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Found 8 results

  1. Well the earths population is nearly at the 7 billion mark,:shocked:, so have a look at the link below, just for a giggle.:biggrin: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-15391515 Funnily enough my date of birth is nearly bang on 3.5 billion, so as I said, just an 'average' Joe.:yes:, well at least for the time being until we reach above 7 billion then I'll be below average,:twitcy::idea::biglaugh: Cheers Tony.
  2. Just thinkin there.I've seen the best footballers the world has ever seen over the years,and it has been delightful every step of the way,being truly mesmerised by their skill,agility and ingenuity.Bergkamp,Zola,Pele,Eusabio,Gullitt,Zidane,Yashin,Banks,Cruyff,Brooking,McDermott,Best ,Sheringham and a hundred other Masters.BUT,the one who stands out to me as the player with it all as well as being a million miles ahead in the thinking department on the pitch was Kenny Dalglish.What a joy to watch the consummate Master plying his trade.:notworthy:
  3. Guest

    I Knew It!

    EXCESSIVE passenger screening at airports is a step too far and is only adding to passenger misery, a major airline boss has said. British Airways chairman Martin Broughton said measures such as forcing passengers to take off shoes and separate checks of laptop bags were redundant and unnecessary. His comments come as the United States is making excessive demands for the screening of airline passengers, including measures it doesn't require on US domestic flights, the Financial Times reported. Mr Broughton aired his complaint at the annual conference of the UK Airport Operators Association where he said it was time other countries, such as Britain, stopped kowtowing to America's beefed-up security demands. Australian passengers flying domestically and internationally are forced to remove laptops from bags and in some cases shoes. BA boss Martin Broughton attacks US over redundant airport security | Adelaide Now
  4. Despite extensive thread-trawling and question-asking before I moved to Oz, there were still some seemingly insignificant things that surprised me about it when I got here, for example: The lack of actual pavements Having to work out which button to press when paying on my bank card - cheque, credit or savings? How was I supposed to know, lol! Has anyone got anything similarly useless but vaguely interesting to pass onto people who have yet to arrive? Sue x
  5. I thought getting the visa's was the hard bit, how wrong could I be!!! We decided move to Melbourne, no problem! We liked the Werribee area - great! Then OH has an interview for a job which is based mainly on the SE/E of the city. We really wanted to change our lifestyle to include more family time and therefore the goals have moved again. Is it commutable to go from Werribee to Glen Waverley area each day or not? Also having looked at rental prices in Glen Waverley and it doesn't look cheap. Are there other nice areas surrounding Glen Waverley or in the SE/E which are just as nice but not too pricey? Then of course it is all change for schools - ahhhhhh!! I may be jumping the gun but if all OH's work will be based in that area then we really need to consider how long it would take him to get from A to B every day. Glen Waverley appears to have good schools which then makes it harder to rent a property if what other posts say are true. I know it will sort itself out when we arrive but talk about upsetting the apple cart!!! Any advice from those in the know please.....:arghh: Kind Regards Karen x
  6. Guest

    I knew the Bus Driver

    It's a small World, we went to the RiverFire night tonight in Brisbane and had a good time, great firework display. Loads of people around so we had to wait quite a long time for our bus back to our area, but all good fun. But how nice to meet my first fellow PIO person. :yes: When I got on the bus I recognised Mr Johats (Mark) who was driving our bus. I was made up, Couldn't believe it as I have caught the bus a few times here in Brisbane and sort of kept an eye out, low and behold who should be driving our bus tonight, nice to be able to say Hello to someone from this site. The bus was packed with people all returning from a great day and evening in Brisbane. Thanks Mark for driving us home safely, bus stops right outside our place, really great service. Don't know how they manage to drive those big busses around, I'd struggle with a mini bus. Goes to show again, it's a small World. REDDERS
  7. Guest

    Hi im knew to all this

    hi all this is my first message i am very new to all this ive just started researching about emmigrating to oz and not too sure where to start:no:so any advice would be very welcomed thanks
  8. Hi All, we had our leaving party last night, we debated for a long while weather it was the right thing to do, but me & my husband have big familys and decided it would be the easiest way to say bye to all. We have three weeks till we gly but we have so much on in the final weeks, we felt it was best this way. The party was brill and everyone said what a great time they had, it was just so sad, my heart feels like it is been ripped out, maybe slight exageration but you get the picture. We will spend our final week with mum's & dads etc but I have a brother who lives in Ireland that I know I won't see again for some time, we are still strong and trying to keep focused on the reason why we are doing this, it just hurts like hell !!!! :cry: