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Found 44 results

  1. Naomi from Manchester

    Any Speech and Language Therapists?

    Hello, just wondering if there's any other Speechies reading the forum? Would be good make links! I worked temporarily in Sydney in 2009 whilst I was on a working holiday visa, and I'm now back with the NHS in the UK waiting for my 175 visa application to be processed )
  2. Arnaud Charlier

    Visa 189 application - de facto

    Hi there, I have a few questions with regards to my visa application which I hope will be simple to answer. I have received an invitation to apply for a visa under the subclass 189. I am almost ready to send it but I have a few question first. The application is under my name, and my partner is a 'de facto' in this application 1. My partner is French (so am I) and she hasn't taken an English test. I have (IETLS - Proficient), and claimed point for it. My understanding is that I can't even say that she has functional English because she never studied in an English country or taken any sort of test/assessment. She has been working in the UK for the past 4 years though which should demonstrate a functional English. So Am I right to think that I can't select functional English. And if so, how much of a problem is this ? Could the visa be not granted because of this ? What are our options ? Can she take a test at a later stage if they ask or something like that ? 2. To submit the visa application, I need to pay the whole fee. Roughly $5000AUS. Should they not grant the visa, do they refund you ? My understanding was that you pay the complete fees only when the visa is granted... 3. I haven't seen anything to upload documents at that stage, such as docs to prove that we have been living together for more than 12 month, and so on. Is this normal ? Do you get asked for the documents at a later stage ? Many thanks for your help Arnaud
  3. I am considering getting a TEFL qualification on order to teach around the Noosa area. I taught English years ago in Hungary and have been doing travel marketing since. Is a TEFL useful in Oz?
  4. Greeting to everybody. Nice to be back after some very busy weeks. Turned out that my ELTS test wasn't so bad after all (overall 8.0), but unfortunately not good enough to allow me to pass the new point test, which kind of despairs me :arghh: Right now, my situation is: Age : 25 English:10 Qualifications: 15 Total: 50 Provided that I can get my previous work experience recognized (casual teaching for 4 years, but on very occasional basis before being hired on a contractual basis in 2009) I would be able to claim 5 more points. And 5 more other points if I am able to gain ss. But I would still be short of 5 points. Also, with the looming system based on the principle of the "expression of interest", I feel like that if I am not able to apply before july 2012, I might never have another opportunity. So, I need to wisely weigh my chances before considering to go a step further (i.e contacting an agent for professional advice, with the cost and time therefrom involved). At the moment, I have to questions pending: 1) Do you think I could claim some extra points for qualifications with the new points test, provided that I was also positively assessed by Vetasses for my training occupation (life scientist) ? 2) What are the requirements to be able to claim points for credentialed community language ? I understood from the previous point test that one could obtain five extra points if one possessed "professional level language skills in a designated language" (in my case french), but I can't figure out what would it takes to obtain the same amount of points with the new point test. Any help or advice will be much, much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Cedric
  5. Mylady

