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Found 23 results

  1. Hi All My husband and I have been in Perth for 6 days and he starts work tomorrow (only two weeks temporary work). He did bring the majority of his hand tools and a drill so he is ready to work but looking to start buying tools to replace the ones he sold on Ebay before we left. Could someone please let us know the best place to buy tools that isnt extortionate! We have a car so we can travel, but currently living NOR. Thanks in advance Lisa
  2. Hello, Putting this post out there to get a few feelers on joinery work in Sydney. I am a qualifed joiner with a 4 year apprenticeship and 10 years’ experience. I work as a joiner on houses/building sites - fitting new kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, decking etc. If anyone reads this who is a joiner it would be good to hear about what joinery work is like in Sydney. From what I see on seek.com.au it's mainly cabinet maker jobs which isn't the type of worked I'd be looking to do. If you have any information on joinery work, pay etc that would be great. Thanks,
  3. Guest

    vetassess joinery test

    I have been informed today that I have passed my paper based assesment for the carpentry/joinery. I must now do the practical test in july. Has anybody done this or know of anybody who has done it and what is involved? been in the joinery 20 odd years and still nervous when tested. I have a job sponsor in Perth. Paul:arghh:
  4. Hi All, We am very close to submitting the WA SS form and they need 3 areas for us to choose. We have looked on job sites but finding it hard to work out what the best areas are for a Joiner and a recruitment consultant. :wacko: We have 3 boys (13,15,17) so schools are also important. Does anyone have any experience they could share with us? :notworthy: Any help would be greatly received. Thanks
  5. Hi I have been given 3 potential dates, 24 Sept / 8 Oct / 22 Oct, to carry out my Bench Joiners practical Assessment (ANZSCO 331213) at a college in North London. Is anyone else going and if so have you any idea what we might be expected to do ?
  6. Guest

    Work in WA

    At the moment I am working in a college, teaching carpentry and bench Joinery. I teach all ages from 14-??...(school children all the way to diploma and NVQ level 3). I started on a teaching qualification but I have yet to complete it. My wife and I are planning on emigrating early next year. I'm not sure what to do... I can't see any jobs anywhere in Australia for teaching carpentry and Joinery... I have found lots in carpentry and Joinery but not teaching... Would it be best if I went back on the 'tools' or am I just looking in the wrong place.?? I have spent hours and hours searching...:wacko: I love teaching and would really like to carry on with it... Does anyone have any ideas or links to websites that specialise in construction teaching? Thank you. X
  7. tommyc868

    Joinery In OZ!!

    Hi, My names tommy and ive recently returned from a 2 years trip in oz and loved it i planned to only go for a year to travel ended up in a job i loved (not joinery) n by the time i knew it i was onto my second yr. I didnt look to hard for work whilst i was there i just wanted to see as much as possible. Having seen a migration lawyer whilst over there i fell short by 5 points on the skilled migration visa. I really want...and frankly need to go back there i hate the UK so much ive only ever been held back here whereas in oz i flourished!! My question is, how do you go about getting a sponsorship set up i imagine by emailing employers your CV but how successful is this and are there any tips to making yourself stand out?? are there any scheme's or any other ways ways of getting out there!!! Im 24 and a fully skilled Lv 3 Bench Joiner. I fell short with points because i haven't worked in my trade in the last 12 months (because i was to busy living and travelling oz) Any help with this would be incredibly appreciated as the UK offers nothing to people who wish to work hard and its become a very depressing place in the 2 years ive spent over in Oz!! thanks tommy
  8. Hi guys, I am a 21 year old carpenter/joiner in need of job sponsorship in Perth WA. Looking to move over to Perth with my wife and kids. Any sponsored jobs available out there? All help will be sincerely appreciated Garry
  9. Guest

    Carpentry & Joinery

    Hi there I am based in the UK but will be returning to Australia, hopefully Queensland. Wondered if I would be able to secure a job offer as a carpenter & joiner, or even a carpenter. Have many years experience, which I could go into detail about if anyone out there wants to know more. In the event of the above not being available, I wondered what would be the best way to source a job in carpentry & joinery from the UK. I am not looking for any cast iron guarantees. In an ideal world, if I knew there was work and a job it would make things a lot easier and, let's face it, the only way I could be judged as to how competent I was when I picked up my tools and proved myself. Any advice at all, or suggestions, would be really appreciated. I don't need sponsorship but a letter indicating a job offer would help, I realise there are no guarantees even if offered.
  10. Hi, We are looking at making the move this time next year and was wondering where would be the best area to look for Joinery jobs. My OH is a Joiner by trade but has been in the UPVC business for quite a while, also what kind of salary would we be looking at? Thanks in advance.
  11. I know its to late in the day to start worry about it now as we are flying out on the 29th June to the Gold Coast, but can anyone tell me what the Carpentry and Joinery work prospects are like there and wage to expect. Have any Carpenters or Joiners recently moved out and struggled to find work, just would like to know what to expect as things are beginning to become a little bit real now. Where it has took us over 2 years to get our finally get our visa it still has not sunk in and Im one of these people who it will not sink in what I have done until the plane lands in Oz then I will panic !!!!!!! Ive been self employed for over 12 years and always found work even through are recession but Oz is the unknown, no contacts ! Can anyone please reasure me I am doing the right thing for my family as I have 4 kids and a wife to house and feed in an unkown country. I better stop now as Im scaring myself even more now! :eek: Thanks Clinton.
  12. Guest

    Carpentry and Joinery

    Hello people, we are just starting out with our visa application and i have to do a vetassessment. I'm not worried i have the skills but i want to know are there only 2 application forms, 1 Carpenter, or, 2 joiner or is there a 3rd Carpenter and Joiner. Some of the embedded units in the Carpenter( site based) ASCO 4411-13 form might be a stumbling block because i have no experience (carry out excavations and build formwork). Yes i've built an extension or 2 and dug out the footings but not on a larger scale. I have seen a Carpentry and Joinery ASCO 4411-11 form on a site but not sure if it still exists. Any help will be greatly received. Cheers
  13. Guest

    Joinery Vetasses Test

    Hi Has anyone got any tips for joinery vetasses test ? Ive got my test on the 14th May at Accrington, Ive been a carpenter/joiner about 11 years. City and Guilds qualified. Shi***g myself about the test. Any advise would be great thanks.:biggrin:
  14. Guest

    Capentry & Joinery

    Hi, I am looking at getting a job in Oz as a carpenter & joiner on a working holiday visa. I have a City & Guilds NVQ Level 3 qualification. I am also looking at starting the process for a skilled migration visa. Does an NVQ 3 stand up as proof of competency or will i still need to do a skills assessment? (Vetassess). Also what is the best way to find a carpentry job? Many Thanks Clark P.s Im a newbie here
  15. We see alot of people doing carpentry is anyone joining us for joinery on the 5th ?
  16. Hi There, We are a family heading out in June and have allowed ourselves 4 weeks in accomodation before hubby finds a job and a house to rent probably further up the coast preferably. Does anyone have experience in carpentry jobs ? If so are these easy found and what is the pay like as I have to stay at home with the kids.
  17. Hi all, can anyone recommend a training centre in the UK for an AQF level 3 Carpentry / Joinery qualification please? Also any ideas on how much this will cost? Unfortunately the OH has no formal qualifications, although been in the trade for at least 10 years & is more than capeable!!! Been told we have to go via TRA due to our circumstances!! Seems very unfair seeing Vetasses don't require a formal qualification! It's soo frustrating!!!:arghh: Thanks.
  18. Junior Member Join Date: Oct 2008 Posts: 7 Thanks: 0 Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts october joiners help us!!! hi fellas, congratulations to you guys who passed, ive got mine booked for feb 17th accrington, couple of questions... what sort of things did you do?, was it straight forward?,what sort of question were asked? was it fairly relaxed? finally, car parking is there any. all replies will be appreciated, and not just by me, thanks fellas and congratulations once again jack
  19. Guest

    Joinery Jobs

    We want to move to the Gold Coast. The only jobs i have seen for carpentry are shuttering and roofing and for joinery are sheet material flat pack workshops. I am interested in conservation work, traditional windows, doors, staircases,etc. Our there any such jobs. Please help me! Clinton.:unsure:
  20. Guest


    Has anybody done the joinery test or know anything about it? I am about to do mine in 3 weeks and have a question about a certain part of it which I am not sure can be done? Paul
  21. Hi I am just about to put in an application for skilled migration and will have to sit the joinery test and was wondering if anyone out there has already sat this, as any help with what to expect on the paper and practical tests would be much appreciated. Yours gratefully Cam
  22. Guest

    Help With Joinery Practical

    Hi I'm just about to apply for immigration and will have to sit the joinery practical test and was wondering if anyone out there has already sat this, as a heads up on what to expect in the examination would be a great help. yours gratefully Cam
  23. Hi everyone, we are a family thinking about emigrating, my husband has been a plasterer and a joiner, fits kitchens, bathrooms, including plumbing for the past 15 years, for the past couple of years self employed, just wondering what the wages in auz are for a plasterer and a joiner and are they in demand, would it be easy for him to find work,