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Found 116 results

  1. Hi i have recently moved to North Lakes just a few weeks ago and was looking for anyone in a similiar situation that would like to meet other mums in the area for a meet up with the kids and a coffee. I have looked for mother n toddler groups in North Lakes where mums to be can go but so far cant find any. I have a five year old little boy who has just started prep and i am due my second baby in April so ideally would like to meet up with mums with children of similiar ages so the kids can play together. If u fancy meeting up let me know:smile: Susan xx
  2. hi just wondering if there are any meet ups going on around north lakes and surrounding areas??? Lx :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  3. Guest

    Hi from North Lakes!

    Hi everyone, I arrived in Brisbane 6 weeks ago along with OH (bricklayer) Daughter (15) and son (13). I havnt found that I have fallen in love with what I have seen as much as some people but I guess it is early days. I find I have felt really guilty for the kids they do miss their friends and they are not use to spending all their spare time with us, they have started school but you cant expect them to form any sort of friendships that can compare with what they had in the UK. Saying that they seem to cope with it better than I do, OH loves it likes the work etc. I cant say I feel I live in little britain either not met anyone!!! I think because the kids are that bit older I dont have to do the school run so meeting anyone is quite hard, im also not working yet but do have a couple of interviews lined up, so hopefully when working it might improve. All it seems do of done is rain lately so that dosnt help. i guess i just need a little reassurance that feeling as I do is normal or have I made a big mistake?! Jo:huh:
  4. leelee 18

    North lakes qld 4509

    Hello does anybody live in north lakes or have any information on it? do you have to pay for schools? prices of renting/buying , my husband is a carpenter whats the work like here and rates? :rolleyes:
  5. Has anyone had experience of renting furnished accommodation around the North Lakes area that you would be happy to recommend? It will be for a family of 4. If all goes to plan with our 457 visa we'll be in oz at the end August this year but our furniture won't arrive until about 6 weeks later. Struggling to find anything on the net! Thank you all!:biggrin:
  6. Just wondering if there is anyone planning to or living in or around Springfield Lakes? We have just returned from doing our reccie in Brisbane and had a great time. Researched loads of areas etc and have decided on or around Springfield Lakes. Our little girl has got her place to start Year 1 at St Augustines in Jan 2010. Just need to sell the house now (ahhhhhhhh). Also hubbie is a Tipperay man, so would be great to know if there were any other irish about to do the move. Mary, Eddie & Ciara :jiggy:
  7. Newfie fan

    Sanctuary Lakes

    Hello, My husband and I will be moving to Melbourne in the New Year. We have been looking at houses to rent in Melbourne and the cost is quite high. Then we found Sanctuary Lakes and the houses look amazing for the price and the area looks great. My husband willl be working in the Melbourne CBD so the distance from there to Sanctuary lakes is concerning as well as the surrounding areas. Hubby may get a motorbike which could make the commute easier but if I am working from home, what is there for me to do??? Any advice on the area etc will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi, me my husband and 2 kids moved to sanctuary lakes on saturday and would love to meet up with fellow brits living here Please send me a PM Laura
  9. Keira huggins

    North Lakes?

    hey guys So it's a go and I have spent WEEKS looking / researching where potentially we would like to live. I guess a bit of background would help. My hubbie, 36 and a true lover of everything outdoors, underwater and walking, will be working within the CBD. My son, 12. Mad into sport especially rugby and football. Very sociable nd likes to play OUTSIDE. Me, will also be the wrong side of 35, kind of quiet until you get to know me but will appreciate being able to meet people and hopefully work within the law enforcement side of things. I really would love to be able to point the other half in the direction of where we could and would like to live. We are not city dwellers, we like the quiet but with the option to have the fun close by. We are looking for a great family community, good schools, good commute links, good house prices ( sounds like we want the world) From research so far I really do like the sounds of North Lakes but to make an informed decision I need pros , cons and alternatives..............SO........ Anyone who can help, I will send a mince pie over to you :biggrin:
  10. Morning all We have just signed on a property in SL. Can anyone give any ball park figures on monthly costs for elec, gas, water etc on a 4/5 bed house in this area. Also any recommendations for best value service providers would be great. Does anyone have any thoughts on broadband vs cable - could anyone give a recommendation on this? Any help would be gratefully received. We have been contacted by Direct Connect (through the estate agents) who are willing, but can't give any figures on pretty much anything they connect! Thanks everyone - Fiona
  11. Hey, my OH is already in Springfield Lakes for past 5 wks and we join him on 8th Sep- sooo excited only 10 days to go! There is myself (Claire) and our 3 children, Mia- 5 1/2yrs, Casey and Ethan both 2 1/2yrs! Just wanted to see if there is anyone in PIO who lives in that area we could meet up with after we arrive? Would love to get to know new people so that we don't miss the family back in UK too much!! :huh: Cheers Claire
  12. Hi there We are in the process of an interstate move from Tasmania to Qld. Flying on 10 th oct and then hoping to secure a rental ASAP!! Just a couple of questions for those of you that live there... My husband will be working in Logan central- what kind of commute can he expect- he starts work at 8. What's the deal on Internet- heard there were problems but not sure how current the issue was Anyone want a new friend- I am nice!!! Have 2 boys, one is 2 and one just about to turn 4. Thanks!!!!
  13. Hi There, Happy New year to all! I'm really just looking for any advice on what kind of jobs are available in around Varsity and Robina. I am arriving on the GC at the beginning of feb, and I've been "job hunting" for quite a while, with no avail!! I guess the circumstances are against me, in the sense that I am overseas, and i'm not available for at least another month - I'm wondering whether I should continue to trawl or to just wait until I get there? has anyone had a similiar experience? I am on a partner visa, so the normal work/sponship doesn't apply - I have 5 years experience in Communications & Business Admin, And a tertiary qualification in Psychology. I have registered with some recruitment agencies, and have had all my qualifications and CV changed to suit the Aus job market. Yet still no luck!:confused: If anyone knows of anything coming up in the area, or any advise or anything!!! that would be really, really appreciated! Thanks so much, Anthea :wacko:
  14. im kayleigh aged 14, 15 in january and im moving to the gold coast (robina) in january. im scared about starting the new school (varsity lakes) and making new friends any advice?
  15. For those that care industry sources say Costco is heading for North Lakes in Brisbane. As well as another Ikea and the new Masters hardware chain. Personally I think the location is too far away from central Brisbane to be much use to me but those who live up in the North Lakes/DBay/Redcliffe area might be pleased.
  16. Hi, We are breaking our lease where we currently rent and returning back to the UK at the end of October, if any one is planning on settling in the area please take a look at the link, the house is near the golf course and less than a minute walk to a large park/ bbq area. We have been here nearly 2 years but have decided to return back home to the family. Here is the link: http://www.bowmakerrealty.com.au/index.cfm?pagecall=property&propertyID=1858109 We have looved living in this house and have had no problems, we rented from it being newly built too. Please let me know if you are interested. You can PM me if you prefer. Thanks, Kim :smile:
  17. The Smith Family

    Schools in Brisbane and North Lakes

    When we visited Australia last year, we drove around North Lakes and the schools, can someone confirm that depending on what side of North Lakes you live depends which school they can go to as there are 2 state schools and 1 private there from what I saw. Does it work the same all over Oz as here where it is in catchment areas as we are looking at areas we want to go to but also want to look into the schools that are nearby. I guess with private schools like here, you do not need to be in the catchment area at all. We are still unsure exactly where to go, although we like North Lakes, any advice on nice family areas with good amenities for 6 and 7 year olds and a social network for us adults North, South, East or West of Brisbane would be great please. Also, any advice of what the schools are like in North Lakes or other areas would be great, our boys are 6 and 7 at the moment and love their sport but I guess all schools in Oz are into their sport!!
  18. Hi I've noticed a few others on this forum live in Patterson Lakes. Please feel free to get in touch.
  19. swifty99

    internet on sanctuary lakes

    hi hoping someone can help us, next week we are due to move onto Sanctuary Lakes, wanted your advice on who to use regarding internet providers and phone also Thanks :wink:
  20. swifty99

    Sanctuary Lakes question

    hello everyone, we are looking at renting on Sanctuary Lakes and was wondering if you have to pay any fees for the gym pool etc or does the landlord pay all that and we just pay the stated rent. Many thanks Matt
  21. We have been here for 3 weeks so far and I really like the place so far but struggling with missing family and friends so so so much. In time i'm sure it will get easier and also once we start meeting people. Could anyone recommend a Childminder (Family Day Care) in Springfield Lakes or close by. I am in the process of job hunting and need to find care for my little boy, he is 2.5years old. We looked at some great nursery schools but I have decided to find a school hours job so I can collect my 5 year old from school and nursery schools have to be paid on a full day basis. I already have an interview but no childcare! UGH! I would really appreciate any help.
  22. We're in the process of mving to Melbourne, and have applied for a rental property in the sanctuary lakes estate. I've had a quick look around when I was there in June (currently back in the UK) and liked it, but I've also been reading some bad things on the forums. I just wondered if anyone on here who lives there, or has lived htere could put me straight on a few points ? 1) I'm going to be commuting to the CBD each day. I hear that they train is packed, and the traffic is bad. How long (realistically) is it likely to take to get to Docklands each day (either via Southern cross or by road). Is 45 minutes realistic during the rush hour ? 2) Some pepole say that the estate is soul less, and there's never anyone around, so it feels empty. That's not the impression that I got, however I did visit on a weekend. We're sociable people, and looking for somewhere were our 9 year old daughter is likely to meet some friends, and hopefully, where we can build a social life. 3) Schools. Mixed reports on schools. Point Cook primary seems to have good feedback. Are there any others that people can recommend ? Any advice would be helpful.
  23. Guest

    New to North Lakes

    Hi all, we arrived 3 weeks ago from the UK and have rented a house in North Lakes, Brisbane. We are a couple in our early 40's with a 20 year old son and a daughter who will be following us soon. It would be great to hear from anyone who maybe interested in meeting for a coffee as I feel I may be going stir crazy. It would also be good if anyone can give me any ideas where my son could meet up with others his age. We have all been together 24/7 and he could really do with meeting people in his own age group, any ideas or responses would be greatly appreciated. :cute:
  24. Hi everyone, my husband and I are emigrating to Melbourne from London in Aug. We bought a plot of land at Sanctuary Lakes and are looking for recommendations on builders and architects. It's not the done thing in the UK, so any help appreciated!! Would be great to meet up for coffee and chats when we arrive to discuss further thanks
  25. Guest

    Keys ,bbq ,north lakes

    :wink: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,