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Found 18 results

  1. Hello,I am going to Australia this year on a prospective marriage visa. I am ex Bristish army and I was wondering will I be able to join the Australian army in the 1st 9 months I am there? I have my heart set on rejoing the army as its a way of life I really enjoy. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Hi all I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone can help me. My husband and I are (depending on visas) moving to Sydney, he has been offered a job in the RAN. We applied for a visa on form 47ES, which is what we were told to do by the RAN, we tried to get our medicals sorted before sending off for our visa but were told by the medical center that applying for a medical had changed to being done electronically and we needed either a HAPP ID,TRN or HRR number. We have not been given this and to be honest not sure where to get it. We have Emailed department of immigration over and over but no reply, asked people who have joined the RAN and were told that they didn't need such a number and Google is coming up with nothing. Is anyone else going through this or does anyone know what we should do? Please HELP :confused:
  3. Just thought i would share this site with you as we have found it very helpful this last couple of years. You choose 2 ways to be contacted , we personally choose e-mail and text (text will work even if we have no power) and if a BAD storm, flood, anything weather related is headed your way they contact you to tell you so you can either take precautions or get out. This is the link to their website - http://www.ewn.com.au/ Cal x
  4. Hi there, I have been granted WA SS 176 back in February. Our house is on the market, I have resigned from my job and I am planning to fly to Perth in the next couple of weeks. The visa has to be validated by 12Jan 12 and I want to fly first with my wife and daughter joining me around September time (once I found a job, accommodation etc). Has anyone else done this before? Is it possible for my wife and daughter to join me at later date or do we all have to enter as a family? If anyone can advise I would really appreciate it. I will be contacting my agent on Monday to check this but would like to find out before if possible. Many thanks John
  5. READ31

    Joining the RAAF

    Hi all, now this may seem a very silly question but it has got me wondering. I am keen on becoming an air traffic controller and am in the process here in the uk of joining the RAF. However as my family live in Perth WA, i would love to one day go and live there with my girlfriend. As I was planning on joining the RAF, staying for a few years and hopefully transferring to the RAAF, can I directly apply to join the RAAF from the UK now and skip the first part, or is this a silly easy optuion? Any ideas? Cheers guys for all your help
  6. Hi to all poms in perth:biggrin: My name is Tracy and i hope to be joining you all very soon, my husband has accepted a job with Ausdrill( FIFO )and are just waiting for a date to be set. I hope to find work with horses or a bar job I am a qualified beauty therapist but prefer the horses to be honest ha, We are looking at north of the river,we want somewhere not to far from the beach and obviously accessible to a decent school seems like a mine field and i am completely blank, my son wants to go down the engineering side and want to find the best school, he is more practical than academic ! not really the ideal time to move him as he is just taking his options. We have 2 children Ashley 14 and jess 7, i have been looking through the site for quite a while and have found so much help on here you really all seem a great bunch. Of course like many others on here i have many questions to ask and hope that you all may help. I look forward to posting with you all :smile:
  7. Hi all in Tas, Looking for some info? Jamie is considering a career change if he doesnt manage to get work in his profession, and is thinking of the police or fire service just wondered if anyone has experience opinions etc? Thanks
  8. its nice to see new members posting,and putting threads up on pio--its so important that there new blood so to speak joining in --ive been on pio over a year now so im pretty aware of whats required of me--the forum rules are there for you to read,and as long as you abide by them you will gain a lot from pio--i must admit i was a bit lost at first on here,as to all the things you can do--at first i didnt know about the thank you/edit/reputation/and heaps more--i still cant put a music track on here (im an oldie who not savy with the PC world--so if any new members or old members are not sure of the way around pio please feel free to ask--im pretty thick on this subject but theres heaps on here who are only to willing to help:wubclub:
  9. Guest

    Joining the RAN from RN

    Hello, im seriously considering joining the RAN from the RN, Im an AB and should be on Aprils signal to be a Killick and once i reach my common promotion date i have to a years return of service, i have heard that the application takes upto 18 months to complete i have served for 8 and a half years thus far. I dont have a clue how the procedure works to be honest any help would be appreciated and any tips on getting it done smoothly, i have no kids or wife so that should make things easier i think. any help from actually applying to visa's ect would be great thanks
  10. nik_kershaw

    joining the ADF

    I have offically started the process of joining the ADF. I did a small test today and it went well. they said i was able to almost everything available, which is good.
  11. Hi everyone, Me and my partner and our little girl are hoping we qualify to move out of Blighty and into Australia. Got told about this site by a friend who has recently been granted his visa, but with so many other websites to look at its all rather confusing to us wannabe emigrating newbies, but im sure with all your help and some time it will become much clearer. My partner is a cook and has been for over 10 years (we are both 29) and believe that her occupation is in demand which is a good result! I have my own IT recruitment company but it looks like she has the better chance of getting us the visa to live and work out there.....so much reading to do still and hope to be able to pick all your brains for help in getting us over to Australia. Do you guys reccomend agents to use for the forms etc? It's im my nature to try and do as much without paying unless i absoloutely have to. My sister is in NZ and didnt use an agent and suggested against it. Any help, advice, pointers on getting us 3 out of England and over to Australia would be greatly appreciated!! See you all on the forum!
  12. Guest

    Joining ACS

    I have recently passed my assessment as a computer professional (NEC) unfortunately I did not get the MODL points. With the paperwork they send you, there is a Joining form. I just wondered what the benefits of joining were. I am planning on waiting for a 175 visa once I have put my application in, just waiting for my son's first passport.
  13. Guest

    Joining Medicare

    :v_SPIN: Lisa again. Can anyone tell me about Medicare. Is there a qualifying period before a claim can be made or before subsidised treatment is allowed. Roughly how much is it per month based on a salary of $42000.00 Medicare have still to get back to my email.:arghh:
  14. Guest

    Joining the Queue!!

    We are just starting to look at the forms for a spouse visa. I have citizenship by descent but have never lived in oz. Should we do the process ourselves or use an agent? Any suggestions/recommendations? :err:
  15. Guest

    Joining Aussie Navy

    Hi all, Has anyone emigrated to join the Aussie Navy? I'm just looking into it now, I have a couple years remaining in the RN and would like to emigrate. I deally I would like to go as a civvie, however I'm considering trying to join the RAN to get a foot in the door. Anyone in the RAN? And if so what's the sea to shore ratio like and how's the living conditions ashore and onboard? Any guidance would be most appreciated.
  16. Guest

    Joining the Queue!

    We are just starting to look at the forms for a spouse visa. I have citizenship by descent but have never lived in oz. Should we do the process ourselves or use an agent? Any suggestions/recommendations? :err: P.s. Apologies to anyone who has seen this is 'Arrival Chat' - first timers!! :embarrassed:
  17. Guest

    Not joining ADF!

    Hi, just starting the TRA process and have question for anyone leaving UK Mil (aircraft maintenance) who is not joining the ADF! :shock:
  18. Guest

    Joining the Australian Navy

    Hi All my I just say what a fab site , Its really good. Just wondering if there was anyone here who has left the British Royal Navy and joined the Australian Navy ?? Would be greatful for any advise, My husband who has done 12 years service is really thinking of doing this as my parents are going out there but would relly like some info especially on pensions and pay Thanks all in advance and have a good day