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Found 30 results

  1. Let me be clear-- this is not in anyway to be offensive to Aussies. All the Aussies ( albeit only a handful) that I have come across were kind, soft spoken and polite. Taking on from another thread I'm just trying to explore why or whether Aussies are being perceived as the above. Do you think Aussies in any kind of majority or noticeable proportion are either one of Dumb , Drunk or Racist? Pomsinoz offers a good venue to discuss this topic because it would give a relatively unbiased opinion I think, with the majority of posters either British or Aussies. Just remember to keep it civil and not to do any racial bashing! :biggrin:. Mainly I'm interested in knowing IF there is such a perception elsewhere ( other than in India) and what are the reasons for such a perception.
  2. Hi guys, my names Ashley. I'm a mental health nurse working here in Glasgow. I'm 24 been qualified and working for addictions and child protection for the past 2 and a bit years. I'm planning to move to Melbourne in a years time the now (Oct 2012) for good however i'm coming out to Melbourne for a holiday/visit in march 2012 for 3 weeks. My flights are all booked. Would anyone kindly meet up with me for some drinks and show me around the city. Will be travelling myself. Highly appreciated it. Thank you
  3. http://news.yahoo.com/insight-automakers-race-lose-weight-125246850.html Now if only this were happening in Australia...
  4. Hello all, I am looking to move to Australia and looking to apply for a PR. I have many questions. But I wish to know, If I could get a job, any kind of job for that matter, like the ones working in stores, petrol bunks etc. People out there in this forum, Please share your knowledge. I wish not to ask many questions or write too much, as I haven't still seen ausi. Please do reply me. Thanx a lot for your time in advance. Thank you.
  5. ...shamefully, in the afternoon, after a 'night shift' watching Spurs. I was brought up in one village - Blackfield - but then 'emigrated' to another - Marchwood - when I went back to England. It's only seven miles but in some ways it's as far away as Sydney. Come to think of it, it was EXACTLY like emigrating! I went through the phases of wanting to be in Blackfield, not Marchwood, then gradually realizing there was very little left in Blackfield, before finally 'growing' into Marchwood. It's a weird feeling going back to a place where you grew up with all its childhood memories & rituals of school, games, football, bike rides, Cubs & Scouts, paper rounds, Easter eggs, picking bluebells, lopping the tops of new-grown bracken, summer hols, blackberries, conkers, Bonfire Night, Xmas. There's no going back now, not with Mum and Dad gone and so many others. I got a shock this year when I heard that a guy I went to school with had died. In the pub last night, standing next to 'Steve', this Pommie 'girl' asked me if he was my son? I shaved my beard off and had been making jokes about being ten years younger and the bouncer asking me for ID too. Sad isn't it, even maudlin!
  6. Hi all..i am new to this forum and am after some advice....my partner and i will hopefully be moving to the sydney area early next year....i am australian BY BIRTH so am sponcering him to go on a partner visa ..we have yet to apply but have been told this would take around 6 months to obtain a visa for him once applyed for....the question i want to know is he currenty works for sunseekers as a laminator/fiberglass making the ships /yauchts bodys..he will be a NVQ 2 qualified COMPOSITE ENGENEER when he goes out there with 5 years experiance..i have seached for this type of job title over there but can not find any jobs simler so i am worried.....im guessing they call it something else out there as surely there are boat builders over there with all that sea....i havent been back to the country to live for many many years so am without knowlage of this....any advice please?. XX:eek::confused::jimlad:
  7. Hello everyone,,, Just need bit of advice as havnt been on here for a while,,,I am in process of hopefully migrating I am 31 worked in banking for 8 years plus I am a qualified makeup artist and beautician. My hubby 33 has just completed an AQF3 as Fibrous plasterer as he ddnt have the classroom hours needed for the skilled visa so told through our agent we are using this will help. Have just paid the TRA fee so once we get results from that are hoping to apply for independent skilled visa as would love to go the goldocast however, if we have to go on state sponsor we are happy to go to Perth as need to go where theres work really. Would like to hear from anyone going through similar process for any advice and tips really as we are new to all this as much as i research things would be lovely to hear other peoples experiences. Feel like we are starting to make progress finally. Thanks xx :notworthy:
  8. Hello, im currently looking at prices for flying over to oz... I have been quoted a pretty reasonable price but... it would mean having to change to 2 or 3 times, friends have told me that will be better than doing the journey with one change over, as it will break it up a bit for me.. however they have never done this trip, i would like to hear from others that have... is it better to change once... or 2 or 3 times? regards clare x
  9. Guest

    what kind of life

    I will be working as nurse on top of nurse payscale (2,326 fortnight basic) and hubby part time secondary teacher. Wanting to move to Melbourne. If we are paying aout 450 week rent and have 2 kids at school (state I think) what kind of standard of living will we have? Trying to work out if we should move or not.
  10. Afro Developer

    Being cruel to be kind.....

    Ok, so my girlfriend has decided to start cycling to work. In her own words "to get in shape and loose a little weight". She has her nice new Specialized bike, nice new winter attire including water proof, wind proof and reflective clothing. New cycling shoes, new rucksack and super bright new LED lights. So why all the emphasis on her equipment. Well, after watching her invest fairly heavily in this new gear. I became a little dismayed when I'd see it sit there over the months gathering dust. Not only that, but the desire to cycle and get in shape just seemed to be all talk. So today is the day when she finally set off to work on her bike, but I know my girlfriend. She will be on the phone soon asking "can you pick me up". Here's the thing. A habit of exercise has to be developed. Otherwise she'll take the path of least resistance and never meet her goals of getting fit. Sometimes all we need to get going is a motivational factor. So when she calls, should I pick her up, or let her cycle the five miles home?
  11. Tosh

    New, ish, kind of, sorta

    Hi all, we're kinda new to here, actually joined ages ago then never really came on because our wedding and new baby took over. Finally all settled and can now get back to trying our luck/dream at getting to Oz. Pretty much got all the info part sorted now just gathering evidence together along with money and hopefully a migration agent if anyone knows of a decent one. Good luck to you all if you're going, coming back or still deciding. Off to the expo in London on March 6th if anyone else is. Tosh
  12. Hello all, Well I have made it over here now after a year of wanting but my situation might be a little different from some of you here. I got in with a 457 visa, but here's were it become a bit complicated, I work as a ships engineer so my sponsoring company flew me in for my 5 weeks then will fly me back to the UK. So even though I'm here I'm not really! Now we really want to emigrate out here and live in close proximity to Kardinya WA as this is where my wife sister lives. So when I go to sea for 5 weeks, Gillian is not on her own, miles away from home! My question is as we know exactly where we want to live is there any point in renting in the area before we buy or will I have trouble getting a mortgage without an address in Australia? Is it always best to rent first to get some credit rating? Obviously we will be able to stay with my sister in law but would only be short term. Many thanks Martin
  13. Hi guys - this post is fantastic and great to receive so much information.... :biggrin: I have been on the DIMIA website, however have failed to find any solution or confirmation of my situation, however this forum may be the answer? I live in Sydney (UK Citizen) and have 2 children here with me (now married in Oz). My mam has been here on a 12 month 676 visa and it is due to expire in June of next year so plenty of time - just looking into things at the moment.... Her situation is she has 2 children in UK and only myself in Oz.... She would probably like to spend time with both and come and go but it is very expensive with flights! My children are very young at the moment and she has been a big help to me and my wife and we were wondering options for her next year to extend..... The options so far: Another 676 - this was the second 12 month visa she had approved. In the last correspondence with DIMIA they advised we should be exploring alternative visa options and it would be unlikely another 12 months would be approved. We could get a normal 3 month visa but it is a lot of flying to and from and not what we really want..... She would like a long extended stay in Oz where she can come and go as she pleases. Retirement visa - she is only 59 therefore not eligible - these also look very expensive. Parent Visas (contributory) - not applicable as she has 2 x children in UK. Is there anyway around these restrictions? I am at a bit of a loose end and see there are a number of very knowledgable people on this forum therefore I would be grateful for some input/feedback re options going forward. The DIMIA advised the following in the last 676 I applied for which makes me worry/wonder whether my mam would be granted another?? As stated in our previous correspondence, based on your previous travel history OR ( information held by the Department) and your intended period of stay in Australia, you should note that if you continue to use one or more Tourist Visas, including Electronic Travel Authorities (ETAs) and Tourist Visas (Subclass 676) to reside in Australia that you may not be considered to be a genuine tourist as stated above. Therefore if you wish to reside in Australia or continue to spend the majority of your time in Australia you may like to consider other visa options. Should you continue to use Tourist Visas to reside in Australia you should note subsequent Tourist visas applications could be refused or you may experience difficulties or delays on arrival in Australia. Alternative Visa Options It would be great if I knew what these visa options are - if at all there is any but the DIMIA did not assist - I would be grateful for any comments from the people on this post.... Thanks Richy
  14. Hi, I am sure that someone will have asked a similar question to the one I ma going to ask but I have had a look on the Forum and can't find it if they have. I am a UK citizen and am getting married to my Kiwi fiancee next March (2011). We are hoping to move to Oz (Melbourne) in the next couple of years and so are starting to look into Visa's. We are obviously fortunate tha my fiancee is from New Zealand so can move to Oz with no problems, but I would like some advice on the best option for us. From my research so far, I think the best option for me would be the partner Visa, and hope I get a permanent one. Does anyone know how likely this would be? We have been together for 7 years and own a house together in the UK. We also have a 11 month old daughter, born in the UK. We are also wondering if it would be worth my fiancee getting her Oz citizenship. Her mum is Australian so she is entitled by descent, but we arent sure if this would actually have any advantage over simply going over as a NZ citizen. Has anyone else looked into this? Would it increase my chances of getting a permanent partnership Visa? Lastly, we are not sure what kind of Visa our daughter would need? Any advice on this is greatly appreciated, the Australian embassy are not easy people to get hold of! Many thanks, James
  15. Hello, my OH has been offered a job as a contractor, but she holds a WHV and she will be given a Bridging visa for the Partner visa application a few weeks after our arrival ; do you know if there are some visa or residency restrictions/conditions to be abe to be a contractor? thanks a lot for your feedback
  16. Hi I am busy booking flights as we have to validate by the 11th of September.My husband is leaving on the 1st of August and will reach Perth on the 2nd at 17:25.We know nobody down there and he will need accomodation around Perth. Anyone know of somewhere really cheap where he could stay,he is gonna do his electrical A licence from the 09/08 to the 23/08 and will be at college the whole day,so basically looking for somewhere to sleep.We will join him a month later and hopefully he will have everything sorted and ready for us.We are not looking for anything expensive because to be honest everything we saved and thought we could afford has gone down the drain with the exchange rate. Even if someone has a spare back room it would be helpful. Or better still if somebody could help us out by meeting him at the airport and showing him the ropes,we would be very grateful. P.S I am not talking about relocation people who charge for their services.I am asking for some kind soul to lend a hand. Thank You :wubclub: Kind Regards Mylady Better to try and fail than fail to try
  17. sykestykes

    Kind Strangers

    I was just thinking about when my parents came over to visit us in September this year and the things we had done whilst they were here. It got me to thinking what their opinion of Australia was, having never been here before. My dear dad had a severe stroke 4 years ago and is now in a wheelchair. It took alot of thought and planning for him to get here but we practically had to prise him out of the house and back onto that plane, he loved it so much here. Anyway, we took my parents out and about alot while they were here, and my dad was particularly struck with how kind strangers were and how likely they were to offer help with his wheelchair. We went out on a wheelchair-friendly boat trip one day but inevitably there was a strip of sand that meant we had to be prepared to carry the wheelchair across the sand to the boat ramp. No less than three Aussie fellow passengers approached us in the queue to volunteer helping us across the sand with the chair, spoke to my dad and had a laugh with him (generally people either ignore him or speak my mum instead of asking him things direct - people weirdly assume he is unable to think or speak because he is disabled). They specifically looked out for him when disembarking so they could help him again. When my mum took him out for a stroll in his chair, people approached them and began to chat, asking him what caused him to be in a wheelchair, what they thought of Oz etc and were impressed with his determination to visit us here. More than once he was told "Bloody good on ya, mate!" Their general impression of the Aussies were that they are kind, love a natter and speak their minds. My dad thrived on the fresh air, sunshine, good meat and fresh vegetables. They can't wait to come back here. Sue x
  18. hi just need some help. We are trying to put together short term rental properties for familes arriving from the uk. Can anyone let me know what type of Accomadation would suit your needs. Fully Furnished Apartments Unfurnished Apartments Fully Furnished Houses, Townhouses or Villas Thanks for your help Joyce
  19. :hug: A BIG thank you for your help. I havent been on alot over the last year or so but have found lots of advice and information and now have just got my Visa!!! applied 14/08/2009 C/O asked for medical 17/08/2009 Visa granted 10/09/2009 Look out Australia - here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. PommyPaul

    What kind of spider is this?

    KlZNv-bnJ8o had three of these running around the house today and also went into a shed on the farm, picked up a container and walked about ten meters, felt something tickling my arm and there was a spider easily bigger than that one on my arm. yes i screamed haha
  21. Dear All Friends, I have applied VE 176 visa on march 09,submitted medical on 5th may against my co requested on 14 april.Till i am waiting fo rmy visa. Two weeks back i have received the message from my co. This application remains under active consideration. Internal routine checks will need to be completed. No documents are required at this stage. You will be notified should any further information be required. What is the status of my application,and when will i got my visa? Please advise me Ritu
  22. Yay...I saw my first redback at work today, I took the rear bar off of an Audi and saw a bright red stripe. I did what any self respecting man did, I froze, called over the biggest man in the workshop to get his advice on the matter, after confirming that it was a redback we spent the next few mins flapping round like girls trying to get to it without being bitten, when we finally got it we made ourselves feel like real me again by stamping on it!
  23. Guest

    What kind of Visa?

    Hi All, We moved to Australia in the late ninties on a 457 company sponsorship. We had our second daughter out there and not knowing how lucky we were to have had all the visa processing done for us we accidently moved back to England. We are all older now and have decided to move back to Australia and I would like to know what kind of visa my eldest daughter who will be 17-18 and just come out of a-levels will need. Would she be able to go on our visa applications or would she need to lodge her own application? Thanks Fixitjus
  24. I'm just wondering what kind if jobs there are out there for me? I currently work as an admin clerk working for a union and have done for 4 yrs now. i don't have a specific trade. Will this effect my visa? I do have a degree in Sociology which I feel maybe useless. Mel