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Found 16 results

  1. Ninas

    Kidney transplant question

    Hi Everyone, Am new to this forum ,and really seek guidance. After visiting Melbourne on work I have fallen in love with the place and really want to settle down there.I have applied for PR under skilled 189 visa and hopefully will make it( fingers crossed) but my main concern is with my boyfriend getting a PR. He too is securing sufficient points for skilled independent189 visa but has a medical condition. He had had a transplant 2 years back for kidney failure with FSGS. But now he is absolutely fine and doing good,working and living all by himself.His doctor too is very hopeful and actually quite certain that he is not going to face dialysis or kidney rejection anywhere in near future. He is 26 years old and his medical costs are within 25000 AUD a year. In case of medical expense being a problem we can ship whole year's drug from India and also as am O +ve, am his living donor for future. Does he stand a chance of getting a PR as settlement will become impossible with me only receiving the PR. I look forward to help ,kindly guide us so that we can realize our dream of starting a life in Melbourne. Warm Regards Ninas
  2. Hello, I'm the secondary applicant of my wife's 175 visa. I've been diagnosed with ADPKD when I was 13. Blood tests since then have shown my condition has not progressed, which means there's little chance I will develop chronic kidney disease in the future. I'm in contact with my doctor to prepare a report stating the condition, current state and long-term prognosis. I've read a lot about health requirements and I'm aware that conditions like this can cause visa refusal, even if I may never need dialysis. Still, I would like to hear from people who have applied and had ADPKD (or similar conditions), and what was the outcome. I read other threads in this forum that mention polycystic kidney disease, but the outcome was not mentioned. I appreciate any information that may help us in increasing the chances our visa application will be accepted. Thanks in advance, Cheers, Will
  3. Hi all, My partner and I are now applying for a sub-class 190 visa following our Vic nomination. I have a pre-existing medical condition and I have done some research on this, and have gone to see a Consultant who has costed the care for my condition over the next 5 years (£5k over 5 years), which is less than the $35k 5 year limit DIBP put on conditions. Does anyone know of any further limitations on medical conditions? I have kidney disease, so may need a transplant at some point, but my condition is currently stable and the consultant I went to see confirmed that it would be a long time before I needed a transplant (if at all). Is there anything further I can provide to strengthen my case? Chris
  4. Hello I am looking forward to live in Australia but I have a medical condition that could be a problem. After a couple of interviews with local agents we meet the requirements but my medical conditions apparently makes it a big NO! I received a kidney transplant 2 years ago after kidney failure due to Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). I am currently very healthy but the cost of my meds is the big problem apparently. The expensiveness of my anti-rejection drugs and the fact that I am bound to suffer kidney failure and the result would make me go into dialysis in the future makes my case very difficult. I read in forums about cases alike that were refused but then accepted after the applicant doctor provided facts about the drugs patents expirations that made them less expensive http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/561096-post6.html. Looking on the web and with my meds dosage I calculated a total annual cost of my medicines of aprox $9,189 and $4,104 for generic. These prices are from the web, I guess the cost of them for the Aussie government would be less even less for the generic versions, beside this meds I only need to have a checkup once every year. Also the Venezuelan healthcare system provides this meds for me and I could have my meds supply for a year shipped to me every year. Since I don’t have to resign to my Venezuelan citizenship I believe this could help. My girlfriend is an architect and wants to do a master in Australia but needs to do an English course first because she will not get the minimum required grade for the English test. We have enough money to cover the expenses and all the proof is available for the immigration office. I would also like to do a master degree, I graduated from international business in USA, however; if me applying for the visa is a problem I can wait for my master degree. Sorry I know it is too long but I wanted to explain well our situation and see if anyone can give us good info and recommendations on this matter. Yours truly Matac
  5. Hi there, We are in the process of moving to Albury. My Hubbie has a job with a company who will sponsor him on a 457 visa. My only fear is that I have a kidney transplant and I am afraid it will cause problems on the medical. I have it 16 years this May but take a lot of medication which in Ireland is paid for. If anybody has any advice or has been through a similar scenario I would love to hear about it. Thanks, Sian x
  6. Guest

    Will I get through the medical?

    Hi all - this is my very first experience on this forum so please be gentle with me! My husband and I are in the middle of applying for a permanent visa (119 RSM?) as he has been offered a job in Adelaide. I have trying not to get too excited as I am really worried about whether I will get through the medical. I am 44 and have had a kidney transplant for the last 25 years. I am on a number of meds (anti-rejection and blood pressure) and, although all my results are good and I have good renal function, realistically I will need further care in the future (although who knows what's in the store for any of us really .....) The medical panel is booked for next month and in the meantime I am going to see my consultant and get him to write a letter explaining my history, current situation and prognosis. I would really really welcome and advice fron anyone who has been through something similar. I so want to embrace this experience and live it to the full but I daren't start to dream quite yet ... Thanks in advance .....:unsure:
  7. tonyman

    kidney beans and rice

    i know on the tin it says rinse well , which i do ........but why do we have to do that ...also rice should be rinsed very well .....i do but i know many that dont .....i normally get the chilli beans , in a tin , that dont need rinsing ......they are real nice .....so why do we have to rinse these tinned and packed foods ...?:confused:
  8. I'm sure I've read a posting about someone's wife or even them, being granted PR even though they had had a kidney transplant, but I cant find it, anyone know if this has ever been granted? thanks
  9. Guest

    Beef Suet - Dilemma

    OK, I'm sad. But here's the dilemma. I am a keen and reasonable cook (IMO), from fine dining down to the week-night basics, pasta, asian, seafood etc. We hate fast foods, avoid take-aways and we eat pretty healthily. But now and again we fancy a bit of old style Pommie grub, as was the case on Mothers day when I said to Barb I will cook what ever you fancy. "Steak and Kidney Pud" was the reply. OK, no probs, nipped round the butchers, lambs kidneys, good bit of steak. But can you find beef suet in any shop in Oz, can you buggery! The average Oz is a lazy cook and to be fair living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney the influence is Asian and the supermarkets accommodate there tastes, not a problem usually but to satisfy Barb's Mothers Day needs I needed Beef Suet. So we had S&K Pie. So please help tell me where I can buy beef suet, Atora or similar. And no not the crap pre-made suet pastry for dumplings. Danny
  10. hi, my husband has been offered a jobs with a pr 121 visa. We have 10 weeks to get all documents together and get our medicals done. He has PKD the only 'symptom' he has is high blood presure which he has medication for. He was under a specialist when we lived in germany (we moved back to the uk 10/08) He hasn't been to a specialist here yet as he hasn't had any other symptoms....what can I say, nurses make the worse patients!!!!! I have said that he should get to a doctor/specialist so as he can get a letter stating that he is in good health. The only letter he has concerning this is dated 2007. I am really worried he wont pass the medical....Moving costs sooooooo much money and to go ahead with everything and he fails the medical...we dont have that kind of money to through away...not only are we moving with 2 teenagers but we are leaving 3 behind to attend Uni here.....very expensive!!!!!!! Anyway.....has anyone, who has PKD, had their meds recently and passed without any hassles????Just want to put my mind at ease a little;) My husband says he if it comes to it he wont say anything at the medical...but i am not comfortable with that at all. any info will be very helpful. thanks. Sharon.xxx
  11. Guest

    kidney transplant-related query

    Hello Thanks so much for all the valuable information on this forum - we have found answers to a lot of the questions we had. Our situation is the same as others mentioned on other threads, in that my husband had a living-donor kidney transplant in 2004 and has been fine ever since. What is stopping us from proceeding with a visa application is the cost of the medicines and health insurance. Other than medical approval issues (for which I think we have enough information on) what we need to be concerned with is our only visa options at the moment are temporary ones (me via a job offer, or my husband via state sponsorship). Does anyone know if the medicals are as stringent for a temporary visa and will all the same questions be asked? I understand that health insurance is compulsory for temporary visa holders, and I wonder whether the fact that my husband has a pre-existing condition would prevent us from getting health insurance (as it does in this country)? If available, does anyone have any idea what the premiums would be? Also, are there any group insurance options offered through employers which could cover pre-existing conditions, and are such insurance policies routinely offered with jobs? If not, do you know how much it would cost for my husband to see a consultant nephrologist once or twice per year? Are any of these costs covered via the Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement? We also wondered if it is possible for medicines to be shipped from UK if we have not emigrated permanently? Would we also face the same medical issue difficulties when applying for permanent visas if we are already in Australia? I wonder if there is anyone else out there on a temporary visa in this/similar situation? Sorry for all the questions, but as you can probably guess we have had to think through a lot of issues carefully before making a big decision, yet we also understand how precious health is and want to make this change in order to live our lives to the full. Thank you
  12. Guest

    Kidney problem and Protein

    Hi Just wondering if anyone else has had previous experience of this. My husband has an ongoing kidney condition which in itself doesn't appear to be a problem - he has spoken to his consultant today and he has confirmed there shouldn't be a problem apart from the fact that my husband constantly has protein in his urine and the assessors don't like that. Has anyone else got through the medicals with a constant protein problem - i.e. not just protein due to an infection?! We are now looking into the possibility of getting a pre visa medical - does anyone know if this is possible? Any advice gratefully received - Many thanks Claire
  13. Guest

    kidney issues for my son

    Hi all, my youngest son has a kidney disorder called Hydronephrosis. He had an operation to correct this when he was 11 months on his left kidney but his right kidney is also slightly enlarged. We went last December to see the surgeon who would have discharged him but as his right kidney is affected we have to see him again this December. My son has had no problems with this since his op or really before his op. We are just about to lodge our visa and i've been looking at other posts on here. Any advice would be gratefully recieved or if anyone has had a similar experience please share it with me as i am getting worried. Many thanks Natalie :spinny:
  14. Hi, Has anyone any experience of passing medicals with polycystic kidney disease (PKD), we recently discovered my wife's mum has this condition, she is 55 and it doesnt really affect her she just has to have regular check ups, however it may lead to her having to go on kidney dialysis or kidney transplant. Since PKD is a genetic condition that can be inherited - therefore my wife has a 50/50 chance of having PKD, and if she does so do our two children have an equal chance. My wife doesn't want to have a scan to see if she has PKD as although it can lead to a life threating disease, there isnt anything that you can do now to prevent it so she thinks why worry. The thing is does she have to declare this information in her medical (our visa application was only submitted last week so its a way off yet)? I have looked at the medical forms and can't find any reference to declaring known medical conditions of parents. There is a section for "Kidney or bladder disease" - where she can truthfully respond "No", she hasn't been diagnosed with any kidney or bladder disease neither has she shown any sysmptoms. None of the medical tests would show if she has it - only genetic testing or kidney scans would show it up (if she had it). If she does have to declare this information, then I guess she is best having the test to see whether she does have it or not. That way we can hopefully find out she doesnt and then its fine, but if she does does anyone have any experience of passing the medical with this condition. Sorry for the long post, any advice welcome Rob
  15. Dons

    Only 1 kidney!

    Hi all can anyone tell me if they have known anyone have any problems because of only having 1 kidney? My sister in law had one removed at 2 months old but is a fit and healthy 35 year old. Her and her family are thinking of following us out there and is concerned this could be a problem at the medicals stage. Any info/opinions greatly appreciated Thanks Dons and family x
  16. :unsure: I am an Australian living in London. I am married to an englishman and we are applying for a visa to move back to Oz. Unfortunately about 7 years ago my husband had a kidney transplant. He is in fine health now but I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences applying for visa's with serious health issues? I am so nervous I just want to come home. Thanks Megs