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Found 39 results

  1. Well it is finally going to happen me and the kids are starting the journey to Oz on Monday, getting scarry. Hubby wont be joining us until begining of Feb as he left for work in Angola yesterday. Been a really stressfull few days, my mother has ended up in hospital on Saturday with a broken leg and today I took the dog to the vets as she hasnt eaten her food for the last three days, tought she had maybe sensed we we leaving and was having a sulk (as she did when she didnt get her own way - typical bitch as my hubby says), but total shock when vet seen her told us nothing they could do she had cancer and only had days to live so had her put to sleep before she began suffering. Kids are gutted and them on Saturday the 2 cats are going to there new home. So all I can say is role on Monday. Best of luck to all others who are in the process of getting visas - well worth the wait.
  2. :wubclub:I do hope people don't mind this thread but i thought it may help people who are thinking of taking their Dog to OZ, Also to see how my 12 yearold terrier prepares for his trip to OZ in March ( Eddie has been vet checked and is fine to fly( health wise , of course the blood test's nearer the time he flies will be checked ) , heart of an ox :notworthy:) His given name is Teddy edward :wubclub:But Eddie to his friends Born :March 1999 Favorite Toy : a huge Santa squeaky toy ( less the squeak lol ) Hobbies : Running , forgetting he is a small dog , and chasing rabbits 25th Oct First Rabies shot Nov 2nd Annual shots with out LEPTO Nov 8th 2nd rabies shot 22nd Nov bloods taken to check blood after rabies shots 30th Nov Eddies Blood resuls are back , he has the right level of antibodies in the blood after the rabies vaccine Eddie had his Rabies vaccine on the 25th Oct ( due to new rules for Uk dogs entering Australia ) There is a sticky on the pet section please read ! Eddie's lovely south African Vet actually gives his clients ( dogs )2 rabbies vaccines , i know some only give one . ( which isn't a problem by the way , !) Eddie was due his yearly Vaccines next April but because he will be hopefully flying in March ...we have had them repeated ( actually the 2nd of Nov 2011) Without the Lepto , very important ! He had his Second Rabies Vaccine on the 8th Nov , he will be having his blood test to check bloods on the 22nd :notworthy:Hope this may Help anyone who reads this , will Update as we go through the process Next thing on our list scanning his paperwork to the wonderful pet shippers Brides x
  3. Joob joobs

    Oakley started his journey today!

    We dropped Oakley off at the pet transport place today... he flies to Heathrow on Friday and then leaves for Sydney on Sunday... The house is so quiet without him here. :cry:
  4. Any tips on the above - I guess after a few weeks of transit in an sealed package it may smell a bit! Any tips to minimise this would be helpful. Thanks
  5. Hi there, Could anyone possibly tell me roughly how long it would take to drive the following routes at morning rush hour please: Cronulla - Airport Lilli Pilli - Airport Bondi Beach -Airport Vaucluse - Airport Then the opposite way in the evenings so: Airport - Cronulla Airport - Lilli Pilli Airport - Bondi Beach Airport - Vaucluse Any help much appreciated! Thanks, Nats
  6. sneeze100

    The journey starts

    As of tommoz I am starting my trip to Perth and we are looking forward to it start tommoz with a stay over in Newcastle then a flight to London on Monday morning. The Monday will be spent at Australia house signing paperwork for my new job. The the hard bit starts on Tuesday with a flight to singers with a 2 day stop over then onwards to Perth.
  7. australia94

    Start of the long journey

    After 20 years of dreaming, I have finally started the long road towards migration. I have been reading the soap opera that is PIO for a while and have now decided that I can wait no longer and had to jump in with both feet. I have sent off my IELTS application today and tomorrow I'm going to speak to my head teacher and ask if she can sign my forms for trade recognition with AITSL (Not going to be a nice meeting). Going to wait until the changes happen in July (gives me extra points) before I apply for the visa. Had years of waiting and studying, working. I've spoken to my future Mother in law, who is in denial that I may be taking her child and only grandchildren to the other side of the world. I'm less popular than usual. Other half is excited but still concerned about her mum. I know its a long road but suddenly seems real. Weird feeling that I have taken the first step, instead of just talking and dreaming about it. I have no doubt that there will be ups and downs, laughter and tears. So be prepared for lots of questions (I'll try to search the forum first). Good Luck to all of you that are on the same journey whether at the start like me, stuck in limbo, just got your visa (lucky sods) or already in the land of Oz.
  8. Guest

