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Found 86 results

  1. Hi Folks, I've been reading lots of threads about importing cars from the UK but am still a bit confused about costs, in particular: If we imported a Land Rover Freelander (that we had owned for 12 months) that cost about £21,000 to buy here would we pay luxury car tax as well as import duty and GST? Would the import duty be 5% or 10%? What percentage would GST be? Would we be likely to run into compliance problems? Would there be a market for the car if we later decided to sell it in Oz? How much trouble would we have getting parts/maintenance? I would be really grateful for any help anyone can give, we need to decide soon if we should take a car with us or not.
  2. Hi all, I've decided to emigrate to Oz in three years time, and I've decided to go as a skilled worker, in the form of a surveyor. I already have an idea of what *I* think would be the type of surveying where most jobs will be available come the time I get over there, But right now I'm in the lucky position where I have the option of choosing what type of surveying I want to start learning via a degree here in the UK. If anyone can offer any thoughts or advice on what type of surveying work is most in demand over in Australia at the moment, and what they predict will be most in demand 3 years down the line, I'd really appreciate it. I only really get one shot at this, and I need to do it right, so I need as much advice as I can get If you're in Australia and know about this sort of thing, or are based elsewhere and have done some really serious homework on this matter, I'd really really be thankful for any wisdom you can share Thanks in advance folks!
  3. I took our big brand (name omitted in case of legal implications) DECT cordless phones over with us and changed out the cord to an RJ12 plug (I think) by buying a cable from Dick Smith and using a travel plug for the charger and it works no problem. Now I want to get an Aussie 2 pin transformer so contacted big brand's .com.au product support team with the following query: I brought the above phone over from the UK and am using it with no problems after changing the line cord but wondered if it was possible to buy Australian transformers rather than using the UK ones with an adapter plug. Big Brand reply was: Thank you for taking the time to contact big brand with your enquiry. Due to legal restriction on Communications standards, You are not able to use phones from one country in another. Big brand Australia is not able to offer support for a Phone sold in another country. They are illegal in Australia Is this a blatant rip off attempt to make me buy a new phone as I can almost guarantee that there is no difference between the phone sold here and the one I bought in the UK other than the jack cable and 2 pin transformer. What sort of trouble could I be in for continuing to use my UK spec phone?
  4. crosbyx4

    short term rental for when we land

    we are due to arrive in melbourne 23rd Oct and i have been looking for a short term rental / holiday appartment type property for our inital weeks whilst looking for something more permanent ........ will be working in knox area can anyone recommend anywhere please :cool:
  5. We are hoping to move out to Perth next year and due to the high costs of buying a home it seems the best option would be a land and new build home package and move on after a few years after finding our feet. My big worries are as follows: Are these estates miles away from any amenities (can't tell from web sites and Google), schools, shopping etc. Are they just for first time buyers. Do they have good broadband connections. Do they sell any better or worse than older properties. Is the quality good/bad. Would we be better buying an existing property on an established estate I know it would depend on the location of the estate but I am looking for any general advice ideally from someone who has bought or is living in one of these land and home sites. My wife is adament she is not moving to a run down 3 bed or a new build in the middle of no where, were we can't meet anyone ( more for the kids than us). Any help or advice would be helpfull.:huh:
  6. Hi All , PomsinOZ is really a great site where I got registered and now we have Grant letter J Thanks to PomsinOZ.. Now that we got Grant letter on 12 OCT ‘11, we are planning to move to Melbourne from Singapore. From few posts I came to know that a couple require AUD 20k in hand to land in Melbourne.. So with this amount, how many months we can stay .. Keeping in mind that we need to search jobs.. I am counting on worse situations.. I also have my Uncle in Australia who is citizen there whom I can count ... Can we plan our move together if we have just AUD20k in hand? At the moment , i feel making this decision itself is Critical of all .. :biglaugh: My Question in short is : “When can we make a decision of moving to Melbourne to land safely?” (a) Only if I have AUD 20k in hand ? (b) Only if I/my spouse have good job in Melbourne ? © Or both ? Any experienced answers please J
  7. Help - I'm so confused!! I am due to settle on a piece of land on Monday and I keep reading/hearing different things about stamp duty concessions - I keep ringing my Conveyancer and e-mailing but she's either never in the office or sends e-mails back without answering the actual question. So I'm hoping someone on here may know the answer:- We have had properties before in the UK but they have been sold. The letter from my Conveyancer more or less reads that if we have had properties/land anywhere in the world before then we are not eligible for the stamp duty concession, however, then we read that if this is vacant land and we are to build on it within 2 years and it is the first land we have had in Australia then we may be eligible for a concession? Anyone know the answer? Thanks in anticipation. Kat :biggrin:
  8. Hi there guys, I do need some advice from others who have applied for the Land Economist or Internal Auditors nomination to Vetassess. Pls read below my situation and advice.. As per my education background, I have a Bachelors Degree (major in Economics and Finance) and a Masters of Applied Finance undertaken at RMIT and Monash University in Melbourne for the duration of 3 and 1 years respectively. For a nomination as an Internal Auditor - I have about 1 plus years working experience doing accounting work for a small textile trading company - preparing accounts, lodging returns etc in Singapore. This was some years ago and I am wondering what evidence is required to proof that I have worked for the company? More importantly, because my majors in my education background has not been Accounting, would I still be able to qualify as an Internal Auditor? I have done accounting modules however, around 3-4 during my entire education history. So I am wondering if this would still qualify me, please advice. For a nomination as an Land Economist - I have an education background (Bachelors with majors in Economics and Finance), would this put be in a better position having done economics in university and applying for a land economist position. Also with this position, if I own an office space and have rented it out, would this add further value if I can document ownership etc?? Please provide any advice here. Also in general, do people out there who have been assessed by Vetassess find them to be quite strict or lenient? I am trying to apply for a 485 TR visa for australia. many thanks guys!
  9. Fashionably Late

    Buying block of land

    My husband and I know we most definitely want to stay in the area we are renting in. Occasionally blocks of land come up here and we were wondering what the process is for buying blocks of land. If someone could help us, that would be fab. I don't want to end up with a block of land that we can't build on as that would be pointless. So we don't know anything about how to check all of this out. Also, if we can't buy a block of land that is vacant, does anyone know about buying a house on a block and knocking it down and rebuilding on it? Does anyone know a good mortgage broker in Brisbane that they can recommend?
  10. The Pom Queen

    Disneyland in Australia

    There were talks at a recent conference of Disney Land coming to Cairns, unfortunately it will probably be a load of hot air as we have been here before in 2009. Tourism leaders say it will be a complete waste of money and we don't have enough tourism for this kind of thing. What's the saying "build it and they will come" Do you think Australia should have a Disneyland?
  11. I have seven years experience as a spatial scientist. I was granted a pr in june and plan to arrive in Australia in December. I have tried applying for jobs and apart from two recruitmentt agencies who want me to notify them a couple of weeks before I arrive no employer has ever come back to me. Will I be more easily accepted if I apply for trainee positions? Must I arrive in Australia first for me to get a job? What works?.... making calls, sending resumes or phisically visiting potential employers? Any experiences?
  12. Hi, what's the deal with house and land packages in Australia. Some of the deals look just as good and sometimes better than buying existing housing stock. I am again missing an obvious catch. What is it? Any info on the house buying market welcomed. Eg. Mortgages for immigrants etc. Thanks
  13. Hello everyone I have a situation which I hope PIO members can help me with. I have applied for a 176 with WA sponsorship. I am aware that when the visa is grantef I have a moral obligation to live in WA for 2 years. Now here is my situation: I have a friend who lives in Adelaide who has extended an invitation to me to land in Adelaide instead of Perth. I am not saying that I do not wish to go to Perth, far from it. I just need to know if it is allowed to land in a state different from the sponsoring state. I would arrive at my friend's place and stay for a month or two before flying off to Perth. Is it allowed to do that or I have to strictly land in WA and stay there for all the two years? Thank you for reading
  14. Hi all, Just doing a little research into current house prices within WA and I cam across the house and land packages on various websites. Are they as good as they seem??? What is the average price of a 3/4 bed house within WA? Thanks Lisa :biggrin:
  15. Guest

    Horses & Beachside Living

    Hi, We are looking at moving to areas like Cheltenham, Armadale and Mentone. We have a daughter hopefully going to college in Epping and do not want her to have to commute a great distance. Can anyone please tell me if within these areas it is possible to buy a house not too far from the coast (10 mins) but also get one with land as she is horse mad. If not can anyone recommend some good areas not too far from the CBD as OH will also need to commute. Thank you
  16. Hi looking for a little advice in regards to migrating to Australia I'm English, 30 years old and unskilled... having spent 2 years in Australia on a working Holiday Visa I fell in love with this country and knew that this was the place for me, actually for us, i met my Fiance in Australia a girl from Hong Kong who i travelled with and spent everyday with anyway to the point... I know Australia requires skilled migrants to be able to move there. so i took it upon myself to do a bricklaying course. I am now approaching the end of my course Diploma lvl 2 in brickwork (Is this an accepted qualification in oz or do they require NVQ or?) i plan to study the 3rd year here in England and then get a few years bricklaying experience under my belt in England before i think about migrating. Perth/Western Australia would be top of our choice of places to go as my Fiance has her sister there and she said she would be a sponsor for us if needed Me: England, 30 years old, Studying Bricklaying (Diploma lvl 2) (otherwise unskilled) Fiance: Hong Kong, 30 years old, Higher Diploma in Design (5 years experience in designing Lingerie) Am i doing the right thing? Are we going in the right direction? Should we get married before migrating or after? Bricklaying the right choice? are there many opportunities for this? Would i still need to find a sponsor? Would i need still need to do an assesment before i would get considered? Would it be able to study my 3rd year of bricklaying in Australia? how would i go about this? How much does it cost? would it guarantee me a residency? who to contact? TAFE? Do i need a Diploma or NVQ? (What is recognised in Oz?) Would my girl be able to migrate with her skills alone and am i wasting my time doing my bricklaying course? We are not married yet but we will get married in the future and would like to migrate as a couple.. would this affect me? she is a designer but this is not a job that is needed on the SML (skilled migration List) Can you offer me anymore advice? anyway any advice would be helpful Thanks for reading and thanks for your time Jason
  17. God it's damn scary though.......what a crazy time:eek::eek:, i barely have 2 minutes to be on here with having goodbye parties, last drinks, cleaning our entire house, packing, throwing, donating to chairty shop.......trying to remember to breathe, eat, sleep, look after the kids!!:embarrassed: But this time next week we will be onthat plane - how surreal is that!:biggrin::biggrin::jiggy::jiggy: Anyone else about to leave??
  18. Guest

    Land of hope and glory?

  19. Guest

    cant wait to move to OZ land

    hi all, my husband recently interviewed with an oil & gas company there in Brisbane.. gone thru 1st & 2nd interview and recently he completed his medical checkup but havent got any official offer yet.. hmmm cant wait to see him get the job, i've been dreaming of moving and living in Brisbane since last week.. :smile: is that a normal recruitment procedure? arrggh.. really cant wait and hope to get answers by this week.. looking forward to move there.. regards, yong..
  20. PommyPaul

    Land of milk and honey....

    ....if you're a single person with welding/mechanic/farm experience i have to say australia is absolutely the land of milk and honey!!! be prepared to travel to diff places for work and theres some great deals to be had. landed a job on a farm 70ks north of melbourne, $21 an hour plus a fully furnished house and all bills paid, even came with a 42 inch plasma!!! Happy days!!
  21. Hello Everyone! I really need some decent advice! My sister is married to an Australian guy and has a 1 child and another one on the way! They are thinking about moving to Australia in the near future and my sister wants myself, my mother and my girlfriend to come as well. We are all interested in going with them. I am a Cad Manager in a Land Surveyors and Site Engineers based in Surrey UK, I have City and Guild qualifications in AutoCAD draughting and I am working towards ICES (Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors) certification. I have over 15 years experience within Draughting and Surveying. I am waiting a reply from http://www.sssi.org.au to see whether I could apply for certification through their membership. My partner has 2 Degrees one in English and in French, she works at a University as an Education Advisor for international students and deals with immigration etc. Any advice would be much appreciated on what is the best route to go? Many Thanks Mike
  22. I have a quick question just for knowledge is that can someone land directly to NZ after getting Australian PR? or it is necessary to land on Australia first to validate the visa?
  23. We have a company based in South Australia who is seeking a qualified motor mechanic with recent Land Rover and Range Rover experience. Ideally you would have worked in a main Land Rover dealership, but experience with a variety of Land Rover / Range Rover models outside of a LR dealership will be considered. You would have sound knowledge of the Land Rovers Diagnostic Software. If you have any questions about this position please do not hesitate to contact me. If you would like to apply for this position please PM me. Thanks Tony **** We also are in need or a Mercedes trained Mechanic for a position in Adelaide. You must have sound knowledge of the Star diagnostics software and have at least 5 years experience with Mercedes.
  24. Anyone know of any good websites for land & build properties in Northern Brisbane?
  25. legoman

    the land of opportunity

    Well I am pretty gobsmacked, at 49 yrs old i applied late last year to uni in Perth as I wanted a serious career change. received letter today, my 1st options been accepted and offer been sent. HELP! anyone else out there a 'extremely mature student' done this before as one is rather nervous now. downside is the semester begins feb tho I have applied for a mid year intake. :shocked: