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Found 14 results

  1. thanks to Pabs /Pablo Maccas have brought out a tasty new burger called the 'Pabs' .......whiskey and smoked burnt out cars flavour ............with a free food flask ....the limited edition has PabzzZZZzzz printed on it .............and on the back it is engraved "Mary from the dairy, days gone by " .........:wink:
  2. My name is Sarah. Hello! :wubclub: I'm 22 years old and doing a degree in BA French & Italian at the University of London. Right now I am doing an internship in Italy with a photovoltaic/hydroelectric power distributor which involves international relations-type stuff (translation, teaching business-related English etc.) and next year I'll be living in Switzerland to study for a few months. I have been with my boyfriend Ryan (23) for a year and a half: I met him whilst travelling in Aus to meet a friend I once volunteered with in China as a university English teacher. He is from Queensland, but currently lives in WA (Port Hedland.) We've been together ever since, taking turns to visit each other's home countries - sometimes for months at a time. It can be difficult, but we make time for each other and I know he's the guy for me even though we are both fairly young. We have talked about things long-term and think Australia would be the best place for us both to settle in terms of job prospects, quality of life, family etc. We will probably stay in WA, preferably Perth or a nearby area. So now comes the preliminary research about what exactly I'm going to do with my life, which is hard enough for an undergraduate without the added pressure of emigration! :confused: What are job prospects like for somebody in my situation? Any information you can offer me would be amazing! As for visas, I'm not 100% sure which one I'm going to apply for yet (Partner Visa seems to be the best option) but at least I have a sponsor and plenty of people to vouch for me back in Australia and in the UK. Thanks in advance for your help - and hello again to everyone in this forum! Sarah xox
  3. Guest

    Introduce myself

    Hi everyone, I'm Daniel and new to the forum. I'm glad to be a member of this forum.
  4. Okay Julia has finally announced her plans. What do you think about the Carbon Tax package announced today ?
  5. Hello I'm not sure if I actually introduced myself when I first started dipping into PIO so thought I probably should now! I'm Anna and have just moved to brissie with my oh from Cardiff. We've come over on a 457 visa through my oh's work (which is why I'm killing time at home on pio!) for a minimum of 2 years. I've been checking out pio since we decided to come over in october and it's been a great help through the move although I've not really posted much. So anyway hi! This seems like a great forum so you may well be seeing more of me from now on!!! I have one question though, what are they doing in this emoticon? :Randy-git:
  6. Hey guys, I am on email list for the "Migration Expert Australia, and i recieved the monthly news letter. There is a section which mentions about for coming changes in Aprol for the migration program. Has anybody heard of those changes coming? I thought it was just the points system in June The Australian Government have previously announced changes to the skilled migration program to be implemented in April 2011. If you are considering applying for a skilled work visa, we recommend lodging your application as soon as possible as your eligibility may change in April. (source "Migration Expert Australia News letter- February 2011)
  7. Guest

    better introduce myself

    Hi All, Long term reader and have posted to one or two threads recently. Name is Dave, 32 from Dublin, Ireland and applied for a GSM 175 Graphic Designer a couple of months back. No family, GF or kids so looking to move out to Sydney on my own to start a new (hopefully) prosperous life down under in the coming months (if the DIAC give us applicants a break). Main thing im hoping for is to make new friends and have a better social life. Living and working on your own has sure taken its tole on me here and i guess im just hoping i get my visa sooner rather than later. Finding pomsinoz to be a great source of information and sure i'll be continuing to read threads and posting replies to whatever helps others where i can. Casey Stoner for MotoGP Champ. Liverpool FC to win the premier league
  8. Guest

    Alright Everybody!!!

    Hello all, I have just posted my first thread and I thought I better introduce my family and I. My name is Iain (30) and I'm married to Michelle (27), with two kids Kiera (9) and Rhys (6). I have been reading posts on PIO on and off for the past few months. Thought I would finally take the plunge and start speaking with you guys. We started the whole process August 2008 and I have had my Skills assesed, IELTS complete, (passed thankfully?!?!?) and our visa application was registered in April 2009 and we and now waiting to be allocated a CO. It can't come quick enough. Hope to get to know you all soon. Iain
  9. Hi Everyone, The clue is in the title I guess! I relocated to Melbourne 2 weeks ago from Hong Kong where I was working with an investment bank to join another rather well known australian bank. I originally hail from Kent and was working in London before my move to HK. I am living in St. Kilda, working in the city and wanted to say hi to everyone in this forum. It looks like a great place to find information on a variety of things - very useful for someone like me who is still finding their feet! Thanks Rachel
  10. Hi I just wanted to introduce myself and say how fab this forum is. My name is Pam(pretty original user name,the ones I initially thought of were gone and then had a bit of a brain block!!). I am 43 and live in West Yorkshire with my husband, Howard(44) and our kids Becki(14) and Luke (11), not forgetting our dog(who is a border collie crossed with a lion I think !!) Howard has his Australian citizenship by descent and we are applying for ours via partner visa. I am the main wage earner as a mental health nurse(I work with CAMHS which is children and young people) and am hoping to get something similar in Australia. Howard will be looking at something when we are over there(possibly handyman sort of work or within IT) We have family in Brisbane and are aiming to go over for a holiday at Easter with a view to then moving permanently as soon as everything is sorted. It is all so exciting. Best wishes Pam xx
  11. fairygodmother

    Allow me to introduce meself!..........

