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Found 29 results

  1. Hey guys Hope someone can help?My employer has lodged the nomination part of my 457 visa last week, generally speaking how long until a TRN is issued? Itching to lodge my part but can't until receive TRN!:jiggy:
  2. Hi all Firstly I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all who have helped with advice, support and information during this process - could not have done it without this site and the brilliant, fantastic, wonderful PIO members!!! :hug: Our visa was issued in Brisbane today. Received notification via email that the 820 Defacto partner had been granted!!! OVER THE MOON. Application submitted 21 JAN 2011 - incl medicals and UK police check CO allocated 01 NOV 2011 Additional information requested - OZ Police Clearence and non migrating child health assessment, which was supplied and....drum roll................. Visa granted 15 NOV 2011!!!!!!!! We did this without the assistance of an Immigration agent but would have been impossible with all you guys and the information and help you gave during the application process. Cannot say thank you enough times. I now have the love of my life and he is allowed to stay here with me forever......... LIFE IS GREAT!!! Good luck to those still waiting. :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: Lucy Lou and Black Country Lad
  3. Hi There, Currently my girlfriend and I are both on my 457 visa. My girlfriend's employer is now going to sponsor her for her own 457. I'm currently the higher earner between us so it makes sense for me to remain on my 457 for LAFHA until I decide to leave my job. My question is, how easy is it for me to transfer onto her visa as her de facto partner when I decide to switch employers (assuming the new employer doesn't sponsor me straight off the bat)? What is the process? Thanks and regards Rob
  4. Perhaps quite a common question on here but I am just wondering if anyone can tell me an approximate timescale from being given a CO to visa being issued. I have applied for a 176 and 2 days ago I got an email from my CO asking me to complete my medicals and police checks. Am I close to being issued my visa once these checks have been done or could I still be waiting a matter of months? Any answers are much appreciated. David
  5. .....whilst in Oz. Do I need to do something/anything to get my PR VISA (orange sticker) put into my new passport? Or do we just carry both passports (cancelled & new) around with us? Advice would be much appreciated. Thank you. Kath
  6. Hi All, We have just submitted 47sp and 40sp for OH's 309 visa. Thanks to the advise of the forum we have now got citizenship certificates for our 2 children and are awaiting their passports. Question - We have received quotes for one way flights to Perth, but are worried that my OH might not have his 309 visa issued by the time we arrive in Perth (end of November so might be tight)! Could anyone advise us what we should do? Our concern being that immigration might not let him through without return ticket. Many Thanks Megan:biggrin:
  7. Now, I am not one who likes people swearing all the time but I think the Vic government are taking it a step too far. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/big-fines-for-those-who-cry-foul-20110530-1fctb.html
  8. Hi My wife's applied for the Subclass 175 (Skilled Independent) Visa. We've been here on a 457 for 3 years. We got all the health checks done today. We should have a case officer assigned in the next 2 to 3 weeks. All our paperwork is in order. I realise that if the whole thing is successful we have to go offshore at some stage. How exactly does this work? For example - Is it the case that in 2 months time we're told that we're successful with our application and that it kicks in the next time we return to Oz and they give us a specific time period for us to get this organised. In the meantime we organise a week away in the likes of NZ or Fiji. For work reasons and kids reasons I'd like to be as prepared as possible for how it works out. Cheers
  9. Hello all, Pretty shocked to find it's going to cost another £1100 for a visa for our newly born son as our 176 Visa has already been issued. (see email below from CO) My burning question is, where do I send the completed application forms and how do I pay? I may be a bit thick, but I can't find this info anywhere! The 176 visa was all done and paid for online, however the child migrant 101 appears to be paper only... Any help would be great fully received! Thanks in advance, Dave Dear Mr. Alger Thank you for your email. Congratulations on the birth of your son. Please view our website in regard to visa options for your son as we are unable to add him to your granted Skilled - (VE 176) Sponsored visa. Child Visa (Subclass 101)
  10. On behalf of a friend I would like to know if anyone knows of a situation where the company that is sponsoring them (for a RSMS) has changed their ABN Number after the application has been lodged but before the visa is issued? The trading name is the same and all but one Director is the same too (The other directors bought out one of the original Directors I believe) Any help on whether this is going to be a probem or what she should do about it would be great, Thanks :biggrin:
  11. A fair few trade occupations are on the list. But no hairdressers, who it seems must look to the ACT for sponsorship. Applications for WA sponsorship cannot be lodged until 7am Perth time on Monday 20/12/2010, which is 11pm Sunday evening in the UK. Go Matilda comment is here: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Happy Xmas!
  12. Hi all, I have a dilemma - I have had my visa issued (permanent residency), but, due to all the time it has taken to be issued, I have now met someone and we are planning on getting married next year..... I have not yet emigrated. My visa expires in Dec 2013 (if I haven't already emigrated by then), so I have 3 years more or less. The question is am I able to 'tag' my fiancee onto my visa, or will she have to apply for a visa in her own right (not sure that she'd get one due to her age), or is it a case of I have to give up on my dream, which has now become our dream.... or is there another way round this problem? I am now 44, she is 48. Advice would be very welcome! Sean
  13. Hi, Does anyone know what sort of turn around it is from medicals going to our visas being issued (SKilled sub class 136) Thanks Dave & Jen
  14. RonnieRocket0

    176 Issued 19/01/2010

    Good Morning Fellow PIO'ers!, I thought I had posted my news earlier this morning, but it does not seem to have registered? Anyway, I thought 'what the hell' and checked my e-mail this morning (5:30am), no news, but there was some movement regarding my online status. Then at about 6:30ish I checked my e-mail again and 'Holy Smoke!!' 176 visa issued. Wow, a quick rub of the eyes and thought could this be true??? Are there any conditions attached, but no it was a 'pucker' letter from our friends at DIAC. In the short space of 10 minutes all manner of thoughts was going through my mind, but the biggest feeling of euphoria was the fact that this visa has been issued even though my son is diagnosed with Autism. I would like to pass on a number of thank you's etc... 1. This forum and its members. It is a great site, and a great place to meet and exchange thoughts, opinions, and general support. 2. To Gill and the senior members of this forum. There are those who I would deem to be classed as Oracles, due to their wealth of knowledge. 3. David Wilden and the team at DIAC (UK & Aus.). We all know that there are times we are frustrated with how the wheels turn so slowly, but to take the time to meet with PIO and engage in a meeting. This has been followed up with further requests/questions with our concerns. 4. My family. Its amazing the amount of times my son has asked, 'Have the Australians contacted you yet dad?' Thankfully he is unaware that our visa pretty much depended on the outcome of his assessment. Well most of my details are within my signature, however the parts missing are visa issued 176, 19/01/2010, Latest date of entry 21/11/2010 and the team dealing with it were team 4. In a nutshell the whole process took roughly 7.5 months from start to finish. I would like to further add, that I would like to offer my continued support to this forum as well as providing support to especially those going through the process of emmigrating with a dependant with autism. I hope that this news offers hope to those that DIAC do process those with disabilities and issue visas, without the need to get a new diagnosis. Please PM me if you wish for any help/advice. To sign off the bubbly is on chill and no matter how bad a day at work it will be, its going to take a lot to knock me off of this cloud 9 moment :biggrin: Keep the faith Ronnie Rocket
  15. We were lucky enough to have been issued with our visa today. Its been a long time and a fair bit of stress but here we go.........WOW Thanks again to all on the POI web site, keeping us informed of changes , good and bad. Thanks to Alan Collet ,Gill and all the people who attended the December meeting. A bit of celebrating due we think. :biggrin::biggrin:
  16. My mother in law has just had her passport returned with a long stay tourist visa for 12 months granted. However, when she filled in the form she was asked what date she is going over to Austrailia (1st Feb 2010). The visa she has been given is valid for 12 months from 4th December! In the covering letter it says she must leave Austrailia on 4th December 2010. She is gutted as she wanted to spend Christmas with us next year. We applied now to avoid delays with Christmas and in case she was asked to go for a medical. Does anyone know if DIAC will amend her visa to start from the day she actually flies out? (Have tried to speak with the guy in London who processed it but hes not in!)
  17. Guest

    travel before visa issued

    Hi guys , has anyone out there applied for their visa in the uk and then received it in australia or know anything about it. Natalie:hug:
  18. I have been offered sponsorship by a company in sydney and they instructed an agent to deal with the application for them and me. They are a large multi national company who sponsor quite a few people and when my application was submitted it was submitted along with quite a few other new employees for the company. My 457 application is still being processed (sick of the wait and delay now!!) but the agent did inform me this morning that some of the other applicants who were submitted at the same time have had their visas granted, with some of them being in the last few days. just thought I share the info with others
  19. Hi, i have just received a new passport for my little boy, which we applied for here in Australia. It has come back without the visa page in it. Will this be a problem for when we return to Australia in July as we are going to the uk for 3 weeks. Or will it still be in their computer system? THanks Wheezie
  20. Was just wondering if anyone knows. Does it begin when we arrive in Oz or does it begin when we are granted the visa?
  21. Hi, I hope someone out there can help, We are in the process of applying for sc175 we have been allocated a case officer and have comleted our medicals although they have not yet been sent as my husband initially failed his xray and we are currently waiting for a report from the NHS consultant now before they can be sent. Just this week we found out we are expecting a baby and i'm not sure how this is going to effect the process. Do I inform my case officer now - before the medicals are sent in or wait until after? Will it all be cancelled and I lose out on everything we paid so far? Shall I carry on and inform them after we have the visa's issued? I'm just not sure about anything!! We anticipate that we would have been issued our visas within 6 weeks after they recieve the medicals then we planned to go over to validate the visas then migrate in sept 2010 this might well have to change now. I hope someone can help Thanks Kerry and Adam
  22. Guest

    Any 175 CO Issued In 09

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone out there has been given a case officer yet this year who is applying on a skilled independant 175?. since they are selecting state visas first under the new guidlines.
  23. I can't believe I got so excited about this... but I was filling out the "change of details" form and happened to notice my new passport was issued on 26th January - Australia Day! I couldn't have done that if I tried - complete fate! Case officer has GOT to say yes now surely, just based on that! It's a sign, me and that country are SO meant to be! xxxxx P.S Dread to thnk how excited I'll be if I get the visa! I mean I was jumping round the house all afternoon when I heard about Feb 13th! x
  24. Guest

    Issued Vetasses

    Hi All!, need an answer if i need to seek for another vetasses. I had mine by 2007, and i'm needing one for new visa. Is there any validity for vetasses result?
  25. I'm not sure if anyone can give advice here but my older boy needs a new passport shortly and I have checked out the fees for both Irish and UK passports. He has a British passport as he was born in the UK (and this was the cheaper option) but as I'm Irish he is equally entitled to an Irish passport. Now it seems that the British passport is now somewhat more expensive than the Irish one from Australia so can I change his nationality and retain his status of Australian permanent resident?? Or does it become too convoluted to change his nationality from british to Irish to save a few $?? Can anyone advise here?