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Found 8 results

  1. Well a wuz just a thinkin' thar!:wink:Theres been some whopping bands during this period,who sadly disappeared off the scene!Talking about the less obvious ones.Who do you love to listen to in this category?:wideeyed:Me,i miss(No particular Order) 1....The Marmalade 2....ELO 3....Tears for Fears 4....Lightning Seeds 5....Beautiful South 6....Mungo Jerry 7.... Jethro Tull 8.... The Faces(with Rod Stewart) 9.... Oasis 10....The Sweet 11....Manic Street Preachers 12....Elton John What's yours?:wink:
  2. Hi everybody..... Just wondering whether any Child minders are going to Duncraig area next year??? Im worried that the waiting lists are too long for Nursery/Kindy etc and I wont be able to start work straight away?? Have 2 kids....1 who is 15 months and the other who is 3 1/2....... If anyone knows anyone id appreciate some contacts?? Cheers Nic
  3. Tosh

    New, ish, kind of, sorta

    Hi all, we're kinda new to here, actually joined ages ago then never really came on because our wedding and new baby took over. Finally all settled and can now get back to trying our luck/dream at getting to Oz. Pretty much got all the info part sorted now just gathering evidence together along with money and hopefully a migration agent if anyone knows of a decent one. Good luck to you all if you're going, coming back or still deciding. Off to the expo in London on March 6th if anyone else is. Tosh
  4. Nzogbia

    Eyes Wide Open '(ish)

    So, I have just joined the forum and have SO many points to make, most of which are probably not original, but there you go. I have been here in Melbourne just under 4 years and am waiting for my citizenship before deciding on my next move. My observations/issues (in no particular order) are as follows: a) I really do believe (ok, I am biased, but...) despite all the talk about beaches and bbqs amongst prospective UK immigrants to Oz, the vast majority would be far better off in Melbourne, which for me, is the 'best of both worlds' city. I didn't realise it until i moved here, but I really appreciate cold weather now and again. Yep, I reckon PIO should make it official policy to state that, for the undecided, incoming from Britain, they should always look to settle in Melbourne (even if they think they want the heat from Brissie or Sydney, they don't really). b) Australia rubs me up the wrong way because......it is full of vested interests who control basically everything and limit your choice. The banks, the real estate industry and the media are all hand in glove and have everything stitched up. Australians themselves are SO passive they will just about believe anything that is spoon fed to them - and they NEVER complain. The pollyana-ish view of the world does not encourage debate or a healthy degree of cynicism. Cynicism, in its right measure, translates to humour. We get the humour in Britain, but overstep a bit on the cynicism. The creeping gentrification of everything kinda gets my goat as well. People actually want a little grit in their potatoes - it adds charcter. Stop trying to make every Melbourne suburb look 'sleek'. The creeping Americanisation of Australia. A nation based on the notion of 'mateship'. But how many times do you hear people say 'dude', rather than 'mate'? Exactly. "Chick', 'awesome', 'toh-tally'....aargghhh, just be Australian! Also, the work practices here are distinctly American. I know the US are their closest strategic ally, but you do get the impression that Australians are not yet comfortable in their own national skin, and are somehow in awe of the U.S. Strange, since when kids finish Uni, they don't go on a U.S. rights of passage trip, but to the UK, of course. And yet, the UK is the big brother that needs to be brought down a peg or two. Quite acceptable to call yourself Greek Australian, Lebanese Australian, Italian Australian etc...etc...but there is no such thing as British Australian....Hmmm, there is no antipathy towards Greece from Greek Australians, but for that group that really are 'British Australian' - they do seem to take delight in doing down what is their old mother country. I've always found that slightly weird. c) I think I want to leave after I get my citizenship, having convinced myself that my friends here are sort of 'good, bood temporary, compared to my really good mates back in the UK'. And yet, after my recent trip back to the UK, I now realise that I may have been kidding myself. Mates in the UK don't exist as they do in the urban landscape of inner Melbourne, where everyone can just walk down the pub at 5 minutes notice. In the UK you have to arrange to 'meet in town', have a few, and disperse to the various parts of the Tyneside connurbation where you live. d) All the things I disliked about britain before I left, I still dislike now; the agression, the apathy, the dirtiness, the congestion, the feeling of being hemmed in, the dumbing down, the indentikit Persimmon houses, poor restaurants, the inability to do things with any kind of passion or panache, and (oh gawd, I shouldn't do, but i'm gonna)....the WOMEN. Not all, but a fair majority are unattractive both physically and personality wise. They are rude, agressive, overweight, mannish, foul mouthed and most possess a sense of entitlement way out of proportion with their 'charms' and and abilities. They are also, very usually - ORANGE. Compared to other European women, British women trail in a very poor second. However, they do get my sense of humour - somebody has to :confused: The things I love about Britain are also still the same: humour, telly, quality newspapers, choice, European connections, family, people who are not image conscious, inappropriate yet harmless commentary on stuff, characters, football, a naffness that is somehow just attractive and I can't explain why, football, Northumberland, the 50 shades of green in the same landscape of hills and forest. Music (that isn't just another Red Hot Chilli peppers homage -take note, Australia), Peter Allis' commentary on the golf after Sunday dinner (makes you want to snooze), kippers, snow, useless family traditions, international news, Greggs cheeses pasties, regional accents (Geordie being my favourite - of course), walking through Marks and Spencer's, golf courses with proper grass on them, Richmond and Walls sausages - with an egg, in a sandwich (with no salsa and chutney garnish). Family. I could go on for quite a while...but that's enough for now (feel like I'm hogging teh forum). So what about you? What are the Aaustralian humps that you just can't get over? I know going back to the UK is no panacea - in fact I expect there will be many times I will yearn for the open spaces and the 'freedom' of Australia and want to be back here. But then, you can't have it all..... Why can't someone just invent teleportation - that'd be absolutely ideal!!
  5. Hi,:notworthy: We are looking at planning a reccie for May / June next year and are looking for a short term rental of two weeks we hopefully would like to rent a house as we want to do the whole shopping, fending for self thing. Has anyone stayed in this area and are able to recommend somewere for us or is their someone who can offer a place for rent. The dates are not set in stone yet as I will have to make sure I can book the time off work first. We are a family 2 adults 2 children :notworthy:
  6. Hi all Not trying to pimp myself or sell but I am moving home @ the beginning of decemeber and heading to oz in March. I am in Croydon and have a 1 bed flat full of furniture that has to go....let me know if anyone is interested. Jen
  7. OH has job in Oxley/Darra area (off Ipswich motorway) so looking for a short-term/holiday rental for him within commutable distance for a upto 4 weeks starting late June/early July, until he can find a more permanent rental for me & kids when we come out Late July/Aug. Have looked at holiday parks, Travelodge etc all seem SOOOO expensive ($130+ per night) - is this REALLY the going rate? If anyone has any suggestions or advice, I'd really appreciate it. Ta! Kath
  8. Hi all our visa has finally arrived :jiggy: Visa arrived today, this is great news for us but we have to hold back for about 12months due to the stupid,stupid,stupid economic climate. Unfortunatly our sponsor has hit hard times like many other business in Australia. Good job it is a 4 year visa so If I leave in 12 months I will still 3 years left, will work very hard then for 2 years then get this transfered to a skilled visa and apply for PR. It took alot of money using an Agent but it was worth it, it just a shame my sponsor cannot offer me a job now DOH! DOH! Good luck to everyone else