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Found 15 results

  1. Hi All, I have applied for my 187 RSMS application in May 2016 when i was on bridging visa A and because of that i was granted a BVC with Nil conditions. In December 2018 my nomination and visa was refused that business doesn't need a manager. we appealed to AAT and i was given same BVC with NIL conditions and yesterday we have lost the appeal and now going for FCC and will have to apply for another BVC. My question is about working rights. Will it come with same working rights as my previous BVC ? or do i need to apply for work rights separately? i am asking all this because i need to make arrangements at my work place by giving them enough notice if i am going to loose my work rights for some time. Incase i need to apply for work rights by showing financial hardship, do i need to mention about my de facto partner name as my family who is on a student visa and not capable to supporting me or should i not mention about her, Is she my family in Australia?? Please please please help me by answering these couple of questions about my working rights when applying for a new BVC for my FCC for 187 RSMS application. thank you
  2. My nephew is in court on Wednesday for dangerous driving..... Speeding at 130 kmh in a 60 on a motorbike. He is a student in Sydney doing a degree and was driving on a UK licence. Reading up, it looks like he could spend some time in gaol.....probably deserved...but it would screw his life chances up quite a lot. He is hoping to settle in Australia once he has graduated. He is full of contrition and wants to represent himself and plead guilty....... I think that he needs some legal advice first. Does anyone know of a good lawyer they could recommend? I know he's a pratt! thanks.
  3. RobAmielia

    Best migration lawyers?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of and have the contact details of the best migration lawyers and also a list of prices. I am at the start of what might be a long road so any help to get me started would be so much appreciated, Thanks so much. Rob :biggrin:
  4. Rubberneck

    Migration Lawyers

    Hi Anyone used a migration lawyer? Can you recommend one? We have been told they are better to use than an agent, but how much will we be expected to pay? No info on their web sites. We are in the UK looking to get a CPV to join our son and daughter.
  5. Guest

    Any employment lawyers here?

    Hi all I am looking for some high level advice, more of an opinion, on an employment matter. Anyone able to assist? Thanks E
  6. I am British, living in the UK with my Australian husband and my spouse visa application is underway as we plan to move to Melbourne next year. My husband has bought a house there - I couldn't easily get on the NAB mortgage or the title deeds but I will do so once I have the visa and I'm over there. In the mean time we are renting the flat where we live in the UK and on top of that we are paying the Australian mortgage by renting out the Melbourne house and contributing the rest half each. I also made a substantial contribution to the deposit we paid on the Melbourne house. I want to protect my interests in case anything happens to my husband (God forbid) and I've consulted my friend who is an English property lawyer and she has advised that we should get a declaration of trust legally drawn up. At least that's what it's called in the UK. She says that if the property was in Britain we would have to involve the bank and register it at the land registry. Now I need to figure out how to do this. Does anyone know of any law firms in the UK (probably London) with the expertise to do this, or any law firms in Melbourne who would deal with overseas clients? Any leads or suitable contacts gratefully accepted! Cheers Kate
  7. hi everyone i hope someone can help me. ive been in oz now for over 2 years on holiday visas and then a 457 employer sponsored visa. i found out i couldnt go for the 175 visa as i failed the trades test in auto electrics as i have nvq level 2 and i didnt do an apprenticeship i met my partner and decided we will do a 820 spouse visa after the 1 year together we got the 820 visa approved in june 2010 we split up in september 2010 due to her mum causing trouble/interfering with our lives so i had to move out. her mum even broke into our house and the poilce were called. all of the trouble her mum caused is on file at the police station. the thing im wanting to know is can i claim domestic violence and get residency straight away due to her mum splitting us up. ive read that if my partner had caused the violence then i would get the permanent residency but because its was her mum who did it then it doesnt count to get residency. thanks richie
  8. Hi! Can any Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents please advice on this issue... 1. Can this 8th Feb. 2010 sinister legislation by the Immigration Minister Mr. Chris Evans of capping and ceasing of 20000 applicants pre September 2007 be challenged in the competent court of Law ??? 2. What are the chances of a positive outcome ?? Thank you all, Regards
  9. The long story short version - my ex-partner, with whom I have a daughter, has given permission for my husband and I to take her with us to Australia. The letter has been written and we have agreed amicably the "terms" for him signing this letter - as much contact as is humanly possible by all means. He has decided that he will return to his home country, South Africa, as he has only lived here to be with his daughter. Our sponsorship application has now come back and been approved and we are ready to submit to the DIAC. However on contacting 2 lawyers, both of them refuse to witness the signing of his letter as "they do not want to be part of an agreement relating to a child being removed away from a parent". The second lawyer also said it leaves them open to legal action should anything happen to the child due to the move to Oz. Has anyone else had problems with getting a lawyer to witness a letter the father is willing to sign? Does it need to be witnessed by a solicitor or does the DIAC accept it without? Has anyone had similar problems with lawyers not wanting to sign a permission letter?
  10. briggs

    migration lawyers

    Hi, I am thinking of applying for a 176 or 475 visa. Do, i really need a lawyer or a migration agent to deal with my application? I sthis really necessary? What are the advantages of appointing a lawyer? Is it really worth it? Thanks a bunch!!!
  11. Hi can anybody please recommend me a lawyer/s based in London that I could use to immigrate to Perth Oz, please? I would prefer to go through lawyers, not agencies, and would also like to find lawyers that have offices in both the UK and Australia. Thanks!
  12. Guest

    lawyers in brisbane

    I am a family lawyer (15years) in England .We have residence and are due to move to Brisbane in July 2007. Any advice on degree recognition and/or additional studies or training. Any jobs available?!!!!! Ally
  13. boogaloo

    Lawyers in Oz

    Hi guys We are hoping to move to Oz on OH skills as a brickie. I am a solicitor (specialising in Civil Litigation) and wonder if I will need to do a conversion course to practice in Oz does anyone know?
  14. Guest

    Migration lawyers

    I'm still trying to find out if exceptions can be made with regard to recent work experience so I thought I'd try out a migration specialist. Has anyone used " Australian Migration Specialists" ? How good are any of these on-line assessments really? Thanks again. Jem.
  15. Guest

    Lawyers in Brisbane

    PS I am a newly qualified lawyer - any info re getting a job etc? Do people paralegal there? Thanks.