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Found 12 results

  1. NorthernSoul

    AHPRA joy... at last!!

    Yay!!! I am finally registered and on the online register! It's not taken quite as long as some OPs, just 4 months (psychologist...doubt there's as many of us going thru process as there are nurses), and still one final battle to get the word 'clinical' in title but feel like I've crossed the main hurdle. Good luck and hang on in there to others going through this - my advice: start early, be thorough in paperwork and follow instructions to the letter, and don't be afraid to (gently) prompt and chase AHPRA... They're almost as efficient as HPC here!
  2. Dear all, Sorry for the whoop whoop with joy, but WHOOP WHOOP! I am working the fourth night shift in a row and the rot is starting to set in, but I had to share our excitement about knowing that our 457 visa has finally been submitted. Who knows, we may well be on track for the 10th August flights that we have booked! I have ceased trying to read people's timelines of how long the 457 took to process as every case is different and it takes however long it takes. Mentally it means that we are starting to focus on getting things together. We are not the kind of people to hang around waiting so it at least means that we can start narrowing down stuff for removals and tying up loose ends. Removals coming on 1st August!!! Feel excited writing this and pleased to have a place to share my happiness........thank you all for your input so far :chatterbox::biggrin::cute::wink:
  3. touch107fm

    Jump for joy (457 granted) 15 days

    Well guys.. Guess what at 03.04 am today my girlfriend got a email telling us that there is a backlog and our 457 visa application could be delayed by a few months... Follow by another email approx 20 minutes later tell us Both our visa's have been granted......... jump for joy...... I am so over the moon it the best news ever. I know I have being like most people on this forum looking for help. First off I would like to thank all those who helped me with our application. Our story as I told it back November 2009.. Hi everyone just wanted to say a big hello. I was doing a some research into Australia as things have changed in my life in the last month. I am a 29 year Irish male living in London I am currently working for the BBC as a Engineer. My girlfriend is a nurse and she recently went to OZ for 6 months. She wants to live in Oz for a couple of years. I wasn't to sure about heading over because I got a good job at the BBC. Well I got the biggest bombshell last Sunday week and I was told that my contract will be terminated on the 31st of December. Not good I was in shock when they told me due to cost saving and a case of last in First out. I was up against guys who where there for 20 or 30 years.. So what is next, Girlfriend has just gone to oz + now I am just about to lose my job. Well trying to stay positive is my main aim. I got my experience and I am not afraid to turn my hand to whatever work comes my way. I realise that there is a major recession and people are losing there jobs left right and centre. Now here is why the reason why i am here on this great site. I have being to oz before on a working holiday visa loved it but could not get work in broadcast/media because of my visa restrictions. Now my girlfriend has always wanted to live in OZ. She is a nurses. So the plan we made about 1 year ago was for her to test the and live and work in Sydney in nursing. She is currently about 3 month into her 6 months. So as I said plans have changed, she now wants me to go out to her in Sydney and give living out there a go. I know I would love it but I am worried she will start to miss home and then want to move home after a year or so. So far she is loving it and she keeps saying that she is totally happy out there but she keeps says that she will not be completely happy until we are both together in Sydney. [/font] So I have done a little homework and so has my girlfriend. She has a meeting with someone from work to talk about getting sponsored at her hospital and from what her adviser has told her I should be able to get a DE facto visa on the back of her visa. OK so that was back in November. A update. Well work decided they didn't want me to go at Xmas and i am currently working away in fact I have never being busier with work I got a load of new projects and I know there are going to be upset when I tell them I am leaving. My girlfriend loves it over there and she told me last week there was no way she was going back to the UK. She loves it.... Just what I wanted to hear. It was my biggest concern that after 6 months she started to miss the UK and her family. I don't want to uproot and then have to return to the UK after 9 months. Only time will tell. I am seriously very happy right now. WE GOT OUR VISA'S OK here is a timeline. Please note we applied online as she is over in Sydney and i am over in London. Applied online on the 5th on January: Started uploading Documents such as: Joint bank (we only got one set up in Sept 2009) Lots of pictures of me and her together Both of our scanned certified passports Both CV'S Old facebook emails to and from each other P60 My bank statement showing how much cash I have got saved... Scanned wedding invite My girlfriend sent a couple of documents from her hospital in Sydney (Job offer etc) I think that was it, I spent a few nights going through all our crap looking for old statements etc. God was I stressed. I ask few questions about insurance on this site. We ended up getting private insurance and will probably sort out medicare when we get settled. I am very surprised that they have not asked me for my : Police checks My medicals I actually ordered my police check... My girlfriend did all hers when she applied for a job in Sydney and uploaded hers to the application. Today is the 19 of January so that took 11 days not bad eh. I play on joining my girlfriend in Sydney around the first week in April. I may have a job lined up fingers crossed. Me and my girlfriend are looking forward to our lives in Australia. I am going their with a open mind and will embrace the culture change and of course the weather. I have being on this forum reading all the posts about people comparing OZ to the UK. It really makes me laugh why compare its on the other side of the world. Its not England so get over it. I have being lucky enough to have travelled all over the world, I have lived in Sydney for a year and loved it. One thing that annoy me is why do people complain how things are not like what its like in the UK. Its all about embracing the new culture.. I am not going to go on about this rant as I am too happy to rant right now .... Once again thanks again to all that helped me and my girlfriend out ... PS I also involved in a unknown sport called paramotoring and will be flying as soon as my gear arrives from the UK. If any of you Sydney folk fancy joining me as I be looking to gain some flying buddies to join me. check out the video and see what you think. Its not me in video buy you will get the idea.. Peace 2010 ..
  4. My 176 Visa has been granted today. What am I gonna do? I feel so empty now, so releived, its like .. its like .. its like .... OMG .. Thank you everyone here !! I really don't know how I express my gratitude to you guys. You are simply THE BEST. I want to THANK from my the bottom of my heart to "GOLLYWOOBLER" ( our dearest Gill ) for her encouragement, the way she stood beside us in the dark days when we felt we lost our way and spoke for us. Her every words, explanations helped me ( and I'm sure a lot of others ) a lot to keep myself on the road, learned not to loose hope. THANK YOU GILL.
  5. Guest

    I lost my joy...

    It is just taking sooo long!!! We first requested info & looked into starting the visa process 3 years ago!!! I rang visa-first today just to see where we were... Everything is in place... we are just waiting for someone to be assigned to our case & then it will be all systems go!!! Medicals & Police checks etc... We should have our big "yes" around the first part of 2011... which makes me feel better... I just want my joy back!!!
  6. Guest

    8 year old joy riders !!

    Unbelievable. Kids, 8, in wild joyride north of Townsville | Courier Mail
  7. i got laid off from work the last week, due to my boss not being able to find any work, this was done by text which i think is terrible, a few hours later though i got a call saying he had managed to find further work and i was reinstated, we completed this job and i tried to ring him to for the address for the next job, but his phone is off, i sent texts but he does not reply,left messages on his phone, so that is it been laid off the yellow way, does not bother me, wanted to go home anyway, but its the nature of how he has done it, beware aussie bosses because they are p****s, i have worked for a few and i know, good luck if you are a tradie subcontracting, you are going to need it.:arghh:
  8. Guest

    Any Joy!!

    I have been looking at the SOL list for jobs. The problem I have is I am currently working as a Registered Childminder before that I was a Recruitment Consultant. I have had several different jobs in the past. These involve factory work, shop work,customer service.Would I need to go back into Recruitment now, so I can put this on my visa or would they accept that I did this in 2007 for the previous 6 yrs although not been with the same company for the whole 6 yrs. My husband is currently working for Virgin as an telephone engineer putting in tv, broadband, phone. Again there does not seem to be a demand for this work. Is this classed as a skilled job or should he try getting a different job over here like tiling or painter & decorator & do this for a yr so he has the skills. My husband used to be a bus driver so he has got a PSV licence if this is any good. Or do you think we would be able to get a visa as seems to be a lot more difficult now. We have both done a quick points assessment and it doesn't come to 120, but not far off.
  9. Guest

    Jumping for joy!!!!!!

    OMG Visa confirmation arrived this morning!!!!!! I feel a little sick I have to admit and can't stop shaking!!! Have bitten the bullet and booked flights for Thurs 6th November...I can't believe it! Thanks to everyone who has offered support and chat on here over the last few months...has made the whole process so much easier. Kxxx:goofy:
  10. Last saturday i put £50,000 from our house sale in Kaupthing edge, an icelandic bank. That was a good decision Dazza! Now they've gone boobies up. What a result. Any bankers out there fancy a fight.:arghh: I did a chaps transfer last night, but it didn't go through today, and their phones were engaged all day, surprise surprise. I'll sleep well tonight. Darren.
  11. Guest

    Joy Oh Joy!

    G Day all. Not been on for a while as family stuff took over but joy oh joy! Our GP called today with the tracking number for the medicals and when we got home from work the Police reports had landed the same day! We were granted our Skilled visa subject to medicals and clean police reports, so we are on our way. Now heres hoping they arrive quickly. It appears the waiting time from arrival of meds to visa granted is two months. Does this appear correct? I cant wait to get my house on the market!
  12. Guest

    Any joy with medicals

    hi folks just wondering if anyone has heard if the backlog at the medical processing centre has got any better? Our medicals got there on the 10th of sept and our agent says hes not heard anything. We are hoping to go end of november but at this rate might have to wait till after Xmas!! nathan