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Found 19 results

  1. Perfect Hire are currently seeking general, skilled and qualified labour. We work with Tier 1 and Tier 2 Construction companies in Sydney and are seeking hard working individuals to join our team. We offer sponsorship for the right candidates that have trade qualifications. ABOUT US Perfect Contracting - specialised subcontracting in demolition works and asbestos removal. Perfect Hire - provide skilled labour and equipment hire to construction companies. Perfect Concrete Care - Provide all concrete related services, such as, concrete cutting, coring, grinding and scanning. We are currently seeking General Labourers, Skilled Labourers and Carpenters to join our team of professionals. We are looking for a punctual, reliable and committed person with a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. We offer ongoing training and promote qualification achievement. We require the candidate to hold a valid Australian White Card. A valid driver's licence and own transportation would also be highly regarded. Only a candidate with full and unrestricted Australian working rights will be considered. Previous construction labouring experience is desirable and any current and valid industry tickets or qualifications are highly favourable. --------------------------------------------------- GENERAL LABOUR RATES Job Type: Casual Hourly Rate: $26.50 /hour Experience: Construction Labouring: 1 year (Preferred) License or certification: White Card (Required) Language: English (Preferred) APPLY HERE: https://perfecthire.com.au/apply-for-job --------------------------------------------------- SKILLED LABOURER Job Type: Casual Hourly Rate: starting at $27.20/hour www.perfecthire.com.au Job Type: Casual Salary: $27.20 to $30.00 /hour Experience: Construction Labouring: 2 years (Required) License or certification: White Card (Required) Language: English (Preferred) APPLY HERE: https://perfecthire.com.au/apply-for-job --------------------------------------------------- CARPENTER / JOINER RATES Full-time hours + weekend and night work available Rates: $45.00 to $60.00/hour + benefits + super Job Type: Full-time Salary: $45.00 to $60.00 /hour Experience: Carp: 5 years (Required) Licenses or certifications: Carpentry (Required) White Card (Required) Australian Driver's Licence (Required) Language: English (Required) APPLY HERE: https://perfecthire.com.au/apply-for-job
  2. StevieF8

    Thatcher Dead

    News just in....
  3. Looking at the mining regions of Queensland it's clear that more and more Brits (and now Poles) are being invited in on 457 visas to do jobs on rock bottom wages. There seem to be a body of Brits around on $45-50k believing that is enough to support a family and finding they have to take the cheapest (grotty) accommodation and face an uphill financial struggle. I guess it's a result of the poor economic situation in the UK and a long held British belief that Australia is a dream destination. Once here the underpaid Brit can struggle to get out if the situation as his visa is dependent on the company. Wages for locals seem to be considerably higher as they won't live in mining towns (very expensive) or FIFO for minimum wage. They also have a far better grasp of the cost of living and the exorbitant price of big compulsory items like cars etc Anyone have any comments? Is it a case of buyer beware and the immigrant should do their research first?
  4. We are looking for Packaging Operators in a Parma company, Perth NOR. Packaging of pharmaceutical products and working on a poduction line. Please contact me if you are interested.
  5. The Pom Queen

    Child Labour

    Just wondered what, if any, chores your kids do to help. My eldest is a god send but the others are soooo lazy. In Germany this week an 11 year old boy called the police on his mother because she made him do jobs over the holidays, he said it was forced labour lol x http://www.smh.com.au/world/strangebuttrue/boy-calls-police-to-complain-about-chores-20110816-1ivbf.html
  6. firebladebally

    Labour agreement

    Hi all, has anyone in oz ever been on or heard about a visa called a Labour Agreement ?? We are on a working holiday, my partner hass been offered a job and the employer siad there is a posibility of a labour agreement as her job role is not on the skills list. Any info would be greatkly appreciated , cheers !
  7. Read this link it could possibly be good news for us tradies. WA labour shortage looming again - The West Australian
  8. Want Hospitality Jobs in WA? Empire Hospitality Recruiters in one the leading labour hire companies in Western Australia (WA) which offers hospitality jobs like chefs, bar staff, wait staff & kitchen hands in Perth. Visit empirehr.com.au to join the team of experts. Thanks!! hospitality recruitment services Hospitality agency Hospitality services
  9. connaust

    Labor's growing labour crisis

    Labor's growing labour crisis. ......CEOs are now much more optimistic about the economy than they have been since the mining tax was announced and Kevin Rudd was sacked, but they are increasingly being kept awake at night by skills shortages. As Australia’s politicians start going at each other today, the nation’s CEOs are saying that the two most important people in Parliament are the Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen and his predecessor Chris Evans, who is now Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Jobs and Workplace Relations...... The word from the CEOs is that the greatest danger they face is not being able to grow their businesses because they can’t find the managers and skilled staff they need......
  10. John Gilfillan

    Swing in favour of Labour

    This may be heading for an outcome by next week, as the three remaining candidates wanted to think it over at the weekend. looks like Labour might still retain power. Gillard edging Australian election race Thursday 02 September 2010 Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has edged closer to retaining power when a prominent independent MP said he would support her Labour Party to form a minority government. A bloc of three independent kingmakers will now decide whether Labour will govern for a second three-year term or whether a conservative Liberal Party-led coalition will form the next administration after August 21 elections failed to give any party a majority. The conservative coalition now needs the backing of all three remaining uncommitted independents to reach a majority in the House of Representatives, while Labour needs only two. Independent Andrew Wilkie announced his decision to back Labour after meetings with Ms Gillard and Liberal leader Tony Abbott. "I have judged that it is in fact the ALP that best meets my criteria that the next government must be stable, must be competent and must be ethical," Mr Wilkie said. Mr Wilkie became an MP after quitting his job as a defence intelligence analyst in 2003 to protest against the then-conservative government's "grossly unethical" explanation for sending 2,000 Australian troops to back US and British forces in the Iraq invasion. He said that he expected that his fellow independents - Bob Katter, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor - were now more likely to support Labour after new figures showed the Liberal coalition had overstated savings from their election promises by up to 10.6 billion Australian dollars. Ms Gillard said that the independent trio had "done the nation a great service" by demanding to see the official costs of both parties' election promises before deciding whom they would support. Australia will return to the polls if neither leader can secure the support of 76 MPs. This now makes it 74 -73 in favour of Labour. 76 seats are needed to form a minority government. Thoughts Anyone? John
  11. Liam Byrne: No new tax rises under Labour - Telegraph Yesterday, in a surprise intervention ahead of the Budget, Liam Byrne, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, ruled out further increases, including VAT, should Labour win the election. Will the people fall for it? I think they will!:unsure:
  12. The latest survey indicates there will be a hung parliament, but it would be Gordon Brown who would be in the position to try and form a government as leader of the largest party. Labour could still win most seats, new poll shows - Telegraph
  13. They will be begging for us tradies to coom soon:biglaugh:Labour shortage to delay house builds - The West Australian
  14. Or are these two different areas? I'm asking as my other half is a scaffolder, and wonder if a Labour Agreement is possible as he has a company that wants him to work for them thanks
  15. Guest

    Labour Agreement

    Hi, anyone gone to oz on the Labour Agreement? - visa 120 or 855? If so can you please provide info like: how easy is the process? what is the process? how long does it take? how much? etc etc Thanks
  16. Guest

    labour agencies

    Hi every one, Has anyone on PIO got any contact info for reliable labour agencies for carpentry jobs ? Just about to file visa app, vetassess passed so would like to check out jobs rates etc. Hoping to get to the sunshine coast region or very close so mainly from that area please. Many thanks wayne:emoticon-signxmas:
  17. Guest

    Labour agreement?

    Hi all, i am joining the raaf in jun e09 and have applied for visas on a 47ES. They have received my paper application and are apparently waiting for a new labour agreement being signed by the goverment, then will proccess my app. Does anyone know anything about the new signing and in particular when it will be signed? perhaps allan collet does? thanks in advance
  18. The Age WHO are we? As THE SUM OF US shows, we are a surprising group. We once thought of ourselves in timeworn platitudes: the sunburnt country, the lucky country, the land of the fair go. But we knowmany of these old cliches no longer hold true. For a sporting nation, we are rather overweight. For a rich nation, many of us are heavily in debt. We once spoke of a classless society, but wealth distribution is severely lopsided. We know we no longer ride the sheep's back, and, when it comes to "young and free", we are getting less young every year. Fewer of us live anywhere near sweeping plains, and, as working hours and commuting times increase, fewer of us fit the image of a laid-back Aussie. We kno wthere are slightly more than 21 million of us. The census counted 4,591,520 dependent children in Australia, and 2,489,158 families with dependent children. One of us dies every three minutes and 57 seconds. An Australian is born every minute and 55 seconds. Our median age is 36.6 years, and there are 120,800 more females than males. We live in the sixth-biggest country, but rank about 50 for population. And we are bunched up, for the most part, on our vast continent's south-eastern corner. Almost one in three of us live in NSW, almost one in four in Victoria. We are diverse. There were 260 ancestries listed among those who filled out census forms in 2006 - including Tokelauan,Uygur and Zulu. The most common non- Australian ancestries identified were English, Scottish and Irish - much the same as it has been since white settlement. More than 14 million of us were born in Australia, 147,106 in India, 13,881 in Romania, almost 1300 in Morocco and 146 in the Netherlands Antilles. Slightly more than half a million Australians are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island descent. Indigenous Australians have a median age of 21 years - much lower than the general population. On average, if we work full time,we work about 41.7 hours a week, and we earn about $58,400 a year. The average household net worth is about $563,000, based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics' last major study of wealth distribution in 2006. But if your household does not seem so rich, you are not alone.
  19. Guest

    Got my Labour Aggreement today

    Yehaa well chuffed - got my labour aggrement today been waiting since January for it. Completed my Visa form today but awaiting my youngest Sons Passport number and our Police checks. Finally starting to see the light now. Looking at being there in Sydney sometime Sept or October. :yes: