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Found 48 results

  1. Guys anyone know if there is any particular difference between the above re ethos, structure or otherwise???? Thanks in advance! Kate
  2. Hi all, Am busy surfing the net looking at Australian Distance Learning sites. Is there any mileage in me signing up for one of the courses relevant to my current job / area I hope to progress into? Would this increase my chances of employment in Australia? Has anyone else done this? Only initial research phase at the moment, but as we're not planning on making the permanent move for another 15 months, thought it may be worthwhile using my time left in the UK productively, getting a short course under my belt and getting myself an Australian recognised certificate of some kind? Any feedback/advice appreciated. Forgot to add, I'd be looking at business / senior admin / human resources area.
  3. Jasper Buchanan

    Son with Learning Disabilities

    Our dream is in tatters after a conversation with an agent on Friday! We have a son(18) who has had medical difficulties such as very mild cerabal palsy, incontinence and again very mild epilepsy. Medically he is now in good health. He is on a trial free of epilepsy medication as the docs think he may now be free of this. His bowels have improved greatly with natural remedies. As far as cerabal palsy goes Jordan can walk,talk, run just like any other teenager apart from having slight balance issues. We don't beleve he w I'll need any medication going forward if his epilepsy has disappeared. However Jordan also has learning disabilities which prevent him from making day to day decisions.Currently as parents we have guardianship to make any life decisions on behalf of our son. Jordan is now at mainstream college learning life & independent skills such as cooking, communication & finance. How much he learns and takes in at this stage we just need to wait and see. On the above information an agent we spoke to has said that we would be wasting our time in applying for a visa destroying our dream! Can anyone offer advice - please???????
  4. hi... can anyone give me some advice on jobs as a learning disability nurse in perth. many thanks !:biggrin:
  5. Hi All, I am a registered Learning Disability Nurse, working in the UK. Myself and my husband want to move to Australia. Is there any RNLD’s that are employed and what would I need to do? Please help!:wacko:
  6. Hi Everyone, We met with a visa agent yesterday and are now starting out on the process of getting our 176 visa. We have to put a portfolio together to qualify for RPL. My husband is a telecommunications linesman. I'm not sure what format to put it in , shoud i go with intro, then separate paragraphs, or bullet points ? Our agent said it has to be very very detailed. We have less than 6 months to get all our paperwork together, so the pressure is on:chatterbox: Does anyone have any advice about this portfolio, layout or anything, It would be very much appreciated. Milly x x
  7. Hello friend's i have one six year old child,who facing the problem of Dyslexia (basically a learning disability), so me and my wife we both are trying to learn him by the practical way, is there any education toy's are available for our children, who help's us to make learning process easy for my son. i need suggestion on this topic. Thank’s
  8. Guest

    Learning French in Schools

    Hi, we are thinking seriously of moving to Canberra with our 2 children, my son is 12 and my daughter is 6. We originally lived in the U.K and are British but we have lived in France for the past 5 years. Both of the children are now bi-lingual. It would be a shame after all of their work, if they lost their french skills and I was wondering if French is part of the curriculem in most primary and secondary schools? Thanks in advance
  9. gaz&family

    learning a new skill

    hi everyone to those of you already there a quick question hope you can help we have our visas hoping to go in Oct next year when we have saved the amount we want up, I my self am a qualified hairdresser but i only did my training then i had a baby so have been doing a normal waitress job in evenings for the last 2 years didn't go back hairdressing after i had her, my husband is a plasterer who works for himself so we had to work around that so nights suited me, but now i am thinking of retraining as a nursery nurse i was going to do this over in England before i come over to Brisbane but then my husband says may as well wait until im in oz just wondering if anyone as been in same situation and what you did rachael
  10. Hi there! At first I'm sorry if this thread is in the wrong directory but as many others here, I haven't posted much in here. Okey, so as the title says I was wondering does any of you know places or organisations etc. about where to look for on-the-job learning places? To me this period is in summer 2012 and it's about 2 months I guess, but the sooner I start looking into my chances, the better. I'm studying landscaping and so I'm eager to hear about possibilities for overseas students to come over and do our otj-learning there. I'm prepared to save my own money to get a flight over there but after that don't know what I should do. Please let me know if you need more specific information and I try to provide you that. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :cute:
  11. We now have a date 1st July 2011!!!:biggrin:....so excited!! We have sorted out school applications for our eldest (8yrs)....well almost!! Attention is now on the little one (3yrs) he started a Montessori Nursery 5 mornings/wk, here (in UK) in Sept, he will have completed a year upon arrival. We really want him to continue 5 mornings/day per week. We have found that as children start later in Australia the demand for these places is high and C&K only offer 3/ days/wk. Is this the norm and does anyone have any opinions on C&K centres??? Also does anyone know of any other childcare centres around Carindale???? (My son will be 3yrs 9mths at time of arrival and eligible to start prep 2013.) Many Thanks, sunilisa.x
  12. Hi just wondered is there any jobs or extra need for learning disability nurses in and around the sunshine coast - i am looking to begin a course in cognitive behavioural psychontherapy - would there be any need? please let me know what the LD job situation is like xx:jiggy:
  13. hi all I tried to learn to drive in the UK, and failed. To be honest I'm not the BIGGEST fan of driving in the world... but nevermind, if it wasn't for my instructor, I wouldn't have carried on - she was good lol Anyway. What do you have to do to get on the road in Queensland? Is it similar to the UK? Also I know having a provisional license at least may help me with the old 100 point ID check in Brisbane etc!
  14. AnxiousMum

    Recognition Prior Learning Critera

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can put forward past work experience when submitting a RPL in ICT? Or will they only take into account say the last 4 years of experience you have? Also does anyone know if they will take into account different ICT skills used over a period of time, not just the skills you are applying under ie 262111. Thanks in advance
  15. crosbyx4

    child with learning difficulties

    myself, husband and two boys aged 8 & 9 are considering migrating to Queensland, I am a nurse so hoping to go the skilled visa route however my eldest son has some learning difficulties and currently recieves support in main stream school with an educational statement in leu, it has been suggested that this may affect our application, just wondering if anyone has any advice or had a simular situation, thanks.
  16. Guest

    MBA through Distance Learning

    Hi, I am working in a IT based company and want to get MBA degree. I am interested for getting MBA through distance learning from USA university. Can anyone suggest from about which university will be best for enrolling distance education for MBA degree....... Kindly suggest...... Thanks David Johnson
  17. Hello, this is my first post having just joined the forum today... hopefully I'm posting this in the right place... I have been drafting the Australian Computer Society (ACS) 'Recognition of Prior Learning' form for a while now :arghh: and I'm keen to know if I am going about getting my skills assessed in the right way. Do I need to do the RPL or is my degree sufficiently IT related to count as a IT degree? I'm a web developer with 9 years of experience and I'm planning to apply for skills assessment under the 2231-79 'Computing Professionals (nec)' category. My core areas of expertise are in web development/programming, specifically Java/JSP in an Oracle environment. While I have learned the majority of these skills in employment, my degree - Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Linguistics joint honours - had a large amount of programming and IT concepts but may not been seen as an IT degree. I actually successfully completed the first year of a Computing and Electronics degree before changing course to AI & Linguistics. The Computing course was based on C+ programming. To give a flavour of my education, I've listed the I.T. related courses that I completed during my 5 years at Edinburgh University. _________________________________________________________________________ Final Year AI and Computer Science :AI and Education AI and Computer Science :Advanced Techniques in natural language processing AI and Computer Science :Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming AI and Computer Science :Philosophical Issues in AI 3rd Year Computational Linguistics 2nd year Artificial Intelligence 2 1st Year Artificial Intelligence 1 1st Year (of my Computer Science and Electric Engineering degree) Computer Programming Skills and Concepts 1h Computer Science 1h Mathematics 1D1h Mathematics 1D2h _________________________________________________________________________ I appreciate any advice, thanks in advance.... :hug:
  18. Guest

    Early Childhood Learning

    Hi, I shall be moving to Sydney with my 1.5 year old daughter. I intend to stay at burwood region or North Sydney region. Can you help me in knowing various education/learning related options and good pre-school / child care in these region. Thank you in Advance. Sam.
  19. Since number of home-schoolers rises and parents hope that their kids could be outstanding. Many people refer themselves to some online learning resources. My DD now is using the beestar. A curriculum-based online programs. It offers Math, English Language Arts (ELA), Vocabulary, Science, Social Studies, and GT (Gifted & Talented) Math exercises. And math is for free. Their exercises are full of vivid pictures and interesting stories. I think it really does help my dd a lot. Is anyboby interested in these? And any suggestions in how to use them better? Lisa
  20. Hi everyone, Been on the site a while, need some advice please (1st question please be gentle with me). My husband has done minimum of 8 yrs accountancy/IT and is (final stage not completed) part qual CIMA, but now working in IT role for last 4 yrs. He is Prince 2 and COGNOS qualified, we need 8 yrs IT experience to get us passed. He joined company as a Commercial Systems Analyst and has been promoted to Group Applications Manager. Has anyone done this who can advise, he should fit into one of the IT categories on the CSL list but don't want to pick the wrong one.:unsure: Thanks for any help offered. Ozwanted
  21. I've heard rumblings that degrees from Australian uni's are seen as not quite up to the mark, despite Australian uni's ranking well and running for four years. Anyone got any insight? Plus, do Australian students have a good campus life. I only studied at Australian unis as a mature age student with youngsters to didn't get involved on the social side. However, from what I saw, it all looked pretty damned dull even for the youngsters. Back in Blighty, it might have involved a lot of alcohol, but there was always something on down the SU. The race mix at Australian uni's (in Sydney anyhow) also looks VERY Asian and we've heard from local students that this is a big issue on campus in terms of social life etc.
  22. Guest

    Learning to Kayak

    Hi Guys, Was just wondering if anyone has any tips/advice on Kayaking? Our boys have got themselves a double Kayak, now it looks easy enough when you watch others but it has only just dawned on me that you may need lessons. Has anyone got any advice or tips? We are hoping to take the boys to the lakes this weekend, as probably a better idea than starting in the sea! Once they get the hang of things they plan on doing some fishing. We live on the Sunshine Coast, so if anyone knows of any good places to start or even to build up too then please share your knowledge with us. Thank you very much and have a great Easter :cool:
  23. Hello all, i am coming over to aus in may 2010 and i am going live in queensland arround the brisbane area,i have worked for 7 years in supporting people with becoming independant in their own homes, has any one got any info on where to start to look for work in this industry and how much work is available thanks sue:smile:

    Learning to Drive?

    Hi Ive been told off a number of people that I must drive when I arrive. My hubby does but he will be at work so I will have to rely on public transport and walking for school run, shopping, socialising etc.. I do want to learn but am unsure what I need to do when I arrive. Can anyone tell me what paperwork I need to apply for and if I get a driving instructor and how the process and how long roughly it should take me? Oh and the cost? Thanks Jill
  25. Hi. Moving to Geelong near Melbourne in Oct, as a non driver just wondered how easy it is to learn and ride a moped in Victoria.