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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, would love to pick anybodies brains regarding the best place to live in australia.Myself,my partner and three children are off to queensland and sydney for a reccie in february.I have psoriatic arthritis and know i have to be in a warm climate!! Every winter gets worse here in freezing england! However would be interested to hear how people with joint problems who have moved get on? We are lucky that we can go virtually anywhere but it does make it hard to decide. I know i am better in the warmth but am unsure how humidity will affect me? Any experiences greatly appreciated ! Judy:wink:
  2. does anyone have a good recipe for this joint.............never cooked this joint before ,is it best cooked slow or can it be done on the rotisserie .................:confused:...thanks
  3. Hi, My partner has applied for a 457 visa and I'm hoping to travel as his de facto partner. We're together nearly seven years, but because of work circumstances have lived in two different cities, commuting to each other every other weekend. Over the past two years, he's been able to spend more time with me - leaving here on Mon/Tues mornings and returning Thurs/Fri evenings. However, we never added his name to my lease or bills so have no proof that we've lived together. We submitted our visa application along with car insurance (he's a named driver on my insurance), yearly travel insurance, a number of flight itineraries going back six and a half years, a joint credit union account statement for 2012 and two wedding invitations addressed to us both. We've just been asked to provide further evidence of our relationship so have put some photographs together of us in various places over the years (on holidays, at weddings and at family graduations) and have organised four statutory declarations - one from his parents, a mutual friend, a local councillor and one from my employers. My partner is also planning to include a copy of a book he dedicated to me. Is there anything else we could submit? I've trawled through dozens of threads and some people mentioned writing individual or joint statutory declarations. Does anyone know if these need to be witnessed and if so, can a garda do so in Ireland? Also, can anyone give us an idea of how long it takes to process the 457 visa application if we get the info back to them within a few days? My partner is due to start work at the end of July and we're waiting to book flights and begin shipping our belongings. Thanks!
  4. hi there, my partner and i are going to apply for a defacto visa soon and we dont have a joint bank account, we're planning on opening one up asap but it will be opened like a month before we apply-will this be a problem? also we both live together but we live with his parents so we dont pay bills etc, we're gonna get the parents to put that in their declaration would that be enough? we have evidence mostly in photos and old texts, we also took a trip to nz together but im worried that evidence wise we dont have enough. Could anyone else suggest what other evidence would be good to include? ive been digging through mountains of bank statements trying to find something where ive bought or paid for something for him. He's also written a thesis and have put me in the aknowlegement- would this be helpful to include? i have photos of when i met his grandmother and cousin (both from abroad) but there is no date on the photos. im really worried about our lack of evidence! any help would be fantastic Thanks
  5. Hi all, I did all the right things, set up my account with Common wealth Bank from the UK...the only issue was, I set up a joint account for myself and my wife. A week before I came out, I transferred over circa 10k (can't find the pound sign on a Aussie keyboard). I then got to Sydney last week and absolutely love it...only problem is, I can't access my funds. I did everything right, went to the bank with my passport and other ID, the only problem is, because it's a joint account, my wife has also have to be identified :arghh: I thought that I could get my ATM and credit card however, if it's a joint account, you both have to be ID'd by the bank. My wife will be out in two weeks time as I came out first whilst she waits to ship the goods. Beware if your situation is the same. I have to say that the bank manager has been excellent and has allowed me some funds. Also, CBA in London have also been excellent and been in touch with my wife to get a bank/accountant in the UK to copy her ID and email through to the local branch. I guess you learn these things as you go however, if I knew this was to be the case, I would have opened the account in my own name and then add my wife when she got here. Hope this helps someone. Regards Mike (In Sydney and it has surpassed all my expectations)
  6. Hi all, my partner is an Australian citizen and I am preparing the documents needed for my De Facto Partner visa application. However, we do not have any evidence of joint bank account, tenancy agreements or any other joint financial commitments, as we have been quite financially independent during the course of living together. We lived together for a bit over 12 months and during this time, we had all our bills sent to the same address. The apartment that we rented was under his name as he first rented it before we even met, and I moved in after we started dating. My partner had to move back to OZ in Aug last year as his mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I am still in my home country. As such, we have been maintaining our relationship long distance via daily phone calls (Skype, Whatsapp) and monthly visits. I even stayed in OZ for a month last December to be with him. Evidence-wise, we have 4 statutory witnesses - his mom, cousin & mates, photographs, correspondences sent to one address, wedding invitation cards addressed to both of us, air tickets and our own statement of history and future plans. Did anyone here have the same experience, and if so what are my chances if I am not able to show financial commitments with my partner? Will the stated documents be sufficient? Thank you in advance for your advices, we really appreciate it.
  7. Hi again, just a quick one, Could anyone please advise on how many bank statements from joint accounts should be sent with spouse visa application? I have only got i or 2 but would a CO want to see as many as possible for the amount of years a joint account has been held between us? This is just to put my mind at rest. Thanks.:err:
  8. Hey guys, just another question.... :biggrin: When we send in our evidence, cards, invitations, etc... Do we send originals, or photocopies? As I was wondering it would be hard to photocopy the back, front and envelope, etc..... lol Any help greatly appreciated!!!
  9. Guest

    Joint Bank Account

    My partner (in the UK) and I (in Australia) are wanting to establish a joint bank account so we can both deposit into it and save money to go towards the costs involved with his future visa application - this will also no doubt be able to be used as proof of relationship etc further down the track. Can anyone suggest a bank that will allow us to obtain a joint account which we would be able to apply for in our current countries? (hope that makes sense... meaning I dont have to fly to the UK to open acct). Many thanks in advance :cute:
  10. From Michael Danby chairman of parliament's joint standing committee on migration. It's better for us to sustain skilled migration. "MY good friend Barry Cohen's combative contribution to the de bate about Australia's population policy (The Australian, February 2) is a reaction to the debatable claims that Australia's population will grow to 35 million by 2050. He supports those who argue that we should cut back our migration rate in the interests of our stressed environment and our strained infrastructure.........Migration contributes enormously to our economic growth ......Migration has been of great benefit to Australia in the past, and if we are smart it will go on benefiting us in the future. " Finally some sensible news coming out.....
  11. Metoo

    Joint bills for Defacto

    hi everyone, please can you folks give me some advice regarding evidence for defacto visa. Although my Australian boyfriend and I have lived together for the past four years in UK, we actually have very little evidence financially to support this. The main reason being that we are in the fortunate position of both owning a house each in the uk. Although we live in my house during the week as it is close to school, work etc, we live in my boyfriends house at weekends as his house is bigger than mine and in a better area. Hence we have two lots of bills, ie phone, TV, utilities etc. My Boyfriend pays the bills on his house and I pay the bills on mine as neither one of us can afford to pay on both, we share the cost of food, holidays, socialising etc. Apart from the above, we do have joint car insurance, joint medical insurance, evidence of family holidays for the past 3 yrs, and a joint savings account. We also have a hospital letter naming my boyfriend as my daughters guardian. We are currently trying to sell one of our houses but until it is sold we will continue to have two council tax bills etc. The second house needs some work doing on it before it will be ready for selling, but it will be sold eventually. (hopefully) Is it strictly necessary to provide the joint bills evidence or can we rely on the rest, ie, insurances etc? Any advice would be very welcome, Thanks Elizabeth x
  12. Ash123

    Joint statements!!! Help!

    Ive just recived an e-mail from my agent regurding proof of my relationship, what evidence is need etc, but as we arent married and are living with his parents the only things we have are our joint bank acc, holiday itinarys pictures and things like that. But they want us to put into writting how we met? How the realtionship developed? How we support each other emotionally, physically and financally etc I have knowen my partner sine i was about 2 yrs old been together as a couple since we were 14!! So im struggling to narrow my life story down lol Was wondering if anyone has a template or have already done this and would be willing to share with me as we have to get another 6 letters from friends and family as well as our own version of events!!! Any help or advice would be much appreciated x x x
  13. Hello, I'm just starting to put together the paper work for my 2nd stage of the Spouse visa (801) and at statement number 5 it says "That we do/do not [delete whichever is inapplicable] jointly own real estate or other assets." What assets is it referring too? We do not own any property together as we rent our home. Your help is appreciated. Thanks Brad
  14. Hi I have seen this question asked in other threads before but couldn't seem to get a clear answer. My partner (who is English) and I are applying for the de-facto spouse visa. We have got all our documents now and are in the process of writing the relationship statement that details how we met, how the relationship blossomed, our future plans etc. My question is: Do we have to to write two separate statements each or can we write a single joint statement of our love story? We are applying on-shore in Sydney, Australia. Any advice would be great. Thanks.