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Found 54 results

  1. RandC

    Short term rentals

    Hi everyone My girlfriend and I arrive in WA on 14th September and start work with WAPOL on 6th October, spending 13 weeks at their training academy in Joondalup. Is anyone currently looking to rent out a room in their apartment/house close to this area or know of anyone who is? Any contacts would be much appreciated. Thanks RandC
  2. Hi We have just received a positive response from Vetassess but they only gave my OH 7 years work experience which means we have 50 points in total. We did want to apply for a 190 VISA but my OH doesnt want to do the IELTS test as he doesnt think he will pass (wont even try) so our other option is a 489 visa and to live in a designated area outside CBD. Having looked at the postcode list i think our best option is Mandurah (first choice) or Bunbury. The other thing is i have family in Joondalup so dont want to be too far from them so i can visit. Our last option is to wait until May 2013 and then my OH will have 8 years work experience and 55 points and we can apply for a 190 and live where we want. We are unsure what to do, while i dont want to wait until May to lodge our visa and then wait to see if it gets accepted. While no one can make our decision for us i appreciate any help and info you can give Thanks
  3. Hie all, first time on here but have managed to gain valuable info from this site. Recently granted our 176 visa, heading for Perth. Any nurses worked or working at Joondalup Health Campus, please share your experience with me and what are their pay rates ?
  4. Hello. I have just registered as I am a bit concerned about schools in Joondalup where we are planning to migrate to. My partner has his residential visa already and myself and my teenage children are waiting to hear if we can all go over to live, I am also expecting a baby. A friend of ours has recently gone already to Joondalup and he said he is considering putting his daughter into private school as the state school is rubbish. He has never done anything like this before (as daughter normally lives with Mum in UK or New Z) and although I have emailed him to ask about his school concerns, I wanted some other people's opinions. My children ate 15 and 13 and both are gifted in different areas. They are currently at a very good school so I am of course worried about moving them as I dont want their grades to drop as they are both getting A's and A stars. Any info would be really helpful. Thanks in Advance xxx
  5. Hi. We are a family of 4 and I have a baby due in March and we have just had our visas approved and flights booked for 14th December. We are heading for Joondalup but because its holiday season we cant find any place to stay while we look for a house to rent for our family.! Does anyone know of either a family who may be going away and want to rent us their house, does anyone have a room or two we could rent for a while, or know of anyone who has an empty rented place? Do they do an equivelant to B & B's over there? lol ANTHING ??!! Failing that can anyone loan us their carport? - we could get a few sleeping bags :eek:
  6. Hi Guys, I am looking to get back playing 5 a side football; played for a few years at uni in the UK but havent kicked a ball since coming here 6 months ago - definately missing it!! I live in Clarkson so looking to join a team at the joondalup arena; available to play any night of the week. I would say i am average/good player, lacking in the match fitness at the moment but a few games and i should be back to fitness. Dont really mind what division your playing in but would prefer not to join a team who is getting thrashed every week!! So if your in need of an extra player, who can play every week then give me a buzz. Cheers Nick
  7. well its all systems go...we arrive in perth on 6th October :0) ill have my 2 year old with my and looking for places to go, people to meet to keep me sane!! hubby will b working from home for first few months so i want to find things for us to do! anyone local have any ideas or fancy meeting up:biggrin:
  8. lara24

    Lake Joondalup Baptist College

    Does anyone have/had kids at LJBC? What are your thoughts on the school and is it dificult to get in? I would ideally be able to put my son on the waiting list 18 months before he would be due to start Kindy. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks Lara
  9. Hi, Just joined as we have just started our application for state sponsored visa to Western Australia. Trying to get to grips with the different suburbs, and so far like the look of some of the areas around Lake Joondalup, was wondering if anyone knows if there are issues in getting childcare? By time we actually get out there we'd have 2 boys in school (they're currently 4 and 5), can anyone let me know what before / after school childcare there is available? Do any schools offer breakfast clubs or after school clubs? Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Hi, Can anyone help. I am looking for childcare for my 2.5year old. I will be working shifts and not quite sure yet whether it is a rota or request system. Obviously for childcare reasons I am hoping to work set days. I need someone in either Clarkson or joondalup as I will be working at joondalup hospital and will be going there by train from clarkson. Horizons in clarkson would be my first choice but I think they are limited on spaces in the toddler room. Does anyone know of any day care centres or family day care that would be any good? Also does anyone know if baby earth childcare is still running? I came across it via google search but the website wasn't available. Thank you for any advice! :wacko:
  11. Just wondering if anyone has any kids currently enrolled in Joondalup Primary School? We are moving this September and have contacted the school. they are really helpful when we contact them and have researched it. There is nothing like speaking to those with first hand experience though so any thoughts would be great!
  12. Maxg


    We are in the process of emigrating to Perth, but want to know what Joondalup is like as a place. We have friends that currently live there and who are currently going over, but want to hear it from people who all ready live over there as my friends could be biased. We are a family with young children, so it has to have decent schools etc.
  13. Hi all Well only 78 more days until we fly off but who's counting!!!!! :wink: Just wondering if anyone has information on Joondalup and surrounding areas as we originally were looking at south of the river and it looks like we may go for north of river i.e. Joondalup and surrounding areas so I was wondering if anyone lives there or has had any experience there and if so what is it like. We are a family of 4 going, 2 boys so schools, what are the houses like to rent & Buy etc..., da usual. Many thanks S x:wubclub:
  14. Hi all. We are moving from Melbourne to Perth soon and need advice as we have only lived in Melbourne for a year and our boys really dont want to do the move again as they are just making friends and settling here. Work is the reason for the move, as well as the weather, the scenery etc etc etc and we know that we wont move again.... BUT advice is needed please on the following: 1. Schools - we are thinking of Lake Joondalup - any advice? 2. Football teams in the area that are of a decent standard. (u16 and U14) 3l Areas around Joondalup to live with access to green parks and where other families live with older children? we are looking at possibly Tapping and Carramar 4. Any other advice you can give us... Thanks Elaine.x
  15. baz6679

    Question re Joondalup Rates

    Just hoping some kind soul can answer this one about rates. We are planning to rent a 3 bed property in Joondalup. In anyones experience what rates have to be paid. I take it refuse collection, council rates and water, are these normally included in rent?? Would much appreciate someone currently in Joondalup giving some valuable info:wink:
  16. Joondalup United Football Club has commenced preseason training. Sunday premier league amatuer squad and the social team are training Sunday mornings 9am, Tuesday and Thursdays at 6pm at Charonia Park in Mullaloo the 2 over 35's teams are training on a wednesday at the same venue. Charonia Park Schapella Av Mullaloo any further info please pm me Thanks Rudy
  17. Hi, I was wondering how much it costs to travel on the train from Joondalup station to Perth Centre 5 days a week? Also can somebody tell me a estimated cost in fuel for a car to travel from Joondalup to Perth Centre 5days a week? Thanks Jamie
  18. Hi, Me and my family are moving out to the Joodalup area and my 4year old daughter is really into her dancing,she currently does Ballet,Tap and Street Dance. I am wondering if there are any dance classes in the Joondalup area for young children and what sort of classes do they do and what is appox cost? Thanks for your help Jamie
  19. Dear All Mummies & Children; I am starting a new playgroup in Joondalup running on a Thursday morning between 11.30 and 1.30. Currently there are 6 or 7 confirmed mummies and children (2 to 4.5) all hoping to attend; but to make it financially viable we're looking at a minimum of 10 parents and their children; plus I like making new friends! We're all a lovely group most of whom have been here for less than a year. If you would be interested in joining us, I have started a Facebook Group... thought it was the easiest way to introduce ourselves and keep people informed of the information prior to the Playgroup opening. Search on Facebook for THURSDAY PLAYGROUP (JOONDALUP) or email me at gemma@watson-mail.com Gemma
  20. We are having to break our lease (husband has a new job) and wondered if anyone is interested. It is a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom double storey property in central joondalup just up from lake joondalup. Very modern, beautiful home. Balconies to front and rear. Front balcony huge with uninterupted view over lake joondalup. Walking distance to shops, bars and restraunts, uni, hospital and train station. If you are interested PM me and I can send you pics and details. :laugh:
  21. Currently16 weeks pregnant and living in quinns rocks so had said would go to joondalup hosiptal to have baby just as it is closest and I dont have a clue about the good/bad hospitals in perth. A few friends have been telling me horror stories and to basically not touch joondalup hosp with a barge pole!now dont know what to do! Anyone else had a baby there and had a good experience? Other hospitals people have suggested are king edward and osborne park, tho not sure how easy they would be to get into and a lot further to drive. Any advice would be really appreciated.
  22. Hi my name is alice i am 11 and i have a brother who is 12, i am moving to australia in 3 weeks not to shore where we are going to live but have been looking around joondalup and i am really likeing what i have seen so far.We have looked at a few schools so far and i have seen one i like and has been recormended is Woodvale senior high school.Do you now anything about this school or any other recomendations.I am nerves but also excited the same time. Look forward to having some friends befor i am out there with your help. :cute:
  23. July 2010 Joondalup Shire WA, passed a law, NO SHORT TERM ACCOMODATION UNDER 3 MONTHS. No other councils have taken this president as yet. We have a holiday home in mullaloo ,and have had for 3 years.We were served a notice ,Cease trading within 28 days or pay up to $50000 fine $5000 a day.We are at present discussing with the council, trying to honour our booking which were taken before this law came in. PLEASE WE NEED PEOPLE POWER to over turn this ludicrous decision which has been done with very little thought of the damage it will do to businesses, tourism and everyday householders who are trying to supplement their super. Please write your concerns to the mayor of joondalup Troy Pickard and cc to the other councilors.
  24. Hi all, me and my g/f are trying to narrow down suburbs for when we get out to Perth in Oct/Nov. We have been looking at Joondalup. Anybody been there or got any tails to tell. I am 28 my g/f 26. We want to be near places for work and ideally near a nice beach. Would this be the place. Any thoughts as always much appreciated.:biggrin:
  25. Hi all I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. Fingers crossed we will be moving out to Oz this side of xmas (depends on the house sale) There are 4 of us 2 kids me and hubby. I will be working at Joondalup hospital as an RMN (if I spely it wrong I very sorry). We would lke to know what places are ok to live especially if Ive not got a car to begin with we will be renting initially so any tips on how much is a reasonable amount of rent which places to avoid which are ok which are fab would be very much appreciated. Thanks all Avril