paid to go to the Leeds Expo is it worth going with the news of today. My trade Fitter is going to be axed from the list so what is the point. :jimlad:thinking of hiring a dingy and sailing to Aus go in as a asylum seeker
  12. Just wanted to know if anyone is going to the Leeds expo at the end of the month. It would be great to know off anyone else if they have found these expos useful?:chatterbox:
  13. Anyone going it's this Sunday?
  14. Guest

    leeds meds

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has had there meds done in Leeds, and if so what was the experience like?, did everything go smoothly between meds and x ray department? Any info appreciated as we will be booking shortly and Leeds is an option for us. Thanks, B.B.
  15. Dunkos

    OZ Expo Leeds

    Hi Guys, just a quick post for all those folks thinking about attending the OZ expo in London DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was the biggest waste of time ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, no one there worth talking to at all. One guy we did talk to from a recruitment agency i explained to him we done our medicals last month an were now just awaiting our visa which we would hopefully get in dec/jan time. his response to me was do you know it takes two years?, i then explained to his again all the steps on our time line and his response again was will ill take your CV mate an hope u get across sooner but it'l be two years. now guys given the medicals only valid for a year that just a plain stupid answer. after this we shortly left the expo as there was nobody worth speaking to there. DONT GO THIS IS THE BIGGEST MONEY MAKEIN SCHEME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. KarenG

    Leeds expo last wkend

    Hi everyone, well, went to the expo at the weekend and all of you who said it was rubbish were right !! The only jobs that were there were, construction, engineering and medical. There were no estate agents, school representatives or TRA representatives. Just each state government reps and the immigration reps. some removals companies and banks. We had been round it in an hour and then decided to go sight-seeing in leeds instead. Leeds is great, that' the first time we have been, it is really good for shopping and the restaurants are fantastic. So all was ot wasted ! Anyone thinking of going, DON'T !! you can find out all the info yourself on-line. Karen xx :smile:
  17. the_nanny_uk2

    Anyone going to the Leeds EXPO?

    How many of you are going to be paying the Leeds Expo a visit on the 18th October? Was just wondering if anyone fancied meeting up at it for lunch and a natter? Jo x
  18. Guest

    EXP08 Leeds

    well i went to this today and must say it was very useful. Met some great reps and met some like minded people, it was deffo worth the trip. Did anyone else go?
  19. 18th-19th October. Just letting them know, who may be interested!! Its a Saturday and Sunday, go to one or the other not both. Heres the link if you are interested Opportunities Australia - EXP08 Kids are free. Bought our tickets, maybe see you there Chris:radar:
  20. Hi, Has anyone been to the Oz Jobs Expo in Leeds before? is it worth going and will we get something out of it? I am a bit skeptical at times with these expos, especially when they charge you to get in, on the charge side of things, can you buy tickets on the door? or do you have to pre book. Cheers, Alec
  21. Guest

    Leeds Expo How Did It Go

    Hi All, Can anybody tell me how it went at Leeds today,if anybody had any look,and what they thought of it. Would be lovely to here from you. Luv Gwen x x x :notworthy::notworthy::v_SPIN:
  22. sadsmile23

    How was the Leeds expo?

    Couldn't make it, but just wondering how everyone got on at the Expo? Was it worth the trip? Any good news?
  23. debbie2302

    Anyone home from Leeds expo yet?

    Hi Just wondering if anyone been to the Leeds expo today and wondering what your views were! We are going tomorrow but looking for any feedback before we go. OH in IT, was there many IT companies there, does anyone know. Glad of any info. Debbie, Stuart & Kids
  24. Guest

    Quick Question re Leeds Expo

    Hi, Just a quick question, can anybody tell me what to expect from the seminars they have going on during the day and whether they are worth attending. There are going be seminars from WA, SA, and VIC Governments as well as Visa dept. Also can anyone tell how long each seminar last. Sorry this is turning into a few questions but has anyone been today and how did they find it??? Just trying to plan our day tomorrow. Thanks Mandisfam
  25. Guest

    leeds expo

    hi all me and my wife are going to the leeds expo on saturday as we have never been to one just wondering what to expect and look out for thanks paul and hayley:wacko: