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Found 19 results

  1. Hi everybody, we are heading to Perth in Sepember and we are thinking to buy a new laptop or netbook ( HP / Toshiba / Asus - No Apple!). Any suggestion where to buy it in Perth or online ? Many thanks
  2. Hi All My old Sony laptop is getting a bit "creaky" so am about buying a new one here in the UK before we fly out late November. Is there anything I need to know regarding compatibility etc before going ahead? Secondly, what is the best way to get a temporary email address in Aus before we settle down. We shall be moving around WA quite a lot. Thanks
  3. Guest

    Laptop in oz

    Heading to oz in november, travelling. Wondering about taking a notebook laptop with me, how would i get on out their is there wi-fi in the hostels that could connect to the internet with, or would i have to get like a dongle out there.:wink:
  4. Hi Not sure if this is the right spot to ask - but here goes anyway. My present Laptop is creaking and groaning so a new one is on the ASAP list - so what is the best way to transfer my files/folders etc from my old knackered Laptop to a new one? Thanks David
  5. Hi all, I am due to be moving to Aus in the next couple of months and I was just wondering whether they will try to charge me duty on electronics of mine when I do. Things that I'll be taking with me on the plane such as SLR camera with lenses, laptop and possibly some sound equipment. Is there an import duty exemption for people moving to Aus or would I be liable to pay for things I bring in when I move there? Matt
  6. twinkletoes35

    Laptop - buy in uk or Oz

    Hello All Looking for a bit of advice my home PC is getting on bit, and there are a few deals in the UK on laptops, if I do decide to take the plunge should I buy here or will I get a better deal when I get to Oz? love to hear your thoughts TT x
  7. Guest

    Should i buy a laptop in uk

    Hi Guys I am trying to decide if it is best to buy a lap top in the UK before we leave or wait until we arrive. Can you get free laptops with mobile contracts in australia like you can in UK? any advice on this would be great. Thanks Ness
  8. Chops1963

    Re: Laptop issues

    Hi there I am looking for advice about bringing a Laptop into Australia (i will be going back there in 2010). Somebody told me that the Electricity supply system is different from the Uk, if so can i buy an adaptor to use with it when i arrive ? Thanks Andrew:christmaswreath:
  9. Need a new laptop and been looking on ebay.com.au I noticed on there theres a few us seller who are selling a laptop im interested in. does anyone know if I will have to pay any additional costs, such as taxes to import it here? I will be paying approx $900 for it. Thanks
  10. Guest

    laptop help

    hi there was just wondering if someone had some info for me, we fly to oz on 27th sept and are shipping our stuff out on 18th august, our pc too, so was thinking of buying a laptop before we go as wont have our pc till prob middle of november. never had a laptop before, would i beable to use the laptop in transit in hong kong and once get to adelaide or do i have to buy a certain appliance or cartridge or something so it will work over there.
  11. Guest

    laptop!! please help

    HI i am comin over in about 2 weeks and bringing my laptop i am stayin with my sister in law in springfield lakes who wont have a land line connected, wot will be the best way to get on line with the internet can anyone help please thanks seff:err:
  12. Guest

    Laptop and mobile connections

    Hi there! I'm thinking about buying a small Dell notebook to take with me on my 1 year working holiday trip around Oz. I already have a large Dell laptop but this weighs too many kgs! I want it for the internet, skype and store photos with external hard drive. Does anyone know how I would connect to the internet and which ISP is best to use? Also, on the subject of technology, how can you call home without spending the earth on a mobile? Is it best to change your SIM card or buy a new mobile? Fi :confused:
  13. hoorayhenry

    Laptop Help Needed

    Hi everyone Since arriving in Oz I have been plugging my laptop into the mains using a power adaptor. Anyway, my cable from the laptop is on it's way out and I need a new one. Does anyone know if I can just buy any Oz cable that will allow me to plug the laptop in or do I have to get some sort of UK specific cable - I didn't know if there was a voltage difference. I don't want to blow up my laptop! Hope that makes sense and hope someone can help! Thanks a lot HH x
  14. Guest

    use of laptop

    hi all, just a small question........ we are going to brisbane on a reccie in may, we are thinking of taking our laptop to send pix and msn our friends and family back home etc whilst we are there... problem is... will our wireless connection connect to an oz wireless system? do they have a wireless connection for us to log onto or do we have to go landline? and do we have to load in new software for this?...... ps i am a total novice on this stuff... so keep it simple....lol any info would be most appreciated.. thanx john and marie, kids ... er and the dog ..lol:wacko:
  15. PommyPaul

    Laptop as hand luggage?

    Wondered if anyone can confirm this? Can i take a laptop in its own laptop bag on top of my standard hand luggage allowance in the cabin, i'm flying with singapore airways btw?
  16. Guest


    Flyimg out to sydney area March 8th, and contemplating wether to buy a laptop before we go, or get one when we are out there. Desk top wont arrive for about 8 weeks after us so ideally want to have something to use when we arrive and sort out connection. Any advice please :unsure:
  17. Guest

    Laptop for sale

    Hi Everyone, Is anyone interested in buying a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 laptop. It's in Excellent condition only been used briefly for a couple of months. My hubby started a new business up at the beginning of the year and we personnally bought 2 laptops for company use, however things went wrong between him and business partner and everything is getting shut down. That leaves us with an extra laoptop, we're taking ine to Oz with us, it's fab to talk and see family on Skype. The laptop is like new no scapes or missing pixels and also comes with all the manuals and Samsonite black carry case, plus still has 5 months warranty. If anyones interested let me know we paid £895 6 months ago, so please sensible offers. It's on Ebay at the mo only 1 day left. Suey
  18. Guest

    Laptop Dilemma...

    We've just given away our trusty laptop to the aged in-laws, hoping they'll figure out how to email us once we settle in Ballarat. We've heard that laptops are a very good deal in Dubai. Is this true? The second question is what will Australian Customs charge us if they figure out we've owned the laptop for only 15 hours? Any experience / knowledge as usual gratefully received. Flying out of Manchester with Emirates this Saturday.......:goofy:
  19. Guest

    Laptop tekkies

    I have almost decided to buy a laptop here before leaving for Oz in Feb. I will need one between handing in my works one and leaving for Oz. If I buy one here I can get the technician at school to put on lots of schooly stuff. Anyway I looked at dell who had been recommended by a few people but today I found a COMPAQ C350 for £550 (Intel Duo, 1024 MB RAM 120GB hard drive HD brightscreen, Microsoft Windows Media, 128MB graphics and so on). When I put together a Dell with the same specifications it was well over £800. Does anyone have any knowledge of this laptop or other recommendations? Thanks Rebecca