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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all We are here on TSS 482 visas. British citizens with a reciprocal 'visitor' medicare card (yellow colour). Were referred for IVF. Clinic very happy to treat us but said we needed to wait until we had full medicare. The visitor (yellow) medicare card excludes ART (assisted reproductive technology). We have today applied for PR and I gather we are now eligible to get a blue (interim) medicare card. The medicare helpline today told me that the blue card is equivalent to the green card that citizens and PR get, and the bloke seemed to think it would therefore be worth us applying for that to get the ball rolling with the IVF. He didn't seem quite sure though.. I can't find any clear answers online because I am not 100% sure if Brits who already have the yellow medicare card are even eligible for the blue card! Or if that is for people from countries where there is no reciprocal agreement. Can anyone shed any light? Thank you
  2. Hi Poms Im really hoping this post will stand out to anyone who has had IVF treatment in Australia as I really need some advice. Me and my partner have been her for 2.5years, we have a sponsored 457 visa valid for 4 years from next month (just transferred as partner starting a new job) and have recently found out that in order to conceive, our only chance is to have IVF (ICSI). We were initially advised that to do this it will cost us $12,000 and that Medicare do not cover any of this. However after speaking with a Patient Liason Advisor today at Melbourne IVF she advised that there have been quite a few couples over time in our situation and gave me some 'item numbers' to quote to Medicare so they could tally them up with the system with our details to see if we would be able to claim any cash back through Medicare. At first the lady at Medicare was adament that we wouldnt be able to but when I pushed and asked her to check the item numbers I was given by MIVF she said they were all covered....:jiggy:She actually seemed as surprised as I was! But obviously couldnt deny what was in front of her. Im hoping to hear from anyone who is also here on a temporary basis and has gone through IVF that can give us some information on your own experience? Im extreeeeeeeeeeemley happy if we do get help because let me tell you $12,000 is a massive financial burden especially with the success rates being 30-40% per cycle. Im hoping and praying that what I have been told today is correct but I cant find any information anywhere about it (I personally think they are trying to keep it under wraps and not advertising the fact which is fair enough really...) Anyway look forward to hearing from anyone soon, im not sure where is best to post this so apologies if you see it popping up all over the place! Thankyou Lindsay X :hug: PS our Medicare card is the reciprocal agreement with 'Visitor' stamped at the bottom...
  3. A prisoner has been allowed to become a father using IVF by using the Human Rights act even though he is still locked up, it says that his demand to let his partner be artificially insemnated was approved by the justice secretary ......... Kenneth Clarke.
  4. BrownEyedGal

    IVF/ART and Medicare - Help?

    Hi all I'm seeking ANY information on having IVF/ART in the Sydney area. Myself and partner are now taking the plunge and would really value any help. I know it it a little cheaper with Medicare but I want to know if I can claim as I am on the Temp Partner visa? I am enrolled in Medicare. I also understand that you can claim some things on private health insurance but that does not kick in until you've been with the insurer for about 12 months. I can't wait that long - clock is ticking! We are definitely going down the IVF route and hopefully I will not need donated eggs but wait and see. Any thoughts, ideas and constructive criticism would be valued. Regards
  5. Guest

    IVF question

    Hi all, new on here, first post. were coming over in March on my OH 457 visa, we intend to apply for PR straight away. I've one question only......has anyone any info on ivf (egg donation ) in WA, we have tried in the uk to no avail and cant delay coming over anymore so i'm looking for any info and links to private or state ivf. Thanks for any help. Heps1
  6. Guest

    IVF treatment

    Hi All, I’m moving to Sydney in December and am currently undergoing some investigations ??Infertility. Do you know what IVF entitlements I would receive in New South Wales as a British Citizen? I am coming over initially on a sponsorship VISA, but with view to apply for permanent residency asap. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank-you Donna
  7. Guest


    Hi everyone Has anyone had any experience of IVF in Sydney - e.g clinics, cost, waiting list and success rates? Thanks
  8. Guest

    IVF Questions

    :unsure: Hi there, Has anyone had any experiences with IVF in Oz? We are moving to Sydney in Jan 08 and were wondering what the true costs of treatment is per cycle. My wife & I are coming over on a 457 visa and realise that we will be unable to take advantage of the medicare system for at least a year. Does anyone know what the actual cost is including all the fees. Can anyone recommend a clinic in the Sydney area? Anybodies experience would be helpful (good or bad) and will hopefully out our minds at ease! Thanks in advance! Christian