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Found 7 results

  1. The Investor stream of subclass 188 allows individuals with an overall successful record of eligible investment or qualifying business activity to move to Australia with their immediate family. The main qualifying requirements are that the main visa applicant must: Be younger than 55 years of age – though a state or territory can waive this requirement if the proposed business or investment activity will be of exceptional economic benefit. Score at least 65 on the applicable points test. Have a high level of management skill in relation to eligible investments or qualifying business activity. Have at least three years’ experience of direct involvement in managing one or more qualifying businesses or eligible investments. Have a genuine and realistic commitment to continuing the business or investment activity in Australia after the original investment has matured. Have (individually, or combined with the main visa applicant’s partner or spouse) total assets of at least A$2.25 million for the two fiscal years immediately before being invited to apply for the visa by the Department of Immigration. These assets must have been legally acquired and able to be legally transferred to Australia within two years of the visa being granted. Have an overall successful record of eligible investment or qualifying business activity with no involvement in unacceptable activities. Be prepared to make an Australian Government approved Designated Investment of A$1.5 million, using funds accumulated from direct involvement – for at least one of the five fiscal years before you are invited to apply for the visa – in one of the following activities: Managing eligible investments that total at least A$1.5 million Managing a qualifying business in which the visa applicant owned at least 10% of the equity Note: A Designated Investment is an interest paying Bond issued by a State or Territory Government in Australia, which is arranged as the final stage in the visa application process. The 188 visa is a provisional or temporary residency visa, which allows individuals holding such a visa to be in a very attractive tax position – as discussed more fully here. It has a validity of 4 years, and before the expiry of the visa another visa must be applied for – this is usually the subclass 888 permanent residency visa, which is available once the Designated Investment has been maintained for 4 years. Requirements for the subclass 888 permanent residency visa are discussed here. Copyright of GM Investors – a division of Go Matilda Visas and GM Tax – brings together significant knowledge and experience in the areas of Australian visa strategy and tax planning.
  2. The following was announced in the federal budget announced tonight (8 May 2018). An implementation date has not as yet been announced. Retirement visas - permanent pathway A pathway to permanent residency for holders of Retirement (subclass 410) and Investor Retirement (subclass 405) visas will be introduced. A portion of the parent permanent migration places will be quarantined for retirement visa holders each year. Retirement visa holders in Australia will be eligible to apply onshore for a permanent visa through the Parent (subclass 103) or Contributory Parent (subclass 143) visa streams. Retirement visa holders will be exempted from some parent visa requirements that they would typically be unable to meet, such as having family in Australia. The pathway will remain open until all retirement visa holders who wish to transition to permanent residency have done so. As part of the establishment of the pathway, the Government will close the subclass 405 visa to new applicants. The subclass 410 visa is already closed to new applicants.
  3. Hi, if anyone has had any experience of this VISA I would appreciate hearing from them. On the understanding the funds (currently $750k into a Designated Investment) were available and net asset requirments is it a fairly straightforward VISA to be granted and pathway to PR? It seems different States have different rules so it can get rather confusing. It's also my understanding that one has to start a new business or be involved in a business in order to qualify for PR? For NSW for example, they state that 'passive investments such as bonds etc' would not qualify as an investment if one wanted to actually pathway through to PR. Basically, I don't want to have to start a new business or take over an existing one as (a) clearly there is significant risk to the capital and (b) if the business fails not only do you lose all your money but they kick you out of the country aswell adding insult to injury! So, I guess I am asking if it's possible to just invest in Government Bonds (or whatever asset class they deem as 'eligible') and qualify for the Provisional 165 but also be eligible for PR on the basis the Govt bonds are held? If anyone has any knowledge of the workings in practice of this VISA type it would be great to hear from you! Thanks, Nick
  4. Hi everyone, My fiance and I are looking at moving to Sydney next year. He has been running a business in the UK and we are considering branching out in Australia. In terms of going over there and starting to trade - can he do this on a working visa initially while waiting on an investor visa to come through? And if anyone knows anything or has experience with investor visa's, any advice would be much appreciated. We are 28 and 35 and getting married ina few months so excited about the chance of a new start! Thanks very much CC
  5. Has anyone used the State /Territory Sponsored Business Investor subclass 165 visa We've been advised our route would be this visa, has anyone else used the same that can offer advise? Thanks
  6. Guest

    165 Investor visa

    I would be interested to hear of anyone's experiences of this visa. We are now trying to sell our property to raise the capital to invest so that our visa can be finalised and we can get to OZ!! We would like to hear from anyone who has actually made the move and their experiences of the first few years. Setting up a business and any monitoring from DIMA and what return they are getting from the investment, for example. We are unsure of the size of business we need to establish as the visa requirements state that passive investment is not allowed. We were thinking more of a hobby farm - we are growers anyway - and passing it off as a business and hopefully after 4 years applying for permanent visa. If we needed to take out a mortgage to help pay for our property, because a large part of our finances have to be invested for 4 years, would we be able to do this bearing in mind we would have access to the investment after 4 years and hopefully have applied for a permanent visa? We hope we don't have to borrow but it would be a bit reassuring to know if it is possible and consider reducing our property to get a sale. We are not just selling a house but a business combined with greenhouses etc. and there is not a lot of interest!
  7. Guest

    165 Investor visa

    Hi again. It seems this particular visa is not a common one used to enter Oz! I could do with some 'moral support' or advice if anyone can help! We received notification on 4th Oct 2006 from dima to make our designated investment then our visa could be finalised and granted. We were given 49 days to do this bearing in mind we have to sell our property in order to get the finances in place to make the DI. Knowing this to be an impossible task I wrote and asked for an extension and was given another 7 days and told I would need to request a further extension nearer the time - if needed. I did this and received an extension of 28 days - seems this is the most they can grant at any one time. Yesterday I again requested a further extension and received a very unsettling email granting a further 28 days and stating that if we did not manage to make the DI by this expiry they would have to closely consider whether any further extension could be provided. How can we be expected to sell a property and business within three months at the worst time of year! Our medical and penal reports are valid till July and we have met all other criteria. We might be lucky and get an offer around mid Jan. from a very interested party who is contacting us again after the xmas/new year break but we certainly won't have the finances in place to make the DI! Is there no lea- way with these people? It's upset our Christmas because we have this nagging doubt at the back of our minds now! Sorry if I have been a bit long winded. I need some reassurance please!! MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.