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Found 13 results

  1. samanthab

    Planing to move Tassi

    Dear Friends, I am planning to move Tassi mid in 2015, before that I need few good advices from you guys. We are a family of 4 ( 2 kids 4 and 2 yrs old). Basically I need to know about job market for the engineers and mechanical technicians since that is my main stream interest and ability. Any advise from you highly appreciate. Plz guide me to the right direction. Thanks, Samantha.
  2. Hi All, I recently moved to Melbourne with my boyfriend on a 457 visa. I graduated this year with a first class honours in Business Studies, and have found it hard finding a job in Melbourne CBD. I'm interested in Marketing, Events Management and HR, and have previous work experience. I've applied to jobs on seek.com.au and not heard anything back, so would like to explore other avenues. What would you suggest? Or does anyone know of any jobs in these areas? Any advice would be great! Thanks! Lauren
  3. Hi, I am a Mechanical Engineer looking for openings for a job in NSW as i am applying through 190 Visa. Since i am close to getting an Visa i have started looking out for jobs related to mechanical Engineering. Please do let me know for any openings are ways relating to find a job in NSW. Thank You.
  4. Hi All, I would like to know whether Subclass 190 holder can have access to any jobs or not. More specifically, can 190 holder can do state government jobs? Also please let me know if there are any other constraints accessing job market for 190 holder. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey guys I'll be be qualified AAT in about a year and looking to move to Oz afterwards. Does anyone know if it's a recognised qualification or can it be used to get a skilled migration visa? Thanks Rachel x
  6. Hey everyone, this is my first ever post on here and on any forum for that matter! I've been in Melbourne for 15 months and had a job for most of that but not a very good one at all….in fact it was so depressing i finally left it last month. Ever since i got that job i have been on the look out for another better suited job, i've applied for so many roles and either had no response or a 'thank you but no' reply. These are roles that i am more than qualified to do and had i applied to them in London I would at least have had an interview. I'm a graphic designer for fashion by the way, the industry is small in London but it seems smaller and more behind here. I'm feeling really useless and fed up plus I am starting to wonder if it's because I am not Australian? I have a defaco Visa and so do not require any sponsorship, I put this info on my cover letters plus it is on my CV. Starting to wish i'd stayed in my old job now even though it was soul destroying. What am I doing wrong eh?!
  7. Evening everyone I am browsing the forum, idling away my Sunday evening. I wondered if Brits have experienced difficulties in getting jobs in Australia (regardless of trade / profession) due to employers having a preference for locals or people not on a visa? I live in London and regularly come across Aussies (and Kiwis, + other Europeans etc) in my line of work (I'm a PA) but the job market here is much larger, so there's more opportunity, even though it can still sometimes be a struggle to get a job. So does anyone have any insight on this / or an opinion? Thanks VP
  8. Hi there Met my partner in March 2012, in Sydney. Went back to the UK, re-visited for 3 months, back to the UK, now back in NSW and on 12 month tourist visa (Expires July). As of 2 weeks ago, i am officially broke. I cannot work as i am 33, do not have a skilled profession and have no money to re-train for anything. Getting married is not an option and i cannot afford the cost of applying for a de-facto visa, that would grant me the right to work, even temporarily. Has anyone been in this position? Do you have any suggestions? I miss working (for my own sanity and a healthy social life outside of my partner) and would relish the opportunity to earn some money. Going home seems the only alternative and this, of course, is heartbreaking. Can anyone help???? :ssign16:
  9. Hiii, I am a BAND 5 nurse in the UK and have been a nurse for 15 months, I have started applying for jobs in Brisbane as I now have my registration to practice nursing in Australia (finally!!!) and just wanted to check what grade I am in Oz if I am Band 5 in the UK. I'm worried i'm looking at the wrong jobs so any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Kirst xx
  10. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and feeling like I need some words of wisdom (or comfort!) from people who know what I'm going through! My situation is that I am lucky enough to be an Australian citizen by descent, I applied for and was granted citizenship while I was backpacking around Australia in 2006. I then returned to the UK at the end of that year with my British partner who I met whilst travelling. We are now engaged to be married in July and had our first baby in December. We have decided to take the plunge and return to Australia permanently. So, we've started filling out the partner visa forms and compiling all the evidence we need to prove our relationship and I feel like my head is going to explode!!!!! I do know that I should be grateful that I have an easier route into Australia than most people and I am definitely thankful for that, it's just a looooooooot of paperwork to try and get done with a 6 month old baby in tow! :wacko: Anyway, we've decided that Queensland is the state we want to move to, mainly for the weather and hopefully the job opportunities! We are both secondary school teachers (Science and PE) and were thinking that it would be reasonably easy to find jobs while its on the skills shortage list. But now, after reading so many negative posts on here, I'm really worried that we'll be jobless for the foreseeable future! We are in the process of registering with the Queensland government as teachers, but need a reference from current employers who don't yet know we are planning to leave! I can't really discuss this with people I know, especially not my work colleagues, as we're keeping it a bit of a secret until we know whether the visa will actually be granted (although I don't anticipate any problems). I was just wondering whether anyone else was in the same boat re: teaching jobs? Or if anyone has any advice? I'm feeling a little deflated as although I know from experience that we love Australia, it was a while since we lived there and so many people are posting on here with all sorts of negative stuff :confused: re jobs, homes, schools, economy, Aussies hating POMS! etc. Sorry for the long post, just got nowhere else to vent :wink: but aside from all the negativity I've seen from some (not all) of the posts on here I'm very excited and would love to share ideas with people on here!!! Kelly
  11. Guest

    Job Advice

    Hi guys, can i get a job in australia before i come over on my whv (im in the uk)
  12. hi my brother is planning on joining me over in perth but hard to find work here at the mo in his job butchery???any help or advice ive searched and searched and no were!!
  13. I am 25, and I am an experienced and qualified teacher / nanny / administrator / waitress & barmaid with NSW RSA and all round friendly, confident, hard-working individual seeking a full time position. I am very flexible in what job I do. My working holiday visa ends on the 28th November 2012. Abi Wlson