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Found 21 results

  1. RaT

    Visa label - in person?

    Having now got the 175 Visa grant letter, is it possible to go to Auss house in London to have the visa put in the passport there and then, or will they only except it by post?
  2. Hi all, I just received my pre-grant letter for an offshore 176 application, requesting travel itinery (we are in perth, but hoping to fly to Bali for a week) DIAC are saying I must visit the Australian embassy in Denpasar to have our passports "evidenced" basically, have a label attached. The time scale for this is minimum 8 working days. This throws a spanner in our works, as my wife has a job that really only allows a week off. we would be away more like 2 weeks. I've read somewhere on here that visa labels are not a requirement, and that you only need to re-enter once your visa has been granted for you visa to be validated. Any help or advice appreciated. Cheers Mark
  3. Hi We got our 176 visa on the 28th Jan and was just wondering , do we have to apply for the visa labels to go in our passports??? if so where do i send them ? My information does not tell me anything about visa labels, so was wondering if they are electronic. Having said that i want it in my passport cos i worked damn hard to get this visa lol:wink: Any help guys would be appreciated x ANNETTE
  4. Hi, I was granted a 176 skilled migrant visa in June this year and part of the visa grant notice reads; My question is... Do UK passports need a label or stamp to be added? or do I just go with my passport as it is an expect them to have details of my permanent residence visa on their system. Obviously I wold take a copy of my grant letter too but just wondered if anyone here knows the procedure. thanks people!
  5. Guest

    Visa Label

    Hi all, I have been requested to get an Australian visa label/s, entry and exit stamps to progress in my VISA application. Do you know where should I get it and what do i need to get it? Regards
  6. rockstone

    Visa Label

    Folks, Once the approval is processed, i believe there is the procedure to affix the Visa Label onto the Passport at the national DIAC office(country of residence). Anyone know what the charges are?? Has anyone done this from Washington DC?? Leadtimes?? Thanks
  7. BrownEyedGal

    Visa label in Passport

    Hi All Just want to say that I am very happy today. I went to Australia House, London and got a visa label put into my passport! Wow it is so real now. I can't wait to get home to my partner - it's been a long, hard and extremely emotional road. I know its all electronic nowadays but it's going to be easier dealing with medicare etc. Hoping everyone is doing well and I'm sure I'll be writing for advice on moving costs etc soon.
  8. Mizzmp

    evisa - do we need a label?

    Hi guys, So excited to be granted our visa via our online application. It says on there that "not all applicants need a visa label" or something like that. Do we just show up at the airport with our printed email confirming visa or do we need to get more paperwork or a label stuck in? Don't want to fly all the way to perth to be told I cant enter, thanks. :biggrin:
  9. Hi all, I've applied for a Occupational training visa and I'm wondering when/if it gets approved, where do I pick it up from as I'm pretty sure it will be a physical label. I lodged the application from the U.K but I am French, although I am planning to be in Thailand when it gets approved. Does anybody know if I will have to go back to London or France or can I go to the consulate in bangkok? Many thanks Iain
  10. Hi - I've just submitted my De-facto Visa application, and was wondering about a couple things if anyone out there could help!: - If approved, will I need to submit my British passport to get the Visa Label, or is it done electronically once I arrive? (my partner and I are leaving in October to go travelling and submitting my passport might be difficult). - Police checks - I know the Medical Check can be done now if I choose, but I do not know where to start with the Police check. I need to get police checks from Canada and UK. Anyone know who I need to contact or what the first steps are? - Lastly, I want to be sure my De-facto Visa application was recieved by the London office. Does the office usually contact you to confirm that it's been recieved, or can I ring them? Thanks in advance for any help! Sheena
  11. Is there a time limit from visa grant to getting a label in your passport if you need one at all seeing the world is now electronic!
  12. Hi All, I have two questions. I was sponsored by an Australian company on the 457 Long Stay Visa and my wife was also granted a 457 visa. My wife will start looking for a job shortly after we arrive. Our understanding is that she will not need additional sponsorship from a prospective employer. We are coming over from the US and just have a letter stating the type of visa and that our visa number is tied electronically to our passport number and that we will not need a stamp in our passport with the visa number. To facilitate the process for my wife seeking employment, should she get the visa label stamped into her passport after arriving in Sydney to prove that she has the right to work in Australia? Also, when filling out apartment rental applications, do we need to provide proof that we are on a 457 visa? Thanks in advance. Cletus
  13. Guest

    Visa label from AH

    Hi all Ive been granted the 309 visa and received grant letter which states you dont need to get visa label in passport. I still want to get one tho. Is it possible just to turn up to Australia house passport/visa office and get it put in or will they refuse? Thank
  14. Meadows73

    Visa Label query

    Hi there I wonder if anyone knows the answer to this one. I was recently granted my RSMS 119 Visa on 16 Feb 11-initial date of entry no later than 28 May 11 . I went to the Australian High Commission in London on 21 Feb 11 along with the grant letter to have the Visa label put in our UK passports. However the label actually says "Initial Entry by 17 Feb 11" although it goes on to say "Must not arrive after 16 Feb 16". Now I am confused, it seems to be to read that I have to have entered Australia by 17 Feb 11, should it not say 28 May 11- the date in my grant letter? I do not want to arrive in Australia on 19 Mar 11 and find that I should have been here by 17 Feb 11 as it says in the passports and have to argue the situation with immigration?
  15. On 20th October 2010 I got my 163 Business Visa letter from DIAC Perth. It contained the following paragraph You and each family member included in this approval must contact the overseas Australian mission specified below to have the visa evidenced in the passport(s): Australian High Commission London Because I travel around Europe most weeks I wrote an email to the High Commission asking if, rather than submit passports by post as advised on their website, I could have the visa evidenced during their opening hours(9am to 11am every weekday). I was told that I had probably got an out of date paragraph in my visa grant letter and 'Visas granted from 1st July 2010 are granted label free and you will not be required to have a label placed in your passport.' Having had two conflicting pieces of advice from DIAC Perth and their London team I would be comforted to know if any Business Migrants have had this paragraph in their visa grant letter or undertaken a validation trip to Oz without the evidenced label. Thanks in advance Queensland State Sponsorship applied mid Aug 2009, granted 15 Oct 2009. DIAC applied 29 October 2009, CO allocated 27 Sept 2010, visa granted 20 October 2010 Heading for SE Queensland-date uncertain
  16. Hi I got my visa label put in my passport today. (Yay :wub:) On the label it says 'conditions mig. regs. sched. 8' I wanted to know what this meant so googled and shedule 8 seems to be all the work restrictions. There are no numbers under mine. So is this just there on the visa label as it's where they would list restrctions.....or does it mean something else please? Also, I've read lots on here about the main applicant must enter or validate first or with dependants. This is not mentioned on my grant letter or visa label - does that mean it is not applicable please?
  17. my working hol visa for 2006 label in passport i can't remeber which number is the actual visa number is it the number at the side, or at the top or any of the other numbers :huh:
  18. Does anyone have the address for posting your passports off to get the visa label in them? The visa grant email says the visas are attached to the passports but would prefer the label for when we arrive. Thanks x
  19. Hi guys, Maybe a good question for Gollywobbler or others who knows the facts about visa evidencing: My Canadian passport only has 1 full blank page followed by another page beside it with only a little visa stamp on it in the corner. I reserved the one blank page for the visa label and figured that an existing stamp on the 2nd page wouldnt be a big deal since there would be lots of room to put an Australian entry/exit set of stamps there when I actually go to Oz. My worry is: Evidencing requested by various consulates says that you need "2 unused pages". ..so obviouly I'm a bit worried here: could they refuse to evidence my visa even though 1 page is fully free but the 2nd page has a small visa stamp on it in the corner? I realize Aussie visa lables only take up 1 page and there is plenty of room for a couple entry/exit stamps on the 2nd page... Your help would be appreciated guys! Cheers.
  20. Guest

    Visa Label?

    Hi Everybody, Could somebody put my mind at ease please or is justifiably not at ease. I was granted my permanent residence visa last August 08, this was aproved purely by email with no confirmation by post - is this normal? I am flying to Oz at the end of June 09 to activate my visa but I have just read about having a "visa label" in my passport, which is the first I have heard of it. So my question is should I have a visa label or is electronically attached to my passport? Also, when I get to Oz what is the physical process of activating it, is it just a case of getting it stamped at passport control or is there something else I need to do. Thanks for your help as I am aging 2 hours for every 1 hour! Regards, Kevin
  21. Guest

    Label printing jobs

    hello there hi there im ben from the uk, going to be flying to cairns on march the 5th, i have got a 12 month working visa. i plan to meet up with some freinds that are out there allready and do some travalling down the sunshine coast and all the way down to sydney. got freinds in melbourne and adelade as well so ive got enough options, gana see where it takes me out there. near the end of the year i plan to find a decent printing job and immagrate properly out there thats the plan any way. i have 5 years experience on a 7 colour flexo mark andy press and 3 years knoledge of the hp indigo digital press ws4050. i have skyped out a few printing companys and sent my cv. but i dont know what area im thinking of settling yet just wanna get my name around. any one know of any good printers. thanks for any reply ben:biggrin::swoon: