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Found 111 results

  1. This perhaps should have been my first thread on this forum, but we live and learn :rolleyes: I am looking to obtain a Working Holiday Visa (417 subclass) and i meet all the provisional criteria. My main concern however, is the health requirements/restrictions that this visa is associated with. I am a 25 year old epileptic that has had the condition since i was 18 years old. The condition has be controlled for several years now, largely down to prescribed medication. I am still able to sanction a prescription of the medication, but it is very rare that i do these days, due to the fact that i can manage the condition with a healthy lifestyle. My last seizure was around 3 years ago. Anyway, i just wondering if anyone had any knowledge on the visas health requirements and what potentially i may be asked to do (in terms of medicals and providing details) in light of my condition? I appreciate that every case is individual and therefore different, but any guidance or information on the matter would be greatly received.
  2. Guest

    Medical Issue - Cerebral Palsy

    :v_SPIN: Hi, I have applied for General Skilled Migration to Australia (Sub class 175) last year. I was told to go for medical check with my other family members. I have only 1 kid who is 2 years and 6 months old and diagnosed with a condition called Cerebral Palsy. Medical report was sent and another assessment report for my kid was asked which was also sent to MOC. After 1 week i have received reply from case officer that my kid is not meeting health requirement. This opinion was given by the MOC who described her as a hypothetical person. The case officer as for additional information again and termed it as Natural Justice. I sent it again. Officer said health waiver is also not applicable for GSM visa. What should I do now if MOC again give same opinion? Can anybody advise me ASAP? Asad.
  3. Greetings, Case officer has emailed to undergo health checks and submit Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) within 28 days. My wife is 6 months Pregnant and we are not interested to have X Ray conducted so decided to defer the medicals till birth of baby. We have following queries 1) I have unfortunately not updated Case Officer with pregnancy status yet. Should we respond back the email with Doctor Report or we have to attached Form 1022 (change of Circumstances) as well? 2) I believe its not possible to submit my medical right now and submit wife medical later on? 2)Is deferring Medical at this stage due to medical reason have any negative affect on the case? 3) What about PCC, should we submit them with in 28 days or should submit it after baby birth along with medicals? We would like to have PCC submit with medicals so that in case of any unforeseen delay we don't need to resubmit PCC. 4) Furthermore as per my understanding I need to submit single PCC for Single Country, doesn't matter if I lived in different cities. Thanks for your support in Advance. Regards Malik
  4. Guest

    Subclass 485 IELTS 28days issue

    Is anyone can help to answer me some questions... My issue is that I've applied 485 visa at 10th of March, by the time I lodge the application, I enattach the reference number of IELTS test which I sat on 5th of March. But I failed the test with listening 5.5. So I applied another test immediately after I have the results for my first test, but next test will be held at 2nd of April, which means that I cannot lodge my second ielts result within 28days after the visa application by the time the second test result has been released. In my situation, does it mean that my 485 visa will definitely be refused? Or is there anything I can do? I've been searching on the Internet about this issue, some says that it would be fine as long as I lodge the result before the case office starts to look my case, but other says that it has to be within 28 days. I feel helpless and confused. Someone please help!!!
  5. Guest

    Advice for WHV - health issue

    Hi all, Needing some advice - my eldest son 22, has diabetes type 1, would this be an issue in applying for a WHV? We are heading out to WA next year on a 176, which he isn't on because he was adamant he didn't want to come, circumstances have changed for him now and I'm looking for the best way forward for him to travel out with us at the same time. Cheers Linda
  6. grahamffc

    Minor Medical Issue

    Hi, I'm currently getting skills assessed for a 175 visa but am also in the process of getting a mole removed from the back of my head. It doesn't hurt and the doctor said it is not a cause for any concern but that I can have it removed as it causes some discomfort when combing my hair or when getting it cut. Just wondered if anyone could provide any assurances that it shouldn't affect my medical at all as I have heard that Australia are understandably quite cautious of granting a permanent visa to anyone with a history of melinoma's/mole removals. I'll quite happily leave it if in any doubt!
  7. I have been working at the same job for years now - doing the exact same thing, but my assessing agency said that I am "qualified as of year X" - (the day I got my degree). My problem is that I don't know if DIAC will look at it the same way or not. If DIAC agrees with my assessor, and they only count my experience from since I had my degree, then I'll have to wait until this coming May to get the full points (to complete the year) OR.... I can go for State sponsorship ....what would you guys do? :idea:
  8. Hi all, When nominating someone for an 856 visa, if the business made a loss in the previous financial year, could this be a problem? Or is there no set rule for this and is each case judged individually. Many thanks for your time. Doing a geographical.
  9. Hi all, Has anyone got a copy of the latest Australia & New Zealand magazine? We had our copy delivered then it went walkabout before we had chance to read it. :arghh: It'll be here somewhere, so we will find it eventually, (we hope), but we wondered if anyone could give us some details of an advert in there. It was a boxed advertisement regarding transporting a car to Australia. There was a telephone number to ring for advice and questions. Please could someone reply with the name and contact number for us? Much appreciated, :yes: Jon & Trace
  10. Guest

    The Graduate Teacher Issue

    Hello there, I am hoping someone can help me. I am desperate to move to Australia from the UK asap- yet cannot find a route as yet. I am a primary school teacher who gained qualified teacher status via the graduate teacher programme which Australia does not accept for a skilled visa. (I have just had my skills assessment turned down on this basis , as I was wrongly advised on this issue.) (I have been teaching nearly 10 years in the UK) So I need another route into Australia but am not sure how to progress, as so far advice has been contradictory. I have been told there is no qualification I can do in th UK to rectify this GTP issue by the Teaching boards in the UK. (I cannot complete a PGCE for example as I already have qualified teacher status in the UK.) I have also been advised that no visa for Australia that will accept GTP- is this true? Some agents suggest the 457 will accept GTP whilst others say 457 will not accept GTP. I am confused-does anyone know or have any experience of this? I have also been told that I can retrain as a teacher in Australia and pay international fees of $19,500 per year at an Australian University to gain Australia recognised qualified teacher status. If this is my only option I will do this, however it is a great deal of money and I need to be sure that a more permanent visa will open up for me afterwards. Some advice has suggested that the year course I have been offered to train on- for which I would only need a student visa of one year- will not then entitle me to apply for a permanent skilled visa or 457 afterwards? Some have suggested that to apply for a skilled visa after the year course would be impossible and that I must undertake at least a two year course and apply for a two year visa as only this option will then lead to a skilled or 457 visa route for me. I obviously do not want to pay $19,500 (or more) for a course that will not open up a pathway to a skilled or 457 visa. I need some solid facts before undertaking training costing so much money. Can anyone shed any light? I would most grateful. Or perhaps suggest a visa agent that would be happy to deal with this seemingly complex issue and help find my way to the lucky country. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions that are received. Warmest regards.
  11. OzzHammer

    Employment Issue

    Hi there,Wife of OzzHammer here,we have finally made the decision to move back to UK after being here in Oz 7years,my o/h has a really good secure well paid job here,with good bonuses,perks etc.He has been in the car industry forever & thats all he knows,worked at dealers in uk,but here works at a h/office. The plan was for us to literally sell the house & all go home together & for him to get job once we are back,but the general feeling from friends & family is not to do that & for him to come back first to secure a job because of the employment state the way it is right now in the uk. At the same time though if we do all go back & he cant get a job - then what do we do,plus we have a dog that will cost around $4.500 to take home.I feel so helpless as its totally down to my o/h to make this work as he is the main income. I would love for him to just get a job transfer,but for a number of reasons thats not an option,1,the obvious he would be telling his employee that he wants to leave & 2,if they cant do that they already know that he trying to get another job, we also need to take alot of factors into account like the current salaries being offered because of the financial chrisis Any help or advice very much appreciated :arghh:
  12. Guest

    Will there be an issue?

    Hello, I'm currently looking to move to Australia on a working visa for a year with a friend. I've spoken to the Visa Agency and they have reviewed my application and said that there wouldn't be a problem with obtaining a visa, which i will be paying the Agency to go ahead with the visa application at the end of next month. In the past week, I was arrested for something i did not do and am currently on bail awaiting notice whether it to be dropped, charged or something else. I was arrested for Domestic Criminal Damage. My problem is, currently i do not have any criminal convictions against my name and as i have applied through the Visa Agency i was thinking about paying them to apply while I'm still on bail, as i still don't have any convictions. But what i really need to know is, if visa is accepted while i don't have any convictions but when the date comes to going to Australia, and i have a conviction for domestic criminal damage will i be allowed in? I would normally just wait for the Agency to return my call, but as it's bank holiday i would like to know sooner. Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  13. Hi My wife is about to apply for the spouse 309 subclass visa in India.In The passport of my wife has her name in the given name field as her first and the surname together and her surname field is blank.this was done by the person who made her passport at the passport office in India. Please help me as what shall i put her name as on the forms which i will be filling the name as its on the passport or her first name and the surname separate or the same way as its in the passport and leave the surname blank on all the forms? Will DIAC pose any issues with the name on the forms if i put her first name and the surname separate ? Please Help me out......
  14. OzzHammer

    High School Issue

    Hi there, Wanted to see if anyone is in the same position as us with regards high schools in uk, basically our son is 12 in Jan but will just be starting high school in Feb,so right now still in primary school,obviously in the uk our son should be in 2nd year of high school(year8). Im very concerned about this & have spoken to the education board uk,but even they could not confirm the high school would be ok with letting him start year 7. Other than advising us to get a letter from the principal stating the situation we are left guessing whether or not he will be able to stay back a year. The other concern is we are planning to go back in February so this means he has already missed 6months of high school,would love to get back before then but for many reasons this is not possible. :wacko: any advice most appreciated
  15. Has anyone had a positive skills assessment from the IPA (formally NIA) based on university degree? I applied to the ICAA but got a 'not suitable' result as they said I didn't have enough information on my university modules. I provided a handbook with module descriptors but apparently there wasn't enough detail for them to give a positive result :nah: I was reading on the IPA website and they state that if you can not get info from your university then you can write the module descriptors yourself and have them signed by a public notary as a declaration. I've tried asking my university several times to get more detailed module info and they just do not give me anything more than the handbook :no: Is there any advise anyone can give me PLEASE! :hug: Has anyone provided their own module descriptors themselves and passed?
  16. Guest

    eHealth forms issue

    Hi there guys, I've got my medical in 6 days and there seems to be a problem getting the forms from the DIAC site. Has anyone else had issues with it? I've emailed them and awaiting response. Getting nervous. Thanks Alan
  17. Guest

    major issue

    According to my agent, if you have a sponsor from a state and not on the SMP, but you are on the SOL. Your application is dead, as there is not cat for your application as of yet. He said the sponsored on with a occ on the new sol :shocked:of the new cat 4 is family not state Anybody if this is correct?
  18. Guest

    Help on a E-Health issue

    Hi all, Can any one help me? Both me, the o/h and both our children are booked in to have our medicals, we were told by our agent that we are on the E-Health system but I phoned the clinic where are booked in for another matter to be told that we are not eligible for that on our visa which is a ss 176. :unsure: Has any one else had the same sort of experience and is there any thing that we can do to get on this E-health system? Thanks in advance Anne :notworthy:
  19. Hello, I am new to this so would appreciate any advice which might help me with my visa application. Earlier this year I looked at the 176 application and followed a link which took me to the AHPRA requirements for registration in Oz so I submitted my application to them, and now have my in principle letter (as of yesterday). Having looked again at the 176 I now realise that I need the skills assessment by the ANMAC before a visa will be granted. My AHPRA application was supported by a letter from my school and the training program for my nursing qualification, all undertaken in English in the UK, and therefore I did not do an IELTS test. If I now need to do this I am unsure which is the right one to satisfy the ANMAC. I had intended to submit my visa application before the end of June, but am worried that this will be a waste of time and money if I don't have the completed IELTS and skills assessments, which cannot be achieved by then. Can anyone advise me whether submitting the 176 relative sponsored visa application without these missing bits will still be worthwhile, bearing in mind the visa changes which are due to take place on 1st July? Many thanks
  20. Morning/Evening Folks. We all have things we believe in, that are important to us, passions that at times seem to take over our lives and we can't go a day without thinking about them. So in this respect what is the most important thing in your life at the moment. When I say that I mean apart from family :wubclub:, friends, hobbies, money worries, Australia and your move. I realise some may be going through certain family issues, money worries etc, and if so I sympathise, but in the grand scheme of things what can you not stop thinking about NOW and in the future. Difficult one I know, and I expect certain posters will say something that I know is coming, anything for a laugh, but lets have a 'cleansing' session, :shocked::goofy: and see where it goes. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  21. Guest

    RSMS Sponsorship issue!!!!

    Hi, What happens if the company sponsoring you go's out of business before the sponsorship is finalised/ during the 2 year sponsorship period? I have read here before that as long as you have the sponsorship granted and the company go's bust then DIAC will give you a chance to find another employer as they are hesitant to cancel permanent resident visa's. Is this the case? What happens if the sponsorship is not granted before this occurs? Thanks in advance
  22. Hi can anyone shed some light on the proccedure after receiving this notice..
  23. Hi there, just a little question for you all on this bright and sunny morning in the UK :biggrin: We are going for meds in June, I was born (along time ago now!!) with a small VSD (small hole in heart) have never had any problems at all, no medical treatment etc etc, I was formally discharged from being an outpatient when I was 16 (no longer had to had check ups) as the hole had closed and I therefore had a normal healthy heart like all other people. Now that was back in 1984. I have never seen a doctor etc since, so since being formally discharged in 1984 there are no records/medical reports as we have moved alot and my current gp does not have records etc for me going back that far, so my question is to you more experienced people out there - on my medical form which I will be filling in over that the weekend, on the question "do you have a heart condition?" what should i put?? I was going to put NO to that question as I do not have a heart condition...... what do you guys think????? Cheers for any info/advice in advance Helen
  24. Guest

    Changing Passport issue!!!

    Hi All I have applied for 176(SA Sponsored) at Dec,2010. Last week i hv been asked for PCC and MED by CO. Already done my MED, PCC will be soon. Now i am thinking to change my passport which is necessary. Is that will be a good solution to change it now?? Or Just go on with OLD passport and when get the grant letter, can i take visa at my new passport?? Earliest response will be highly appreciable. /// Scorpio123 SA SS: 24 nov, 2010, App lodged: 3rd Dec 2010, CO: 18,Feb 2011, PCC&Med Request: 4th May,2011. Visa: not yet.
  25. Hiya, Just wondering if anyone else has a problem in their relationship with their OH snoring?Moi better half snores like an Elephant,you would swear there was a Poltergeist in the bedrooon cos every time she exhales the quilt is almost touching the ceiling,and the noise keeps the neighbours awake!Well i just bought another bed last week and we now sleep separate,not that i am happy with this arrangement ,but how can you function the next daywith all that racket going on all night.Anyone know of any solutions?:confused: