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Found 13 results

  1. Hello I have a cash ISA that matures 9m after we're going to land in Oz (I know, poor planning - just thought we'd be here a few years more). Does anyone know if you have to cash in your ISA before you arrive in Oz? Any advice from those who've dealt with this previously would be appreciated! Many thanks!
  2. Well, how thrilling it is to see all you fellow new Queenslanders like me, but lucky you'ze get to live in lovely Brisbane while im out here on me tod in Mount Isa!! MMmm, Im thinking I best work on my husband a bit more to get up and moved!
  3. Hi All, Am moving to Melbourne in April with my Wife and just starting to sort out finance side of things. As I understand when we leave the UK we cant pay any more into an ISA or Pension. What isn't clear is how these can be managed if we decide to leave them open and don't transfer them to Oz? Does anyone know if you can move ISA providers, buy sell funds etc when not in the UK? Any thoughts on the long term exchange rates? Only looks like the pound is going to get weaker from this side :-( Cheers for your thoughts.
  4. Guest

    Destination Mount Isa

    Looking at relocating to Mount Isa QLD, anyone out there lived in this area or surrounding??? Especially like to hear from other Irish families living here.:wink: We have heard a great deal about the place, where to locate and where not to-any info you might have would be greatly appreciated. Have not decided where to rent yet ie right in Mount Isa or surrounding areas. We are a young family of 3, husband been offered a job Mount Isa, initially not what we were looking for regards location but the job is perfect Any info, please tell Thanks:jiggy:
  5. Guest

    Gladstone vs Darwin/Mount Isa

    Hi I am having a real dilemma. I have two job offers. One based permanently in Gladstone or one based in both Darwin and flying out to Mount Isa on two weekly rotations. The pay for the latter is much better and accommodation is included. I am coming to Oz with my Kiwi partner, is it too much to move to the other side of the world and be separated from my partner for a lot of the time. Darwin seems like a cool city and there is potential to be based there permanently in time. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated as well as info on the towns Cheers, Emma :wacko::wacko::wacko:
  6. andromeda9


    can anyone advise me please? just read on poms that you cannot have any funds in Isa if you do not live in the UK thought that it was ok to leave what you had as long as you didnt top it up once you left ????
  7. Hi, I am a UK citizen who arrived in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa in 2006, then moved to a 457 (Temp. Resident) later 2006 and become a permanent resident of Australia in 2009. I have held a UK ISA since 2001, but closed it during a visit to the UK last year and transferred the balance to my Aus bank. I'm just wondering if I needed to declare my UK ISA in my tax returns since my arrival in Australia ? and would it be in my best interest to declare it in my next return i.e. 2010/11? Will I be heavily fined or something ? Thanks.
  8. dawnmc

    Cashing in UK Isa

    Hi all, sorry if this goes on twice but pc froze on me and dont think the 1st worked? Well in all the panic to leave last October we didnt get round to cashin in the ISA and have now been told they will only pay into a uk bank account (husbands is closed, i have one but they wont put it in my name) or they will do a UK cheque!! Did anyone else have this problem or does anyone know how to cash a UK cheque over here???? Any advice greatly appreciated. Dawn n Col Sorry everyone but tried to delete but couldnt?? I rang Westpac and they said we could pay in UK cheques and will only charge $5 if it was under $25000, so not at all bad .
  9. Guest

    Whats it like in Mount Isa?

    I've had a job interview for a role in Mount Isa, thinking of going for three months. Does anyone know what its like? Thank you Kim
  10. I'm looking at working on a 457 visa in australia for a few years. I have invested wrapped in an ISA in the UK. As I understand it I can keep them in the ISA after the move but cannot add to it. My plan is just to leave it while I am away. I need to clear up one point though. It's possible that one of the companies may be bought out forcing me to take a profit and thus making me liable to CGT. If I leave the cash in the ISA wrapper and, for instance, invest in another company within the wrapper would I be liable to CGT in Australia? If so does anyone know of a way I can defer the profit from a forced sale (through company takeover) until I am resident once more in the UK? Similarly dividend payments are tax free (well taxed 10% at source anyway) within an ISA but I assume these will be liable to Australian tax.
  11. Hi to you all Some of you may remember me as the Gullicks but as all our worldy goods are in stroage awaiting shipping over to Oz, we are now staying with friends until we depart, therefore we now have another user name Timeline so far:: ANMC passed Sept 07 House sold Oct 07 renting it until April 08 Nov 175 PR online lodged 20/11/07 Meds/police checks frontloaded Nov 07 IELTS passed Nov 07 CO 3rd May 08 request of 2 signatures on new updated form 80 (sent 8th May 08) Awaiting result Anyway, the question I have for all you PIO's is Our friend has been offered a job in Mount Isa (central QLD) very good pay They unfortunatley have heard all negative comments regarding the area, this placement will be for 2 years nd then will settle in Brisbane Is there anyone out there who can give any positive vibes Thank you in anticipation BW H :notworthy:
  12. thumbsthings

    ISA account

    I was gobsmacked to find I'd been charged £94 to close my ISA account, £50 closure fee, £30 admin fee and £14 vat. So it seems before going to OZ dont close your ISA??? Has anybody else any beter ideas?
  13. Guest

    isa and temporary visa

    does anyone know whats best to do if i have an isa here and i have got a temporary visa (461) to get into oz. will the fact the my visa is only temp (renewable every 5 yrs ) mean that i can still keep benefits of having an isa in the uk - or will the oz taxman want his bit?? just wondered as i will never be able to get permanent visa in oz . whats everyone else doing if they have an isa?? thanks