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Found 20 results

  1. Hi will be buying a car when we get to oz, how do you buy a car, understand they have rego !!what about insurance, dont realy understand whole process, also someone said somthing about tax when you buy a car even a second hand one,,,, can some one advise me THANKS
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew the costs involved in shipping a brand new moto x bike from America to Australia ? We are Australian residents and i know there is a tax payable when you havent owned the bike for 12 mths or more, but im wondering if anyone knows a rough figure as it is a while since ive had any dealings with customs. For the shipping itself we have been quoted around $2000, when this is added to the price we can get the bike for it is STILL working out cheaper than buying new here. (thank you exchange rate,lol) Will there be any other costs involved? As its a moto x will the spec have to be changed or anything like a road bike would ? Thanks in advance for any help Cal x
  3. Hi, My wife and I will be making the move in February next year. I have got a job in Sydney. We will look to rent a place. Nothing extravagant. Apart from weekly rental costs, what other costs are involved ? Here in the UK we pay council tax, water rates, gas and electricity, TV licence etc. I see from other posts that there is no TV licence but what about the other items I just mentioned ? Cheers Andrew
  4. I am going to Australia in October on a working holiday but have a potential sponsor lined up. Would it be possible for me to import a Nissan Navara on this type of visa? And would I be able to re-sell the motor? They seem to be far more expensive in Australia than here in UK. Thanks in advance, Dave :hug:
  5. Hi, Wonder if anyone can help as I'm I know there are plenty of you out there who have already been through their medicals. What is actually involved??? I know we need to have chest xrays and HIV test but what do they actually do in the medical? OH has been referred to liver specialist and advised not to drink for time being until we know what is going on (and boy do we need a little alcohol at the moment!). Will this info be included, do they have access to your medical records or is it just what info or answers you give? Does weight play any part? I'd be really grateful for some advise that might put my mind at rest. As if not having heard anything after 4 months isn't enough the thought of the medicals (and the fact that failing them could ruin our dreams) is giving me sleepless nights as well. Sarah
  6. I KNOW I often view the world with some degree of naivety, I do know that, BUT. For all the arguments for and against our involvement in any conflict, and in particular the latest Libyan one that is presently happening, this clip truly shows why we 'should' IMO do what we can to assist those that are at the present time fighting a cause that they may yet lose. I know there is an argument that the whole debacle is over oil, riches, etc. But at the end of the day the ONLY reason we should be there is to stop atrocities like this going on everyday in many pars of the world that we have little comprehension of, (thank god). The clip is at times disturbing, but the main point I am trying to make is approximately four minutes and thirty seconds into the clip. One minute this young man was lying in his dads arms, the next he would be dead on a slab somewhere in the morgue, (if they have one). I won't say anymore, I have a feeling this thread may polarise certain opinion, but worth a thought, IMO anyway,:yes:. http://www.itv.com/news/ Cheers Tony.:wink:
  7. redditchcouple

    visa medicals- whats involved??

    hi all, had news through on friday that we can go and sit our medical tests? can anybody tell me what tests they do,especially whats involved for children under the age of 11, cheers
  8. Well my husband has completed and passed the Vetassess assessment, has submitted application for 119 to NSW, has had a nomination accepted and a job offer. So now down to the medicals. It wasn't so long ago you could go to a local G.P, I believe this is now not the case. I would appreciate any info as to the costs, location and what exactly they are looking for. also I have a 5 yr old daughter, is she going to be subjected to same tests etc. Thanks all. x Kelly.
  9. Hi All I will be heading over to Brisbane next year and am trying to find out what is involved in securing a rental once we get there. I plan to book some form of temp accomodation for the first few weeks while we hunt but won't have a job when i arrive. How have you all found sorting out a rental once you get there? What paperwork was asked for and any tips to put your best foot forward. i.e. Paying a few months up front? Any advice or inside info appreciated Regards
  10. A bit of a difficult one this. At many times we look at other countries and in 'our' opinion what they do 'seems' to be unjust, intolerable, unfair etc. For instance, punishments in the middle east, to some the act of amputation of someone's hands because of petty theft seems disgusting. Bull fighting in Spain etc, to some (me included) this seems barbaric and wholly unjust. The death penalty in many eastern countries for the use/supply of drugs, (seems to come to fore more when a Brit is involved though). There are many things throughout the world that 'we' deem as unjust and in this modern day world wholly disproportionate to the actual 'crime'. So is it our 'duty' to highlight these so called rules and regulations. As a mainly law abiding and 'civilised' (I use that term lightly) society is it our duty to highlight these types of things and try and bring about change because 'we' view them as wrong. Or is it our 'right' to highlight such issues. Because as caring compassionate human beings one of the rights we are given is to stand up and say that certain things are not to our liking. Is it not akin to a foreign national saying, 'I don't like the way you treat religion, I think it is wrong,' I think the vast majority of us would turn around and say, 'Look, your not even living in this country so go away and keep quiet'. I for one think it is a duty, not a right to highlight certain issues, BUT. To a degree I think at times we can go a little too far. For instance, many far eastern countries have a policy of zero tolerance to the importation of drugs. Execution is often the punishment handed out. So if a UK national is caught in possession of drugs is it our right to say it is wrong to punish them in such a way, when in all likelihood the accused knew only too well the consequences of such actions, and knew the laws of the said country. Amnesty international and many other organisations do an excellent job, but do we at times interfere a little too much with other countries laws, beliefs, principles and morality. And another point I would like to raise. At times this country can seem in the need of radical change, should we have more the mindset that, 'Until we highlight and change our own shortcomings then we have no right to interfere in another countries policies'. In other words, 'Put our own house in order first'. The above sentiment isn't my own by the way, I personally think it is our DUTY to highlight certain issues and change what WE see as wrong. Cheers Tony:wink:
  11. Hi, My name is Sarah, I study at the University of Leeds and for my final year project i really want to make something that is benficial to kids moving to australia! I would really like your experiences of moving and your views of Australia, by filling in my short short questionnaire, i can get better and more realistic ideas for content. And il post the website address up, when its complete so you can see what you will have helped make! Just click on Australia and you'll be taken to the questionnaire. It won't take up much time at all! Australia Any questions or comments feel free to post replies! Thanks! Sarah
  12. Hi all We have recently moved over to Perth and my Parents are wondering if it would be possible for them do join us permanently. I am the only child from their marrage BUT they both have other children from previous marriages. How will this work on the "half of your children" rule? Are they classed as only having me?? :confused:
  13. Guest

