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Found 8 results

  1. Can anyone provide any insight, I lodged a 176 sponsored by a family relative application a year ago to receive "Notification of invalid application" email. This is the relevant part of the response from DIAC: This application was made as an Internet application on 5 September 2010. Form 1277 was provided on 13 September 2010 however the sponsorship was entered into on Form 1277 after the day in which the application was made. As the applicant has not met the sub item requirement by providing Form 1277 at time the application was made, this application is invalid under Item 1135(3)(ca)
  2. Dear members, I have applied for subclass 475 on 23rd July 2010 through a migration agent, i got vetassess skill assessment for the occupation of Counsellor nec - ASCO Code 2513-79 and got the WA state nomination by June 2010 for the same occupation. Once i got the state sponsorship i couldn't apply for the visa in the month of June 2010 due temporary close of offshore GSM visas. When the New SOL 2010 came into effect, my occupation Counsellor nec was mapped into Psychotherapist - ANZSCO Code 272314 and the SOL 3 (Old) clearly indicated Applicants can only nominate an ANZSCO occupation from 1 July 2010 and An applicant with the relevant skills assessment in ASCO Occupation should map it to the relevant ANZSCO occupation. (pls find the attachment) I have been informed by my agent with the below email(from CO) saying my state nomination is invalid and they gave just 28 days to approach WA to consider as off list! I don't know what to do and my agent says we have to apply for SS again and i am wondering how will it be possible to get off list nomination since my occupation is not on the WA SMP?? Really worried and i am not getting reliable response from the agent also :cry: after paying 1800 $ as the agent fee any opinions please share :notworthy: Thank you and the below is the email from CO Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you in regards to the above Skilled migration application. Please be advised that I am willing to accept the applicants nominated occupation of Psychotherapist, ANZCO 272314 , pending provision of the new ANZCO skills assessment. However, please be advised that the WA STNI has not been accepted by the Department and has been deemed invalid as the applicants occupation is not on Western Australia's State Migration Plan and they have indicated to us that they are not prepared to sponsor the applicant as an "off list" application. I am now providing 28 days for the applicant to reapproach WA to ascertain if they will be prepared to sponsor them as a Psychotherapist and under their SMP or as an off list nomination. The applicant can ONLY be sponsored by their nominated state of WA, and cannot provide another state nomination. Please be advised if no state nomination is forthcoming from WA within 28 days the application will be subject for Refusal. Regards, XXXXXXXXX Case Officer, Team X, Adelaide GSM Department of Immigration And Citizenship sol '10-schedule3.pdf sol '10-schedule3.pdf
  3. Joob joobs

    TRN invalid?

    Hi I've just had my first email from my CO, and thought I'd have a nosey at the online system that I hear everyone talking about on here. But when I enter my details it says that the TRN number is invalid. The email from CO was sent today, does it take a wee while for the online system to register it or should I be worried!? Can someone send me a link to the page that they log into in case I'm entering my details in the wrong place. It's a 457 employer sponsored visa I'm after. Thanks! Julie
  4. [/url] Hi. I have applied for VB-885 and recently I got a reply from DIAC stating that my application is invalid and so it is not processed. The reason given is because my skill assessment was not done at the time of application. That skill assessment is of course done now. But now I only have about 28 days left and I would have to leave after my Bridging A visa expires on July. I immediate applied for VB-885 again due to the fact that sometime next week it will be more than 6 mths after the completion of my Australian study. Did I do the right thing? Or am I missing something?
  5. The DIAC refund the VAC for invalid applications and ceased applications. Acceptance of a 'cap and cease' VAC refund offer would constitute a withdrawal of the visa application and would create an estoppel. Affected parties might want to Consult a Top Gun migration lawyer. The Ombudsman (paper tiger) has no powers and can only make suggestions. If an issue has not attracted the attention of the press, as in: deporting Australian citizens, imprisoning permanent residents of Asian appearance and children, there are unlikely to be any suggestions to the DIAC. The Ombudsman can do nothing about a ministerial decision, notwithstanding that the minister is not mentioned in a complaint.
  6. Acceptance of a 'cap and cease' VAC refund offer would constitute a withdrawal of the visa application and would create an estoppel. Affected parties might want to Consult a Top Gun migration lawyer.
  7. Hi Everyone, In response to my query i received this response from DIAC "Please note that this nomination has been declared invalid as the occupation noted on the Form was not consistent with that on the original application." Actually i made blunder by providing information as given by ACS. Please correct me keeping in mind form 1100, and I filled first page of form 1100 in following way Occupation : Network Security & CISSP Specialist ASCO Code: 2231-79 do i need to fill it in this way, Occupation : Computing professionals- (nec) ASCO Code: 2231-79 looking forward for your response. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh God, if it is true, i am still wondering how could i made such a blunder:(
  8. Hi, I arranged for my application to be couried to Adelaide to ensure it got there. Unfortunately I had an over zealous courier who checked the package for customs purposes and he managed to wedge a small envelope containing our passport photos in between 2 folders on the reception desk where I worked. As you can imagine I was horried that the application I had put so much time and effort into was ruined! I managed to get the company to send out the photo's next day free of charge with a covering letter detailing every possible bit of information to try and relate to our application (names, passport number, dob, address, email, address, telephone etc). I also contacted the department in Adelaide via email who told me they would be unable to put the photo's with our application due to the volume. Does anyone know if this will be deemed as an invalid applciation and returned or do you think I'll have the opportunity to re-send the photo's?? I'm absolutely gutted, mortified this has happened - the backlog isn't helping? I wondered if I should pull together another application but thought that might be a bad idea with 2 in the system? Any ideas anyone?? :cry: