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Found 35 results

  1. We are in Sydney now, but we have our house on the market in the UK. Lots of viewings and a couple of low offers so far which we rejected. It was originally on the market for £340K, but we have dropped it in stages to £280K (£50K UNDER what we bought it for but ho hum). We have a family who are interested. Their first offer of 208K was rejected as was their second offer of £220K. The agent then asked us, what would be the absolute bottom line, so we agreed that at £245K, overall with our property buying/selling over the past few years, we would make a small loss but at least it would be sold. The interested party have today come back to the agent to offer that they are happy to pay £245K, but that they will pay £230k now, then in 18 months time they will pay the remaining £15K, but they want us to sign the deeds for the house over to them! Is it just me, or is this a very strange thing to ask someone to do? Would you sign your deeds over to someone on a promise or am I missing something here?
  2. Guest

    Just for a laugh.

    Theres too much misery here on PIO and i thought i would set a light hearted thread up so we can have a laugh, afterall the weathers nice and i'm in love with my beautiful wife and life is sweet. So heres the first funny T-shirt post, join in if your happy, hell even if your miserable join in, just might lighten your mood. jim- the ROPEY HOFF:wink:
  3. Hey everyone, I'm Zoe, 26 and a Mom of 2. My husband has just been promoted here. We're from Birmingham and arrived here the beginning of Dec. We don't know anyone and it's so so hard to meet people and make friends. Would love to get chatting to other Poms maybe have meets, get kids together to play and my hub would love a man's man (lol) to pub with and chat about football and other boring stuff We live in Waterloo but have a car to go anywhere, my daughter is starting school in the Eastern Suburbs end of January so will be there frequently too. Have a good day all
  4. Forty years since Glam appeared??? What was the first glam single? Ride A White Swan? I've got more Sweet, then T Rex singles than Slade, then Mud. (am I allowed to mention G*** G******?)
  5. BritChickx

    Got To Laugh :)

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-14135523 made me chuckle anyway :laugh:
  6. How much and how long ago did you pay for your container 20, 40 or part shipping 'cos the three would be estate agents oh sorry, moving reps have been and were a bit of a shock, I wasn't planning on taking out a mortgage to relocate a couple of boxes.well maybe a few more but not a full container. :eek::jimlad::arghh:::mad:
  7. Had to take my youngest to the docs this morning, I think she is needing a 'sense of humour' :biglaugh::biglaugh: 15 and all that, :mad:, blah, blah. Right back on topic,:wubclub:, we live on a hill and the town is set well below us. We have had a LOAD of rain recently and as always when it is bad the town in certain areas can become a 'little' flooded. Up I pull to the traffic lights and see that they have closed off one road where I had ti get to because they were clearing up the water. As I come back from docs and dropping little one off at school I got closer to the 'flood', because the road leads off a major roundabout they had the old bill redirecting traffic, all OK I guess, until I get to having a cup of coffee in 'Moccachino, Cream With That, With Extra Marshmallows', Double Shot Of Espresso' City',:mad::mad:. There I was trying to order a 'normal' cup of coffee when up pipes two women in front of me, I think I nearly have this word for word, and I quote, 'Did you see Hamilin Road, shocking, it took me nearly an hour to get here. Now I know what those people in Australia are feeling'. She said this with a perfectly straight face with NO humour at all, and in reply the woman with her says, 'I know, you would think the councils would get it sorted during the night'. At this point in time I had to refrain from walking over and dumping my 'coffee' right in their laps. I guess the point of this is that at times our memories can be very, very short, or either some people are just THICK. They had NO understanding of what a 'flood' truly is, and again, a very self serving attitude came across. Am I ranting enough yet. It just struck me as strange that 'some' people really do not know when they are well off, and have no comprehension of the world around them.:mad: Right, rant over, oh and by the way, the doc reckons my daughter (15) is suffering from 'IKNOWITALL' syndrome which is often seen in girls at this age. No seriously, she has a slight infection is all.:biglaugh::biglaugh: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  8. Guest

    have a laugh at sh7tman

    silly things we do--ive just watched the window cleaner clean our windows at a cost of £6--not a great sum of money--im of work today (why) because we are getting new double glazing fitted on all the house--so ive just wasted £6 on having the cleanest window at the local dump:wacko:silly things amuse me:biglaugh:any silly things happened to you
  9. for a giggle. [YOUTUBE]2pNDLzx9vyU[/YOUTUBE] I've seen this footage before and I think they just adapt it to current situations, which to me makes it even funnier! Enjoy.
  10. Guest


    Here,s a laugh for you guy,s Coming home from work driving along listening to the local radio, as you do taking in the view from the M1 when the news came on, not really taking any notice until the end when the broadcaster said and finally the Australian government is WANTING OUT OF WORK BRITS to emigrate to Au's as they as they are short of skilled people, so I'm thinking dose Au's have a secret government that they are not letting on or what. Regards pom64
  11. Guest

    Stereo Types. Laugh.

    Bloody hell, just seen this excerpt on an Australian website, I KNOW it is only a very small segment of the WHOLE judgement but did make me laugh though: Gay right to shriek at Kylie Minogue | News.com.au Now as a straight bloke I was gobsmacked. Should I join my local rugby club to reinforce my 'maleness'. Or get slaughtered drinking as much as I can. And as far as talking with my mates about 'girls' this stopped many moons ago due to the fact that at my age to talk about girls is to live in fantasy land, find it difficult to raise a smile at a pretty girl let alone anything else.:biglaugh::biglaugh: And bloody hell, gay people drink exotically coloured cocktails, better tell one of my mates (gay) who drinks pints that it is not very becoming for a gay to do such a thing. And Kylie as a gay icon, hands off gays, I saw her first, bugger off.:biglaugh: Cheers Tony:wink:
  12. sadsmile23

    "Tin" roof and rain - don't laugh!!!

    We are just going through the purchase of our first house in Oz (very exciting). Both fell in love with it as soon as we walked through the door, but there's just one problem........it has a "tin" roof, as I call them! The rental we have been living in had tiles so never lived in a house with one of these roofs, but I've heard really bad stories about them when the rains come - apparently the noise is soooo bad. I'm getting a bit paranoid about the move now, I know it sounds silly, but friends have told me their kids have had trouble sleeping because of the noise, you have to turn the tv right up etc etc. I'm not a great sleeper at the best of times and I'm now getting worried that, in every other way I have found my own place, but I'm gonna be too knackered to enjoy it!!!! Is there anyway of deadening the noise, other than filling the whole roof space with insulation, or re-tiling LOL - is it really as bad as I'm being told..???????:confused:
  13. So guys lets have all have a laugh xx smile it is xmas time and lots of people are in the process!!! Or even moved and missing home, family , etc or even that they will be going in 2010 so any funny stories please !! Or even cringe as long as not too dirty !!!
  14. Guest

    Just for a laugh!!

    The idea is to create a story , you put a bit of the story in and everyone contributes until the story is complete. I will start off......:biggrin: Once upon a time lived a..........
  15. Guest

    Just for a laugh !

    Been thinking about getting a job ........It had to happen sooner or later, The thing is I just dont know what I want/can do. So i thought for a bit of a laugh I would open it up to you lot to hear what you could recommend whether it be a job or to retrain as something......God Im a glutter for punishment, so here goes......... Here are a few things about me:- Im 39 ( still young...ish ) Good looking...well not bad a little overweight...well maybe a little bit more than a little bit Worked for the last 14 yrs as a childminder (had enough now ) Good with people Old and young Good listner Very kind.......I AM ! Very practical No qualifications ( should have worked harder ) apart from first aid course and a fire course for extinguishers...LOL Worked in M&S (years ago) Worked as a Nanny for a few years !!! Willing to learn anything new (well try anyway) Fairly patient Willing to travel ( well not too far ) Good at making tea and coffee (no good as a waitress tho as would drop everything) Im sure there are loads of other things but they just not springing to the mind at the minute............LOL Well there ya go..........lets see what ya come up with Now be kind to me !!!!!!!!!
  16. Hi All, In these times of all the stress associated with the BIG MOVE, a friend of mine has had a book published about just that and although I have not yet read it yet, I am confident as are the publishers that it will be a big success. Although factual with her and her families plight, there are many many laughs along the way. VICKY GRAY The author is a very down to earth, lovely and very very funny person in real life and I am sure this will reflect in her book. I am attaching her website to anyone who would like to take a look, and Vicky is going to contact Pomsi n oz to see if she can place a blog on here. australiauncovered.com.au HAPPY READING TO YOU ALL!!! Yvonne:biggrin:
  17. Sorry Liverpool but you just got played off the park. i'm so glad i stayed up!
  18. from face book.
  19. My father died suddenly a couple of weeks ago. We were on holiday in England in December. We managed to go to the funeral in Bristol. We were waiting at Heathrow (on the way back) and I just had an urge to go and say a prayer and look at a candle for some reason. I am not particulary religious but I felt I just had to go. I followed the signs that say 'mulit-cultural prayer room'. I came across a room full of muslims (head scarfs) lying with their baggage (mostly asleep) on the long lounge chairs. I could not see a crucifix or a candle anywhere. I asked a member of staff and was told there were none! Is it me?:skeptical: xx
  20. Dawny

    Ok have a good laugh!!

    Ok anyone else forgot to change their clocks!!!! I did wonder why all was going wrong today! wot a dumbass!!!!! Oh well another hour to play on here lol xx
  21. Just had a great day out at the beach (Shark Bay, Vaucluse) with the kids spoiled by earning my first Australian parking ticket for $81 for 'failing to park with the rear of the car to the kerb'. This is a new one to me - it does say this on the sign (in small print) so I can't argue about it. But what the hell difference does it make whether the front or rear of the car is facing the kerb in 90 degree parking? Is there some rationale for forcing us to reverse park? Sounds like a council revenue raising exercise to me.
  22. I don’t know about you but I love a good laugh at someone else’s expense in a nice funny way not a nasty way. Remember shows like Watch Out Beagle’s about with Jeremy Beagle and Candid Camera. Well we ain’t got that here but each morning we have a radio show in Brisbane on Brisbane B105 called Labrat, Camilla and Stav. Great show, 3 young kids with a lot of energy. Stav, does these Gotta Calls, where he telephones someone who has been nominated by a friend or relative, and they set the person up in some way. I tell you I’m usually taking my O/H into the city listening to this and I think it’s mental. Hope the other drivers don't see me because I tend to look more daft than usual laughing as I drive. One of the best ones is the guy who had his car torched, and I hope the link below will open it for anyone interested in listening. I think this one’s great. Stav Fears For His Life! Download this clip Another one that was crazy was The Swedish Tourist Download this clip Then I got to thinking who could we set up and nominate on PIO for this. Maybe Cal ?? What you think folk’s Yes Cal, What if we said She’s been offering secret accommodation to illegal migrants coming over from England and hiding them there from Aussie Immigration in deepest Jimboomba?? Or what about Tim, We could say that this site maybe a bit dodgy and maybe it’s a conspiracy site giving out all this free information on our devious ways to get to Australia come hell or high water.?? What you reckon, nominate a Gotta Call :biglaugh:
  23. Guest

    here's a laugh for you

    hi guys, just thought i would put this picture on here to hopefully give you a bit of a laugh!! this picture is taken in our pool, only been in here for a couple of weeks, got the kids a boat so they can have a muck around in it, well hubby being a typical man thought he would have a go in the boat while the kids were inside!! silly really as he was fully dressed!! mind you i made sure his phone and wallet were left inside! so while hes trying to re live his youth unbeknown to him, i just happened to let slip to the kids what he was up to!!!:yes: well it was like a red rag to a bull!!! i couldnt stop laughing it was so funny trying to watch him paddle back to side while the oldest son "bombed" him!! :biglaugh::biglaugh: anyway hope it gives you a laugh!! sheena x
  24. First Congratulations to all of you who have got their Visa's recently. My TRA was passed back in May we lodged our Visa application August 1st (skilled independent 136). Sent medicals and police checks end of Jan and have herd nothing off our agent. Every time I email her she says she can't chase it up as the immigration board don't like it. We don't even know if we have a case officer. Getting really fed up now can anyone tell us how to check on the progress. Please help i'm going nuts. :arghh:
  25. Hi Sorry for the moans ive had but just to make up have a look on this website at the below - make sure your sound is on and full screen its fab Full Monty Ellie :wubclub: