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Found 19 results

  1. Hi All, Just after any info. about how rural West Moreton/Ipswich is or feels? Does a trip to the coast take a while? Have had a look at maps and it would seem a trip to the coast/beach would take well over an hour? I guess an option is top live nearer coast and commute out there. Keep seeing great jobs and salaries advertised with Queensland Health out there but wonder if the salaries are reflective of how much they need to pay to attract applicants...?
  2. I am looking for info on good schools around Ipswich and surrounding state and private as I am not sure. I have a 12 soon to be 13 year old son in final year of primary but from what I understand he would be jumping straight into secondary so I am looking for a school that is not too intimidating but good and friendly as he is currently in school in a small irish village. He is outgoing and loves sports by the way. On the other hand I have a daughter who will be 11 in her second last year in primary. She is quiet and doesnt like huge crowds so a big school might be difficult. I would appreciate any information as I am getting more confused on locations to settle. I just want to make sure we settle in a place where they can get a good school. If there are any Irish who have moved to this area with kids I would love to hear your views on the schools and education system and if it is a big transition from what we are used to. Thanks in advance D
  3. hi, I'm starting work in Ipswich in January but am in a major panic.... where do we put the kids in school (16 &13) and where is nice to live? I don't mind a commute of up to 30 minutes. any advice gratefully recieved.
  4. Guest

    ipswich poms?

    hi all simon here,my partner and I have been in Queensland about 4 years now, just wondering if theres any people looking for friends in the Ipswich/Brisbane area.Im 31 my GF is 30 and were looking to meet nice people :smile:
  5. Libbysmummy

    toowoomba - ipswich commute

    Hi my OH is looking at a possible job offer in Toowoomba. I had my heart set on living near the coast and have friends in victoria point. I have been looking at the Ipswich area as a compromise and OH is willing to travel hour or so to work each day as i will be looking after children and would ideally like them too settle into a school that would allow us the freedom to move nearer the coast once we have perm residency. Any information would be great. Looking to rent in an area that is family friendly have 2 teenagers and 10 and 6 year old.
  6. redditchcouple

    any info on the ipswich area

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any information about the Ipswich area of SE QLD, i.e jobs,homes,schooling etc.. Hopefully will be going out towards the end of the year...anything would be greatly appreciated.. Cheers, Scott and Sally
  7. Hi , just wondering if there's anyone out there in the uk , that lived in ipswich suffolk, or close too, that now lives here in Western Australia, we moved here to just over three years ago, and live in the beautiful south west of WA. I Would be interested to know how you are getting on, and how you feel about your time here so far, If you where, or, are still a speedway fan, then you would probably know of my husband, who raced for the ipswich witches, as well as a couple of other teams around the country. look forward to hearing from you.:biggrin: CARMEN.
  8. :biggrin:Hi my husband and i are moving to brisbane we have got our visa now and are just waiting to sell our house any one in the same position as us sharpc
  9. Hi, I am new to this forum.I am thinking of emigrating to Australia possibly Ipswich later this year.Does anyone live there have any advice about what the area is like, cost of housing etc.I have lived in Australia before but in Sydney.
  10. carlymac

    Ipswich QLD

    Hi everyone, OH is looking at Ipswich area at the moment and would really like some feedback on what this area is like...........I personally am drawn to Jindalee....Any help would be greatly appreciated.:jiggy:
  11. Hi I have a job offer in eastern heights Ipswich QLD , was wondering if anyone knows any safe family areas with good schools where your not living in a box !! :wub:
  12. I am relocating from NSW to Queensland with my family (2 kids aged 8 and 7) at the end of this year and need help deciding where to live. My OH will be based just outside Ipswich and we are thinking of buying a property near the main highway between Ipswich and Toowoomba. One place we're looking at is Gatton - does anybody know this area at all? Any info would be appreciated - especially about schools in the area. Many thanks :confused:
  13. Hi, Which State high school is good in terms of OPs results? Thanks
  14. We arrive on the 2nd January homeless! We are looking for a 4 bedder furnished within easy commutable distance of Ipswich and Brisbane...for at least 1 month. If you can help, please PM me. Cheers Bex The Vagrant looking for a nice park bench in Brisbane on the 2nd Jan - cardboard box and newspaper donations taken!
  15. Many people believe that Ipswich (about 40km South West of Brissy) is going to be the next big place in Queensland. This week the local council there has bought up the entire CBD area which is currently a deserted area. Yea that;s right the CBD is a ghost town. They hope to regenerate the whole city which has struggled to recover from a fire in the CBD back in 1985. This link will show what the story is all about and what's happening thre at present. Ipswich Council buys entire CBD - Truveo Video Search Who knows, this could be a good time for anyone thinking of coming here to Queensland to take a look at Ipswich, sort of get in at the begining of what should be a new era for the town. Just a short journey from Brisbane as well, and the Gold Coast. I imagine there will be a lot of investment there now following this buy out and Government grants and so on for shops and retail places within the city. Could be interesting. REDDERS
  16. Guest

    Do we go west of Ipswich ?

    We have been offered jobs at Ipswich hospital and have been looking at secondary schools for the kids. Really like the look of West Moreton Anglican College but it looks as if it's in the middle of nowhere. :skeptical: Any suggestions where we should look to live - Should we be looking West of Ipswich and is there a nice area that is commutable to both school and hospital ? Thanks for any help Alison xx
  18. hiya im 12 year old dani and i am moving to australia well ipswich to be exact!! write to me!!(by the way i am a girl haha)
  19. calNgary

    Queens park ,,Ipswich

    Although in the past Ipswich hasnt carried a good reputation ,it is on the up with lots invested in the area ,of all the parks we have visited so far ,Queens park near the centre is fantastic for all ages of kids,it is definately worth a visit. Cal x