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Found 16 results

  1. Hello all,my names Mitch Sweet, im currently 19 years old, i live in a small town called Nuneaton which is just outside of Coventry in the West Midlands. I am half way through a 5 year apprenticeship with TNT (an australian company!) as a heavy vehicle technician. This includes a lot of work with commercial diesel vehicles also training in welding, vehicle electrics and all my HGV licenses.I have always wanted to go to australia and live there and i would especially like to make the move while i am young with no major ties in the uk (other than family obviously). Unfortunatly I have not got a clue of where to start the process so i was hoping to get some advice on what the right steps to take are of you guys! especially visas! i really dont understand them! ahaMy aim is to be living in oz by 2015, i dont know if thats realistic or not! but by then i shall be 23 and should have my class 1 driving license and i will be fully qualifiedthanks!
  2. http://windowsteamblog.com/windows/b/windowsexperience/archive/2011/10/05/10-ways-you-know-your-child-will-grow-up-to-be-a-microsoft-employee.aspx
  3. yesterday I endured a birthday party of a friend of my son's from kindy. It was 2 hours of utter hell. One of these indoor play centres, staffed by 12 year old girls. Over run with screaming kids, some of whom looked older than the staff, and some of them were bigger than me. Luckily there were 2 friends there who were at another 'party' for the first hour so I had someone to talk to. After they left I tried talking to the parents of my 'party', but unfortunately being from a 'European' background, they were a family megaclique and had formed a huge impenetrable circle around the chicken nuggets and party pies, which I thought were supposed to be for the kids. No wonder most of them were morbidly obese So I snuck off with a couple of nuggets (which I had to lean over a man mountain to reach), ordered a cup of p8ss weak tea, and sat down with the 'paper'. Well, it was the Sunday Herald Sun, so in reality I sat down with 20Kg of advertising material, interspersed with stories about Aussie battlers. I got sprung after less than 5 minutes by my son who begged me to follow him round. I duly obliged but immediately regretted it, as he led me back to Little Albania again, my little oasis of calm a distant memory. After precxisely 2 hours of this, I said "right! that's it! home now!" to my son. Luckily he seemed quite keen to go, but that was only cos he knew it meant he'd be the first to score the party bag........... And to think when he starts school next year this could be a weekly fixture.........
  4. What mischief which you would chastise your kids for today did you get up to as a kid :biggrin: When I was about 12 my brother and his mates used to go out in the middle of the night and do the "crop circles" in Cornwall and parts of the West Country, they actually had a few printed in the papers with experts saying they were done by aliens, my bro would take me with him sometimes without my parents knowledge and it was scary yet great fun while it lasted, my parents finally found out and barred me going, brings back great memories:cute:.
  5. motherof2

    Kid's documentation

    We're moving to Geelong late next month so realistically I can't see my kids starting school until the new term in October. I think my daughter is doing to have to repeat her final term at primary school again and my son who's just moved into yr 10 (they start earlier at his school) willprobably have to do a term of year 9 again. Can anyone tell me what documents, letters, info I will need to have to hand? I've got their red imms books out already. Thanks
  6. When I was a kid in England, I absolutely loved Whizzer and Chips comics. I especially loved the annual hardcover comic book, which I would usually get for Christmas. There were some others too, one was a shark with a hook through its jaw, and something else about a spy. These were great in my childhood, but I don't think they exist for kids anymore. We always used to get the Daily Express newspaper too and I always liked to read The Gambols comic every day. I would buy the books too. The only one I ever really liked in more recent times was Dilbert. Did you like comics when you were a kid, and if so which ones ?
  7. Calling all parents in Sydney... I've got 2 weeks to kill in Sydney and would really appreciate any advice on kid-friendly places to go to fill up the time. We've already been here for 2 weeks and have visited before, so it's safe to say we've done all the touristy things / attractions / museums to death - plus I don't think my wallet can take any more big hits like it has seeing all those little fishes, sharks and fluffy animals! We're staying in Lane Cove, so would love to find any indoor soft play centres - or that sort of thing - nearby that might keep a 9-year old and a 3-year old happy. Are there any?! I've been on the move for a month now since packing up and leaving Perth, so to say we're all unsettled and suffering cabin fever would be an understatement! Thanks Rachel :biggrin:
  8. Just got back from Coles to find my wallet missing. I was wearing cargo pants with a small back pocket so I put my wallet in the leg pocket...........I remember clearly leaving the last shop with my wallet so I knew it must've dropped onto the car park..........turns out it must've fell outta my pocket when I raised my leg to climb into the fourby. Dashed back to the shopping centre looked at where I was parked..........no wallet. Fearing the worst I asked at Coles if anyone had handed it in. Imagine my surprise when the girl reached under the counter and handed it me, complete with credit cards and 500 bucks cash that I'd just drawn from the ATM. :hug: Turns out the young trolley boy had found it and taken it straight into his superior. What a job trying to get him to take 50 bucks reward! Made my day knowing that there are still honest folk around and even more so him being so young and working for peanuts. :notworthy: kev
  9. markry

    Kid's Savings

    Hi all - I wonder if anyone could help with a few questions I have on kids savings. We are going over to Melbourne in November and are planning on taking the kids savings with us (and the kids aswell!). Would the interest on these be classed as income for my wife and I in terms of tax? I know we can apply for a tax file number for the kids - in this case would the money be treated as theres so they could get the $6000 tax free allowance? Any help greatly appreciated!
  10. Guest

    Kid's Visas

    Hi I'm going out to Australia on the Working Holiday visa and my wife and children are going out on the Tourist Visa - Do the kid's need a seperate visa or can they go out on my wife's Tourist one? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I have another question for you all... We have decided to go to Oz (Melbourne) next April/May time. The kids will be 8 and 11, does anyone have any tips for helping them with the time difference. We live in UK so the time difference will be 10 hours ahead. I am really worried about how to help them adjust and avoid getting kids that once went to sleep and now will be a nightmare when we return to Uk. Any ideas on what you have done in the past greatly appreciated.
  12. Guest

    new kid old codger

    This is the first time I have used this format so I dont know a blog from my elbow. Anyway Australia we hope to all emigrate there the problem is getting info, The thing is I would and my wife retire ( though I am a qualified plumber heating and gas fitter) out there I wouldnt mind working on but am not sure of the type of visa required. My family would come with us that is a son 26, daughter 22 and another daughter 25 her partner 26 and grandson 18months so we would all like to go together. I have family in Brisbane so would go there first. Its just getting the ball rolling. Would we be able to apply together or would we have to apply seperately?
  13. Guest

    Kid Problems

    Had my mother in law around last night , and she informed me that my daughter aged 11 does not want to move to oz .I thought everything was fine she seemed excited about moving ,Spoke to my daughter last night about it and she said that nanny said she would miss her and proberley wouldnt see her again which has made me soooooo mad:realmad:. So now i have the problem of trying to talk my daughter around to the idea again . I know that my mum and my mother in law are upset about the move and i can understand that but i wish they would back off a bit . what do i do all advice welcome ........... karen :sad:
  14. Guest

    New Kid On The Block

    Well hi everyone!!!! Heres one for you.... Thinking of escaping the good old UK.... That's me the boss (Mrs) and the 4 kids aged 12/17/17/19... Now the Mother-in-law wants to join the party and maybe even the sister-in-law with her son 17..... Whats this about Balance of Family??? I am just over the 44 age hurdle ..not that you would notice though. I have a brother is SA and have visited several times and we would just love to get up and go.... Whats the chances of all of us going and where do I start....:arghh:
  15. Guest

    Another new kid on the block

    Hi everyone, we are in our late 50's and about to begin our adventure of a lifetime. We managed to secure one of the last retirement visas a year ago and are now moving to Mornington, Victoria in September. I notice jonseywife are in Mornington - you might be our neighbours and we might be up for babysitting!!!!. We are going to buy a house but will probably have to rent for six months or so before we can find what we want. We have a cousin living in Mornington, but other than that know no-one. We are keen golfers and looking to join a golf club and hope to take up bowling as well. Anyone living in the Mornington district give us any help/guidance on where the best place to live might be. We thought Mount Eliza or Mornington itself, near to the beaches. Anyone a member of Mornington Golf Club? Looking forward to joining in the chat with you all.
  16. Guest

    new kid on the block