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Found 14 results

  1. Does anyone have experience of this company and if so any information about them as an employer would be terrific. Trying to get a vibe for them, thanks. Gain
  2. Guest


    Hi I am considering moving to Kalgoorlie with my 2 year old and 4 year old. I would like some advice on areas, schools etc...... I have visited there on several occasions but never viewed it as a place to live so I have no ideas on good/bad housing areas and schools. I have made the mistake at the moment of not researching where I am living. I live in a lovely suburb but I rent a house on a street that has sever social problems and my neighbours are all regularly visited by the police. Thanks
  3. collip99

    Family Life in Kalgoorlie

    Hi all Well, it looks more likely that me and my family (wife and four-and-a-half year old son) may be moving to Kal, probably late August! This will definitely be a big move and I think my wife is very nervous about things. So, after looking at these forums about ex-pat communities in various towns/cities I was wondering about what the ex-pat community is like in Kalgoorlie. Ideally it would be great to already know people in the town before making the move! So...is there anybody out there? Cheers Phil
  4. keith056


    Hi PIO I am looking for some info on Kalgoorlie, does anyone on here live there or know people who live there. I have had a look around and i am getting mixed messages so i would like to hear it from the horses mouth so to speak. Any info would be great .Ta very much in advance
  5. Hi all Well, it looks more likely that me and my family (wife and four-and-a-half year old son) may be moving to Kal, probably late August! This will definitely be a big move and I think my wife is very nervous about things. So, after looking at these forums about ex-pat communities in various towns/cities I was wondering about what the ex-pat community is like in Kalgoorlie. Ideally it would be great to already know people in the town before making the move! So...is there anybody out there? Cheers Phil
  6. Just read the Kalgoorlie Miner this morning whilst having breakfast. A fabrication business has recently hired 21 workers from the UK and are bringing them over with their families! Just shows what a huge demand for skills there is here and only people with good skills and work ethics are head-hunted. I wonder if any of these families will pop up on this forum? If so, let me know if you have any questions about Kal, happy to help!
  7. Guest

    7 weeks in Kal

    Haven't been on here for a while due to being very busy trying to sort ourselves out! We arrived in Kalgoorlie on the 1st of October to the bizarre smell of cabbage, and cold and rainy weather! My boyfriend's company who sponsored our relocation put us up in the Tower Hotel apartments, which is where we stayed on our first stint in Kal when we arrived as well. We started searching for a rental property straight away as friends had told us what a nightmare it is, and they were not wrong. many of the houses I went to see were in terrible states of repair and decor, and it got me really depressed for a few weeks. We need a garage or big shed for Andy's motorbike and tools, which made it extra hard. After 3 weeks of fruitless applications I happened to look on Gumtree and came across a private rental. It is just about perfect - 3 bed older house with polished floorboards, large living areas and 2 garages. We're paying $475 a week, would have been well over $500 if it had been through a rental agent. So we've been in the house nearly 3 weeks now, got all the utilities sorted just waiting on our iinet broadband to be connected. We've been using Telstra mobile broadband which has been really crap! Bought our car 4 weeks ago, a brand new Suzuki Jimny 4x4 which was cheaper than buying a year old one. People laugh at us as the car is so much smaller than the landcruisers and hilux's but we don't need any more space. We wiped the grins off our friends faces when we all went off-roading. The Jimny cruised through a deep washout and their hilux got well and truly stuck! Haven't said a word since! Things have certainly been made easier thanks to our friends here, some of whom we've known for nearly 10 years and who have lived here up to 6 years. That includes numerous BBQs, lifts, lending etc etc. Our shipping has been delayed significantly, now it won't even arrive in Freo until the 26th of December. Andy's company delayed paying the shipping company hence nothing happening for 6 weeks. We were pretty angry about that and nearly considered going back home because of it! Considering they're an international company they certainly don't know how to move people internationally. We've finally got driving licences, medicare and banks sorted out, but nothing seemed to be straight forward. So much has relied on us having proof of address which at one point we didn't think we would have for months thanks to the rental situation. Other than that all is going well. We were both pretty excited to see how much money landed in our accounts on payday, and started making plans to making extra payments on our mortgage in the UK (which is finally rented out after 8-10 weeks!). We're already getting bored out of our minds on weekends, which will hopefully be alleviated when our stuff arrives. Andy's planning on building a climbing wall in one of the garages, and I like crafty hobbies ideal for the hot summer months. And whatever anyone says, you don't generally spend any more time outside than in the UK. We don't anyway, due to the heat (particularly over the next few months) and mosquitos (seem to be more here this time due to the rain). In the UK we did rock climbing, surfing, horse-riding, walking, and hockey. We can only do these things here during the winter (well, surfing and climbing we can only do if we drive 4+ hrs to the beach or cliffs). So summer activities are limited to swimming at the local pool, BBQ's and indoor hobbies. But we knew that anyway, and for us this isn't really a lifestyle move, it's more about making some hay whilst the (hot) sun is shining. Sorry this is a bit long-winded! Will try and update in a few months or so.
  8. Guest

    Kalgoorlie and similar

    Can anyone tell me any places that have become mining towns or simular? I want to do some research on moving to one of them rather than Perth. I heard Broome is good - anyone have experience of being there?
  9. Guest


    Anybody been there? I'm giving up on trying to find local work and looking further afield. One job in the pipeline(not comfirmed) is in Kalgoorlie but i've never heard of the place. Googled it and it doesn't sound too bad. It will just be me as the oh and kid will hold down the fort on the Gold Coast.
  10. Hi All One of our members is a "lurker" who hardly ever posts on the forum himself. He has been offered a job with visa sponsorship. The job is in Kalgoorlie. The employer wants an answer by Friday 4th September. He and his family have never visited Kalgoorlie. Neither have I. We are looking for any information - anything at all - about both the good and the bad involved with living in Kalgoorlie, please. The job there will be for 3 years if he takes it. That is a long time to commit to a place if you get there and find that you can't stand it for some reason. I know that the Super Pit gold mine is near there and that the population of the town is now about 30,000 people. As yet I know nothihng else at all about the town and nor do the family who may be moving there. Any snippets of information at all would be most gratefully received. Many thanks Gill
  11. Guest

    Anyone in Kalgoorlie

    G,day all :hug: We have chosen Kalgoorlie as a possible destination.Before we make our final descision we would like a breakdown of the monthly expenses( rent, groceries etc).We would like to to hear from people living in Kalgoorlie or who have lived there or work there. Also could you tell us what are the job prospects.I am a qualified General electrician with 20 years experience in Industrial, commercial, domestic and Gold surface mining. Please can we have answers only from people who have experienced life in Kalgoorlie as we would like to hear it from the horses mouth. Cheers
  12. Hi We are applying to WA for sponsorship and want to know if anybody has any information about Kalgoorlie.I need info on: Primary and secondary schools Cost of living,monthly expenses etc Food Work,especially work for industrial maintenance electrician House prices,renting and buying Salaries Things to do there Life in general Is it a good place to live and work? Thanks in advance Mylady
  13. Guest

    kalgoorlie infomation

    Myself and a couple of colleages, will be moving to Kalgoorlie march/april 2009 can anybody confirm if its as wild as they say, whats the nicest area to live in? is there any furniture shops as we cannot make up our minds whether to buy over there or bring our own , is the leisure centre open for the kids to use? and just how cool does it get from late may to october? cheers
  14. Anyone live in either of these places and can give a rundown of what they are like please? JOHN