    medicals- whats involved?

    Hi All 1st timer so please be gentle!!!! i've been reading posts for a while now and having applied for a WA state sponsered visa (via my wife's skills- hairdresser) we have finallly been approved. The next step is Medicals!!!!! Can anyone shed any light on exactly what you need to do or what tests they put you through? Thanks for any help Gaz
  14. Dear All, I'm the senior feature writer on The Sun newspaper in the UK. I am looking to follow up the story of the Victoria Fires with an article on a British family who had recently arrived in the State when the fires broke out. People who perhaps lost everything, were possibly injured and had their immigration dream destroyed but displayed true British courage and are determined to stay and re-build. If you know of someone or are that family, please respond to my email address. Kindest Regards Sharon Hendry
  15. Hi All, Just wondered if anyone has gone for a job from the uk, that states a respectable salary, visa sponsorship, relocation, flights & fees paid? Are they all that they are cracked up to be? Would love to hear from anyone that has gone for this!
  16. Hi All, I am in the process of applying to emmigrate as a motor mechanic, I dont expect any real problems with the paper side of things but can anyone shed any light on exactly what is tested in the practical and how is it tested. Any help would be appreciated. Paul
  17. I was just wondering what the costs are for applying for a visa, we have the noted down so far, if you could pop down anything we have missed that would be great: Agenct costs £1,600 - £1,800 Skills Assessment (if TRA decide what they are doing) - approx £300 Visa Application Fee - AUD$3,100 Medicals - Approx £600 for 2 adults and 2 children under 5 Police checks?? Anything else? Not sure if it makes a difference but we will be applying for a Skilled Independent 175 visa. Thanks
  18. Hi OH has sent back his signed tos for the RAN and they automatically do the immigration for us and then we move onto visa application, however neither of us know what is actually involved in the immigration side of things. What do do? What are they looking for? I do know that they do the security check but apart from that we are both in the dark. We know whats involved in the visa process but not the immigration process. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  19. Guest

    Spouse Visa - What's involved?

    G'day All We're still in the early stages of reviewing what needs to be done to make the move to Oz. I have an Australian passport so I'm OK but needed to find out a bit more about what's involved in actually getting a Spuse's visa for Caroline, my wife. We have been married for nearly 5 years and have a 2 1/2 year old child so am I right in assuming that this means we won't need to worry about proving we've been together for the 5 years. We got married in Antigua so have the usual wedding certificate - will we need to send anything else to confirm our marriage - would they expect to see the actual entry in the register? I don't have this so would it be necessary for us to get a copy of it? What other items will need to be considering and sending in with the visa application. Would Caroline need to have a medical or submit to police checks? Also what about the cost - it looks like around $1300 - is this right what does this cover? How long does this last after being granted? Would we have to actually make the move within a certain time or is it indefinite? As you can see lots of questions and not many answers yet so if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks and all the best Jon & Caroline
  20. What are the costs for stamp duty etc, and what are they called over there. We keep seeing the phrase 'For $290K plus Buyers to $340 plus buyer'.... what does this mean?