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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All, We have had to abandon Redcliffe as our chosen place to live as the commute has been much longer than anticipated. We are now looking south of the river in the bayside but we don't know this area well. Today I saw a house in Ormiston on Fletcher Tce which seems nice and I think we would like to go for it but what is the area like? What choice do we have for primary schools as we can't stretch to Ormiston College unfortunately? It seems like we would have to use the car to get to anywhere as I couldn't see any shops or parks nearby but maybe I missed them. I would prefer to walk sometimes at least. Also, is there much going on for under 5's? Redcliffe only seems to have storytime at the library and three playgroups which are full. Any local info very much appreciated as we are under pressure to find something soon. Thanks in advance Louise
  2. Hello everyone, This is my first post so please be gentle with me :wink: I have a question on my RPL application with regards the knowledge areas and I would be grateful for any advice. I have selected unit SM (Services Management) which then has 2 areas under it; SM1. Service management SM2. Security management I have put my KA document together based on SM1 and have covered a selection of sub topics from the 3 topics with SM1. I am now wondering if I was supposed to demonstrate knowledge on SM2 as well? I have pasted a link to the form and would really appreciate it if anyone has time to take a look and tell me what you think? http://www.acs.org.au/assessment/doc...edgerev4_2.pdf Many thanks in advance mavine1
  3. Does anyone know a good accountant in Melbourne with knowledge of UK tax laws. My husband and I have recently moved out. We have some rental property bck in the UK and my husband is still workign for the same company as he was in the UK. He needs to set up / join a structure to work via an Australian company. any help appreciated!
  4. Hi guys... Where can i find the latest CBOK (Core Body of Knowledge) .... URL Please ????
  5. gaz&family

    inside knowledge

    we were over in Australia last October/November validating our visas and are planning on moving for good in October this year anyway I having been before it was my wife who needed to see brisbane and the sunny coast we have now decided that it is Redcliffe or Margate that we want to live and we are just after info regarding schools, realestate etc what you cant get off a computer screen. Anything would be great thanks.
  6. calNgary

    Test your Aussie Knowledge

    For anyone with a few minutes of free time on their hands don't forget to try out the PIO Quizzes, they havent been mentioned on the forum for a while so thought i would jog peoples memorys whilst things are a tad quiet on the boards,, PomsInOz Forum - Quiz Cal x
  7. Hi Guys has anyone got any helpful insider info on getting some cheap flights!! Having missed the Singapore Airlines Sale (or rather, the OH refused to let me book them!!!! And now he's kicking himself and trying to kick me too! But I ain't having none of it!! And I keep dropping in the "I told you SO!!" Heehee) I'm trying to get the price down a bit! We've got to validate, so anytime over the next 10 months would do, we're not fussy!!! Any advice anyone? Thank you!! Lisa XX
  8. I would like to say how much I enjoy Earlswood’s posts. They’re priceless and I am amazed that he can summarise life in Australia after living two years in Northbridge in Perth. Earsly I’m not sure if you have travelled much out of the Perth area, you may have and I have missed those posts. But I am sure your observations are your own honest and personal experiences; but Perth is a long way away from the rest of Australia, in fact if you spoke to some die hard Western Aussies they hardly think of themselves as part of Australia at all :biglaugh: Firstly Northbridge as far as I can recall is the Club Land of Perth, it’s where the Pubs, Café’s. Restaurants and most importantly the Night Clubs are. Lots of booze + noisy drunk young people = chaos anywhere in the world. Some points most of you probably know but, just in case … Australia has a total population of 21 million people Great Britain has a total population on 61 million people Australia has a land mass of 4.8 million square miles or 7.6million sq. kms. Great Britain has a land mass of 80,000 sq miles or 244,820 sq kms, There are cattle stations in parts of Australia that are bigger than Belgium. Western Australia has a land mass of 1,022,500 square miles or 250,000,000 sq kilometres. Western Australia’s population is approximately 2.2 million. Perth and close surrounds population is 1.5 million. The climate varies from tropical in the north to Mediterranean around Perth; there is a great mass of desert between. Perth is closer to Singapore and Jakarta than it is to Canberra. It has been stated it is most Asian city in Australia, though personally I did not find it that way. Road distances: Perth distance to Adelaide (pop 1.1 mil) 1620 miles or 2600 kms Perth distance to Melbourne (pop 3.8 mil) 2100 miles or 3400 kms Perth distance to Sydney (pop 4.3 mil) 2500 miles or 3400 kms Perth distance to Brisbane (pop 1.8 mil) 2656 miles or 4275 kms As a comparison London (Pop 7.5 mil) distance to Rome 950 miles or 1500 kms London distance to Moscow 1550 miles or 2500 kms Most people in Australia live along the coast from Adelaide to Brisbane and the climate varies from Mediterranean in Adelaide to Sub tropical in Brisbane and tropical in Townsville, This is not an exercise in putting down Great Britain or glamorising Australia, it’s just to point out that trying to compare the two countries is a ridiculous exercise. It cannot be done. The Australian land mass is bigger, the climate is different. Australia has a very small population and it is spread over areas that are vast when compared to GB. GB has an infrastructure going back a thousand years. Australia’s western culture and infrastructure is only 200 years old. . I sometimes think too it would be a good idea if immigrants coming to Australia not only try and understand it geographically, but study a wee bit of the history of Australia. This country had a very harsh beginning and struggled tenaciously for many years just to survive. There were many incidents with the various British governments that neglected and brutalized the people in the colony. The Gold Rush and the two great wars also had a great influence in Australia’s psyche. The isolation from “Mother England” gave them a spirit of getting on with things in their own way. The influx of British and more so Southern European immigrants from the late 40’s made a huge change in Australia’s character. I find Australia an exciting new and developing country, and I am happy to be a part of its growth to maturity. By the way I’m a Scot but an Australian Citizen and I have lived in this country for many years. dalhousie
  9. Hi Wondering if you could offer any inights on processing times for online visas. I have applied for a student online visa. Applied on the 17th Jan 09. Medical and chest x-ray completed and uploaded to my online application. I declared past mild depression stress in the initial medical so had to get a doctor's letter but everything was uploaded by the 24/1/09. Now waiting for a decision. Thanks
  10. Guest

    Basic knowledge

    Please could someone give me some advice. Me and OH and two kids aged 20 and 17 both still live at home. We are 43, and OH is self employed spray booth installer and part-time decking builder/semi skilled joiner. Im a house wife. It is our wish to move to Victoria. My Grandfather immigrated there in the 60's but is now deceased. I have been reading through the forum and searching internet for about a year now and it would appear that its not an easy country to get in to, could anyone advise me on our chances of completing the required entry qualifications. We would also have money to fall back on if that would help but I read somewhere that funds dont matter now because of a fraud situation within Oz immigration dept. Thankyou so much for any advice given x Helen