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Found 15 results

  1. We're on our validating trip to Tasmania and we're getting a idea what living is Tassie is. I love a lot of things, but also worry about a lot of things also. :nah: One of them is a job for my husband, he just realised over here that an own plastering company is not his ambition. He's really thrown by this.... :no: Now he's looking for larger companies he can apply for a job. Or at least get a feeling what plastering in Tasmania is about. He will also ask his friend who has a handyman service here, but I would really appreciate your input too. :hug:
  2. Hiya:biggrin: Wandered if anyone could help me please? We are moving to Australia in 5 weeks time (eeek!!) and need to send over 6 boxes of our belongings including the children's Christmas presents, old clothes, kitchenware and 2 boxes of the children's old toys. My problem is I've never sent anything before and am paranoid about it not getting there or being returned. We are sending the boxes just before we leave so if they are returned for any reason we won't be in the UK to receive them. How specific do I have to be when writing out what's in the box? Can I get away with 'children's toys' or do I have to be really specific and write 'cuddly toy rabbit with an ear missing'?!! Also with the Christmas pressies, can I wrap them or not? I think we will send them with a courier like parcel2go but are there any other declaration forms we have to enclose + is there a limit on how much the stuff is worth? Will we be charged loads the other end for sending out new things like wii games, Nerff guns for Christmas presents and if so how much?? Apologies for the amount of questions but I really want the stuff to get there and am imagining a massive bill of $100's!! Please help? Thanks xx :err:
  3. Hi guys does anybody know of a rental?? must be secret harbour. if you know of a minimum 3 bed with a lock up garage reasonable garden please contact me, if it makes owners feel better i can give a reasonable deposit up front any help gratefully recieved cheers :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
  4. The Pom Queen

    McDonalds Robber wants to go large

    Instead of $10 and a big mac that the staff offered him he asked for $50:swoon: A 13-YEAR-OLD accused of holding up a Launceston McDonald's restaurant with a knife last night allegedly refused a staff member's offer of $10 and a burger. According to witnesses the boy was still arguing for an upsize to $50 when police arrived soon after. Detective Inspector Scott Flude said the alleged armed robber entered the South Launceston fast food restaurant at 10pm and demanded food and cash, telling staff he had a knife. The offender also threatened patrons, say police. But staff raised the alarm and Detective Insp Flude said police found the youth still inside making demands. He was arrested and detained for court.
  5. Hi, i am planning to emigrate to Australia in the next few months and plan to transfer a large amount of money. Probably about £ 200 000. I have looked on the internet and got some information, mostly about FX brokers. Please may i ask for any advice anyone has about this method of money transfer ? or really any method of money transfer as i am a bit nervous and confused about it all. Thank you so much in advance for reading this and any help you can give me
  6. Dawny

    Dog crates x 2 large!

    We have two large dog shipping crates for sale, (large,golden retriever) size, supplied by petairuk, we are based in Bournemouth dorset, drop me a pm if you wish to know size etc
  7. Hi all, My husband and I and our two kids are looking to move to Brisbane Australia, we love the idea of not being right next door to our neighbours and would like our kids to have a nice big yard to play in, we're thinking close to half a hectare or 1 acre. The problem is we would also like to be within 30 min of the Brisbane CBD and keep within AU$800,000. It would also have to be reasonably close to good schools and would also not like to have to travel more than 45 minutes to a coastal area / beach. I'm not too sure where the best places to live would be with this kind of lifestyle or if these sort of areas exist. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Jan
  8. Does anyone here have experience of transferring large amounts from UK to Oz (or vice versa) - for example - the proceeds from the sale of a house? I know there are reps from NAB and Moneycorp on this forum, but I wondered if there is anyone who has had direct personal experience of using foreign exchange brokers - how did you choose one, and how did you know they were trustworthy? Cheers londongirl
  9. My little girl loves dressing up so for her bday which is in 10 days(!!) i decided it would be nice to get her her own dressing up box and fill with bits she can play with (from local op shops etc!). So I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a ready made toy chest, something girly ready painted OR a blanket box/toy chest in its raw wooden state that I can then paint and do it up to llok nice for her, put her name on it etc. trouble is cant find one anywhere! have done the whole ebay thing, found a few on there but there are either nowhere near WA or too expensive or wont get here in time now. Anyone know any furniture shops around her where I can go find a large wooden blanket box/toy box and paint it up, dont have much time to do it however!! hope someone can help!!
  10. Guest

    distance is relative

    Hi PIO, sent my cv to quite a lot of coach/bus building factories and got some positive replies,only after a little reserch into where these places are i discovered how far away they are from where we have been looking to live (springfield lakes and brookwater areas), so it's either look for somewhere else to live or travel upto one and half hours to work or find other employment, can anyone tell me how difficult/easy it is to find work in Brisbane. Thanks. Graham.
  11. This is for anyone in Melbourne who would like to attend the memorial service for fire victims at Rod Laver Arena on Sunday. More information at Together for Victoria - Premier of Victoria, Australia and Large crowds expected for fire memorial | Herald Sun. Thank You. THOUSANDS of people will gather in Melbourne and a string of bushfire scorched townships as part of a national day of mourning for the 200 or more people who died in the February 7 infernos. A National Day of Mourning - Together for Victoria - will be held at Rod Laver Arena and surrounds at 11am (AEDT) on Sunday to honour the victims of Victoria's bushfires and to recognise the courage and efforts of emergency service workers. It will be hosted by ABC journalist Ian Henderson and televised live on the three commercial networks as well as the ABC. Melbourne's Sidney Myer Music Bowl will open from 10am to view the memorial service live. It will also be screened at Waterfront City, Docklands. To date, nine locations have been confirmed in regional and rural Victoria where events will coincide with the televised memorial service in Melbourne. These events will be located in Warragul, Churchill, Yarram, Myrtleford, Beechworth, Bendigo, Pakenham, Diamond Creek, and Yarra Glen. Together for Victoria will be a free, non-ticketed event. People from bushfire-affected communities will be provided seating within Rod Laver Arena. Additional viewing areas will be established in Hisense Arena and the surrounding area. Free transport arrangements will be provided for people from bushfire-affected communities as required. Travel on all metropolitan trains, trams, buses and V/Line services will be free between 9am and 3.30pm for people attending the memorial service. For more information about Together for Victoria, call Information Victoria on 1800 136 762. Gates at Rod Laver Arena will open at 8.30am on Sunday.
  12. We are looking to move to Perth area september 2009. I have a number of large items that I want to bring with me. Motorcycle. What do I need to do to bring my bike across. Snookertable. I have always dreamed of owning a house big enough to put a full size snooker table in. I aquired a table some years ago, and it has been in pieces ever since. Clearly this is very heavy with x5 pieces of slate each wieghing 500wgt, and I have been informed there may be issues with wooden items mainly the frame. Is weight a consideration when filling a container ? Will I need to treat the wooden items What happens when it arrives, do items like these causes problems, at the port. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Paul.
  13. Hi, we are flying to Brisbane on 23rd August with 3 children 6,3 and 16mnths. Please can any one tell me what car will fit 3 car seats in a row. One will be a high back booster so need to be able to plug the seat belt in and out. We have been looking at 7 seater's as well but not every seat has an anchor point. If anyone has 3 young children please tell me what car you have? Thanks Barb
  14. I've got about $60,000 and like to park it in a sustainable bank with the highest interest return and unlimited withdrawl. Which bank? Anyone can provide a site with more information?
  15. Hi Everyone, We are flying out New Years Eve to spend a week in sydney with relatives before we head up to the Gold Coast where we intend to settle, we have a couple of weeks accommodation booked and paid for when we get there, but will need to pay a bond for a house rental (Yet to be set up)and buy a car all within a few weeks of getting there. We have opened a Westpac account and will be transferring most of our money into it soon, but the paperwork from Westpac says debit cards issued once contact details provided - which we won't have intially as we will be in holiday accommodation. Has anyone else been in this situation - I'm worried we won't be able to access our money from Westpac and we do need to access quite a large amount for the bond and to buy a car. Any advice/suggestions appreciated Thanks Liz & Paul