    Evidence of language ability

    Hi Hubby is the main applicant and has done the IELTS but on 176 skilled sponsored visa application it says must give evidence of English language ability for all applicants over the age of 18.This means me as his wife.Do I have to do The dreaded IELTS. My first language is English but how do I prove it to them? I do not have any school papers or reports as it has been years since I finished my schooling. What do I do? Please help Kind Regards Mylady
  6. Hi all, Just to let you all know that I have found a good website which provides help with your english skills and maybe of some benefit towards the IELTS. The website is http://www.spellzone.com perksy
  7. A quick question regarding the English language requirement for subclass 457. Is it necessary to submit IELTS results with the 457 application? The changes to English language requirements listed here Skilled Workers Temporary Visa Options - Employer Sponsored Workers - Workers - Visas & Immigration (Under "Who must meet the requirement?") indicates that certain occupations (highly skilled major groups 1-3 of the ASCO, comprising managers, administrators, professionals and associate professionals) are exempt from the requirements. Could anybody confirm this? Only asking because last IELTS has expired and do not want to sit another IELTS if possible and want to submit the 457 application as soon as possible.
  8. Ok, not sure if this has been done before, but I heard it on the radio on my way to work. The government are introducing a new rule which says to gain UK citizenship, you have to be able to speak basic English. An Indian lady who has citizenship already is challenging this ruling in the high courts. Her husband is unable to speak English, he's "too old to learn" (her words not mine - he's 58), and lives in a remote part of India so there's no where for him to learn anyway. She's challenging on the grounds that her human rights (yep, that awful legislation rearing it's head again), have been broken as she is not able to live with her husband in this country. Her MP (a labour MP if that matters) was on the show and he supported her challenge. Apparently in Leicester where she lives, there's a large "Asian industry" (his words), so the lack of English wouldn't stop him being able to work. So, he was supporting the segregation of an entire community, basically setting up a ghetto - how is that right? What about when they need medical treatment? Or he has to phone 999? Why aren't we allowed to state that people who want to be citizens of this English speaking country, have a requirement to be able to function in English. Of course, yet again as soon as immigration is mentioned, RACISM is screamed as loudly as possible by the looney left. :arghh: Found a link for the story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14298352 /rant off
  9. Hi, I will be applying for the 175 indepedant visa after the 1st July under the new points system. As I understand I require 65 points to pass the visa. I am awarded 30 points for age, 15 for my degree and according to the Australian Visa Bureau's Online Skilled Visa Asessment I get 20 points for English language which brings me nicely to 65. However, to claim the 20 points for language do I have to take the IELTS or am I simply given the points for being a UK citezen and completing my degree in the UK? Thanks. Luke
  10. ovel

    Designated language

    When new points test will be introduced, there exists a possibility to get 5 points for designated language. I extremely need to get these 5 points! So, is anything known about a way how it will be performing, because in the new points test faq is written that it will be no longer supported by DIAC, but by NAATI. Though, NNATI Internet site contains only information that they have to make arrangements with DIAC and that's all. Maybe, does anybody know more ?
  11. Hi my 10 yrold daughter has asked me to ask , What is the second language the schools learn ? can the children pick one out of a couple ? My daughter knows enough arabic to get by and mandarin and french( she is a sponge lol ) , she says in her words "if i need a differant language i want to start learning again now mum :eek: Hope people can answer this question for My millie Brides and Millie x
  12. Hi, I would like to go for 175 visa for which I need 5 more point to match my requirement of 120 point. I am a Civil Engineer by profession and my mother tongue is Tamil which is listed as one of the community language. Can I claim 5 points, because I did my schooling, Diploma in Civil Engineering in the medium of Tamil, community language? The problem is I did my bachelor degree in the medium of English.
  13. Guest

    VCE English vs English Language

    Hi, I'd like to seek some clarification from readers of the forum regarding the VCE English (which is compulsory) and English Language (which is optional) subjects. Can anyone tell me the difference please. My daughter will be starting Year 11 next Feb and wants to take the equivalent of English Language A Level in Aus and we are not sure which subject this will be. She's also considering doing units 3 & 4 of the compulsory English in Year 11 (she got a GCSE grade A for English and so is quite competent). Has anyone done this, or can anyone give advice on how the compulsory VCE English subject compares to GCSE English. Many thanks, Simon
  14. Guest

