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Found 8 results

  1. Its very early days for us, we have only been here three weeks of our three month reccie trip but Hubs and I have already been talking about the possibility of making the move a little more perm. His employer also wants to talk to him in the next couple of weeks re the possibility of migrating so you would think that we would be really pleased. However whilst we were chating about this possibility, Hubs told me that he would consider moving for a max of two years but that he would never see Australia as home and would want to return to the UK. So now im in two minds, do we make the move and just enjoy the two years here, hope that we both fall in love with the place and that we both end up wanting to stay. Or do we put a stop to things now and return to the UK and consider other options i.e. maybe moving somewhere different within the UK as we have already desided that we do want a change. I think the big stumbling block for my husband is that he is very close to his parents but they would NEVER fly to Oz to see us. I know some of you may say that they would once we are out here but this is a def no - they wont fly. Obviously i would miss them too, they are like parents to me but i also want to make the most of my life and trying this different way of life / experience i think would be a great thing. What would you do? Emma x
  2. Guest

    emedicals a tip worth knowing

    Hello I thought I would share my recent experience with our emedicals in the hope it might help someone. We are using a migration agent and we were informed to get our medicals done, as we had lodged on line we could use the emedical system. I was sent an email with the relevant forms to complete, so off I went and booked in at Birmingham. We arrived on the day, only to be told, they couldn't find our file on the system. We would have to do a paper application which would take an extra 3 week. We were gutted!:arghh: Birmingham were brilliant, and tried to enter my details a number of times to help find a way around the problem. I contacted my agent who confirmed everything was done, and said sometimes the system had a Hiccup. Today I have recieved a copy of an email from DIAC, which states you have to access the medical forms online from your Document Checklist, via DIAC online system. Once you have opened this application, this hyperlink then submits your info to the emedical system so the medical centre can access it. It looks like you must click the link for each person on the list including all children. The silver lining in this story for me is Birmingham agreed to take a digital photo of my family, and submitt our medicals on line if I could sort out the issue before Friday. Thankfully I did, but it was stressfull.:biggrin: I am unsure why I didn't have the email before or whether it was a slip up from my agent, but its something worth knowing. Hope this helps someone out there go through the meds a bit easier than us.
  3. we are moving to north brisbane (as soon as we can) my wife is a midwife in livingston scotland.we applied for our visa on the 4th of jan 2011 .we found out that we would be priority group 3 as we have to do family sponcership.we were shocked to see that we received the 18th of march email telling us to go for our meds everything has been sent in no paperwork left to sent .we just dont know what happens now,ours is online app ,i assume we get a case officer but it stated that this might not be neessary if nothing esle was required,we have applied ourselves no agent used so feel abit helpless:confused:
  4. furkew

    Anaconda - Worth knowing!

    Not sure who knows this, but Anaconda have a price check policy similar to Bunnings, and if you find the same product elsewhere in stock for a cheaper price they will beat it by 10%. I have been looking for a tent, and the one I finally decided on was being offered between $1399 (RRP) and as low as $849 on an Ebay traders site. I went to BCF first of all because they are also a dealer for Oztrail, but didnt have one in stock, and didnt even know a price. I then went down the road to Anaconda. They had one in stock for $1299. When I told the guy I had seen it cheaper, he told me about the policy. I then grabbed my Iphone, looked up on the internet stores offering the same tent. I found one in NSW offering the tent for $899. The salesguy then rang the store, checked the price & if it was in stock, then nodded that it was a deal. I walked out with the tent for just under $810 :biggrin: Worth thinking about if you are looking for more expensive items.
  5. Guest

    knowing about australian visa

    hello to all dears i want to know about ausrtalian visa,sir i got my visa in october ,my classes start on 1st november but i got extension upto 12 november but due to delay of my passport for labeling the visa in the embassy ,i got my passport after 12 november due to which university didnt grant further extension to me due to which i miss the semister and my semister deffer to the next session, sir my question is that whether there would be any effect on my visa by deffering the semister to the next session? as there would be any problem for me to go for the febuary session 2011,because i will go for the semister about almosta 3 months after getting the visa/ my main question is that whether there would be any effect on my student visa by deffering the semister to the febuary seeision? would the immigration will be create any problems for me for this reason plz plz answer thanx
  6. I'm sure that there's a few people out there who have been through the same dilemma as we're potentially facing and that is getting work references on headed paper without letting your employer know what your plans are. We haven't even told the rest of our family yet (told parents though) so we are really reluctant to inform our employers of our plans before family. and also what if we don't get the visa? Has anyone experience of this...? How did you go about telling your employer? What did you say you needed the reference for? Is it better to be upfront about it in the hope that they don't fire us? It's a real tricky one :eek: and probably going to be the hardest part of visa application for us. I realise that everyone's situations and employers are different but we would welcome any experiences or words of wisdom. Thanks!:smile:
  7. Guest

    Not knowing

    Hi everyone We applied for our 457 visa on line and every day we check the site to see if there has been any progress and we click on the messages and there is a little sentence stating information received thank you. But I am the type of person who likes to know wot step etc they are up to with processing. The suspense is starting to send both me and my partner crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:arghh:I know from reading other threads that it seems to be even worse for those who have done the paper applications. Just wondering how you all cope. Dont think I can take it any more :cry: sorry for moaning and sounding depressed Cheryl
  8. colin&louise

    Not Knowing!

    Hi just interested to know if anyone out there is unsure of where they are going to be when they reach oz. After our intial 7wks in rented accomodation in brisbane .we are on our own. Would love to here from anyone in the same boat, or if anyone has got any good tips. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks louise.x