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Found 29 results

  1. Hi ! Just wondered if anyone else here had applied to St John Ambulance ? I am a paramedic based near London and applied originally last September - I heard nothing (technical hitch with application) and then re-applied last month. Just wondering if anyone had any advice on time scales, etc! Thanks JO x Also - an enquiry with regards to employee nomination scheme - if i am sponsored by SJA for work will my husband have the right to work in WA also? i am so confused with regards to visas, can someone help? :chatterbox:
  2. Hi, we've had loads of quotes which we narrowed down to the two companies above. Both their estimators came round and gave very different estimates for volume. One of the estimators was very helpful the other just more business-like. When I followed this up one of the companies was quite helpful and has given me cost estimates on both volumes, the other wasn't quite as helpful. Has anyone had experience with these two companies? Just to help us make the final decision. They both seem to have their pros & cons at the moment when I have dealt with them, but not enough to put me off and we did shortlist them because we had heard good things. If there isn't much difference between the two then we will just go with the one that is £150 cheaper, it will go towards purchasing the two new Australian child car seats (groan!) PS - We need to make our decision and book by tomorrow as we need to pick up next week! (& yes they both say they can do this) Thank you.
  3. Paul got married on the same day too didn't he and at the same registry office in London where he married Linda in 1969?
  4. Yay, I have just booked medicals for the family and me. I got the first appointment which was 18th March and so anyone else looking at booking should expect a three/four week time lag from calling them to actually having the medical done. Anyone know how long it usually takes from having medicals done to receiving visa grant? Thanks:jiggy:
  5. The Pom Queen

    John Cleese coming to Australia

    He will be appearing in Sydney in September :wubclub:
  6. Hi, Ive had 3 quotes to take my stuff from London to Perth: John Mason vs Anglo Pacific vs Crown Crown are the more expensive of the 3. All seem reputable companies. Price is one way to differentiate but would like to gauge people's experiences as well. Thanks, Marc
  7. I know there are loads of threads about which shipping company to use but I'd welcome opinions here ... We have had 5 companies out to give quotes ... my two favourites (and the best quotes) are : John Mason and Dorree Bonner .... I leaned towards John Mason as they get such good reviews on here but the guy that came to do the quote was a bit of a "wide boy" and although I liked him I wasnt sure how well he knew his stuff/didn't real "sell" JM...!! I have heard much less about Dorree Bonner but their guy was professional, polite, knew his stuff and was not pushy ... They are pretty much the same cost .... I'm struggling to decide ... we'll be moving from the Midlands incase any one knows more about the "packing teams" in this area??? Please PM me if you dont recommend either and let me know why!! Thanks everyone
  8. Just want to say thank you for the excellent service we have received from both companies. The guys in the UK and here in Perth were really good and we had no problems. Only a couple of broken light fittings out of the entire shipment. Wridgeways came and collected all our packaging today after we had a full week to unpack after they delivered. No hesitation in recommending them. :cute: Donna
  9. I am a midwife working in the UK and am hoping to move to the Gold Coast in the summer if I can find a job...I intended to work for a public hospital as I have not heard good reports with private maternity hopsitals in Australia...this is mainly due to midwives losing their skills as doctors deliver all babies in private hospitals plus private hospitals are less equipped both in terms of staff and equipment because they are more interested in making a profit than putting the money into the service they provide...does anyone have any experience of working in a private hospital..am particularly interested in John Flynn which is a private hospital..unfortunately midwifery jobs in the public sector seem scarce on the Gold Coast...any advice please
  10. A very kind offer to see if he could help me with a problem with the central heating boiler via Cyberspace:notworthy: Its now fixed and warmth is returning as we speak :notworthy: Thankyou John :hug:
  11. Daffod1lly

    John Mason - thumbs up!!

    We had our furniture delivered last Friday and want to praise the services of the team at John mason and Wridgways :notworthy: They were fab from start to finish and made the whole process smooth and stress free! John Mason were willing to negotiate on price where others didn't and the office staff kept us informed every step of the way! The lads doing the packing were friendly and efficient both in the UK and Australia. We would definitely use them again and would highly recommend them.
  12. Hi all! I'm really starting to get stressed!!:arghh: We had 6 quotes and we felt like we were drowning in information. Sifted through it all and finally after much haggeling came to a decission on PSS. I have done some more homework and found out that PSS sub contract work out to another company at this end.I did ask this queston when they came to quote and they said they did'nt. So I phoned them to ask them about it and they told me that the company that would be doing the job,wernt PSS, but a company that worked for PSS and PSS exclusively. I got their name and...... So back to the web I go....... and they are, advertising worldwide shipping and offering quotes, so I could just book direct with them and cut out the middleman !!! When you get them all out to do the shipping quotes, you base your final decission on each individual company, now I find that the company I chose won't even be doing the job! Then John Masons phoned me for a follow-up, so I told them I had gone with PSS and they slashed their quote again! Plus John Masons are based just up the road and now coming in cheaper. I just don't know what to do. I havnt signed any paperwork yet, so its not too late to change my mind. Anyone got any good or bad comments on either of these companies? I feel like I am going MAD! Melanie x
  13. The Pom Queen

    Happy Birthday John

    Hi John I see in todays list it is your birthday today, have a great day. Kate:wubclub:
  14. Hi prob a very daft question to most but does anybody know if "John Frieda Frizz Ease" products are sold in Oz shops, if not I will ship some without it I look like a very scary, Scary Spice:biggrin:
  15. TheBrammies

    John Mason Shipping

    Credit were credit is due we used John Mason to ship our furniture to Perth,Secret Harbour the firm this side was Wridgeways and all our furniture arrived in one piece the only damage was a small dent to the back of our microwave everything else no problems our wicker basket came through no extra charges for fumigation a chiminera a bird bath all my tools all came through and customs did check a few things so i think it could be pot luck if you get charged or not we had to pay au$80 for delivery because its outside the 25 miles range so all i can say we are very pleased with the service we received and how different everything seams to be when you get all you belongings life is on the up bring on the summer lol
  16. Hi All Was just wondering if anyone had any comments on the above schools? Have been to look around Lumen Chrisit and John Wollaston, but not yet been around Carey. Both seemed really nice and friendly schools, but trying to find any results is a complete nightmare!!! So was just looking for a bit of advice if anyone has any? Many thanks Claire xx
  17. Guest

    pss or john mason

    hi are these two shipping companys as good as each other, only taking 200 cubic feet and one priced us at 1066 pound the other at 1100 pound . both where by far the cheapest
  18. Hi Everyone My name is Beth and I am looking for some advice, I am due to qualify as a direct entry midwife in Sep this year, I have a job interview for sjog in Perth in July has anyone out there had any experience of working in this hospital? and could anyone give me advice on what to expect for the interview?? Thanks very much for your help:smile:
  19. Guest

    John Mason removal quote

    John Mason have quoted us £3150 for the complete service to Perth. This seems really good, especially as Pickfords were £4026...however can I ask if there are any hidden costs we need to be aware of with Mason's apart from the Aus customs charge & insurance? We still have Anglo Pacific to come round but tbh if mason's will agree to £3k (got to try!) and there are no horror stories I think we'll go with Mason's. (ps the reason this quote is so reasonable I think is because we're in temporary accomodation after we sold our house so lots of stuff is already wrapped!) Cheers!
  20. To discuss closer business relationships with New Zealand. Excellent about time and it can only be positive.
  21. Just thought people might be interested. We recently used John Mason and their partners Wridgeways in Aus to move ourselves to Geelong near Melbourne. They were all great, the packers 2 great guys who did an excellent job, and the unpackers at this end also good blokes who did a really good job without even so much as a slight scuff on any wall anywhere (and our house has a dogleg in the hall). They completed the entire delivery within 2 months of it setting off from our house in the UK which given that it was over xmas as well we thought was really good. Overall can't fault them, the only item which was even slightly damaged was a storage jar which has a slight crack but it is pretty old, all our other stuff has arrived in exactly the condition that we sent it (which includes UK dust on some of the furniture !!!) SO anyone looking for a removers, JM were really good and a decent price for us as well. Definitely worth a look. :jiggy:
  22. Just thought that I would post about our medicals which we had this morning at St John Street Manchester. We chose this practice mainly because it seems to be the only one in the Midlands that offers the E-Health (online) service and it's a one stop shop (some places you have to have your x-rays separately.) Anyway we had Dr Smith who was very efficient and friendly. He put the kids at ease and was great with my 2 year old who was surprisingly cooperative (was expecting a nightmare, he cries normally when strangers look at/talk to him!) Had a chest of drawers with toys in for the kids. He was very sensitive with my 11 yr old (going on 18) treated her like an adult all very respectful and gave her a sheet to cover herself (as he did with me) We had to provide urine samples when we got there (gave us pots) not needed for under 5's though. We all took turns, stayed in the same room, he did the kids first then me. Asked a few questions about history etc then had weight and height done, blood pressure, eye test, looked in eyes/ears, checked abdomens/looked for hernias, looked at back, checked range of movement in all limbs, checked my calves for varicose veins! (I don't have any!) Had to touch toes and that was about it. Then I had to have bloods taken and we all had chest x-rays (except 2 yr old) we had to strip to the waist then wear sexy radio-opaque dressing gown! Dr doing x-rays was also very friendly and professional. Gave our daughter her chest x-ray on a cd-rom to take home! We were in and out in 2 hours and the total cost was around £700 for 2 adult (class adult as 11 and over!) and 1 child med, 3x chest x-rays and 3 lots of bloods for me. Cost £23 each for the courier fees. One thing to be aware of is you have to pay to park; a couple of quid for an hour so make sure you take lots of change! All in all a fast efficient service (if a bit pricey) but very convienient and the meds should all be received in Oz by next Mon One less thing to worry about!:smile:
  23. Guest

    john smiths

    moving to gold coast soon is john smiths extra smooth available there . can i buy from supermarkets?????????????????
  24. Hiya, Im getting to the stage of being able to start my visa app for me and my family and we were looking at using an agent, iv looked around and spoken to 1 or 2 and found Visa Unit a guy called John Mumford. I just wondered if anyone had heard of him or used him as their agent before i commit myself. Thanks Sarah x
  25. Hi peeps i know there prob has been info on these removers b4 but they have been recommended by someone but nobody knows better than you guys so can anyone shed any light on them and let us know if there any good cheers Ron