    Language Development Centres

    Looking for advice. My 4 year old is at Kindy in a great school. Two weeks after we arrived he was flagged as having comprehension difficulties, mostly with sequencing and processing. His teacher, school psyche, deputy principal invited us to a meeting where his difficulties were shown to us. They had a point but my gut feeling has always been that he needed time to settle (we have had 3 house moves since arriving and the whole migration experience to deal with). We now have bought a house, feeling very settled and all is great but in the meantime we had speech therapy and again we were encouraged to apply for him to attend a Language Development Centre full time from feb 2011. I have been secretly hoping that he wouldnt get in because he has made such excellent progress in these last few months, has made friends and enjoys being at the same school as his two older brothers (y4 and y5). We got the letter yesterday to say he has been accepted at the LDC and my heart sank. Many people are advising me that the LDC is the way to go and that we would be mad to turn down an opportunity of special care (this special care will last for one year after which he will go back to the school he currently attends). I have a very strong gut instinct that I shouldnt move him from where he currently is, I dont think he copes well with change. I would be very grateful to hear advice from anyone who has been through this process. He is already talking about his teacher for next year, and wants me to get his uniform from the school shop..... how on earth do I broach this with him and more to the point should I?:unsure:
  15. Hello to Everybody!! Please, please, give me some help. I have already lodged an online application for a 175 GSM VISA however reaching the limit of 60 files per application!! Now I want to add a letter from my offshore University saying that I studied all the lessons in a Australian Community Language, claiming 5 crucial points. What do you suggest me to do: 1. Should I send it by post? 2. ...Or should I wait for the case officer asking me to do so? Please somebody give me a hand....
  16. I am applying for a 176 and have the IELTS at the level required( i need it for the points). The IELTS is only valid for 2 years so if I apply for my 176 and i only have a year left on it do i have to do it again if it takes longer than a year to get my visa processed, or is it validity on apllying that counts.
  17. A HIGH Court victory by Brazilian student Marcos Berenguel is increasing the already considerable pressure on Australia's skilled migration policy. It allows graduates to overturn the refusal of skilled migration visas on the basis that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship failed to take into account up-to-date English test results. "It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say there could be thousands [of former foreign students] to take advantage of it," Sydney immigration lawyer Peter Bollard said. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has launched court challenges to try to limit the fallout from the Berenguel case. If Berenguel helps some former students, others with applications in an already long queue will be pushed back as the government sharply reduces the number of places for independent skilled migrants. This category was blown out by student demand, distorting the migration program, the government said. In March, the High Court found for Mr Berenguel, saying it was absurd and unfair for the department to refuse to accept an English test result that came in after his application for permanent residency as a skilled migrant. Under the rules, Mr Berenguel had to show results from "a test conducted not more than two years before" the visa application. But there was plenty of demand for an International English Language Testing System test, which enjoys an immigration monopoly, and Mr Berenguel could not book an exam until a month after his visa application. The High Court said the rules simply meant he had to show "recent competency" in English. The case has created a boom in retesting because there are long delays between visa application, a decision by the department, and any review by the Migration Review Tribunal. Former students, required by the rules to get higher IELTS scores these days, can take tests right up to a tribunal hearing. "I've seen [ex-students with] eight [iELTS tests]. I've heard of cases where they've gone into double figures," Mr Bollard said. To date, the Berenguel ruling is cited by 133 published cases in the tribunal and 10 in the Federal Magistrates Court. The courts have sent more than 30 cases back to the tribunal for rehearing. Nobody could say exactly how many applications already in the system could be affected. One reason for uncertainty is disagreement over which visa categories and criteria other than English test results are affected by the High Court's ruling in favour of up-to-date information. On November 3 in Sydney, a full bench of the Federal Court will hear the minister's appeal in a case called Habib, where a federal magistrate applied the Berenguel rule to a temporary skilled graduate visa. In effect, the minister argues magistrates have been interpreting Berenguel too liberally in favour of former students. His department said it was "closely monitoring" these decisions. The minister has not always lost the argument. In a case called Gill, a former Indian student failed in an attempt to extend Berenguel to a medical test result obtained after his visa application. Finally some justice for foreign students. Ruling opens door for retesting of language skills | The Australian
  18. INTERNATIONAL nursing students who graduated last semester and want to work in Australia have been caught up in an administrative bungle that could see hundreds of qualified nurses sent home, unable to take up jobs they have been offered. Nurses who have completed their degree at universities including Deakin and the University of Ballarat face uncertainty because they do not meet the language requirements set by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. From July 1 this year students are not eligible unless they have passed an English literacy test at level 7. University of Ballarat head of Nursing Lynette Stockhausen said the changes had affected almost 100 students, and would have an impact on regional health services. ''This is really unfortunate for rural and regional areas as we have many of our domestic students not willing to work in [those] areas, whereas many of our international students settle in really well.'' Ms Stockhausen said the university was unaware of the extent of changes to registration until the system was implemented. Dechawut Boontun studied at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. He has been able to gain registration. But Mr Boontun says he has many friends worried that they will be sent home. He says the new system puts graduates at a disadvantage because once they finished studying, their student visa expires but, without registration, graduates cannot apply for a skilled migration visa. More than 100 students from Deakin, Ballarat and ANU attended a meeting at the Australian Nursing Federation's Victorian branch yesterday. Branch president Lisa Fitzpatrick told the group of predominantly Chinese, Indian and Filipino students that the ANF was negotiating with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia to fix the problem but that the board seemed unwilling to move. The Department of Immigration is offering tourist visas to those students caught by the changes to allow them to stay in Australia. But tourist visas do not allow holders to work, putting them in a financially impossible position. A spokeswoman for the department said there was no other way for the graduates to stay in the country.She said any students with problems should contact the department as soon as possible. The Nursing and Midwifery Board said the new registration requirements were to ensure nurses had the communication skills needed to do their jobs. ''This standard is consistent with the English language skills requirements for registration in the United Kingdom and is the lowest minimum standard for English language across all the health professions in Australia,'' spokeswoman Nicole Newton said. ''The role of the board is to protect the public. The board has set a range of registration standards aimed at ensuring that all nurses and midwives can provide safe care to the Australian community.'' Language bungle thwarts foreign nurse graduates Thanks VIJ
  19. Guest

