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Found 21 results

  1. As I used this site to gain knowledge re shipping before we moved back I thought I would give a brief account of our experiences. We shipped 2 medium Move Cubes and on pro packed Kent shipment. Both Move Cubes arrived without a single breakage 3 months after we got back to London, they were easily tracked and professional and easy to deal with I can't recommend them highly enough.Almost 6 months on we are still waiting for our Kent shipping. It has been pretty dismal service. We have no idea when it will turn up. We had a shared container and were told roughly 3 months. It was picked up on October 24th, professionally packed. In late December I received an email asking for delivery details to release it from Sydney!!! I was told they would contact me when it shipped. By Feb I still had heard nothing. I sent 3 emails to our contact. nothing. I called her, she said she had "so many emails to deal with". She said it would arrive at the start of March. The receiving company called me and gave me a delivery date of April 3rd into customs and said I would have it within a week, over 4 months since it had been collected but at least I would be getting it! The next thing I heard was the receiving company (Excess International) had gone into receivership and all goods they held had been left dockside and in a warehouse and we had to wait for warehouse staff to contact us. A week or so later we got an email saying Brittannia movers had taken over the deliveries. I then heard from Brittannia saying they would be in touch but no ETA. Still no ETA. Sigh.And still we wait. It's very very annoying. I work freelance and only used Kent as I wanted my work system (monitor and server) professionally packed for insurance reasons. I couldn't have even give my clients an ETA for taking on their work remotely. Very luckily I upgraded my Mac this side and borrowed my friends monitor as she is on Mat leave. I bitterly regret using Kent who were so much higher cost, when I could have just used Move Cube. The consignment also contains our fridge freezer and dining table. We are currently eating standing up in the kitchen or at our toddlers table whilst kneeling down!This is only our experience, but I would not be using Kent again or recommending them. Even before the receivership debacle they were hard to contact. The contact who quoted the shipment that side was actually quite rude to me (I questioned the sq m he had quoted given what was going in) but I'm pretty thick skinned and brushed it off at the time but I wish I hadn't now. We are very very happy to be back, and will certainly not be returning to live in Sydney (despite enjoying our 9 years there) so hopefully won't need a shipping company ever again! But I'm recommending Move Cube all the way!
  2. zxrninja250

    IELTS teacher in Ashford, kent?

    Hi All Is there any body out there qualified to give me some tuition on the dreaded IELTS? I have just received my results S-8.5, W-6.5, R-7.5, L-8.5 and i need an 8 in all areas so im miles off on the writing I live in Ashford, Kent. Also does anyone know if you can get any extra time or points if you are dyslexic? Many thanks, Mark
  3. JoandJon

    Stuff for sale (Kent UK)

    Hi all, If there's anyone coming back to the UK....... Things are getting serious now and we need to get rid of some stuff we're not taking to Oz. Departure for us is Oct/Nov, but we should be able to get rid of stuff either earlier or family can store it for a little while if needed! We currently live near Canterbury, Kent. But do have friends near Southampton so could deliver down there if needed (maybe). We have: Large Tropical Fish tank with all the gear and a stand (can include fish if you're nearby) - heater, filter, light and timer. £100 (ono) Audi A6 Estate (54 plate Diesel 1.9 TDI - with ALL the gadgets) some minor scratches, but reliable and great to drive. We're looking to sell it for ~£6k. Full leather seats, built in child booster seats, cruise control, air-con, built in blue tooth, IPOD connection & DAB. MOT was a couple of months ago, and Tax is up to December. Seat Leon Hatchback (Y reg Diesel TDI) - lots and lots of gadgets again, but fabric seats. DAB radio plus IPOD connection. Again, fairly high mileage, but really reliable and a great drive. About £2k (but need to check with hubby on that!) Upright Wilson & Peck piano (collection only!!) Cast-iron frame, all keys work, needs tuning and some minor repairs. Black colour with scratches. FREE TO GOOD HOME! We've got more stuff, so if anyone is coming back and needs bits and pieces give me a shout and we might have it Cheers
  4. Hey guys, I'm a newbie to Perth and living in Winthrop and been here just over a month a crying out for new friends. I have twin girls who are 4 years old and love socialising, lunches, gym, and good old natters.... I moved over from Kent, UK and don't work so have nothing to entertain me during the day and Hubby will be away at Barrow Island soon. Michelle x
  5. Guest

    Has anyone used Kent removals?

    HI Just wondering if anyone has any experience of using Kent removals, good or bad. We are looking to use them for a move from WA to UK. Thanks
  6. Hello All As we all know we have lots of waiting to do over the whole visa or house selling process and it is very inmportant to meet lots of people going through the same as you !!! I am near bluewater if anyone fancys meeting up ! Bye for now Emma x
  7. Well i can finally post about this company I would thoughly recommend xxx the guys in the uk arrived in the snow !!! wrapped and packed up the house for 2 days and i felt like a spare part xxx they did everything all i did was make cups of tea xx and then on the 3rd day the container arrived and after a full inspection to make sure the container was clean and in good enough condition they loaded up and i waved goodbye to our belongings x after 8 weeks it arrived last week white then forward all the information to kent and company and we could then track the container the boat docked on thursday customs and quarantine cleared the container on tuesday and was promply delivered by kent and company based in melbourne on wednesday everything was unpacked and unwrapped and all the boxes and paper taken away although we did keep quite a few boxes for when we need to move on from your rental house and kent informed us that when the time comes to take the boxes back they would no worries xxxx and all that was broken was ONE PLATE xx they even asked if i wanted to claim !!!! FANTASTIC SERVICE XXXX carole x
  8. Guest

    From Kent to Queensland

    Hi all, We're new to this site and thought that we would start a thread to introduce ourselves, and then we have some questions that, if you don't mind, we would like you to answer.... We're Amie & Joe... Joe has some family who have lived in Australia for 3 years now and are excited that we have now decided to do the 'big move' ourselves. We both work in an office, although Joe is a qualified Plasterer & Tiler. Both in our twenties, we feel that this would be the ideal time to emmigrate. We're both young and have not yet started a family. Obviously this is a big move, and we have had some good advice from Joe's family in Australia although it's good to get some other views. It's something we definately want to do and we want to do it as soon as we possibly can! We have a few questions that we would like your opinions on.... 1) Joe could apply for a sponsored visa (sponsored by his family) does this mean that only he could get that or could he take me on it too? 2) We are looking to get married in the near future, would it benifit us if we were to do it before emmigrating or would it not matter either way? 3) We've heard that getting a visa could sometimes be a long, drawn out process... Is there anyway that you guys know in which we could 'fasttrack' it... For example, going to Australia house to apply and get it granted on the same day by paying extra? 4) How much does it cost? We understand that it will probably cost a small fortune but as Joe's family did it a different way, they can't give us a rough estimate That's it for now... I have tried looking on www.immi.gov.au for these answers although the website isn't 'idiot proof' enough for me :confused: If they sound like stupid questions, I apologise... They're just questions that we'd like to know the answers to. We would be greatful for any feedback that you could give us... We look forward to chatting to you all soon. Amie & Joe :jiggy:
  9. Guest

    Hello from Kent

    Thought I'd say hi, I've spent the last 6 months on "another" site, been lurking here for a while so I thought I'd say hi We are coming to the end of the process now, got CO in November, meds and police checks sent, TRA passed, house under offer so we hope to be in Bunbury in March. So I look forward to picking your brains.
  10. Hi have them coming around on Thursday and wondered if anyone has used them? Also, the quote they give seems to include the packing up of the house. Is that really necessary? Happy to pack up our stuff so wondering if it's alot cheaper, as we don't have anything antique etc! Any other recommendations we would be grateful....based near Gatwick. Bernie :cute:
  11. Guest

    kent to queensland

    just starting our process, waiting to hear about a job in queensland before we apply for visas/sell house (our timing is great!). So much to do, but we feel until we know exactly where we're going, everything is at a standstill! is this normal? or are there a million and one things we could be doing?! any tips gratefully received!!:smile:
  12. Guest

    Kent to Brisbane

    Hi there-we are moving to Brisbane mid September hopefully & will be staying with my brother & his family until we get our bearings etc. I have 2 children-boy of 14 (15 in July) & a girl of 13. My son has mixed feelings about going as he is worried about making new friends-typical teeenage response I suppose- but my daughter cant wait so its mixed feelings all round. Im hoping to send them to Kenmore HS as we will buy a house in the catchment area-I have picked my sister-in-laws' brains about private versus state schools & there doesnt seem to be the huge divide that we have here. They are both at grammar schools here (single sex) but suprisingly they both want to go to a co-ed school which makes it easier for me in every way. Im having a few wobbles about leaving friends & family which is normal I suppose but at the moment we have about 8 friends who are coming out to visit-not all at once hopefully!-so its not going to be a case of 'goodbye for ever'. Would be nice to hear from anyone who is going through/gone through the same thing especially with teenagers! Claire
  13. Hello my friends, Just wanted to send a little reminder that the PIO Meet for Easter Monday is at 2pm, The Bobbing Apple. Near Sittingbourne in Kent. Please don't wait for an invite, if you can make it Just Turn UP, All are Welcome and you don't even have to live in Kent! I chose this venue as there is plenty of space for the Children, you can get food and of course they sell wine......lol:yes: I have found the two previous meetings I have been to, very informative and lot's of fun. After all we are all like minded and want to get to Oz asap. It also give us the chance to put faces to the names. you don't have to worry about booking a table if you want to eat as it has a walk in service in the reasturant. I hope lot's of you can make it and if it is succesful we could make it a regular thing. If you want some more info please feel free to send me a PM. April:jiggy:
  14. Hello Everyone The Bobbing Apple is a big pub, so don't let the weather put you off. I for one am really looking forward to the meeting. See you there April
  15. Guest

    anyone in kent ?

    hey is anyone in kent cos there is goind to be a meeting in the bobbing apple in sittingbourne ! it'll be good to meet everyone !:jiggy:
  16. I have spoken to a few people who are living in Kent! Due to the success of the previous Essex meet I attended last year, I am looking forward to the meeting on 9th March 08. Just wondered if anyone would be interested in a Meeting a bit closer to home? I was thinking maybe Easter Monday 24th March? Let me know what you think. April
  17. Guest

    Medicals In Kent

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a panel Doc ? ideally we would like one where we can have XRays / Blood all done in one day. We live near Bromley Kent. Thanks very much.:wubclub:
  18. The Butlers

    Anyone from Gravesend Kent !!!!!!!

    Hi All Just wondered if anyone is from Gravesend in Kent. I posted this last year on a different site but all those people have now gone to Oz. Lucky things. :jiggy: Look forward to hearing from anyone in or around my area. Emma
  19. :wubclub:Hello! would just like to say that we have just had our medicals done at The White Cliffes Medical Centre, DOVER and Dr PREMATH was excellent.He made you feel very welcome and comfortable at the medical and the follow up service was excellent!
  20. Hey We are in first stage of getting skills assessed and it's going OK. I work in Marketing and Mark works for BT so is a 'linesman' in Oz. We are hoping to move to South Oz with our 3 boys. Would be great to keep in touch with other people going through the same stuff as we are cos it's a bit scary. Ange and Mark 8)
  21. Hi everyone, My husband, myself and 5 kids are planning to move out to WA. We are going through an agent and our application was submitted about 3 weeks ago. We haven't had any acknowledgement yet. Getting very impatient, we've been told that it would take 6-8 months in total but not to be suprised if it came in 4mnths.(we wish but don't think we would be that lucky). Anyway love to hear from anyone who wants to chat. San [/b]