    cats making the journey

    hi there! this is my first post as we've just recently decided to take the whole process further after umming and ahhing for a few years. our issue is we have 3 cats. i am looking at a few of the websites people have recommended on here about pet travel, but its all a bit vague. could anyone tell me what the estimated cost of transporting cats to oz from the uk is and what it's actually like for them?! i know it's very early in the process to be worrying about the cats... but as pet owners yourselves im sure you'll understand! :biggrin:
  9. Guest

    Our journey is about to begin

    I am so happy. Just got confirmation from Canberre Uni that i have got a place to study a Masters in Accounting. Planning to study then apply for residency, but i am soooo stoked. Big step for us, we have to sell up and to go but hey ho life is too short to hang around :yes:
  10. Not a wholly serious thread, but you never know, you may pick up one or two bits of information. We all know the journey to Australia is loonnnggg and stressful, so here are my tips and tricks to make that journey easier. Some I have actually experienced and some I have used a bit of poetic licence on. 1. When booking your plane journey, NEVER admit to having a child that screams, (particularly if you are using British Airways). Tell the booking staff that your child/children are the most well behaved there is. Otherwise you may find you and your off spring in the luggage hold. 2. When asking for an upgrade, (BA again) wear a bowler hat and speak with a plum in your mouth. Hide all tattoos and piecings, and remember to call the check in staff, 'My Dear'. 3. ON the journey to the airport NEVER strike up conversation with the taxi driver. If he hears you are going to Australia to live he will say, 'Don't blame you Guv, who would want to stay in this sh7thole anyway, blah, blah ,blah. When you say to him, 'Why don't you go? he will in answer to your question say, 'Naa mate, it's not so bad after all, and the bloody Aussies, can't stick em'.:goofy: 4. If you are in cattle class on the aircraft be sure NOT to try and take a sneaky peak through the curtain at First Class, again if BA this will result in immediate clamping of the genitalia by electrodes and those from first class invited to give you an electric shock. 5. If travelling with Qantas be sure NOT to ask the stewards if there are any highlights of the Ashes on the in aircraft entertainment channels. You will be met with a rather disconcerting look, and the next meal you order will only be available in CHICKEN, and will be split down your lap. 6. If travelling with El Al, NEVER mention the word BOMB, you will find yourself with a Kloch 9 mm pointed at your head, with a crazed Israeli special forces member on the other end, with a facial tick, saying, 'GO AHEAD PUNK, MAKE MY DAY,:policeman: just waiting to spill your brains over the interior of the aircraft. 7. When packing suitcases make sure NO ONE has access to them after they have been packed. My mother, God love her, once put several sprigs of good luck heather in my luggage as I was travelling to Columbia.:shocked: Try explaining that they are harmless sprigs of heather to the customs official in the drugs capital of the world. 8. Same as above really. When I was on one :nah::goofy: my 'mates' in Australia decided it would be funny to put several kilos of talcum powder in my luggage in tightly wrapped plastic bags. Oh how I laughed after having been 'interrogated' for several hours.:mad::biglaugh: 9. The drug sniffer dogs at the airport are NOT a petting zoo. If you bend down to stroke one he/she will have your hand off, and the handler will walk away with a wry smile. 10. The immigration official may meet you with a 'G'day' (yes, the Aussies really say that). Do NOT reply, 'Oh, that is so cute, I always wanted to hear a fair dinkum Aussie say that'. The personal in question will look to his left at his colleague and immediately book you in to have a full body search, with cavities included. 11. If he/she asks if you have a criminal record, do NOT reply with, 'Ha, ha, I didn't think you needed that anymore'. Ha bloody ha. You'll be laughing the other side of your face when they decide to actually probe your arse with gloves on and KY jelly. 12. And finally, before you get bored. If you arrive in Australia in the summer, avoid at all cost the need to say to the taxi driver, 'Blimey, it's hot here isn't it'.:biglaugh: You may find yourself dropped of in the outback, somewhere near Wolf Creek. Hope my top dozen tips and tricks come in useful folks, any more would be most welcome, lets have a laugh for God's sake. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  11. Guest

    Tranquillizing for the journey?

    Hello, My vet recommended to use one calmivet for my dog right before the first segment flight; did you have any experience or feedback on such medication? Thanks a lot
  12. katespratt

    Long journey ahead!

    Hi everyone, Well we are trying to be organized and plan ahead. Im about to start adult nursing and once ive completed me and my husband are off to Perth! and I just cant wait! we are coming in April for 3 weeks so we can get an idea of areas and jobs. Be great to hear from people! Kate
  13. Sherbetdip23

    The Journey Commences..........

    Hi Everyone We officially commence the emigration journey next Saturday with hubby doing the IELTS test :twitcy: Yippee! He has to do this as part of the accounting skills assessment even though he is english born and bred! We are going to Gold Coast area as we went there on a reccie in March/April and loved it! Any tips on doing the IELTS test appreciated. Thanks
  14. Lucysdream

    Our Journey Begins............

    Hello Poms in oz!! :jiggy: My partner and I have done it at last!! Today we sent the forms to our agent Go Matilda for skills assessment stage 1. I'm very excited/nervous about this very likely long rollcoaster ride. We hope one day we can live our dream of a life in oz.....!! Don't know what current timelines are but I'm guessing 2 to 3 years. Lucky we are young enough to be able to do a working holiday visa in the next couple of years so can spend a year travelling and working before we get(hopefully) PR visa. I would like to thank anyone who helped us over the pass few months with questions (especially you Kevin JC) :hug: and anyone who will help us in the future!! Good luck to us all!! :wubclub: Lucy (& Daniel but I'm the pominoz wizz kid:rolleyes:)
  15. Guest

    Our Journey

    Hi All This is our first post .. only really doing this because it might help other people in similar situations and provides a way for us to track our own progress here. We are a family of 6, me my wife and 4 daughters :-) 2006 We started to talk about moving to Australia, alot was happening and changing in our lives and its only now that we have started the process towards reaching our dream (4 years later!). There is alot to read, certainly not 4 years worth! but it just didnt feel right until now. Step 1 - Get Assessed by ACS (FORM PASA 1.0 - GENERAL) 08 May 2010 - Sent off to ACS, Australian Computer Society the request for General Skilled Migration assesment, lots of paperwork and certification needed, not to mention the cost £240 GBP! I noticed after sending this form, there are other forms you can send instead (claim you are on MODL/Exclude employment experience from decision). What was needed? FORM PASA 1.0 (General) which you download PAYMENT (Either Cheque or VISA details) Certified copies of the following BIRTH CERTIFICATE OR PASSPORT HIGHER LEVEL EDUCATION CERTIFICATES AND RESULTS (TRANSCRIPTS) FOR EACH SUBJECT(DEGREE, A LEVELS, DIPLOMAS, VOCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS) EMPLOYER REFERENCES RESUME HELPFUL BUT NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR REFERENCES! Secondary/High School Qualifications: Dont send them, not interested! YOU WOULD THINK: That a certified copy of an Academic Certificate would be enough, but breaking it down into what mark you got each subject, taught x years ago seems quite unreasonable to me, how many people have/keep this extra information?! Fortunately I had the majority of the transcripts to supplement the actual award. Also think asking for more than one up-to-date reference isnt practical and should not be needed. Succesfull assessment/points would allow us to get the following type of VISA Skilled - Independent (subclass 175) Skilled - Sponsored (subclass 176) Once we get employer sponsorship Skilled - Regional Sponsored (subclass 475) Skilled - Recognised Graduate (subclass 476) My ASCO codes were: 2231 & 1224. These being the most relevant to my occupation and professional career. One thing I noticed straight away, was that the form (PASA 1.0 General) they required was alot more comprehensive than the original back in 2008! They really dig into all aspects of your academic and professional work experience now. For example, the need for comprehensive references to back-up employment was also abit worrying because they want a reference for every job/role you ever held and on official company letterhead paper! So what happens when a previous employer is no longer trading and/or you didnt get a reference? I have been in my current management/technical position, within a high profile organisation for over 3 years and is the only reference I can provide to them. I noticed afterwards, yet another form you can send which requests the employment experience not to be taken into consideration .. so lets trust that wont be needed because they would charge you another £240! What happens next? On their form they state a minimum of 12 weeks (a full quarter) before a decision, although in practice this is normally much quicker depending on how well you completed the form and provide the supplementary (signed/witnessed) documentation. So now just need to wait for the result, will let you know when it arrives! :-)) ELLIS
  16. Hi, I'm 23 years old, currently in the UK and would really appreciate any advice... After returning from a working holiday in Sydney last year, I have never settled here and really want to go back. For the record, I didn't do the whole backpacker thing, I wanted to spend a year in Sydney like a citizen and lived/worked there for most of the whole year.. I have the awful problem of not having a job on the skilled list - I have worked in TV the past few years as a researcher and even got to work at channel 9 in sydney with my experience while on my working holiday visa - but as TV is freelance they were not going to sponsoer me for a 3 month contract.. Basically, I'm desperate to have a life back in Australia and more than happy to give up my career to retrain/study.. I'm I right in saying that the current skilled job list is now useless and will be replaced by a brand new list next month? I wonder what skilled job would be the best one to pick for someone with my background, to go and train/study for it.. I have an aunt/uncle who live in Brisbane (perm residents) and I understand that takes 20 points off the required total... due to my age and that i'm fluent in english - does that mean I have a total of 55 points - with 45 to left to get? I just wondered if anyone else is in this situation where they are prepared to give up their career and retrain/study in something completely different for the sole reason of going to australia.. I suppose I also want to know if this is my only option and is it a practical option, as if i spend the next few years getting a degree/experience in a job that seen as skilled now, it might not be on the list once I've got everything they asked? A lot of people say to me "sure, just marry an australian".. I am desprate to go back but something tells me thats not the way to go about it - unless anyone here has?! Any help would be appreciated John )
  17. the coyne family

    Hi all, just begining the long journey

    Hi everyone we have been looking through the threads with great interest over the last few months, and have received some great advice without even asking for it. So we decided its time to join in. We are a family of 5 living in Dublin me Maria 37, Thomas 36, Rachel 10, Jessica 8 and Gavin 3. We are hoping to move to Perth in the not to distant future. We're just in the initial stages of the visa process. We're waiting on the trade assessment from TRA, so we can apply for state sponsorship, feels like Ive been waiting forever all ready and its only been 7 weeks. What will we be like waiting 6 months or more for state sponsorship :biglaugh: Looking forward to the journey, every day we're one step closer, talk to you all soon.
  18. Guest

    My Emigration Journey

    Not sure whether you are the same as me but one of the things I love most about PIO is reading the 'real life' stories of the decisions and choices people make along the journey of emigration - obviously it's interesting because most of us are on the same journey maybe just thinking about whether we have enough points to get there or maybe even someone whose been there, done in and now been in Aus a while (or come back) and reads the posts of others with a knowing smile. But anyway, I thought I would share a bit of my journey with you and you can nod and smile and some of the choices I have made. I'll start by painting a bit of a back ground of who I am and what has lead me to decide to go to Aus and if it seems anyone is interested I may add to it in due course. I have had an amazing life to date - I sometimes feel like Forest Gump in that it feels like I have done things and seen things that hardly seem possible without really realising the significance of all the events as they have happened - I wouldn't change one thing about my life either good or bad as it is often the tough times that really shape who your character and the good times - well they're just good and I think you can only really enjoy and appreciate the highs to the level of the low's you have experienced. Anyway for the last 10 years we had always know that life in Australia was part of our future - we visited a few times and for a while it looked like we would move out there and work for a church organisation we were connected with in NSW but around seven years ago we made the decision to move to Scotland and start a church as part of an organisation that we were already part of. I already owned a property letting business in Scotland and so for the past 6 and a half years we have lived and worked in Paisley. Around three years ago my wife began to get really sick eventually ending up with her being in a wheelchair for some months (some kind of M.E./post viral thingy) As well as running a church, two businesses, and two charities I also had to shop, cook, clean, pick and drop off kids etc as well as look after a very sick wife - soon after that the recession hit and another business I owned which bought and sold buy to let properties collapsed over night owing millions of pounds against a lot of properties which it couldn't sell - I ended up losing over half a million personally and some good friends a further £300,000. The worst of all was that suddenly I was left feeling such a failure as a husband, businessman, friend, colleague, employer, pastor etc. For the sake of time I'm not going to go into all that but I'll let you guess how things were for me at that time (and if anyone does want to ask anything feel free as I know some of you have been or are going through similar things) Being a pastor, I think you will expect me to say that my Faith has played a big part in getting me through - and it has. At the start of all this terrible time I was praying and just trying to get a handle on the devastation that was happening around me and one morning I was woken up with this sense that I was to go and read a certain passage in the bible which I had no idea what it said. So anyway I looked it up and basically it was talking about an event in the history of Israel and it was all about God telling them not to try and hold on to anything because God had decided to let the enemy in the camp but not to worry because a day was coming soon that everything was going to be restored to them plus a lot more. Sure to some that may seem a bit 'twilight zone' but to me it was just what I needed to hear and it has given me the peace and the faith to get through the past few years and not to run around in a blind panic. For those of you who don't have a faith let me just say that praying is a little like posting on PIO - at first you think 'what the heck am I doing' but over time you get to know and appreciate the responses (well most of them anyway) and you begin to build up relationships with people that become part of your life and to you seem normal - but just try going into work and saying "Siam Susie told me that Tasmania is really nice" - you'll get the same looks I do when I talk about God talking to me (although Siam Susie is quite close to being a god herself) Anyway I realised that we needed a break and we always planned to take a 'gap year' as a family when the boys finished secondary school so the long and the short of that was that we began to plan for that but as we did it became more and more apparent (which yes, is a euphemism for God told us) that now is the right time for us to make a permanent move to Australia. Finally Let me just tell you that this past weekend has been a major event in my life as we hand the handing over service for the church which I founded - we are no longer the pastors there. It was amazing to see so many people and for me to have been through the past few years but still be able to hand on the baton to a wonderful young couple who we have trained up and will be outstanding pastors was a fantastic morale boost. I'll leave it there for now but next time round I'll tell you how we got our visa's and a bit of detail of how we are getting there and what we'll be doing etc plus the crazy news about a business opportunity which I am pursuing in Essex just as we move to Aus!! Daniel
  19. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone! No doubt im going to be spending a lot of time on here over the next few months or maybe even years :unsure: Me and my the other half have finally this week decided to do something about what we have talked about for a while - get ourselves over to Oz to try make a better life for ourselves! We have 2 girls aged 12 and 10 and a little monster of 15 months. Ive spent best part of the past few days trawling internet trying to get as much info as possible to the extent im sure my eyes are rolling with "Overload Alert - This Human is Malfunctioning" :biggrin: We are off for a day out to the Down Under Live expo in London on Sat to see if it can help much. As it stands we need to probably start of with having my other halfs skills assessed as we are unsure if he falls into any of the SOL. He has a BA in Computer Animation and has worked for a major post-production company in London for 5 years as a Visual Effects Artist. I am looking to recommence my Nurse training - preferably when we get to Oz but if its a complete no goer I can do it here and put off move for another few years :sad: An additional branch on the tree is that I have recently (4 years ago) found my biological father who is now an Aussie Citizen and has lived in Taz for 30 years but from what I gather he will be no use on the points system as im over 25 (too long ago to remember) and I have other living relatives outwith Oz. Look forward to spending a what is likely to be long but hopefully rewarding journey with you all xxx ps - sorry i need to learn to ramble on a bit less!
  20. Guest

    Sh7tman Have a safe journey

    Mr. & Mrs. Alan Sh7tman..... have a very safe trip over to Australia, I will miss your morning/evening banters so dont be a stranger. Exciting times seeing your grandchild again, dont forget some pictures for us. Love Susie:hug:
  21. Just a little introductory note, have been lurking for a while but thought I'd fess up and and say hi to everyone. Hi!!!!!:wink: Hubby and I just starting the process, having talked about upping sticks to Oz for a long time now. He's an IT prefessional but due to no formal quals we're having to go the ACS RPL route which is a bit daunting. At the moment we're thinking WA or Queensland but as it's early days we're trying not to get carried away. Would be lovelyg to hear from other PIO members just getting started with the process. xxx
  22. chicken

    My cats big journey!!

    Hi can anyone tell me roughly how long an animal import certificate takes to get? Its for my cat- she has no illnesses etc and she's only 5 so there should be no reason why it would be delayed. Any other advice from experienced pet exporters from uk to oz would be greatly appreciated as i think its becoming the most stressful part of the whole emmigration!! I'm finding it very bizarre that she will see oz before me! :eek: Thanks
  23. Ozzietryer13

    Journey's to school

    Hello, My family are moving to Brisbane, next year, and we're not sure where in Brisbane we going to. Anyway, when I and my brother are going to school, i was wondering, how do you get to school. Does you mum take you, do you walk, get a lift from a friend, or take a train or bus? I hope I find out. Alex
  24. We are going to be flying to Perth from Manchester and my daughter is only 16 months so technically doesn't have to pay and can sit on my knee the whole way. However I'm not willing to travel for so long with a very wriggly child on my knee! I'm not sure how to book a ticket for her because on the websites it says how many children and then it asks for their ages. When I say she is 1 it automatically doesn't allow her to have a ticket. How can I buy her a ticket so she has her own seat and baggage allowance? She can sit on my knee for take off and landing but I definitely need a seat for her for the rest of the time or it will just be a nightmare!
  25. Guest

    The Journey Begins.

    Just wanted to let everyone know OUR storey (comments always welcome) I (Jason) have been looking at a move to Oz for about 6 years (we have a daughter who was 10 at the time) then my son was born (Jan 2004) my wife (Julia) didnt want to discuss it due to just having our son - 1.5 years later and lots of internet browsing Julia says "ok.. I am ready to talk about moving to Oz" .. then we feel for our little girl.... Urrgg. Faye was born (Dec 2006) and the next few months where all about the future, Julia was happy to look into the move and we started to build up speed with our migration plans... Due to bad career choice's over the years I just couldnt russel up enough points to be accepted on a skills visa so we decided our only route was the student route - excellent, we had equity to pay for the two years study and support ourselves.. it was all looking good, I was going to do a carpentry course!!.... we attended an expo in London to confirm our research.. we where on track.. Oz here we come! 3 days later (April 11th 2007) whilst at work I suffered an accident which apputated the tips of two of my fingers on my right hand.. nothing major just about 6mm but it put me out of work for 8 months.. we accumilated debt as the government paid a family of 5 £4.83 a week to live on!!!! we eventually bite the bullet an sold our house before losing it - paid all the debt we had accumilated and moved to the english countryside, just keeping enough back to put a deposit on a new house... Dreams of Oz still intact we spent from Oct 07 till now formulating our plans - no money left to go on a student visa and time running out due to our age we now have a 4 year plan in place.. Sorry for the storey but it was need to get to this point.. Next week my wonderful wife is starting her 4 year studying, 1 year access to nursing then (all going well) a 3 year degree course to become a Midwife...she will be 45 when she compelets the course, however everything I have read leads us to believe we will still be able to migrate - as we have heard of 57 years old midwifes being accepted. We both KNOW that we HAVE to get to Oz and will do everything we can to make it happen.... We wont be happy with ourselves with a "what if" in our old age.. by time we get there (and we will) our kids will be (20), (10) & (8) ... "The Journey Begins"...