    Australian community language

    Hello pomsinoz members i have a question to run by you , and i hope to find the help needed here i am having my IELTS exam in 2 days , and i am planning to get band 7 , in order to have 125 points ... but i wanted to be sure that even if i don't get the band 7 needed , i can also reach 120 i know that there is 5 points that i can receive for " Australian community language " this is the evidence the IMMI want to give me the 5 points quote ******** If you are seeking bonus points for fluency in one of Australia's community languages, you must attach certified copies of your degree, academic transcript and a letter from your university stating the language in which your course was conducted, or evidence of your NAATI accreditation. ********* Unquote my situation is as follows i am Egyptian , so i speak arabic ; i received my bachelor degree from an egyptian university in which all tutors were egyptian I went to the univerisity and i was able to acquire my certification degree ( written in english and arabic ) , my transcript ( written in english and arabic ) ; BUT there is no official paper that tells the language with which a course is conducted They did help me with a backup thing ; they included a line in the certification degree ; stating that 25 % of my studies were done in arabic , and 75 % in english Do you think i can have my bonus 5 points with the above ? thanks for your time reading
  20. pabloeldiablo

    English language test

    Hello, I've noticed that for a lot of the visa's, the Australian immigration department require evidence of your english language ability. Does this apply to those born in an English speaking country where English is their first (and only) language? I'm Irish so I guess it seems a bit weird that I have to prove my english language ability seeing it already is my native language. I'm guessing it's the same for you UK folks too. Has anyone here had to go through that English test and what exactly is involved in it? Thanks.
  21. IMPORTANT NEWS: Changes to the time of provision of evidence of English language ability There are new arrangements for the provision of evidence for English language ability. Applicants for the following GSM subclasses have until the time of decision to provide evidence of their English language ability. * Skilled – Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885) * Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) visa (subclass 886) * Skilled – Independent (Migrant) visa (subclass 175) * Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176) * Skilled – Provisional (Regional Sponsored) visa (subclass 475) * Skilled – Provisional (Recognised Graduate) visa (subclass 476) * Skilled – Provisional (Graduate) visa (subclass 485) (where the application was made on or after 27 October 2008). Applicants should not delay in providing their evidence of English language ability. The department will not delay finalising applications where English language test results have not been provided at time of application. Applicants will have 28 days from the date of application to provide their English language results if they did not provide them at time of application. At this point in time, if evidence has not been provided the application will be refused. There is no change in the requirements for Skilled – Provisional (Graduate) visa (subclass 485) where the application was made before 27 October 2008 or the Skilled Provisional (Regional Sponsored) visa (subclass 487). The applicant must either provide evidence of English language ability at time of application or provide evidence that they have made a booking to undertake an English language test. Source: What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration Does anybody know if this applies to you if you are from an English speaking country. We didnt have to take IELT's because we have enough points but we havent lodged our app yet as we are still waiting for SS from the ACT Cheers Suzanne
  22. does anyone know how it's look alike the evidence letter from university to claim designated language points, or maybe anyone want to share the sample. regards
  23. I'm an IT Professional, migrating to Australia. I would like to know which is the second most important language in Australia, for career purposes. Thanks, Carlos Felipe
  24. Majestic

    english language test

    I an indigenous englishman need to take a test to get the extra 10 points. Obviously it feels a lot weird going for a test on your lingo you have been using all your life. So can anybody give an overview what i can expect? Is it a long process to sort? any tips would be good. Thanks
  25. Hi, Has anyone had work reference check? Thanks!