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Found 16 results

  1. Guest

    can i learn to drive

    hi guys, does anyone know if i can learn to drive im applying for a subclass 857 visa but have not had a final decision, can i take driving lessons and get my p's thankyou
  2. Does anyone know where I can learn to cut hair!! I dont want to do female hair, I just want to be a barber, I am a mum to 3 boys so always a haircut needed, I havent found a good barber yet for them and frustrated at the cost of a bad haircut!! Would be great if I could learn part time or evenings!! I live south of perth. Thanks Gail
  3. Hi my 10 yrold daughter has asked me to ask , What is the second language the schools learn ? can the children pick one out of a couple ? My daughter knows enough arabic to get by and mandarin and french( she is a sponge lol ) , she says in her words "if i need a differant language i want to start learning again now mum :eek: Hope people can answer this question for My millie Brides and Millie x
  4. I would like to take my kids to learn all about the dangers of Australias 'wildlife' (no, not to put them off for life:laugh:) So that they can be 'aware' of what to look out for & also to re-assure them that it really isnt as bad as what they are thinking We are going on a reccie at the end of this month & think it would be a great time to take them :wink: My Son (age 7) said he didnt want to move to Australia, when asked why (thinking he would say he'll miss family & friends) he said, I dont like the spiders! :swoon:
  5. Hey guys, Just a quick question on the matter of driving in Oz, I am currently booking in for my test in the uk but, Is it possible if i fail to continue or re-do my exam again in australia. I have drivin for a while and have a had many lessons, but i wondered if? thats the question! Please get bk to me, Thanks Muko
  6. At school we do something called Carnivale which is a parade/festival at school which represents all countries of kids who are there. Me and this English boy have to do a dance so any ideas??? (BTW: not the morris dance!!!) - Brightonian Brittany
  7. :cute:Hi Everyone, I am new to this site so I am not really sure how to use it, I hope this is right!! Me, my oh and three children are hopefully moving to Queensland as as we can, we are currently waiting for the dreaded TRA to release the new MAP application form so we can get cracking. We live in Manchester so I was wondering if there is anyone else on here from Manchester looking to move? I also wondered if anyone on here had any idea whether Painter & Decorators really are in demand in Oz and what the typical wage is? We really want to move and can't wait but I can' help worrying that all the hype may not be so true?? Can anyone help????
  8. Hey everyone, Im one of the few who havnt learnt to drive, although having lessons many moons ago i never got round to actually putting my tests in mainly to do with the cost it was so xpensive. Everyone of my friends and family keep telling me to do it again before it gets harder and more costly but i dont know if i should just go for it here or just wait til hopefully i get to OZ and learn there. I know it is very hard now so im sort of hopeing it might be a bit easier in oz but i think i read somewhere that they are very strict and it takes a while before you actually get to pass. Any ideas???????????? Thanks a bunch Angie xx
  9. TheBrammies

    Learn About Australian Wildlife

    heres a link to australian musuem online good resourse for ozzie wildlife http://www.amonline.net.au/explore/index.
  10. Guest

    opportunity to learn a trade?

    A friend of ours mentioned that he had seen an advert in the paper offering opportunities to go over to oz and learn a trade. has anyone heard anything about this? he cant remember if it was the news of the world or daily mail. we have been on both websites and cannot find anything.
  12. Guest

    New but willing to learn

    Hi everyone. Me and my oh have finally decided to go for it and start the ball rolling on a move to oz. I am a police officer but will be looking to do something different when we move. My girlfriend is a speech therapists so shouldn't have any problems getting us both a Visa. I have loads of questions but a couple of things to get started. Is there a time limit from successfully obtaining a visa to when you have to use it? ie if we got one in 8 months but didn't feel ready for another 6 would that be ok? Also, do you have to have a certain amount of money in your bank to get a Visa or is that just a myth I heard years ago. Hello and thanks again mike:policeman:<:spinny:
  13. It's sometimes amazing to realise what important lessons the cartoon media can impart and well worth taking note of. Here are some of them ... When running off a cliff, you will run some way in mid-air before stopping, looking down and plummeting to the ground. When wishing to arrive unnoticed by burrowing underground, you will leave a trail of dirt above the ground for all to see. If hit in the face with an object (e.g. an iron), your face will flatten and take on the shape of that object. If you swallow an object (e.g. a birdcage), your body will take on the shape of that object. When you hit the ground after a fall from a great height, you will create a huge fog of dust and a crater in the ground that is the exact shape of your body. If you are surprised, your eyes will jump out of their sockets, your feet will come away from the floor and a trumpet will sound in the background. If you see someone beautiful, your pupils will turn into love hearts and your heart will pump so hard that it can be seen moving in and out of your chest. Whatever you buy or build in order to catch your opponent (especially if bought from ACME) will not work. It is likely to malfunction and cause extensive damage to you. If run over by heavy machinery, particularly a steam roller, you will be completely flattened. You will, however, be able to prize your flattened shape from the ground and pop back into shape soon after.
  14. Guest

    Second Language

    As I no doubt have a while to wait before my visa application is processed I was contemplating learning a second language. Are there any other language (apart from English) that would be useful in Australia..?:daydreaming:
  15. Hi, first time post. I have been considering Aus for years, did the working holiday Visa in my early 20's and loved it, but came back as my dad missed me in the family business. I was 43 this April, and realise the time is now fast counting down to 45. I have read extensively all the visa options, and feel my only option is to go in as a skilled worker, my skills from the family business aren't in great demand (apart from sketchy management skills) and have been doing some small self build projects to see how I like the building trade - which I do. I was also hoping to apply with a girl I was going to marry before applying, thats gone pear shaped, so I will also be a single bloke .. in his 40's. I am very capable and can reskill quite easily. Any one been in a similair position. Thanks Rob
  16. I know this sounds daft but I have met more than a few British migrants who have returned to the "Old Dart" because they could not get used to the alien Australian landscape. One guy I met just said "the hills are all the wrong shape", and another couple who loved the outdoors told me they could never get used to the fact that there was no autumn here and the trees did not lose their leaves. Maybe this only applies to people who feel a close connection to the British landscape, but one of the things I have found hardest to adapt to here in Australia is the sheer weirdness of the natural environment and the fact that it is utterly different to anything you will have encountered not just in Britain but anywhere else in the world. Migrate to the USA, Russia or China and you will still find yourself in a place that is familiar with oak trees, crows and animals like foxes. But in Australia you will have to get used to unique specie like eucalypts, lorikeets and possums. It's taken me ten years to start to see the beauty in gum trees, but even now I still find it hard to agree with the Australian poet Dorothea Mackellar who said : The love of field and coppice, Of green and shaded Lanes, Of ordered woods and gardens, Is running in your [british] veins; Strong love of grey-blue distance, Brown streams and soft, dim skies - I know but cannot share it, My [Aussie] love is otherwise. I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of drought and flooding rains, I love her far horizons, I love her jewel sea, Her beauty and her terror - The wide brown land for me.