    Hi everyone, this is actually my second post now - i've just posted one on the jobs section. Im Trish (29) OH (27) & 2 little rascals (5 & near3) and we're in the south of Ireland, I'm originally from the north (Ireland). Have been lurking around for months now, but only just posted tonight as we were waiting to see if other half's request for voluntary redundancy would come through for us which, realistically is the only chance we have of clearing our debts and leaving this doomed country behind!...................and it did, yay! So the hard work begins. We're hoping to emigrate to Melbourne, by the end of this year! It will happen - we'll just have to make it! I have family in Melbourne and am especially close to my aunt who's in Melbourne 21 years now! Himself has worked his way up in a bank here quite quickly and successfully and loves it - he's not that high up to be a soul-destroyer though and hopefully never will be! He's looking for a similar role in Melbourne and is awaiting his finished resume to be returned by chrissie@yourvirtualassistant.com.au (whose website I read about on here!) and then he'll get it sent off to any possible employer, he's heading out for 2 weeks in Aug for interviews (none set-up yet but will soon). We're interested in any area near to Thornbury, or Thornbury itself ( where aunt is ) to live, am constantly checking realestate.com.au and domain.com.au flat out too and would settle for Northcote - Preston & Coburg area's also ( though a lot of houses in Coburg seem to come with security window shutters?!! is this normal?? ) So anyone living around there want to give me a shout on here feel free. Has anyone else contacted a Bank for job in oz? Were you sponsored? and what were the interviews like? Would be great to be forearmed!! So that's about all I can think of for now - everythings kinda jumbled in me head, if anyone has any wise words or info please drop me a line here! Many Thanks Trish:chatterbox:
  12. Well i have lurked on here for a while but joined yesterday and started posting straight away without any introduction - sorry! So a bit of background. Im Emma and Im married without children, me 35, hubs 37. I have wanted to move to Oz since my late teens but Hubs didnt see the need. As time has gone on i have become more and more disenchanted with the UK and want to live abroad or at least give it a go whilst we can. As Hubs works for an American IT company, the US seemed the best option for us and we looked into that last year but Hubs was very concerned re the gun culture over there. So after chatting to an old co-worker who successfully relocated to Perth with Hubs work, we have now decided to try and move to Oz which I am over the moon about!! The company he works for isnt recruiting overseas right now but his skill set is very much in demand. I have experience working in the water industry but would prefer to work in a more admin role. Ideally we would like to move in April 09, mainly due to the fact we have our dream holiday planned for March 09 to the Maldives. We plan to rent our house out (at the moment) and rent when in Oz. We will bring our lovely cat with us and hope to settle in a friendly community. So thats us. I know our dreams sound as though we are looking through rose tinted glasses but hey, you only live once. Emma x P.S A question for all you guys in the no - we would really like to go out via a sponsor, how far in advance would you start applying for these types of roles if you dont want to move until April 09? Thanks x
  13. Hi I've just realized that I've been posting on here for a few weeks without ever introducing myself. Apologies for that - I guess the internet has overcome my shyness. If this was a 'real' party, I'd still be hiding 'in the kitchen'. Anyway, my name is Dave and I live in The New Forest just outside Southampton. I first went to Australia in Nov 1978 on a working holiday visa. After renewing it for six months in 1980, the Australian Govt announced an amnesty for anybody who was in the country illegally or legally at the cut-off date. So I applied for permanent residence and then became a citizen on Australia Day 1983. After brief stays in Perth and Adelaide, I settled in Sydney and I lived there till Oct 1996 when I was made redundant from my job at Garden Island Dockyard after fifteen years service. I was very upset but it did give me the chance to visit my parents in the UK. That was meant to be a holiday but now I've been back here for twelve years and working for Royal Mail. My dad passed away in June 2005 and since then I've become unsettled. Should I stay here where I like my job or should I return to Sydney where my brother lives? Thinking about moving back to Australia lead me to Poms In OZ. Contrary to some impressions, I'm not an enthusiastic advocate of returning to the UK by the way. I Like both countries but also like to both criticize and defend them. There are plenty of Aussies who have ended up living in the UK. Perhaps they never, like me intended to stay, but once you've been living in a place for a while, it begins to grow on you, regardless of the weather. Anyway, as other people have said, it's the people you miss not the things. My parents are both gone now and I've got family in Sydney so it's just a question of getting my act together and making up my mind. Regards Dave (the champion ditherer)
  14. Hi everyone, we are Norry & Leigh, at present we both live in Glasgow, we are both nurses and hope to be in Melbourne by November. We are both being sponsored by the Alfred hospital and cant wait to get over to Oz!