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Found 12 results

  1. ................I have tried to .........as often as feasible to be aware of how the meat I buy has been treated in life...........................my youngest son [15]............................had become rather blase about meat and its origins............................so we have watched the program Kill it Cook it Eat it..............:eek:............and although he said its not put him off eating meat..........:wideeyed:............he will be more aware of how it has been reared and killed...............................when I asked him if he would be able to kill what he ate................he said he would...........:swoon:............training provided of course....................me ?.................unfortunatly no..........:nah:.........and it has also made me more diligent on what meat I buy.........:yes:.........how about any one else..............?could you kill it ............cook it...............eat it.............??????
  2. Glad I Moved

    Germaine says kill your dogs!

    The poor old dear really shouldn't be allowed out by herself... From today's Sydney Morning Herald: "Outspoken Australian feminist Germaine Greer has launched a stinging attack on domestic dogs, blaming them for the ruination of a protected perennial flower, the English bluebell. Addressing Britain's Hay Festival on Thursday, the 72-year-old Melbourne-born academic who owns a patch of land covered in the plant that flowers in spring, pointed the finger at toxic dog poo for the plant's scarcity. "If you love your bluebells, kill your dog," said Greer dramatically, according to Britain's Daily Telegraph website. She blamed the phosphorous in dog faeces for changing the chemical environment and killing off fungi, essential for the bluebell's survival." And we thought that dogs were doing it tough down under!
  3. Guest

    Cap and Kill - update

    The Migration Amendment Visa Capping Bill 2010 before the last Parliament has lapsed - yahoo! :laugh:. The discontinuation of Parliament to allow for the last election meant that all proposed legislation waiting before both houses was terminated. It remains to be seen if the new government or Minister proposes it again. (Maybe we should all write to the new Minister again, sigh.) The Capping and Ceasing of offshore GSM cases lodged before 1 September 2007 affected 5400 applications (11,500 people, including family members), and 3000 have requested a refund.
  4. Hi folks. Have you ever wanted to smack the next person in the face who says, 'Its Character Building', or What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger'. I know, I know, the above sentiments are said with the best of intentions the vast majority of the time, and they are said in a willingness to try and help, AND there is undoubtedly a LOT of truth in them as well, BUT. Don't you just occasionally want to say to the person involved, 'Just pi77 off, and leave me alone'.:biglaugh::biglaugh: These statements are often said after something bloody awful has happened and there you are wondering what the hell you are going to do next to get your life back on track. Redundancy, breakup, death of a loved one, the list is endless. As I said the vast majority of the time these sentiments are said in order to try and help, but at certain times all you want to hear is that your life is indeed crap and yet again you have messed up. Honesty is often the best policy you know.:biglaugh::biglaugh: Cheers Tony:wink:
  5. Kill and ban ALL threads about DRC Please Same Contents were posted throughout ALL of Australia Immigrant BBS A terrible Advertisement @! PLEASE GIVE YOUR REAL NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, TRN NUMBER FOR EVERYONE TO verify the truth by CALLING AUSTRALIA IMMIGRANT BUREAU IF it's true information !
  6. Ahhhhhhhhhh really going to kill OH as he claimed to have lived in another country for 12 months when it was actually only 10 months. Case officer emailed today to say we now need a police check from this country. I am MEGA paranoid and stressed that it will look like we are simply changing dates to avoid another cost/time for the police check or everything we have 'declared' will be called into question when I say we messed up. Ahhhh not a happy night in our house tonight. Keep day dreaming that we will have to go back to start of que or will be rejected so close to the end due to him being sloppy in filling this out. :arghh: This won't happen though, right? Huh? I should calm down, it will all be ok and Mr nice case officer will understand...
  7. Guest

    Road Kill!

    Sitting here this morning reading the news and I see the following Motorist dies swerving to avoid koala the poor woman died trying to avoid a koala. Right now there are an abundance of roos on the road, jumping out at my car, they are like grease lightening but touch wood I have always managed to avoid them. When I asked my OH what he does he says well you slow down obviously but never swerve and if you hit them, if its safe to do so get the sledgehammer and finish them off:GEEK:. In theory, it all makes common sense (similar to hitting black ice I guess back home, you drive into your skid) but in practical terms does your brain at the time actually follow this logical route or is it a woman thing? (apologies not being sexist but we are the softer species:wink:)... Susie x
  8. Hi Guys, Just wondered what your thoughts are with regards to this subject? This is in relation to the following news story, printed last week ‘Indefinite sentence’ butcher Gregory Davis freed | The Sun |News An e-petition has been set up to impose a law change so these criminals have to serve a minimum sentence. Petition to: introduce a minimum sentence for mentally ill criminals who kill their victims. | Number10.gov.uk I am personally involved, however, even if I wasn't I think 6 years in prison for murdering 2 people and attempting to murder a third is just shocking. If you agree, please sign the petition, it takes just 1 minute! You do need to be a British Citizen or resident and there is a specific 'expatriate' option. If you do sign, please let me know Thanks, Lisa
  9. Guest

    How to kill a cane toad

    Aussie residents and wanna-be residents this could be handy: A Winters Weekend in Noosa, Queensland « In the Hot Spot
  10. All the research is done, even down to choosing the Foxtel package we'd opt for, but we've still never been to OZ. My wife and I are planning to visit Sydney in October as the final tick in the box before making our decision to migrate or not. So what's my biggest fear? Making the wrong decision? Nope, I have a no regrets policy so even the wrong decision will make for a richer life experience and some lessons learnt. No, my real fear is that we love it and want to get out there ASAP! I don't 'do' waiting at the best of times, so the prospect of months and months of waiting is truely daunting. So I have two questions really aimed at sanity maintenance: 1) Is the annual allocation applicable for skilled entry? I mean say we apply for our visas in December. Could we tick all the boxes (i'm recognised as skilled and my wife is on the MODL) but still have to wait until the following June/July because of allocation limits??? That would be a nightmare. 2) I've heard that online applications are getting quicker and quicker. If we were super organised and did everything perfectly in terms of paperwork, do you think that we could have visas in 6 months from start to finish (skills assessment > visa in post)? Thanks in advance for any answers/advice. :unsure: Doug
  11. Ok, as the title says, must we kill the spiders, or is there another way? I think these creatures are much-maligned and I think that they are beautiful and amazing. HOWEVER. If it's gonna hurt me, then I don't really want it too close, but does EVERYONE in Australia kill them? Or are there any other crazy people who would rather not kill them? Can I (carefully) catch them and relocate them outside? Or is that a stupid idea? I need to know, please, so all advice welcome. I am not terrified of spiders, wouldn't particularly want one crawling on me, but can definitely tolerate having a harmless one (such as a Huntsman) in the house, as surely they do what they're supposed to do, which is eat all the bugs and insects. Really don't know if I could kill one, just for existing, but if you guys tell me it's the only way.........I will have to come round to the idea. I think I've got it right, that the Huntsman is harmless but huge, whilst the Red Backs and the White Tails are smaller, but with a nasty bite that is potentially harmful. Any other spider geeks welcome:GEEK: to the club. Rache:wubclub:
  12. Currently finalizing my application and hoping to submit next week but was wondering where to draw the line on certified documentation. Surely I'm ok to send an original electricity bill ??!!!Any pointers really appreciated