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Found 18 results

  1. Does anyone know of a good tax accountant in Brisbane who knows both UK and Aussie tax? Thanks so much!
  2. NowPerth

    New Cat Laws coming for owners in WA

    Regional rules for cat owners already exist, but they vary hugely. It looks like they will be standardised by Christmas. http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/was-naughty-cats-bound-for-kitty-prison-20120525-1z9az.html (I hope my link works)
  3. brideycollette

    Responsible cat ownership laws passed in WA

    Not sure if this has been posted if it has i apoligise :wubclub: Responsible cat ownership laws passed 3 November 2011 - General News Local Government Minister John Castrilli has welcomed the passing of legislation which will help reduce the thousands of unwanted cats euthanised each year in Western Australia. The legislation means all cats: • must be sterilised unless being used for breeding • microchipped so they can be returned if lost, stolen or stray from properties • registered so local government can readily deal with cats without owners To ensure this Bill does not cause hardship, cat owners and local governments have two years - until November 1, 2013 - to prepare themselves and their cats. This is the first time there has been legislation in WA to deal with domestic cats. Dogs have been regulated since 1976. View the full statement by the Minister here. Brides x
  4. vegastomelbourne

    Australia Passes Landmark Carbon Price Laws

    Most definitely not conducive to economic growth in the short term...:arghh::no: Australia Passes Landmark Carbon Price Laws http://www.cnbc.com/id/45200207
  5. http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2011/06/14/wanted-workers-who-speak-english-and-show-up-sober/?ncid=txtlnkuscare00000002
  6. PositivePixie

    cat laws

    Hi, Have heard/read various things about cat laws in various states, like all cats have to be indoor cats, cat curfews etc and wondered if anyone could let me know what the situation is in their state? Have googled etc as well, but it seems its something not well published, so any assistance would be appreciated. PP
  7. mr luvpants

    Getting the in laws over?

    Hi all As some of you may know, we have been here for 8 weeks now and loving it. My wife Lisa's parents have initially come out with us for 3 months to see if they like it. They have really enjoyed themselves and asking about a cpv. Lisa's only brother died 6 years ago so they fulfil the balance of family test. I have been reading the posts on here and have worked out a plan and would appreciate any advice as to whether I have got the right end of the stick here??? So here goes.... They go home at the end of march. They then apply for the 12 month tourist visa and come back to Australia in august. They could then stay in oz for 11.5 months, fly to new Zealand for a week and then come back in and have another 12 months. Then we apply for the CPV as we would have been here nearly 2 years by then and they would not need to fly back to the uk? Hope that makes sense and if I am wrong, please correct away! John
  8. Jellybeagle

    Dog laws

    :wideeyed: Can anyone help? We are re-locating to Mackay and I am trying to find info on the local dog laws as I am concerned at other posts stating you can only keep 2 dogs - we have 3 beagles. I have looked on the mackay council web site but not that helpful. Also calling all Mackay dog owners out there what are the local walks like - we usually walk ours on the canal towpath so they can have a good run - what facilities will we have there ?
  9. Just wanted to get a discussion started on the possible effects to the higher education sector in Australia, if the new points based system is approved in parliament. Monash University already had to lay off 300 people due to the drop in International student applications. Last year Australia shot themselves in the foot by handling the supposedly racially motivated attacks against Indians in Australia, which led to an 80% drop in applications from Indian students. Considering the fact that Indian students coming in were second only to Chinese students in numbers, this has quite an impact. Now it seems that they have shot their other foot as they have tightened residency laws. This might have an effect on how many Chinese come in too. I think the Australian Universities are going to struggle, I mean it wont have a massive impact per se but the government will have to fund them more, and can mean that the contribution rates of local students go up too. I'm interested in knowing what you guys think about this.
  10. Its in the news about the new rules to control the menacing dogs list. To me any dog can be a menace or dangerous so lists like this have never really bothered me ,but if your dog charges at a fence because someone on the other side ''attracts'' their attention, the local council could make you put up warning signs and declare your dog menacing (surely the dog is only protecting its territory) Chihuhua's and Poeranians are now deemed menacing dogs it just seems the rules are going a little crazy.I can understand individual dogs who have previously been proven to be a nuisance/dangerous etc but surely its wrong to target an entire breed because of one dog???????? Cal x
  11. In comparison, Australia voted to abandon TPV and grant permanent visas. Canada toughens asylum seeker laws - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Canada toughens asylum seeker laws By Dan Karpenchuk in Toronto Posted 3 hours 50 minutes ago The Canadian government has introduced tough new legislation aimed at curbing people smuggling. More than 500 Tamil asylum seekers have arrived off the Canadian coast in recent months. The new law includes mandatory jail sentences for people smugglers and it will also make it easier to prosecute them. Ship owners and operators found guilty of people smuggling will be slapped with jail sentences that escalate if they are working with or for a criminal organisation. Other deterrents include reassessing migrants within five years to determine if they still need protection. During that period those individuals would not be able to sponsor family members who wish to come to Canada. Additionally, migrants who visit their home countries during that five-year period will be barred from returning to Canada. Those that are turned down will have to appeal to a federal court, but they will not necessarily be able to stay in Canada during that process.
  12. Not sure which forum this is meant to go in, but as it says pets under household I've plonked it here. I'm just wondering if there are any dog lovers who can share the reality of the dog leash laws in their district and how they find walking their dogs where they are? I know that each council stipulates their chosen 'off leash areas' and from visits I can see there's a huge differene between how good or bad the provision is between councils and indeed different states. I know dogs are not allowed close to food outlets but have seen this flouted in many street side cafes. I know they're not allowed in national parks but I've read that some state forests allow dogs off leash (but under control) - are these good places to walk? For those of you that enjoyed long daily off leash walks in the UK (v's a romp in the local park or leash walk) how do you find it? I think it's my only hesitation really about the move, but for me it's a biggie.
  13. Was just wondering if anyone knows the laws regarding baby and child car seats in Australia? Similar to here? Are cars over there fitted with the ISOFIX system? Have those of you who are out there taken your car seats with you, or bought new? Would be grateful for any advice anyone could offer....
  14. Guest

    Adoption laws in Perth ?

    Hi Can anyone offer any advice, me and oh would love to adopt a child from overseas when we get to Oz but have no idea if this is possible for us to do and im not sure where to start with it all, any ideas. Thanks
  15. Hi Everyone Well the past 24 hours have been abit scary! We finally plucked up the courage to tell the parent in laws (which weve been putting off for months) Plus weve assigned an estate agent, got the hip pack sorted and told my solicitor to get cracking So it's all feeling rather real - no more talking about doing it but actually getting the ball moving!! :-) We were sooooo worried about how the in laws were going to react because we are very close to them and they adore our 2 little ones, luckily my mums all for oz and wants to live there herself so telling her was easy The father in law was quite cool and calm and understood why we wanted to give it a go, whilst the mother in law burst into tears and ran out of the room crying ... Now we expected this, well actually we expected worse from his mum actually, we had visions of shouting, screaming and being chucked out! Bit worried about the next time we see them tho, hope it's not going to be too wierd, anyone with any tips or advice on how to handle the in laws, just let me know Rachel & Family x
  16. Husband dropped the bombshell a couple of weeks ago, shall spare you the details, but I am almost certain that a divorce is approaching. I am on a spouse 457 visa, we have just been approved to have a sponsored residency application submitted through my husbands relocation services people at work. Hopefully this will go through quickly, we have a son (4). My head is all over the place, but my thinking is not to rush back to the UK, but to try and manage living here and having some normality for my son. I went to see a lawyer last week that told me Aus divorce rules apply, even though we are on a visa. Another friend said this was rubbish, as we were married in the UK then UK rules apply. We have bought a house in Melbourne, been here 18 months. Anyone got any views/knowledge/experience in this area? Divorce stuff and also will separating jeopardise the visa? What a mess, thanks!
  17. Guest

    Gun laws

    Aany one know what the gun laws are?? I know the cops carry em but who else can have em?? cheers (from mark...not me, stupid man questions)
  18. I've cut and pasted this from my 'Info on Sydney' thread, as the reforms are federal (meaning they affect the whole country). IR Laws: If you are a nurse or any other type of manual worker, driver etc I would strongly urge you to do some reading and research on recent changes to Australia's Industrial Relation Laws. It's the biggest workplace reform in Australia's history and seriously affects the rights of these types of workers. The Government calls them Work Choices but there seems little choice involved for those affected. These laws don't affect me as I'm a white collar professional but they do affect people whose wages are based on 'awards' (kind of a national wage scale) I don't pretend to know the ins and outs but they are pertenent particularly to new arrivals or those changing jobs. Just make sure you are aware of them.