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Found 13 results

  1. trHi, My husband is being relocated to Sydney in September and we are faced with the tricky task of finding a school for now four year old from London. I know she is still young but we only plan to be in Sydney for 2/3 years and then move back to the UK. Having already had over 18 months of learning to read and write (as they start earlier with this in the UK) we have been advised to put her into year 1. She adores what she calls 'work' and her teachers in the UK, teachers I know in Sydney and two educational consultants have recommended this would the best move especially since we would prefer her not to be too far behind when we come back to the UK. We wanted to send her to a Public school but they refuse to even asses her for a Year 1 place. Does anyone have any views or experience with this situation? Or found a private school that worked well in this situation? Any thoughts or ideas so appreciated. It seems so daunting with never having been to Sydney and not being able to look around schools before we leave the UK. We were thinking of northern beaches as where we may base ourselves but again this is not set in stone. Thank you!
  2. Hello! I am new to pomsinoz but I would really appreciate any help you can provide. I have been a kindergarten/preschool director for 5 and a half years and before that I have been an early childhood teacher for three years. I have a Bachelors Degree in Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education. I am planning to migrate to Oz as a Child Care Center Manager (ANZCO 134111) with the Direct Entry stream - 186 visa. The first step in this process would be to get a successful assessment from TRA. I think immi requires a BA for this position (because it's at skill level 1). As a kindergarten director I have done all the tasks (and more) listed on the immi website for this job and the kindergarten where I have worked resembles in a lot of ways a Childcare Center (after-school, offered lunch, nap time, etc.). I believe these should be enough but I am not sure what TRA is looking for... Do you think I am qualified enough and have enough work experience to get a successful assessment from TRA? Any advice you could give me would be great
  3. We are waiting for the decision on our subclass 190 visa application. In meantime I wanted to check something about preschool(kindergarten) admission for my wee one. She turns four this August and in case we get the visa granted anytime soon we might make the move to Melbourne say by September. My first questions is, would my daughter get admission in a preschool in a full time basis( 15 hours) that time of the year and second questions is there a fees ? I have read that the child should be 4 years old by April of the year to get admission to free one year preschool before proper schooling.
  4. Myself and partner will be migrating from the UK to ACT hopefully by the end of 2016. We will have, by then, a two year old who we will need to start introducing to kindi/education. I have no idea about how schooling works in Australia and want to be fully prepared for our daughter's future: kindergarten fees, school fees, subsidies, starting age, location catchment etc... Any advice and information would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I looked out the ielts score for kindergarten teachers (for teacher'sregistration), which is 7 in each sector.Does is the same score for teacher's assistens and childcare workers? Thanx
  6. Hello, We are moving to Sydney around 2nd week of January 2012 so have started contacting schools to get a place for my 5yr old daughter. She was born in July so currently in KS1 in the UK. However, some of the schools (eg. St Luke's Grammar) I've contacted in Sydney have stated that she'll be enrolled into Kindergarten based on daughter’s date of birth. This really worries us; it'll be a big setback for my daughter if she had to go back to Kindergarten as she has been identified by her current school as a gifted and talented child and is sending her to KS2 class for English and maths. Has anyone else experienced similar situation in the past? Could we ask the school to evaluate my daughter and place her in an appropriate grade based on ability rather than her age? We are mainly looking for catholic and private schools around Northern Beaches as I'm coming on 457 visa. Any help or advise is very much appreciated!
  7. Hi Just debating what to do and curious to hear if anyone in similar situation and what you decide. We are moving to Sydney in March 2012 (its home for me). My daughter starts Reception in September this yr. She is a June birthday so one of the young ones, but shes tall and trappy and 'rules the school' kind of kid. Im not sure if in March in sydney I should enrol her straight into Kindy and she be the youngest kid in the class (June 26 bday), or hold off Kindy until 2013 where she will be the oldest in the year? She's so excited about starting Reception in September (we have to try on the uniform every day and she sleeps with the school brochure!)...on the one hand I dont want to disadvantage her by being the youngest in the class, but on the other hand Im worried she will go through the big moment of starting big school in the UK then to be put back into nursery for a year might demotivate her... any one face this 'dilemma'?
  8. Hi, I have a little boy who will be 3.5 yrs when we arrive in Brisbane in July 2011. He currently attends a nursery 5 mornings a week in the UK, which he loves. I am trying to research nurseries in Brisbane and have applied to C&K centre in Carindale, I understand these centres are very well regarded but they can only offer 5 day / fortnights and waiting lists are long :sad: I really wanted to continue with 5 days and have come across an ABC Learning Centre that looks good via website, does anyone have any info regarding these childrens centres. Any info would be much appreciated as the clock is ticking and July is fast approaching.....:eek: Thanks lisa.x:twitcy:
  9. Guest

    Kindergarten fees on a 457 Visa

    I have a 3 year old, nearly 4 in May! Same old story as most she was due to start school in Spetember in the UK but as she misses out by 15 days she wont start school till Feb 2013. Anyone know if I get Kindergarten funding next year on a 457 Visa? Im looking into a pre kindy for her as well. Thanks
  10. Hi! I'm writeing you from Europe, Slovenia EU ,and we are thinking about to migrate to Victoria, Melbourne in the nearly future on 175 visa. So I would like to know, if someone know how is with the preschool teacher's jobs exsactly their education?I have done 3 years degree at the university of Slovenia the preschool education and 5 year5s experiences.Is this education equivalent to Bachelor degree?What will I have to do in Melbourne to confirm my proffession? I wrote by net, that I should do the anafilaxis course and first aid. Do someone know more about all of this? And how much IELTS score I gonna have to get? PS: I would know in general, if we should have to do the medical exsame before starting to work? Thanx
  11. Hi all I'm feeling very relieved to find this site as it seems that many of the answers to our questions are here somewhere...One that's not obvious to me straight away is where the good early years care/schools are in Canberra. We're moving out at the start of April with two little girls - a 20 month old, and one who is nearly 4 (as she often reminds us). My wife is the one with the job and they will put us up in an apartment until our freight arrives. So we have probably a couple of months to look at areas to live. We are keen on the idea of being close to her work (walking distance if possible, if not then a short cycle) in Civic, if we can find an affordable rental property. Any tips on where to start looking, either specific kindergartens, playschemes, nurseries, childminders or good listing sites? I've heard good childcare is at a premium in central Canberra. We are open to all sorts of options - we currently do a nanny share with another family in Bristol....Despite my forum name I expect I will start working if/when we find good childcare but there's no immediate rush. I'm looking forward to having some time with them first. Any tips on schools/areas would be very welcome - I think school/childcare will be right at the top of the list when we choose where to live... (Apologies now for cross-posting as I will put something very similar on ACT thread..)
  12. Petals

    Kindergarten places

    I know how hard it is to get into Kinders these days with the increasing birth rate but on my morning walk I noticed that the Annie Sage Centre, in Blackscamp Road Somerville has some places for four year olds in 2009. Its a nice centre. Somerville is ten mins from Frankston, Mornington, Hastings, Karingal. In the middle on top of the hill between the bays. Nice place to live as its walking distance to everything. Also jobs at Target being advertised in the new shopping centre for anyone with older children or want part time job. :smile:
  13. Sorry if this is a stupid question? Is Kindergarten the same as pre-school? and Pre-primary like the reception class, do they attend 9 -3pm? Im trying to look on the web but not getting anywhere. Many thanks Angelcake