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Found 30 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm moving to Perth in the next weeks and I have been applying for jobs in disability services. i have worked mostly in home support but i would like to work in other services and I am aiming for case management but not restricted to that alone. I have had some response to my applications but as I'm moving from Ireland, I'm hoping that I will get more on arrival. Some people have mentioned that what is expected from applications there differs to what I am used in that, my cover letter is 1 page long and my cv is 3 pages long. I have always kept it reasonably succinct but adapted to the roles that I a applying for. Some people have advised me that cover letters there should be 3-4 pages long to address the requirements listed in the job ads - is that true or dependent on the role that you're applying for? I have a meeting set up with a Disability Employment Service when I arrive and I'm looking for advice on preparing for that also? There seems to be differences in what employers are looking for from employees so I'm not sure what to expect. Appreciate any advice! Thanks
  2. lynne1266

    Woods interviews

    Hiya all, My OH is a Panel Beater and has an interview with WOODS in Sept this year in Southampton (hopefully move on a 457 visa) :yes: I was just wondering if anyone-else has interviews with them. Lynne n Steve :biggrin:
  3. lillystar26


    This might sound a bit thick but how do they do interviews for jobs when applying from the uk??? do they expect you to go out there??? :unsure::embarrassed: thanks in advance vix
  4. Guest

    Telephone Interviews

    Greetings One & All, I've been very busy of late so haven't been online much recently, But I thought I'd let you know how things are progressing for Thorn & Myself. We submitted my Visa Application on the 13th Sept inc police checks & form 80. money taken next day, then assigned CO, who is PS, he hasn't requested a medical yet, but has asked for a Telephone interview which is booked in about two weeks time. Has anyone else had a telephone interview we were wondering what to expect ?
  5. I am hoping to work for 6 months in a hotel or pub next year. Ideally I would want to secure the job before I flew out there. I would only be able to work for 6 months but with the exchange rate now it would be well worth it. Does anyone know if agencies or companies will hire temps with Skype interviews or video conferencing? This would save risky one way trips with no guarantee of a job. I will have health insurance and visa already in place from my first Aus trip so itll be a simple case of flying out there.
  6. HI folks I have an interview lined up in Sept with NSW Health arranged via Health Staff Recruitment. I just wondered if anyone has been interview by this board recently or are going to the various locations in the UK in Aug and Sept ? If anyone has any information on what to expect that would be great! Lisa
  7. woodsy16

    skype interviews

    Hi PIOers My husband and I have 176 visas granted and are now on the trawl for jobs while we are still in the UK. I have noticed a few people have mentioned that they have had skype interviews and have been wondering how people found these and if they have had any success. I am obviously used to the whole sit down in a room shaking type of interview and am more then a little curious as to how formal/informal the skype versions are! Thanks Kate
  8. Guest

    January Recce & Interviews!

    Hi everyone. My first post so please be kind. Work redundancy in UK looking ever more likely with the construction industry in dire straits......(might find out tom) Anyhow i've got flights for my wife, boy and myself to go and visit my sis in manley early Jan and have managed to secure 2no interviews in sydney during my recce after launching my CV assault to target firms (architectural practice). Was hoping for a bit of advice really from forum members.. I have just received my approved skills assessment from the AACA and now wondering the best visa option to take. What with the redundancy looming, time is of the essence so assuming the 176 could take over 12months, what visa offer should I be aiming for at interview that would allow me to work in sydney at shortest possible notice with maximum flexibility? - family good to go after much discussion. Apologies for the rambling post - any assistance much appreciated. T2O
  9. gareth and lisa

    Nursing interviews

    Hi, im starting to look for work in adult nursing in SA and worried about the interviews. Im usually quite a confident and chatty person but find interviews very stressfull. Can anybody advise who has had an interview probally on the telephone what type of questions they ask?? In this country i usually look up on clinical governance and NHS benchmarking, etc. Also does anybody have a link to an Australian CV as iv heard they are different to ours. Thanks Lisa
  10. janinewhiteley

    Interviews in London this weekend!!!!

    Down Under Live, the Uk's best emigration event for Australia and New Zealand Can anyone help!!! we would like to go to the above event this weekend. However we dont want to travel all the way to London if its a waste of time( and OH loosing money through loss of work-self employed) they have stated they want to interview for different trades. Is this for possible employee sponsorship? if this is the case its worth us going. We went to an event in Manchester and to be honest we didnt learn anything new. thanks J & D:arghh::arghh::arghh:
  11. Guest

    partner visa interviews

    hey guys can anyone tell me if they interview all applicantants for partner visas, in the information it said they confirm details at a phone interview if required but i have been hearing lots off people have been getting interviews- any help would be good. my application is in process and i have been waiting to here from them.
  12. Hi everyone has anyone had a telephone interview Brisbane hospital are going to ring me this week and Im wondering what they will ask any tips would be appreciated Lorraine:wideeyed:
  13. theonetruechris

    Aussie interviews

    Whats that all about then ?????
  14. Great news for both my wife Jane and myself Tony. We have both got a telephone job interview next week. I have a telephone job interview for a Mental Health/Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Manager post at Royal Adelaide Hospital - Glenside Campus. Which from my own research seems an amazing hospital setting. It provides a modern mental health and substance abuse treatment services on the site. This includes a 129-bed hospital costing more than $100 million, 40 supported accommodation places and 15 intermediate care beds. In addition state-of-the-art health facilities will be integrated with new public open spaces, a cultural precinct in the heritage buildings, and residential, retail and commercial areas. I am so excited and really really want this job. Any advice which will help me gain this position will greatfully received. Interview next week at 11.30pm UK time. Jane my wife as gained a telephone job interview for an Oncology Healthcare Assistant with the Calvary Wakefield Hospital/Calvary North Adelaide Hospital. Calvary Wakefield Hospital is a private Catholic hospital in Adelaide providing acute care with inpatient and outpatients facilities. It also provides dental care and plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients. Now then the awkward bit, if either or both of us gain these job/s I assume we will have to emigrate a lot earlier than we had planned. We were planning to emigrate once our house is sold (if it ever does) or at the latest April 2010. Another worry is that we do not have enough saving as of yet to actually pay for our 5 flights and transfer our furniture over and we have only got $5000AUD in our NAB Account in Adelaide. But hopefully we can gain Accommodation on Arrival, which will help us. Today sometime I am going to make some enquiries about changing my mortgage to a buy to let mortgage or interest free only mortgage just in case I have to rent my home instead. So readers any advice about these telephone interviews, the hospitals in question, buy to let mortgages/interest only mortgage or even finding the money from somewhere so we can initally pay for our flights over and transfer of our furniture. The cost of flights and furniture is about £8000. (THATS IF WE GET THE JOB/S) !!!
  15. Just wondering if some information can be provided bu successful applicants on the types of questions they were asked when interviewed or even if they were interviewed? cheers
  16. Guest


    Applying for a de facto visa. Does everyone have an interview with the diac ???
  17. Guest

    job interviews

    ok fingers crossed me and the gf shud be in bunbury in the nexted 5 wks.shes going back to uni and im hoping to start work. HR driver etc. . now just wondering if/when i get an interview what to wear to it. im pretty sure a suit will get laughed at but would jeans and a t shirt do . also im trying to sort out references from my past job. is this really taken seriousily from prospective employers ta !!
  18. Guest

    phone interviews

    hey im applying for prospective marriage visa, i understand that they sometimes phone up for interview over the phone. which is fine do they just have an interview with me or do they phone up and have a interview with my fiancee who is the sponser? what are they checking for ?what sort of questions? :smile:
  19. lynne1266

    Woods interviews

    Hiya all, My OH is a Panel Beater and has an interview with WOODS in Sept this year in Southampton (hopefully move on a 457 visa) :yes: I was just wondering if anyone-else has interviews with them. Lynne n Steve :biggrin: __________________ 16/02/09 ~ Decided 2 go with 457 visa 18/02/09 ~ Started emailing for Panel Beater jobs 5/02/09 ~ contacted by body shop 4 Uk interview ( not til Sep tho....gutted)
  20. Guest

    Phone Interviews

    Hi Everyone!! We got a email today asking to organise a phone interview, i was just wondering if anyone colud tell us what sort of stuff they ask and how long after the interview did you get a relpy!! thankyou
  21. I have read a couple of threads about applicants havinga telephone interview, can anyone tell me is this a mandatory procedure that the london office do for ALL applicants? or just the tricky ones? and what kind of questions do they ask? thanks Paul.
  22. I'm currently in Oz under an eVisitor (Tourist) visa. And I'm wondering if I can do job interviews in order to get a 457 Visa. I know that I can't work with my current visa but can I look for a job ?? Thanks for your tips
  23. Guest

    visa phone interviews

    hi i have just sent in my application for skilled 175 visa i have been informed by the visa bureau that i will receive a second phone interview by my case worker to re assess my application or indeed fail the application can any one tell what this is all about. cheers david
  24. Well I have been working for a charity Telemarketing for the last three weeks and it is a nice little job, but only part time. So I have applied for a few jobs here and there as you do! I have got an interview on Wednesday morning for a job as a Receptionist for a large Radiology Department which has offices all along the GC and up to Brissie. I would be what is know as a Roamer which means I'll cover sickness and holidays etc. BUT it is a full time 9 to 5 no weekends Job. (sounds good to me) Then on Thursday I have a group interview with David Jones the Department store for a Department Supervisor, so that also sounds good. This will involve weekends thou Now all I have to do is get one of them and I'll be ok, so wish me luck and I'll keep you all posted. (but if I don't get either, I'll make up a lie and tell you I didn't fancy either one..lol)
  25. Hi does anyone know if you are allowed to attend job interviews on a tourist visa, I think ours will be the electronic one (our travel agent did it for us). Cant find any information about this on net. It just says you cant actually work on that visa. My husband may use our time in March on a Looksy visit to go for some job interviews, kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak. Any help greatly appreciated.