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Found 13 results

  1. Guest

    Are they going to kick me out?

    I am currently living and working in Sydney on a Partner temporary visa (subclass 309) which is due to transition to a Partner permanent visa (subclass 100) in January next year. Unfortunatley I have just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis - the Australian healthcare system has been great and I am on an interferon treatment. I have been doing some research and I think that I might not be granted the Partner permanent visa (subclass 100) because my disease is one that would This is partially because of the treatment that I am taking (interferon is specifically mentioned) but I think it is just the overall likely cost to the taxpayer of my healthcare. So my question is - is it likely that I will be forced to leave Australia, sell my house and quit my job?
  2. tonyman

    kick in the eye,eye eye eye ,

    one of my boys poked me welL in the eye this morning and its still blured , how long would you give it to heal it self before seeking help from a GP.......?:jimlad:
  3. rockola57

    When you kick the Bucket!

    Just thinking there.At what age would you be happy to depart this mortal coil,given the choice?When do you reckon you would have had enough?Me personally,barring severe ill health,i would say....85 ish....ish!:idea:EEk!!!!Not long to go.:shocked::wink:
  4. Hi there, could anyone tell me where you start with state sponsorship? we wish to emigrate to adelaide and get sponsorship from the state as i am a registered nurse but do not have enough experience for 175 points. Keep looking at sites but cant figure out where and how to apply - please can some one point me in the right direction..? many thanks donna
  5. can you tell me what time they kick off in Perth time as my google is back on but all in Dutch.....no idea why ?
  6. Guest

    Someone Kick me!

    and get some sense into my head!!:wacko: Everymorning I look at my e-mail and see nothing from my agent - sometimes feel like e-mailing him with something silly just to see some kind of response!! haha Our application has only been in a month on the 24th so really am being a bit presumptious...(176 CSL) Am already making plans to be there for school start in January!!:huh: I Guess I am getting impatient as good friends of ours leave tomorrow, the other friends have just been for their medical etc and everything is happening for everyone else!! NRR just venting! Thanks for letting me:goofy:
  7. Hi everyone how are you all? Not been on for a bit so just been reading and catching up. We have taken a few weeks out to try and decide which path we think our lives are heading. As friends on here are aware i had a massive issue with my son 2 months ago and the end result is i have agreed to allow my son to stay with his dad as this is what he seems to want i feel my son needs to be given the chance to decide for himself he knows the door is always open and his bedroom will always be here i dont want to force him home as i think in the long run that will do more harm than good. After all the recent changes with our personal life and also on the immigration front weve had to take stock of everything. jamies best mate has just found out his 43yr old sister who has been being treated for an ulcer actually has cancer of the gullet and is too far gone the best they can do is prolong her life for maybe 2 years if shes lucky she will leave behind 3 kids. This came as a big shock and made us rethink. We are finding it soul destroying staying up night after night to phone aussie employers only to be told the same answer no sorry we dont sponsor, we honestly cant keep going on living desperately only focusing on oz while the rest of life passes us by. So we have decided we have a couple of things in the bag which we will know the outcome of we reckon by summer if they all fail then we are giving up trying to get to oz as its clear its not possible for us. We will sell our house and buy a new one start afresh and appreciate what we already have instead of searching for what we cant have, prob take kids to disney next year and maybe holiday in oz in a couple of years. We have tried and tried so many ways you wouldnt believe me but enough is enough as i say if nowt happens by summer then its over for us, I wish everyone well who is still waiting on visas and pray you have a better chance than us i,ll pop in and see whats happenin and keep friends up to date with our outcome xxxx:hug:
  8. Hi everyone, I am Category 6(i) Accountant (2211-11) Lodged March 2008, HR Country, Paper based, Agent used, IELTS 6,6.5,6,6.5, Non CSL, Non SS, MODL, CO ?? VISA ?? Cheers :daydreaming: JennyLoh
  9. I am unsure about the 4 year rule for citizenship. My problem is that i have a 175 visa which was granted 18/02/09, valid to 18/02/14. I am travelling to OZ next week only for a week to validate my visa, then i come back to the UK. Then im going on a overland trip from the UK to Oz which reaches Oz in early March 2010. So i will be permenantly in Oz from March 2010 to Febuary 2014 just a few weeks shy off 4 years. Will they allow me to apply for citizenship when my visa runs out? or will they kick me out the country?
  10. Balga Soccer & Social Club Invite All interested players are invited to a meet & greet this Sunday 7th December at the Balga Soccer Club rooms. Which is next to the new Balga public pools on Princess Road Balga Commencing at 4pm, we'll have a bit of a 5 a side kick around before having something to eat- the bar will also be open. Good opportunity to meet the coaches & teammates before we get into pre-season training in the new year. Balga is looking for players of all ages new to the perth area. We have a team for all players Juniors, Girls, Women, Vetrans, Social & First team- Reserves in Divison 2 amatuers. This is open to all seniors, Junior day will be held in early new year.
  11. Hi All, The premiership is upon us for another fantastic year !!! Unfortunately (also fortunately) I have just moved to Port Melbourne with my wife (We're both mid thirties) and have no mates (Billy No-Mates). It'd be great to go out with some Brits to watch the start of this great season (might be a nice excuse to bring the wives out too) or if you're out anyway - can we / I come ???? It would be really great to hear from you .......
  12. Hi we have just joined PIO although for past few weeks have been reading everyone's post's. Just registered with agent and taken first step in filling out application for oh skilled assessment for joiner/carpenter with vetassess. Have two daughter's aged 3 & 12 although older daughter from previous relationship so need permission from her dad in order to move. :no: Have decided for time being not to tell anyone about move apart from my parents. Cant keep a secret from my mum to save my life. Oh doesnt want to say anything till he passes the skills assessment so for now its fingers on lips. Older daughter has mixed feelings, obviously will miss dad and school friends. Just started high school so I worry about uprooting her but hopefully this move will benefit us all in the long run. I would appreciate any replies from anyone in same boat or anyone who has just started the ball rolling. Me and Lee and my youngest will be going to Leeds expo on sunday just for a look around although have been searching all my questions on the internet so not sure what to expect. Hoping eventually to move to either WA or Queensland as told thats where work is for carpenter/joiner. Bring it on :smile::smile::smile:
  13. For me ...... cos i aint done anything about TRA stuff ................ I feel a bit can"t be bothered,is it just me? ok due to unexpected (and expensive) car repair bills i have not been able to pay the TRA specialist,so thats not helped,but thats no excuse for not sorting out a load of "trade testamonials" that i get* signed by the various people i have worked with/for ..... *Get :- threaten, cajole,bribe,threaten,entreat,bully,threaten with never leaving ........:skeptical: