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Found 52 results

  1. If you are moving to Queensland and want to know about schools in the area, suburbs or need help finding accommodation or friends in the area, then why not take a look at our sister site: Life in Queensland.
  2. If you are moving to Adelaide and want to know about schools in the area, suburbs or need help finding accommodation or friends in the area, then why not take a look at our sister site: Poms in Adelaide.
  3. Hi I,m quite knew to this site, we are a family of four already living in brisbane been here eighteen months now and love it. Anyway anybody feel free to join this fantasy football league its a bit of fun if you are in aus and missing the footy or even if your still in blighty. good luck everyone any questions you have on the league or brisbane feel free to ask. Dean The league is called pomsinoz:smile: Fantasy Premier League - a Fantasy Football Game for the Barclays Premier League Code to join this league: 473856-107685
  4. Hello Everyone, My boyfriend has just applied for a Partner Visa, sponsored by me. Everything has been submitted and now we are just waiting for the answer. Anywho, my boyfriend wants to eventually join the South Australian Police Force but he needs to be a permenant resident. Therefore he wont be able to join for 2 years from the date of the Visa approval. Does anyone have any idea on what he could do for work during those to years that will boost his chances of getting into the Police Force that doesn't require him the be a permenant resident or have qualifications?? He's 21 by the way, 22 by the time we get back to Australia. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Guys, I am looking to get back playing 5 a side football; played for a few years at uni in the UK but havent kicked a ball since coming here 6 months ago - definately missing it!! I live in Clarkson so looking to join a team at the joondalup arena; available to play any night of the week. I would say i am average/good player, lacking in the match fitness at the moment but a few games and i should be back to fitness. Dont really mind what division your playing in but would prefer not to join a team who is getting thrashed every week!! So if your in need of an extra player, who can play every week then give me a buzz. Cheers Nick
  6. Hey there, All my friends from Pakistan (an HR+++++++ country) ...join me here..Share your timelines with al of us soo we can get a good idea of what is happening in DIAC with the Pakistaniss....Lets get togethr here no matter which visa you are on just share your timelines from start till the end: 1)Skill assessment 2)State/regional sponsorship 3)Visa submission 4)Visa grant ! Get Started!!! Wll my sister is just on the initia stages of applying for skill assessment and youuu????
  7. People who have applied for their visas after 1st July 2011 can join here... You can share your timelines from start till the end.... So who is the first one?????????????
  8. Do you want to join me here? Just copy and paste and fill in your info it will give us an idea of how long the process takes! Good luck everyone...... Name: Canberra 2011 Date of SMP application: 20/05/2011 Trade/profession: Real Estate Agent Principal Visa type: ACT SS 176 SS received: 25/07/2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: 01/08/2011 Visa Filed: 01/08/2011 Medicals: Police Checks: Visa Grant/Declined? Name: Kate10 Date of SMP application: 25/07/11 Trade/profession: Civil Engineer (husband) Visa type: WA SS 176 SS received: 29/07/11 Form 1100 Uploaded: Sent to DIAC by WA 04/08/11 Visa Filed: 03/08/2011 Medicals: Police Checks:09/08/11 Visa Grant/Declined? Name - Rachel 80 Date of SMP Application - 11th May 2011 Trade/profession - Project administrator Visa type - ACT SS 176 SS Received - 19th July 2011 Form 1100 uploaded - 01/08/2011 Visa filed - 01/08/2011 Name: mansukhpatel Date of SMP application: 12/07/2011 Trade/profession: Systems Administrator Visa type: SA SS 176 SS received: 01/08/2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: 03/08/2011 Visa Filed: 02/08/2011 Medicals: Police Checks: Visa Grant
  9. Hi all I got offered a job starting in October as a Mechanic in Brisbane. I was offered the job on the condition that I would go out to OZ on my 417 working holiday visa and, assuming everything goes ok, get transfered onto a sponsored visa after my three month trial period. I am leaving my fiancee in the UK until I get sponsored because she used her working holiday visa a few years ago and I couldn't afford to support her financially as she would initially be unable to work on a standard holiday visa so..... What problems, hurdles etc will I encounter when I am transfered onto the sponsored visa and want to get my fiancee over from the UK to be with me? Will us being apart for three or four months cause a problem? How long does the visa swithover take? Any help or info would be much apreciated.
  10. Guest

    How Do I join the Oz Police?

    Hi there all, I'm an ex Metropolitan Police Officer but have been out of the Policing game for 10 years, although I have been an internal investigator for one of the top retailers in this country so have kept my hand in on the investigations as it were! I would love to emigrate to Oz and taking into account my experience feel that the Ozzie Police would be a natural transition but am extremely short on information and wondered if there is anyone out there who has found themselves in the same position? Is it even possible for me to apply to the Ozzie Police Academy? If so where on earth do I start? Can anyone point me in the right direction? HELP! Many Thanks Lou:huh:
  11. Hi, Could anyone out there please give some helpful advice on visas for our family? We have been living in Oz for 18 mths on PR visas and now some of our family would like to join us. My wife's brother at the age of 16 having just left school in the UK would love to come and live with us. As he still has parents and is related us and he has 4 other brothers/sisters, we cannot adopt or claim that he is dependant. Is there another option that will not cost a fortune? Probable a dead duck but my wife's parents would also like to come. Again money is constraining so investment visas are not an option. Is there any other option than repeated vistor visas? How often and how long can someone keep visiting? Can someone come on a 12mth visit, go home and come back for another 12mths a couple of weeks later? If anyone has had experience or knowledge of these situations, your comments would be very welcome.
  12. Sian1430

    To join the Police in WA??

    Hi All, Just thought I'd run this one by any former UK Police Officers who have made the jump down under and have continued in the Service? I am a serving Police Officer in the UK, my husband and I will be moving to Perth in the new year under a 457 visa through his company (he is a Civil Engineer). We're told once we have been residing in the country for around 12-18 months and providing all goes well with my husband in his role, we will be granted permanent residency. I understand I will need PR to apply for WA Police but am questioning whether it it worth bothering at all? I know the elements of the cops in the UK I can't stand are similar for most - paperwork, red tape, paperwork, discretion....what's that?? Did I mention the paperwork.....:wacko: I know what I am looking to get out of Oz - the great outdoors, enjoying good health, making good friends. I love exercise so I have a nagging ambition to get myself qualified as a personal trainer. But by doing this would I be throwing all my police training out the window?? I'm now a Detective and this has taken a lot of hard work to achieve. I know I can't face working in an office in Oz, I struggle with cabin fever as it is and to look out at the sunshine every day would be torture!! I'll take the positives and negatives on policing in Oz, it will assist hugely with my decision!!
  13. Well my time is flying around so quickly :biggrin: But I get this strange sense of being in limbo! :unsure: I've sent half my wordly belongings ahead of me, I have donated most of my others belongings to friends and family and it now feels as if they own half my life! :frown: We are in the middle of painting our house ready for hand-over.....Most of my remaining things are scattered around the house in suitcases.......I have a month ahead full of visitors coming to my island to say goodbye, partys and last this and thats.....I constantly dream of arriving in Oz,:jiggy::jiggy: constantly bore everyone I know about it and constantly tell my 2 boys "when we are in Oz......blah blah blah!" I walk around thinking "this may be the last time I do this, or see this" , getting nostalgic and generally ending in a few discreet tears........BUT Nights like tonight nothing seems real! We've had a normal day: Works been a stressfull pain for my OH and I've had a hectic day with the kids. :wacko:He's gone to the pub for a pint and a de-stress about work and I'm sat at home watching crap TV.....untill I look up at my calender and see 29 days clearly left to go!:eek: Surely I should be doing something right now not just dossing around?!!! .........so I wrote this......and hoped some of you P.I.O people may know just where I am!:notworthy: What a rollercoaster!
  14. Just prompted our agent on Friday as we had been told w/c 4th April but nothing. Reply came back this morning, visa granted. Apparently CO's are working weekends at the moment so hang in there all those who are waiting. The boys and I danced around the room to Australia by Manic Street Preachers......what will you all dance to?
  15. !!!!celebrations!!!!:hug: Finally a response from Immigration, i think almost all priority group 3 people have received an email asking to get ready every thing and we may get case officer in coming three months. share your next updates here in this thread. I am system analyst applied 885 on 22/11/2010 with DRC..
  16. Hi everyone I have been on PIO for over 2 years now on and off and although this is predominently a site for people emigrating to Australia, it is also a site for people coming back to the uk. So for those of us who are wanting to go, or who are going, we obviously don't want to make the same mistakes (no offence meant) as some, who it hasn't worked out for, i think a - what to be aware of thread with tips and good advice from people who have tried to live the dream' but it hasn't worked out for them, these people can genuinely contribute good advice, admittedly it might not be what some of us want to hear, but never the less some of it can be helpful. Also for those lucky enough to already be living in Australia, your tips and help is more than welcome also. I do not want to offend anyone and i would appreciate it if this thread could have posts on it that are helpful and non aggressive and no arguing please. I say lets pull together and post good helpful advice for those who are facing the daunting prospect of living in a different country far away from family and friends. I will start by saying that, i think i have heard on PIO that any teenager who is wanting to go to university in Australia, will have to pay overses fees, unless they get citizenship, or they have been there more than 4 years and have Permanent Residency.......... is this correct and what is the difference in fees?
  17. Guest

    How Can My son join us?

    Hi, After some advice please. Our situation is as follows. I'm a nurse, OH painter decorator, currently waiting for 176 Vic SS visa, lodged early 2011. Me and hubby plus 4,6 & 16 yr old travelling on my visa. Daughter, 19, born in Queensland, has Oz passport & currently waiting for citizenship certificate to be issued, also travelling with us to Geelong, Victoria. All heading out as soon as visa issued, hoping for August-December 2011. Son is coming up 24, working full time and owns own property, works in IT as systems programmer, with 5 years job experience with same company, 6 years this May. He has usual secondary school education, and few qualifications in IT, some microsoft modules completed for certificate. How can we get him out with us, what options do we have and which is fastest route. We think we may be able to sponsor him on last remaining relative visa? Or could my 19 year old daughter with Oz visa sponsor him in any capacity. And if so, does she have to wait until she's out there or could process be started now? If we sponsor him, do we have to have been out there for certain amount of time? How long? Would really appreciate any advice on the above. Thanks:err:
  18. Dear All Mummies & Children; I am starting a new playgroup in Joondalup running on a Thursday morning between 11.30 and 1.30. Currently there are 6 or 7 confirmed mummies and children (2 to 4.5) all hoping to attend; but to make it financially viable we're looking at a minimum of 10 parents and their children; plus I like making new friends! We're all a lovely group most of whom have been here for less than a year. If you would be interested in joining us, I have started a Facebook Group... thought it was the easiest way to introduce ourselves and keep people informed of the information prior to the Playgroup opening. Search on Facebook for THURSDAY PLAYGROUP (JOONDALUP) or email me at gemma@watson-mail.com Gemma
  19. Hi everybody! I am known under the same nick on a similar Russian phorum, GDay.ru I've been reading poms for a long time. What I am interested here is joining efforts with those who undergone unfair DIAC's treatment in 2007 - 2008. Cheers!
  20. Join our campaign to bring Soccer AM to our screens every Sunday morning. Picture the scene, Sunday morning switch on the kettle, pop some bread in the toaster and then sit down and relax in front of the TV catching up on all of the previous nights results. Then just as you get comfortable you have two options, firstly you can log on to the Soccer AM website and watch the clips from the previous days episode – all good with various three minute teasers, enough to keep you going in the knowledge that you’re still in touch and have a good understanding of what’s going on in probably the world’s best football arena or option number 2. You can pick up the remote and bang there it is, available, full screen and here in Australia the one and only ‘Soccer AM’ show, all three hours of it and it’s on TV here in its full glory. Don’t get me wrong we are very lucky in terms of being kept up to date with all of the live action over here but how good would it be to be fully involved in all of the brilliant interaction of Soccer AM. Surely out there with all of the repeats and utter nonsense we watch every weekend there is a spot in the Sunday morning schedule to bring Helen Chamberlain and Co to our screens every weekend throughout the season. Or join us at Facebook to get involved in the campaign. 'Bring Soccer AM to Australia'
  21. My Case officer has assigned 3 months ago. He has not requested any file so far. I guess we are waiting the routine checks. Is there anybody who has waiting such a long time ? Will new rules announced in 19th July effect us?
  22. Any advice appreciated!! Am moving to Aus with new wife and baby, however I also have 14 year old child who lives with his mother, who won't let him have a medical. That's bearable as it doesn't affect my emigrating (she's done declaration) but I was keen that he might have the choice to join us later. Anyone had a similar issue and found a way through?? Getting his mother to agree to anything would be very hard. Would he, if he wanted to join (and I had citizenship) be judged as an individual? Does having half his family Perm Res make any difference? Is it best if he joins us before he's 18? He's with his mum til 16. Thank you, first post please excuse any obvious errors. D
  23. Hi, I am 38 and have been in OZ for almost 12 years but am new to PIO. I live with my wife and son in Berowra Heights and am really keen to either join, or setup, a social group for fellow ex-pats living in the Hornsby / Berowra area. Let me know if you're interested. :smile:
  24. Dear GP Our centre is an accredited Medical Centre in South Eastern Suburbs in Melbourne - Victoria . 30Km away from CBD Amazing team of 8 other Gp's , 2 Practice Nurse (One of them just joined us from UK), 2 Practice Managers and 5 Reception Staff Our Busy practice is fully equipped with all medical supplies 6 Consulting rooms and a huge treatment room with 2 beds and pathology collection centre We are looking for a GP that wants to move to the Lovely Melbourne Amazing working conditions Great %%%% If you provide 40 hours week you will be guaranteed to take home 360-380k per annum Please forward your details to duffclinic[at]internode[dot]on[dot]net and copy the e-mail to jobs[at]aanet[dot]com[dot]au Immediate start and relocation support is offered Good Luck
  25. Cerberus1

    Chat live with Moneycorp now

    Just a quick reminder that we are currently holding a live chat session with Moneycorp, which will run until aprox. 21:30 UK time. To take part, click the 'chat' button at the top of the page (in the orange menu bar) or use this link - Moneycorp Chat Once the chat software has loaded, enter the 'Moneycorp' chat room. (If you're a guest on the website, when the chat window loads, click the green icon next to where it says Unregistered ( available) - then choose 'Edit your profile' and choose a nickname first.) John Kinghorn and Jonathan Griffith from Moneycorp are hosting the chat and will be on hand to answer and exchange rate / money transfer queries you may have The session will will last approximately 2 hours. Whether you are moving to Australia, or living there already, John will provide the latest updates on the Aussie dollar and give you some insight into the key influencing factors. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating and transferring your money at the right time, via the right channel, will make a big difference.