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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Dosent seem like we are going to get a sale on our home so going dom the rental path. My question is, you see landlord insurance advertised but do you really need it? I know you need to insure you house buildings but is anything else required or just an insurance money making scheme!!!!???!!! Thanks in advance for any opinions or advice Rache
  2. Has anyone any experience of this? Phoned 4 Estate agents to get an idea of rental managing costs (average £400 pre new tenant and 10% running cost) and only one agent mentioned the NRLS. I do not know much about this but apparently Letting agents and Tenants have to let HMRC know about how much rent is paid and keep records. Letting Agents have to withold tax (unless an exemption from tax is allowed) after calculating deductible expenses etc. Any info would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. rockola57

    Tight arsed Landlord.

    Well,it's unbelievable how much of a door hinge my Landlord is!I could write a book on him.Today he called to cut the grass with his clapped out mower and strimmer.I'm sat listening to the wailing motor in it's death throws,trying to do what it did well when it was younger::biglaugh:Any'ow,it jacked in and old Mingebag get's his dilapidated Strimmer to finish off the job!Next i know that piece of crap has also jacked in,and he's knockin on the door askin'if i can help!!!:err:Now bearing in mind that i can't stand the short arsed runt i said"Sorry,no can Help,(He's Italian,and speaks poor English:wink:)So tight arse moans that he'll have to go to Bunnings and get a new Strimmer!He squeaks back 20 mins later,can't get his head round the new ones strimming wire,so gives the old clapped out another go:wink:Lo and behold!it starts!Straight away he's packing the new one up to take back to Bunnings:biglaugh:Comes back and the clapped out one wont start again!!!!Me and faceache are piising ourselves by now!:wink:Needless to say,the grass was half cut when he got off,and so were we!That was an entertaining show,worthy of a beer or two behind old net curtains!Ain't laughed so much for years.2 weeks ago he calls around coz i told him the shower head was dripping incessantly.Out he comes armed with the only two tools he appears to have,namely a worn out Phillips Screwdriver,and a pair of pointed pliers!Shocked is he,that the Shower he personally installed in 1980(I KID YE NOT!)is leaking,and as he said"It is not that old":biggrin:It looks like summat from the 50s Chic Era!I couldn't resist it ,and said"was it new when you bought it?"He said No,but he got it off a friend and it was working OK then!!!!!:twitcy:Anyow,off he goes to Bunnings for Tap Washers,comes back,and asks if i can phone his mobile in three minutes time,as he's going up into the loft to find the Stop Cock for the Shower,and has no Torch,BUT:yes:his Phone lights up when it get's a call!!!!:huh:Anyow.he bought washers from Bunnings for 5 Dollars(i know this coz he kept moaning about the cost of washers these days:yesThe washers were the wrong size so old tightarse repacks them(after squashing the living daylights out of them)Takes them back for a refund,and instructs me to phone a Plumber to do the job before 4 pm!I asked why the specifics on time?He replied that they may charge extra after 4!Wait till i tell yer about the....na!that's enough for tonight:wink:
  4. i recently relocated from the UK to Sydney and I've had major issues around mould growing in my bathroom and moving into the bedroom... i haven't come across this problem before because back home we have central heating... i've asked the estate agency to put an extractor fan in the bathroom - initially after being told essentially to bugger off, they've asked the landlord who is attending meetings with housing groups etc to find an answer. the initial complaint was lodged around 5 months ago, and has been ongoing for the last 3-4 months (after saying that the landlord was making enquiries). now my question is, is it illegal to have a bathroom without an extractor fan? we were told (in the height of winter) that we had to regulate it ourselves and open all of the windows in our house, and that we must keep the flat well ventilated - even though they haven't provided an extrator fan to remove the condensation... i've searched the web and haven't found any legislation around the matter. any help would be appreciated.
  5. We're 6 months into a 12 month lease and our landlord is putting the place on the market. I'd be interested in understand where we stand in terms of breaking our lease. The new agents have said that the buyer would have to honour our lease and couldn't kick us out until then at the earliest. I would rather move sooner than later if they have other plans for us come 6 months time, and happy to do so too as we only wanted a 6 month lease in the first place and aren't 100% happy with our current pad. I know that if we broke our lease whilst with current landlord, we'd be responsible for agency/new-tenant-finding fees of approx 2x weeks rent, plus any rent until the place is re-let.. But what about with the new landlord? Would the same still apply?
  6. hey everyone, I just spoke to my currnet insurer (higos) and about landlord insurnace but had a hard time understanding the cost or policy which is not a good sign! Does anyone have any reccomendations? Thanks!
  7. Guest

    non resident landlord

    As nothings selling in the UK housing market at moment im thinking of letting me house. This will mean I'll be a "non res landlord" and subject to 20% tax on gross income on the rent. If I rent out my house for say £600 a month and my mortgage repayment is 450 a month, do I pay 20% on the full 600 or just the 150 profit? I realise that 20% would be deducted from the full 600 (by the letting agent) but I wondered If id be able to get the rest back at the end of the Tax year. Anyone know?
  8. If you have read any of my numerous posts over the past few weeks, you will know that I have been having nightmares about finding somewhere suitable to live when we arrive in Sydney in December. We found a property that we like the look of in Barden Ridge, which is in the areas that we had looked at when we visited on our reccie in Spetember. However, the lettings agent was not prepared to accept an application from us because a) we can't actually go and look around the property and b) because we wouldn't be there to sign the lease and pay the deposit. My hubby spoke to his company about it last night and (we think) that they are happy to view it on our behalf and possibly sign the lease too, then we can transfer the money to them to pay the deposit etc. My question is, how do we make ourselves more attractive applicants for the landlord. There is already one application in the real estate agents office from a viewing they did on Monday. We have the guarantee of the company signing the lease and therefore responsible for the rent if we should do a bunk (although hubby has to invest a fairly large chunk of our money in to the business so we actually can't do a bunk), and we have offered to pay either three or six months rent up-front. Is there anything else we can do? Any ideas very gratefully received!